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Kristin Kreuk Has Short Hair

Kristin Kreuk Has Short Hair

Former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk just blogged an entry titled “Ummm… I cut off all my hair!” Here’s what she had to say:

“So, I am assuming there are a few of you who are wanting to murder me at this precise moment… Now, deep breaths, it will grow back at some point. And I think it is pretty darn cute.

“For three years I have been wanting to cut my hair. It’s been long for about 15 bloody years. If I had not been working on a television series I would have cut it a while ago. I suppose this is kind of an expression of freedom, haha. Us gals tend to have so much tied up in hair. There is like this emotional attachment to it, and it is apparently a REALLY big deal to cut it all off…in one go. I had a plethora or offers to come with, to document, and I just went in there on my own and Sarah (she is the key hairstylist on Smallville, and is freakin rad) tied it in a ponytail and sawed the sucker off…

“And now I have short hair. It feels really different. My head feels different. Washing my hair this morning was by far the strangest experience I have had in a while… Like, there is no hair there. And there was before. And now there isn’t. Really weird. And yoga was fun with no hair. And I can feel the wind rush through, and the sun hit the nape of my neck, and my head feels LIGHT. I am experiencing the world in a new way. Really that is how I feel about this new phase in my life.

“Apart from my family, Smallville is the longest relationship I have been in. 7+ years. And it has now pretty much ended. The decisions I am making now are a reflection of where I am in my 20′s. GBD is my primary commitment at this point, as well as my relationships. I have got to admit that it is really strange to not walk into that studio every week. But, there is a whole world of new shizznat that I now have the opportunity to choose. I can grab the proverbial hair goo of life and play… I told you all last week. I am sappy.

“Love, Kristin

p.s. I have never used hair goo until now. I actually need to style my hair now. Oh, the possibilities….”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kristin Kreuk’s short hair — HAIR DO or HAIR DON’T?

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kristin kreuk short hair 01
kristin kreuk short hair 02

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  • hydenckl6

    first! so cute!

  • elly

    hair do

  • Daniela♥

    Ugh! i hate that you put this here Jared, I wish this would only stay in HER BLOG.

    Anyway, when I first saw her on Smallville i loved her hair, so soft and loong, its a shame she cut it :( But if she likes it this way, its her choice and as long as she’s happy with it ;)

  • C

    i think terry is cuter.

  • kae

    she looks sooo different!
    but it looks great on her.

  • Many

    she looks nice ! i like it! but honestly i like it better with long hair!

  • Sarah

    I love it, it’s very unique and pretty.

  • neela

    not digging the look on the left, but the one on the right (with the bangs) is nice. certainly has potential. i do prefer the longer hair. but good for her to be this bold. it will grow back.

  • anon

    i loved her long hair :(
    i dont really like it short to be honest

  • null

    She looks so skinny in the pic on the left! The one on the right is better, though. Very cute.

  • ellen

    she looks TERRIBLE

  • Lea

    I used to find her beautiful in past past. But she has lost weight and she wasn’t even fat. She is way too skinny now, her face is so emaciated…….just look at her before and now!!!! That’s terrible. How skinny young women think they can be to feel good in their own skin

  • fakename

    I have no idea who this is, but blogging about hair (and for as many paragraphs) makes her seem super smart. Um, not. And no, I didn’t read her blog here either. And I’ve already forgotten her name.

  • Yasmine

    shes cute with both long and short hair
    she has always been my favorite off of smallville
    i wish i could have short hair, but mine is way too curly for that

  • Neela

    ^^^yet you felt compelled to talk about her … interesting.

  • Karena

    Very cute. Her hair didn’t make her face what it is. Although I will say that it doesn’t matter if we or anyone likes her hair. She did it because it was something she was denied for 7 years. I think what she’s done is a positive, no matter if you like the style or not. For KK, it was important and she did it. Go girl!

