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Mary-Kate Olsen is Pretty in Plaid

Mary-Kate Olsen is Pretty in Plaid

Mary-Kate Olsen is first spotted out and about in a casual t-shirt, later changing into a plaid shirt to walk around LA on Monday.

The former Full House star is in the middle of a battle with a former landlord for altering the kitchen of a home she was renting and reportedly never returned it to its original state.

Mary Kate rented the house for $15,000 a month above the Sunset Strip, and the owner claims Olsen customized the kitchen and it was a “disaster.”

The landlord is currently withholding Mary Kate‘s $30k security deposit and reportedly wants even more money for compensation.

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  • Jana

    first from germany =)

  • share

    She’s got freaky little midget legs. The shoes don’t help.

  • Nikki

    I actually like the Olsen Twins. They’ve had their share of rumors and sold gossip magazine covers, but overall, they seem like good people…

    But I have noticed that lately…MK looks…off…esp after Heath’s death…

  • Marisa

    Wonder what did she do to it?

  • jimmy

    Why pay that much in rent when she could just buy a house with all the cash she has?

  • james


  • Lola

    I love her and her outfit. She always looks wonderful :-) And lately she looks healthy as well….

  • stylepolice

    and people admire her style? go figure. I think the death of Heath scared her off drugs but on to booze. Although.. I must say it’s good to see her with some extra weight. She was looking so malnourished for years.

  • Vogue
  • Anon

    There is nothing “pretty” about Mary Kate Olsen. She is a troll beast. She is a druggie and an alcoholic. If she looks heavier, it is something well known as drug/alcohol “bloat.” She contributes nothing to the human race and she is a multi-billionaire who doesn’t know how to use her money, so she rents houses and screws them up. Heath Ledger, a gifted artist is dead. He died while Mary Kate spoke on the telephone to her masseuse four different times before the masseuse finally decided to go ahead and call 911. The EMT guys said Heath’s body was still warm when they found him. The housekeeper said she heard him “making noises” like he was asleep when she got there, so we know he was still alive. R.I.P. Heath. We love you forever.


    Wow… the Olsen Twins are the perfect poster kids for the “Too much money and Fame at a Young Age will DESTROY You!” campaign.

    At one point these girls were fashion moguls, then they hit puberty and lost it all… The only thing they have going for them now is a bank account big enough to support their insane drug and alcohol addictions… At least they save money by not buying food!

    DivaGuru – Where busy chickz come to unwind…

  • http://justjared Bernadette

    Exuse me people Mary-Kate olsen is such an insparation too her fan’s i should no because im her biest fan ever!

    Just leave her alone she isnt a drug addict atall she has just been through alot in her life OK


  • yeah

    #11 so true. couldn’t have said it better myself.

    “then they hit puberty and lost it all…”

    “At least they save money by not buying food!”

  • minime

    She tries so hard to be cool and bad that it backfires. Why bother making all that money if your deepest desire is to emulate what the homeless wear in San Diego? Is being clean and decent terribly unbecoming and so not cool? Just goes to show you that all the fame and fortune in the world, in her case over a billion, does not make one a happy girl. She looks downright MISERABLE. Perhaps she’d be happier if she gave all her money away to a good cause.

  • puhleese

    #10 get over yourself. You have no idea the story behind Ledger. It appears he overdosed on a cocktail of pain and/or sleeping pills. He obviously had problems too.


    At 15K a month I’m sure the landloard can afford to to redo the kitchen…give us a break!!! What’s the kitchen worth really??? It probably looks better now then it ever did!!!

  • Anon

    #15 Neither do you. And using cliches like ” he overdosed on a ccocktail of…pills” doesn’t make you sound the least bit intelligent. You have an agenda to smear Heath? Plenty of sites will welcome you! But I will definitely call you on it. I am a Heath fan.

    The true facts are: His housekeeper did say he was making noises in his sleep when she looked in on him. She actually went into his room, then his bathroom to change the lightbulb. Mary Kate’s Massuese arrived about fifteen minutes later. When Heath didn’t come out to get started with the massage, she looked in on him.Could not wake him. Police reports state four telephone calls made between Mary Kate and her Masseuse, and the EMT did testify he was warm when they found him. I exaggerated nothing and twisted nothing.

    It’s generally accepted, not just my opinion, Heath was a very gifted artist. Yes, he had problems. He was upset about his breakup with Michelle, but mostly not being able to see his daughter bcz he was in London, Michelle was in Sweden, with the baby, both working. He injured his back working on The Dark Knight, and re-injured it working with Terry Gilliam in London. He had to lay on the floor to do special exercises between takes, to lessen the pain.

    He was also suffering from flu which turned into pneumonia. He admitted he suffered from insomnia! In short, he was a physcial mess who took the wrong combination of meds. It happens to thousands of people every day. They aren’t drug addicts and they aren’t suicides. People often combine medications because they are not properly informed about drug interactions.

    BTW: There were pics all over the internet of MKO drunk, on the floor at someone’s house party wearing that shirt just a few weeks ago.

  • jessica

    Its funny when i see people made fun of the Olsens way of dress. B/c they are way ahead of the times. Its already predicted come fall, Men and women will be wearing alot of plaid and checkered prints, ripped jeans are making a comeback, and if you havent notcied this summer all over womens feet were strappy gladitor like sandals. “regular people can point and laugh at them, but the billion dollar industry that is fashion very much keeps daily track of what the Olsens wear b/c of there large influence over women and even some guys. The olsens are very high fashion and that doesnt transpire well into the average americana look. theres a huge disconnect between of the american shopper buys in kansas and what a high fashion girl will buy.

  • jocasta

    All due respect, Jessica.:

    I’ve lived in Kansas over 40 years. We have television and magazines and the internet too.

    If anything, the Olsens dress AS IF they came from Kansas.

    That’s not high fashion or boutique. It’s just Midwest living style. Casual Midwest. Recreation-casual. And in some cases, business casual. We don’t dress for offices as if we worked on Wall Street.

    We don’t all wear denim coveralls and chew hayseeds either. Wichita and Kansas City are fairly large metro areas with scads of clothing stores and boutiques, second-hand stores and consignment shops for clothing.

    Most adults don’t dress like the Olsens; that style is pretty much high school and college age kids. So she dresses normally for her age. That makes her neither a fashion plate nor a fashion disaster; she’s just what she is: a young woman with the taste in clothing to match her age.

    I had no idea who the twins were until a year or so ago; being in my 50′s now means that when they were on television as kids, they weren’t in my viewing demographic for television. They turned out to be cute little kids, I discovered from YouTube; I was surprised to see just how MUCH they worked as mere children.

    Anyway, just my opinion. I have no beef with you commenters or MK.

    I do, however, dig EVERYTHING Rhihanna wears. Every.last.thing.


  • Sharon

    She is not “pretty in plaid”. She looks like one of those people who stands on the corner with a “will work for food” sign, while wearing expensive shoes.

  • m

    I agree with Anon #10

  • Meemers

    OMG look at those big fat stumps. I guess she decided to eat and cut back on the coke.

  • victoria

    23rd.!!!! She is Not pretty is plaid. That is an awful picture of her. She looks like a slob and her hair is a mess. I mean she is not that bad but these are not the most flattering pictures of her. I have seen better.

  • http://JJ.COM MOREY


  • lagirl

    the top she is wearing costs $278…you can buy it at scout in los angeles, on 3rd street. i guess she (or probably her stylist) buys there a lot, cause i’ve seen her wear lots of their stuff.