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Reese Witherspoon is a Jogger, Not a Blogger

Reese Witherspoon is a Jogger, Not a Blogger

Reese Witherspoon opts for a slimming black look from head to toe as she stretches and jogs in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday.

And what color headphones did she choose? Why, pink of course! What other color would the Legally Blonde actress choose?

The 32-year-old Cruel Intentions actress has been in Europe with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal as she did a few photo shoots.

“Oly” sunglasses in gold by Sama Eyewear.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon jogging and not blogging…

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reese witherspoon jogger blogger 01
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 02
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 03
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 04
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 05
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 06
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 07
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 08
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 09
reese witherspoon jogger blogger 10

Credit: BB/CJ; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • kiki

    I love her mp3 player. Jake and Reese are a cute couple.

  • Kelly

    First! LOL ( I’ve never been able to do that! Until now!)

  • Kelly

    Thought I was first…someone beat me to it! Maybe next time around!

  • Vicky

    OH~ Reese

  • Vicky

    I don’t think she was beautiful,but maybe she was a good man so Jake love her.

  • mike

    I love her! <3

  • Orange Clockwork

    …why would she be blogging?

  • jonas

    What the hell is up with the ridiculous title for this entry? What does blogging have anything to do with anything besides the fact that it rhymes? Jared needs to take a writing class.

  • supply

    She’s so cute. It is said she is da ting a ri ch man. And they met on a cele brity singles’ club ‘ric h ki ss d ot c om’. Is she serious?

  • laura1

    she looks like a duck.

  • Vogue

    loves her! buzzing it up

  • Chelsea

    Yeah, she looks like a duck and is ugly as all hell. I don’t know why she bothers to work out, it doesn’t help her any. She’s still fat.

  • angeline

    A DUCK?!! FAT?!!!

    Are you wearing some kind of crazy glasses?!

  • cHRIS

    Cute cute cute cute cute,……. the only word lots of ditzy idiots know. They live in a cute house, have cute kids, a cute husband, go to cute shops, wear cute clothes, have cute friends, and sleep in cute beds…their middle names are cute and cutesy.

    BTW this is all intended to be photographed you know. She goes out from time to time to be seen to keep interest in her alive. Most movie stars spend much of their time keeping interest in themselves alive. That is what brings in the moooooolah.

  • Richelle

    seriously jared. sometimes your titles are a little irrelevant…

  • nikomilinko
  • Look


  • Anon

    Reese doesn’t need money!!! Even if she isn’t making movies, she has lots of deal going. Do you think she does Avon commercials for free? Just wait until she starts getting deals for her kids. It is inevitable. You people realize that Reese’s kids and all these other Hollywood kids will never have to work a day in their life. They are already worth millions and have trust funds too.

  • http://justjared Jan

    She is not fat; she has a good body weight. I hate it when actresses are so thin that their rib cage shows through their chest wall.
    She may not be the most beautiful person, but she is very very attractive. So many fans? have unrealistic expectations and the constant sarcasm one reads at these entertainment sites is really rather sad.

  • what

    Your comment makes no sense #5.

  • yeah

    jared, please post any other candid pictures of any random person jogging and surely they would be more exciting than this plain boring girl.

  • diane

    Reese is a nice person and very talented

  • jaxville

    I can’t stand this bish.

  • amber atkins

    She can jog for the cameras but not walk for charity. Classy!
    That’s our America’s Sweetheart.

  • laura1

    she is ugly…. and that`s it

  • cHRIS

    She pretends she doesn’t want to be seen or photographed, but clearly she does or she wouldn’t be out doing this sh*t in a public place. She could go to a private gym or elsewhere to exercise. Just more publicity for her. Hollyweird is 99% publicity; 1% honesty.

  • YUCK!




  • Padma

    I really dislike Reese, but come on! She isn’t allowed to go jogging outside without you having accusing her of being an attention seeker and just doing it for the papparazzi? Paranoid much?

    Given the choice between private gym and park I would prefer the last one as well. It may sound naive, but don’t you think it’s a little pathetic to think every step she makes is for publicity?!

    There might be people out there who have an actual life! Shocking, I know! :P

  • canseethetruth

    She is a BITCH. an Ugly bitch. she thinks she is better than everyone else and I bet now that she has snagged one of the #1 bachelors she thinks she’s won.

    Maybe Jake will meet someone while he’s in morocco and dump this blonde bimbo.

  • cHRIS

    Padma. don’t be silly. I didn’t REFUSE her permission to go outside and jog. I said she obviously does this to get her picture taken. With her resources she can jog in private, at a club behind walls, etc., etc., etc. You are supremely naive if you don’t think most of what movie stars do in public is for publicity. And little else.

  • k

    She is a mediocre person whose practice prostitution in Hollywood studios!

  • cHRIS

    Why would you think Jake would want to date someone he sees in Morocco, say, instead of someone he sees in the USA or in the UK or in France? Is there something so special about people he would see in Morocco??? LOL

  • k

    The mediocre actress Reese Witherspoon must go out of Hollywood and give opportunity for another jung actress in Hollywood.
    Perhaps Hollywood can go out of decadence their films for mental retarded or ” HOMO IDIOTIBUS”.

    The kind of films are be making is for the future generation of USA. The generation of future monkeys!

    The french antropologist have a theory that the monkey is a degenaration of people. This theory became strong support at present…It seems like that USA is the first country that will victim of the decadence of humanity . It is because lot of garbage of Hollywood become attention over there at present and mentality of americans are very limited.

    Come on Hollywood! Make some films for the HOMO SAPIENS!

  • Ivana

    Source said, that Jake and Reese began quietly dating in April 2007…. So that’s mean, that these two are together for year and four months. :-))))