  • Katherine

    I love Kristin! I like her better with long hair, but whatever it will grow back

  • Yasmine

    btw Jared.. the link you have posted under the bold words…link back to the post not to her blog…
    Former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk just blogged an entry titled “Ummm… I cut off all my hair!” Here’s what she had to say:

  • Neela

    last message to #14

  • Yasmine

    why did my comments disapear??

  • KOX

    She is pretty, everything looks good on her

  • m

    what??? noooooooooo I loved the long brunnette hair, part in the middle… it made her face more exotic, she’s beautifull, I don’t like that cut :( and yes, she has lost so much weight.
    Lana, please aet something and don’t ever cut your hair again.

  • victoria

    22nd!!!! I think it is a great haircut, and took alot of spunk to cut it. I hope she keeps it short for awhile. It makes her look a little youthful.

  • Riley

    That is not good.

  • tas.

    what’s the link of her blog?

  • Vogue

    i prefer her with long hair

  • Nikki G.

    i love kristen! she is absolutely stunning and she can do no wrong.
    i think cutting one’s hair is a cathartic. personally i hate to be bored. if you’re bored with your look, everyone else is too!!! TRUST!
    it’s good to make changes, it keeps thing interesting.

  • Amanda

    Wow! I loved! =D

  • Helena


  • Amber

    doesn’t matter cause she’s cute and pretty.

  • Kee

    its gorgeous! i love it! leave it short! it was cute long but i like it this way!

  • bejeebus

    i have never watched her on that show but she looks really really pretty here. when your face is that lovely, you could be bald and it wouldn’t matter.

  • alli

    she looks cute

    does any1 have a link 2 her blog???

  • chica

    horrible i like the old Kristin, with SMALLVILLE :(

  • gnmc

    I looks awesome!! What a beautiful girl. I’m sure she’ll land another series or maybe a movie soon.

    Good luck!

  • daniela

    the link for her blog is is

  • njo

    freakin’ adorable. if only other women/girls would realize just how much more beautiful their faces look when they have a flattering cut, instead of long thin, dry, wispy, broken stuff they try to pass off as “sexy”.

    A few who could use a cute haircut (and it takes years off the older ones!) Heather Lockler (burnt by bleach) Pam Anderson (same thing, so thin you can see through it) Oprah, Kathie Lee Gifford, Kelly Ripa, Katie Couric, CINDY MCCAIN, Barbara Walters, Cameron Diaz, Mary Hart —

    short hair takes your eyes up to a person’s cheekbones and eyes, immediately and for the scrawy-necked and the double-chinned, it looks LOTS better.

    And ENOUGH with the tacky extensions already! EVERYbody!

    And Reese Witherspoon looked 200% hotter with long straight hair and bangs. Now she looks like a 40 year old soccer mom again. SIGH. Some people just can’t get it right.

  • bia

    Hair do! She’s looking so adorable! *-*

  • Minni

    I actually really like her new hair do. It’s cute and refreshing. =)

  • cute

    I think she looks cute. She’s gorgeous no matter what, and the short hair is a nice change!

  • Avery

    i don’t likee it. it makes it look like she has a huge forehead. not flattering at all.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i’m just shocked people know who she is. lmaoo

  • Bella

    I was shocked . . .but she right it will grow back.
    I think she looks cute :)

  • HANNAH montana

    Let’s just say… I hope her hair grows back REALLY fast! Pity this entry got posted shortly after I reviewd the GBD blog which it was posted on… would of spiced up the blog a litte.

  • violette

    I kind of prefer it long, she had gorgeous hair, but she can pull of short.

  • mclovin

    Talk about shock!!

    I like her better with long hair! Granted, Kristin Kreuk has the face to pull it off, but it’s so damn short!

  • susan

    Gutsy move on her part. Doesn’t look that bad. Kinda freaky. Long hair’s better. I don’t think i’d be able to do that. Or maybe i would. Hmmm….Nahhh

  • Amy

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same for a year or so now!


  • eddie jones