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Shia's Mom: My Boy's "Fine"

Shia's Mom: My Boy's

Shia LaBeouf‘s mom, Shayna, leaves Shia‘s house in Los Angeles on Monday.

Shayna told E!, that, “I’m at the hospital right now, he’s doing fine.” She did not, however, reveal more about his present condition, after undergoing extensive hand surgery after a DUI-incurring car crash.

In related news, Aussie actress Isabel Lucas turned out to be the mystery passenger in Shia‘s car during the car crash. Isabel is Shia‘s co-star in Transformers 2 and is also the girlfriend of Entourage star Adrian Grenier. A was reportedly a bit testy when asked why his girlfriend was out partying with her co-star at 3 a.m. .

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  • Jonas Fan

    Whoa! That’s his mom?
    His mom is um… wow…
    Shia must get his good looks from his dad

  • wingggg

    boyfriend?? u mean girlfriend, right??

  • umm

    Isabel would be Adrian’s girlfriend, not boyfriend. I am assuming Isabel is still a girl name. ;)

  • tia

    is that really his mother? i dont really know what to say…im sure she has a great personality!!!!

  • vicks

    ay shia….

    but isn’t it suppose to be “girlfriend” in this sentence: Isabel is Shia’s co-star in Transformers 2 and is also the boyfriend of Entourage star Adrian Grenier.????

  • mike


  • eddie jones


  • Dani

    hahah I agree. he must get his good looks from his crazy ass drunken weed dealing clown dad, wherever he may be :)

  • sarah

    i’ve lost all respect for this kid, there’s no excuse for endangering and potentially killing an innocent life

  • Madonna


  • http://glimmer&Glam reecer

    uh oh! Isabel is the boyfriend of Adrian? typo!! still love ya jared!!

  • Sharon

    From Shia’s IMDB page:

    His mother, Shayna, was a former ballet dancer from New York who once studied with Martha Graham. She also once ran a head shop across the street from Tompkins Square Park.

    As a child, Shia and his parents would dress up like clowns and sell hot dogs in the park across the street from their apartment.

  • luciilockett


  • luciilockett

    woops maybe not

  • Vogue
  • LMM

    oha im sure isabelle and shia …. has something going on cause 3 am?? really??? :P

  • demiselenalomez

    ha boyfriend typo and oooo looks lik sumting going on between them cuz you 3 am is a little late for “just friends” to be hanging out

  • lounge
    That is his mom? Wow.

  • alane

    Shia needs a good mentor, someone to guide him and tell him no means no and enough with these antics. If his parents can’t do the job somebody else needs to do it.

  • jughed

    I sincerely doubt Shia’s Mom wants a picture of herself on your blog!

    Shame one you, Jared, for dragging outside family members into Shia’s dramarama!

    Show some class. I might have expected this from PerezHilton, but not you.

  • nikkita

    get your sh*t together.. or you will end up like others…. damn shia you fool.

    “oha im sure isabelle and shia …. has something going on cause 3 am?? really??? :p”

    I don´t fuel rumors, or even start them, unlike many idiots, but.. what was she doing with him at nearly 3.00 a.m!? I´ll leave you with that question. cause according to this so called “sources” that so *cough*kindly*cough* spoke to US weekly, he left the club alone.

  • Sylvia

    who cares what his mom looks like. why make comments about her.

    i’m sure he loves his mom like anyone else would love their own mom no matter what she looked like.

  • oh snap!

    that dime better not been doing nothing with shia she ugly as hell he should’ve just stayed with Rihanna or China

  • LEila

    Why do a select few of you feel the need to talk about his mother’s looks? That is rude and completely uncalled for. She doesn’t deserve or need to have a bunch of idiots talking shit about her when she is already going through enough. Leave her alone.

    And besides, I think she’s a cute little hippie.

  • leedahae

    That’s just mean! u all must look like a supermodel for saying that!

    Shia is a good boy and a good actor, he is just having an adventure. I hope this will straighten his problems.

  • honelk

    Robert Downey Jr needs to pay Shia a visit. RDJ ten or so years ago is exactly where Shia is now. RDJ was a very promising actor and threw it all away for drugs and alcohol and he’s just gotten his life back together in the last few years.

  • kiki

    Thank goodness that Shia is fine.

