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W Trailer -- Directed By Oliver Stone

W Trailer -- Directed By Oliver Stone

Check out the trailer for W., a film based on the life and presidency of George W. Bush, played by John Brolin.

The movie is directed by Oliver Stone, who has compared his goal for W. to the approaches of The Queen (2006) and his own Nixon (1995). W. will be released on Friday, October 17th.

Here’s the rest of the cast: Thandie Newton as National Security Advisor turned secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Ioan Gruffudd as Tony Blair, Rob Corddry as Ari Fleischer, James Cromwell as George Herbert Walker Bush, Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush and Jeffrey Wright as General Colin Powell.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the film W. so far — YAY or NAY?

“W” Trailer — Directed By Oliver Stone
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  • key

    John Brolin???

  • juju

    LOL at #1, I noticed that too. Who is John Brolin? :)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i cant stop laughing.

  • fran

    another flop. All antiwar and anti Bush films flop.

  • Mia

    That might give me nightmares. How can you make relatively attractive people looks so damn demented and unattractive? Especially Thandie!

  • nysro

    It’s a movie about one of the biggest jack asses of all time, how good can it be? Actually living thru the Bush era(s) , was bad enough, i don’t to waste money and time seeing a movie about it.

    Oliver Stone used to be cool… “bio pics” suck…

  • Seriously

    I can’t stand Oliver Stone movies. There is not enough acid in the world to make his films watchable.

  • cinema

    another Hollywood manipulation that willl backfire. Go McCain!!!
    Obama Ben Ladin is going down!!!!

  • Little Loca

    Gesh Cinema. NUT JOB MUCH? Can’t people comment on a movie without getting political.

  • susan

    Is this a comedy?

  • troy

    I’m not a big Oliver Stone fan but he does have talent but this movie has misguided bomb written all over it. For one thing this movie is going to be notihing more then a one-sided Bush-bash fest which admittedly will appeal to a large number of people. But it has no other purpose *although I know Stone will deny this up and down* then to say “Bush sux!!”

    It’s too soon, if you wanted to do a serious film about the Bush years why not a few years when time has given us a bit more perspective. The only to do a rush job while Bush is still in office is to ensure all the pot\shots are fresh and still :”relevant.”

    You could argue that its a testament to our Freedom of Speech that we can produce films like this about a sitting president and so it is. Stone has the right to make it and people can go see it if they choose. But as for me I will most likely be spending my money elsewhere.

    So I have to say for me its a Nay.

  • Rach
  • Deb



  • Mike

    What’s the problem with Oliver Stone? He wants to imitate Michael Moore’s type of fine artistic movies…?? Great, another loser desperate to put down people at the White House.

    At least the guy is pretty lucky to live in a free-speech country. I am sure Chinese, Iranian, Russian and North Corean filmmakers who loooove to do the same without being executed.

    Too bad these actors will be connected to this product.

  • Kevin

    I looked at the trailer and was intrigued, but I loved The Queen, if that was by Oliver Stone, then he is good in my book…because that was an amazing movie.

  • Anna

    This is another flop by Oliver Stone. As if torturing moviegoers with Alexander wasn’t enough. When is Hollywood going to understand the public wants to live in relative peace without constantly hearing about the whines and sobs of rich actors. Stop with all the anti Bush and anti war movies. Enough is enough.

  • shoes4life

    What has Bush done to deserve a movie and a library?? To me absolutely nothing! I will not pay my hard earned money to see this because it will not change my perspective on Bush Jr., his father and how they both ran this country in the ground. Americans should want to distance themselves as far away as they can from the Bush & Clinton families. No Thanks.

  • LuckyL

    #6, totally, we are LIVING through this right now, and we all know he was an alcoholic, a coke head, did poorly on his SATS and still got into Yale with Daddy’s money, was in a secret organization comparable to the KKK, and all that through venues like 20/20 and newspapers, not tabloids or magazines.

    #17, I won’t be spending my money either, and #10, I am wondering the same thing: is this a comedy or what?

  • LuckyL

    I would rent it.

  • Lindsay

    i would go see this

  • Paige

    I really don’t know what to think of this film.

    It looks like it’s trying to be funny, serious, and controversial at the same time.. I don’t get it. I also don’t think a biography about George Bush should be done so prematurely. He’s lived a good chunk of his life yes, but still has more to add to his life/legacy.

    I’m not usually an Oliver Stone fan and think he should have stuck with Pinkville or whatever it was called, instead of taking on this project. I’m not into anti war or anti Bush propaganda and it’s my fear that like the media’s coverage of the upcoming election, this film will be very one sided.

    I think Oliver Stone adds too much of himself and his own beliefs and opinions to his movies and should focus more on a bigger picture or semi less opinionated view. He’s making movies for the masses, not himself and his friends.

    That all being said, I am quite impressed with some of the physical transformations!

  • lola

    I think this is going to be hilarious. It is about time the Bush’s true level of ignorance, stupidity, and nepotism are put up for all to see. I know other comments are saying that everybody already knows he an alcoholic and coke head but clearly not? Why the hell was he voted in twice to office then? There are a lot of people out there who refuse to see Bush for what he really is.

  • Honey

    I want to see it just so I can watch the talented Josh (John) Brolin.

  • Scubasteve

    Yes, Cinema—-Osama Bin Laden is going down……..7 years after her murdered 3000 Americans……Go get ‘em Johnny Mac.

    Gimmie a break.

