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Paris and Benji Drive Gas-Guzzling Hybrid?

Paris and Benji Drive Gas-Guzzling Hybrid?

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden do their part for the environment and get around in a hybrid SUV as they go shopping at DCMA and Fred Segal in West Hollywood on Monday.

has apparently been a good influence on the hotel heiress as she recently said, “I just feel like a grown-up now. I think my whole life I was kind of living as a teenager and not really taking responsibility. We’re so in love and so happy right now and it’s only been six months. I finally have a nice guy!”

10+ pictures inside of Paris and Benji going green with the gas-guzzling hybrid…

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paris benji hybrid suv 01
paris benji hybrid suv 02
paris benji hybrid suv 03
paris benji hybrid suv 04
paris benji hybrid suv 05
paris benji hybrid suv 06
paris benji hybrid suv 07
paris benji hybrid suv 08
paris benji hybrid suv 09
paris benji hybrid suv 10
paris benji hybrid suv 11
paris benji hybrid suv 12
paris benji hybrid suv 13

Photos: WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • Rose

    ughh cute clothes but she still annoys me



  • LuckyL

    Lol, imagine seeing your girlfriend’s sloppy vag on the internet like a p*** star. Disgusting.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i bɛt they `won 1st place @ that costumɛ pərty.

  • may



  • victoria

    9th!!!! She felt like a teen-ager before? Now she feels grown-up? Give me a break! She still is an idiot. I can just hear her say all of that in her little mousy voice, doing her slanted pose with her tiny feet in her little ballet position, with her little head turned to one side, licking her lips. UGH!!!! Go away.

  • castaway

    Paris Hilton needs to craw in a hole and die!!! she is sooo LAME!!! big ugly square face!!! she’s so ugly!!


    She is or was F—ing Doug Reinhardt – the guy Lauren Conrad was dating. At least that is what he has been telling everyone. Looks like she needed some attention when Benji was on tour. She is & will always be a hoar.

  • AL

    Oooohhh! How environmentally conscious of them! A hybrid SUV that goes 23mpg! Give me a break. My Ford Focus can do better than that just on gas, and it costs way less.

  • Anonymous


  • sarah

    he’s married though! AND HE HAS A DAUGHTER??
    IS HE INSAIN!!!!!!!!!

    (STUPID.. PPL..)

  • Jan

    Paris just wants what Nicole has. A rocker boyfriend and baby. That guy is just like a new purse or outfit to Paris. She wants everything her friend as. He the Ken of the Barbie doll world for her.

  • amanda

    Paris just wants what Nicole has. A rocker boyfriend and baby. That guy is just like a new purse or outfit to Paris. She wants everything her friend as. He the Ken of the Barbie doll world for her.

    I agree. Paris just needs some publicity because obviously, the only pub. she gets is her stupid sex tapes. She’s a moron.

  • LuckyL

    Spot on. And she had to date the twin of Nicole’s husband as well. Nicole is in shape, a fashionista, and grounded. Paris is a gross, fake-o.

    Has Nicole’s Chuck episode aired yet?

  • missp

    Are they engaged? She has a ring on….

  • josie

    She’s a walking disease. Everything morally wrong with America. They look perfect for each other.

  • Ad

    They look real good and I’m happy for their happiness. Talented musician in a successful band and his Hollywood princess. It’s great.

    No one tells Benj Madden or Joel what to do.So we can safely assume they are with their girlfriends because they WANT to be with them.

    It’s also great that Paris and Nicole are both doing so well.

    For some posters to pass judgement on people they have never met is a bit presumptious.
    None of them have to live their lives to suit you, so MYOB.

  • lounge

    Good to see everyone is doing their part, even if it’s Paris!

  • Rena

    Paris looks lovely and Benj said on his GC blog that he is happy.
    That’s all that matters.
    Paris has a right to live her life any way she wants.
    Bringing up the past is useless, it’s the present that matters. .

  • Bess

    A hybrid SUV sounds like a bit of a joke to me. If you really cared you’d drive a small car like a prius. Not to mention SUVs pose more danger on the road than small cars.

  • hkjlnk

    Benji dump that girrl before she drags you down.

  • nikomilinko
  • notaparisfan

    ugh. benji, wtf is wrong with you?! i hope you’re going after her money ’cause she’s not worth the love and affection. or do you hope to be another p–n star and be in her next sex video? geez. get some common sense, boy.

  • Helena

    Paris doing something for the environment? I thought I’d never say this, but good for her!

  • Jamie Insider

    She has responsibilities?! Wow, that’s the first. Anyways, good for her going hybrid.

  • oprah

    I like Paris now, she’s so underrated

  • sarahj

    Who cares? She’s going away. Let’s keep her there and not pay attention next time a story comes out.

  • http://deleted jESSICA

    I’ve just read this from another website,it said “Benji Madden never offers to pick up the bill while out with the LOVE OF HIS LIFE, Paris Hilton. It seems that he often forgets to even bring his wallet. ” Is she really finally find a good guy?ER~~~~~~I don’t think so!!!!!

  • meee

    i luv paris’s outfit!!!

  • remember da truth

    Jessica, do you believe everything you read? hey guess what, Brad has walked out on Angelina for the 100th time and they had a two girls and got married at George Clooney’s italian villa.
    Oh, and Barack Obama is a Muslim, and we all know Muslim = terrorist (sarcasm here for the TRULY ignorant!).
    Did you hear that “a souce” says that Justin Timberlake is really in love with Madonna?

    You really need to expand your reading sources, and comprehension, and figure out what is credible and what isn’t.

  • ssdkj

    well good for her, i wish them the best.

  • banana

    i really like this outfit she looks really cute here. i love the hat. her body looks fantastic too. i hate to say it but she doesnt annoy me as much as she used too

    HOWEVER her neck bothers me. long necks are supposed to be elegant and modelesque. i myself have a short turtle neck i hate. but hers is so freaky looking it loosk like ET.i hate it. it grosses me out.

  • UR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im a fan of Good Charlotte and Im happy for him. I heard that Joel and Benji reunited with their dad, it really seems like their lives are great now. I dont like Paris that much, but he seems really happy with her so i guess i will take his word for it. I do still think its a little weird that she and nicole r dating twins tho. I wish the best for all of them and hope it works out!