  • nikomilinko
  • JMW

    Wow now I know where he got his looks from – EWWWWWWWWw

  • kas

    thisis what fame does to you. shia was nobody before transformers

  • O’Lee

    i think shia looks like her mommy,especially eyes and nose

  • Nikki

    Okay, Shia left the club alone…thats al I know. So he must have picked up that girl after he left the club, and who knows? Maybe they were just going out for a ride, or to get something to eat. We don’t know.

    Or he could have picked her up for ‘something else’…just hope that he gets better

  • http://deleted florisene

    He looks just like her.

  • sheryl

    “he is just having an adventure”

    #25, I’m sorry, what? Drunk driving is an adventure? No, drunk driving is stupid…it’s deadly, not just for the drunk driver but also the potential other victims out there who don’t see him coming when he swerves into them head on and injures, maims, or kills them!! Don’t ever excuse such an irresponsible, reckless act, for yourself or anyone else.

  • Kira

    This is bad, guys. She’s a MOM, she must be gorgeous for him. =D

  • Shia is great!

    I believe Shayna is beautiful! She is a supportive and concerned mother! The point is she almost lost her son. If you’re not a mom or dad, I guess you wouldn’t understand for those who just want to worry about her looks! I love her because she produced a beautiful son who is very talented! I just hope Shia learns his lesson from this incident and count every one of his blessings that this didn’t turn out more tragic! Get well soon, Shia! We love you!!!

  • LMM

    get your sh*t together.. or you will end up like others…. damn shia you fool.

    “oha im sure isabelle and shia …. has something going on cause 3 am?? really??? :p”

    I don´t fuel rumors, or even start them, unlike many idiots, but.. what was she doing with him at nearly 3.00 a.m!? I´ll leave you with that question. cause according to this so called “sources” that so *cough*kindly*cough* spoke to US weekly, he left the club alone.

    oh so it is made up, so not cool for making up roumers!!! i think thats pretty pathetic from whoever made that up…

  • Mia

    Adrian Grenier is a MALE not a female. I think he is the curly head dude on Entourage.

  • jacs

    isabel lucas used to play a girl named tasha in the australian tv show called, home and away.

  • cian

    Shia is beginning to sound alot like Lindsay Lohan, I wonder how long it will be before he goes off to Cirque Lodge?

    I hope he gets better soon

  • ilovethatshiaboy

    well thats good that hes okay (:

  • Nikkita

    I cannot believe people are commenting on Shia’s mother like that. What’s wrong with her? Did you expect her to look like some clay person with so much plastic surgery that she can’t even smile? Grow up. She’s looks like a normal person. I’m sure this poor woman needs to hear the thoughts of 12 year old girls who dont even wear bras yet. People her son was almost killed in an accident. Have some respect.

  • Ali

    His mom is a sweeite. Shoot, if anyone had their kid in an accident, they would not be worried about how they looked. Bless her’s a hard time for both of them. They’ve been through worse and they’ll get through it.

  • M

    1st off i am not excusing him for “supposable” being drunk it has not be proven that he was, what he might have done is wrong but he will learn that he is not a normal guy what he does matters, 2nd Shayna LaBeouf is going threw alot right the last thing she needs is some 13 yr old girls telling her she doesn’t look like Dina Lohan thank god for that, She has more personallity then most ppl do in hollywood, you should respect her because she is being the best parent she can be and she looks like she did a good job at that, if you think about he is now this time in his life getting into this kind of trouble she cut the shit about Shayna and Jeff not being good parents okay, and he will never turn out like L L NEVER because he is better then that watch just watch he will be back on his feet in no time, he was raised better then that to just become a name that is only heard at parties never gonna, Shia is a different breed of actor he doesn’t care what the media says about him because he is an actor not a celeb, and he made a BAD mistake “MAYBE” so get off the mans back and shut the fuck up you haters, Leila right on!!!

  • phinefunk

    Really….This is insane, His mother being bombarded by you trash. Come on JJ! Btw she looks like a hip chic, I would mos def hang with her. Let him and his family be. Shia will either learn from his mistakes or he won’t. Give him a chance. Please leave that sweet woman alone……

  • Emo

    I actually think so too=) I have been poking around the internet for some time this week, and its really hard to find anything interesting to read on blogs=P Maybe its because there are too much of those around =) But this place actually keeps catching my attention=) Great posts, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits from now on :P