  • Stone’s on crack

    if he thinks this movie is going to go anywhere. It’s waaaaay too early. Things may seem awful now (and they are, for many many reasons, not all of which is Bush), but without the benefit of at least a few years post presidency, it’s hard to say exactly what will happen as a result of his administrations policies. After all, while he was a sitting president, John Adams was one of the most reviled men in the U.S., but today is considered one of the greatest because of his (at the time) unpopular policies. But I guess Oli thinks he’s smarter than the average joe and can figure out the future.

  • wooden legs Angelina

    what a loser

  • Max

    #22 you sound like an idiot. people knew about his past and still voted for him because people also know that people make mistakes and can change. nobody is perfect. who cares what they do in their own time, so long as the people running our country do a good job and do right by us.

    democrats are in my opinion nothing more then elevated hippies and straight lazy.

  • Pete

    What is George Bush? The ride the last 8 years has been such a disaster that it would be hard to watch.

  • haha


  • Madonna


  • Bre

    I am going to go see this Bull-monkey! This looks soo drama-filled that it’s gona be ridiculiously hilarious!


    I wouldn’t be the least bit interested in seeing a movie about George “W” if it weren’t for the fact that Ioan Gruffudd is in it. I love him! I’ll go and see any movie he’s in.


  • and?

    this will be profitable and the unbelievably stupid will remain unchanged probably leaving the theatre wishing he could have a third term.

  • Buggar

    Quote: another flop. All antiwar and anti Bush films flop

    No, boring, pretentious, full of themselves anti-war movies flop, which is what all the anti-war movies have been so far.

    But, and this is just me I guess, I think this one might actually be funny.

  • impeach

    I think there might be some surprises in here. It almost seems like stone is trying to say bushes father drove him to the white house. you have to be objective when watching a stone film though because he tries to get in his characters head but will inevitably put him own spin on it. He can’t possibly know what the real motivations behind his characters are.

    Although I don’t think it will be a total bush bash as most people are saying on here. remember Nixon? He also showed the side of the man that truly believed he was doing good. Although I have to admit its gonna be hard with this president.

    Anyways.. good bush gets whats coming to him!

  • enough IS ENOUGH

    #16 youre tired of anti-war and anti-bush??? wake up kid. people are needlessly dying in a war where your own government is providing the “enemy” with weapons, because its not really a war, but a strategic way to keep ignorant, small-minded people fearful and trusting their government “to do the right thing” while they rape the planet mining, drilling, wasting, dumping, bombing, starving, killing, ect….. all while you sit on your couch, living your little “peaceful” life. youre right, enough IS enough!!! if youre so tired of hearing about government corruption, corporate greed, and how the two groups are together controlling everything…. then dont blame oliver stone, blame the condition of the world. art and comedy is simply a reflection of it.

    #14 micheal moore is a fraud and a fool and has created a dangerously large following of “educated” people who are “informed” about world events just by watching one or two films. comparing oliver stone with this man is idiocy.

  • notshockedatall

    Wow what an original concept eh? Millions of dollars spent to make a movie by a rabid liberal starring more of the same to be in theaters right before the election…..what a transparent ploy to turn voters against Republicans. How glaringly obvious, and pointless since the folks who will be voting for Obama are likely the only ones who will watch the movie. It will be like a giant expensive pep rally for Democrats.
    Talk about preaching to the choir……

  • youwillmissme

    Stupid trailer!

  • Dave

    This movie has already been made with John Belushi as George W. “Bluto” Bush.


    I want to see it just to watch him do a line of coke and get thrown in the slammer. HAHA! Just think about how far down the $hitter this boob and his cronies have flushed this country. It will be embarassing watching Stone try to paint him as a sympathetic character in any respect. I imagine the first half of the film will be hilarious, the second half, painfully realistic.

  • http://none a guy

    we are near the end of 8 years of W. Bush and Oliver Stone thinks we want to sit through a film about him? slow down Ollie, give us a chance to breath….

  • Diane

    Here’s my money; where’s my ticket!

  • all2happlin

    There are 2 movies called “W The Movie” and Stone’s is actually the 2nd one. The first, apparently, has been in the works since 2005 and I discovered the trailer for it on youtube.
    The ‘other W’ is a lot different and it looks very psychedelic.

  • Linda

    I love Oliver Stone’s movies but the subject of this film and the timing of it’s release is questionable.
    Stone is hoping that all the Bush haters will pay their hard earned money and make millions off of your hate.
    Josh Brolin is Streisand’s stepson and it is obvious where their political affiliation lies.
    James Brolin was caught on camera last year slurringly wishing the reporter, “Happy 911″ totally oblivious to what was going on. The reporter repeated to Brolin, “Happy 911?” Smiling and staggering Brolin just walked on.
    I’m sick of the “mud”.

  • 1Editor

    Stone fails again as usual. If he would just get off the bush bashing along with most of Hollyweird. Didn’t he go visit Chavez and Castro a while back? This idiot has lost his marbles. Same old crap just like Spike Lee and Co.

  • canuck

    Lol, you evangelical Christians can bad mouth this movie all you want, Great-Grandfather McCain, the “Maverick” who crashed five planes, is going to lose the election, even without this movie. Pray harder next time.


    Just another movie funded by foreign investors trying to take down America and cheered on by the useful fools from the lunatic left.

  • LOL

    Months later. These comments are hilarious. The movie was meh and nobody really saw it, yet you guys still lost. Awwwww.