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Shia LaBeouf: I Don’t Know How To Have One Drink

Shia LaBeouf: I Don’t Know How To Have One Drink

Shia LaBeouf realized his alcohol problem before getting arrested for suspicion of a DUI misdemeanor.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Indiana Jones actor told Details magazine before his brush with the law:

On a bonding ritual with his father: “We would drink together and smoke together and it’s just a bad deal.”

On his habitual drinking: “It’s not something that is conducive to being a role model. … And I don’t know how to do it like a gentleman. I don’t know how to have one drink.”

The full story appears in the September 2008 issue of Details (on newsstands Monday, August 5th).

Check tomorrow (Wednesday, July 30) for extended version of the interview.

FYI: Shia was chosen for the cover before his DUI. “It’s already gone to print and everything,” a rep for the mag tells “Just coincidence in timing!”

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  • justin

    first? haha thats so dumb.

  • chantall

    so so sad and to think he was Selena Gomez’s celeb crush!!!

  • justin

    fashion photographer.

  • justin

  • justinnunez

    fashion photographer.

  • justin

    why do people think its like GOLDEN when you’re the first to post? lmao

  • justin

    why do people think they’re like golden when they are the first to post? haha

  • so sad

    it is so sad to think that he would smoke and drink with his father what responsible father would do such a thing to his young son. so wher is the argument for strong male influance in childrens lives. so mother chose to raise their children alone so their children won’t be exposue to stupid macho father who want to make their sons tough


    Shia sounds like every other 22 year old boy in college… it just so happens he is a movie start and has millions of dollars…

    If it weren’t for that, nobody would be paying attention to his antics except for his parents, who would be visiting him in jail because they couldn’t afford to bail him out… A typical White-Trash family.

    DivaGuru – Where busy chickz come to unwind…

  • Nikki

    He’s still a good guy! The way he was raised made him like this. And I hate to admit it, but he does need help with this statement that he made. He needs to get help for his drinking. He’s basically calling out for help.

    On a side note, he looks…so good on this cover…=)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i don’t know why i’m starting to dislike him now.

  • Nikki

    He’s still a good guy…

  • Nikki

    He’s still a good guy…

  • Nikki

    Oh…sorry about the re-posts. Can’t figure this thing out..

  • f

    I just hope he gets it together. He has such a good thing going with his career so far. I’d hate to see him fudge it up over something that’s not even good for him.

  • katia

    he’ll probably be in rehab soon

  • jen

    i love this kid so much. i’m so disappointed in him. i’m glad no one died in the crash.

  • Jessica

    I hope he realizes he needs help or he’s going to screw up the good things he has in his life.



  • LuckyL

    This is obviously learned behavior, and if he has that little impulse control when it comes to alcohol, he obviously has a problem and he needs to be checking himself into AA shortly.

  • andré

    ugly loser.

  • Mika

    OMG he looks so fvckable here it’s amazing….So, so hot, YUM.

  • zanessa♥.. ewjashley


  • black

    He is a REAL jerk——a BIG ass———an IDIOT.

    ————————-BUT—–he is going to be a hell of an actor, I can admit that.

  • Goosie

    he needs to ease off the drinking but he’s great!
    seems like only yesterday he was starring in the even stevens series lol

  • Goosie

    he needs to ease off the drinking but he’s great!
    seems like only yesterday he was starring in the even stevens series lol

  • Vogue
  • shialover

    I love shia so much .. at least I did before that happened.. now I’m really disappointed.. :(

  • Connie

    “I don’t know how to have one drink.”

    There you just summed up my entire family!! I know I’m from a different enviroment and country but I’ve been raised into a family where it’s okay to drink and it’s also okay to get a little drunk.. even with the family! Nobody is my family knows how to have just one drink.. I don’t always know how to either but it doesn’t make any of us alcoholics or in need for help, we can still control it. Shia clearly can’t or his friends just doesn’t look after him enough

  • LMM

    pff what are you guys saying hes completely normal people are making drinking a big deal just because hes a celeb! The poor guy is getting hated cause hes normal, and the rule of drinking at 21?? man whats that about so you can drive at 16 you can die for your country at 18 and you go to rehab at 22 because you havnt experienced alcohol before so people feel more need to drink… pathetic…

  • gina

    What timing with him on the cover this week and what he talks about. Looks like he is aware of the problem he has. He just needs to handle it.

  • jaye

    Nothing like an alcoholic who thinks he’s in control. The fact is, if you have to get ‘drunk’ or can’t stop until you are that should be enough of an indicator that you are an alcoholic. He knows he has a problem, he should be signing himself into rehab.

    a ‘good guy ‘ doesn’t drink and drive risking their life and the lives of others. If so, they must have changed the meaning of ‘good guy’.

  • Kelly

    As a person who was once in the same spot as Mr. LeBouf…I have to say the only way to get over alcoholism is to surround yourself with people that don’t drink. There is this whole group of people out there that don’t drink. Otherwise, you are totally screwed.

    I’ve had friends drink and drive and flip their trucks and lose everything. Out of respect for them and the people that have a hard time not drinking…I don’t drink.

    I’m now a Mom with two young kids 6 and 4. It makes no sense to me to not be ready at any moment to be an adult for them. If they get hurt and need to drive to the hospital (which kids tend to get hurt a lot) and to not be able to drive because of not worth it to me.

    I find playing candyland or taking my kids swimming much more entertaining than drinking to feel….. well…nothing.
    He just has to learn how to have fun without alcohol..and he seems like a fun/funny guy in the first place. I’m sure he’d be a blast to hang with even without the alcohol or drugs he might do. In other words..I bet he doesn’t need anything to have a good time.

    I’m hoping he learns from this mistake and doesn’t let it define him. He’s an incredible talent and with so much opportunity he’ll hopefully realize it can be gone in a flash and that he needs to appreciate what he has.

    I read how he grew up and it sounded like a really different life from what most people experience. He’s a very interesting person but, hopefully he’ll realize that…and that he doesn’t need the alcohol to be interesting.

    I’m praying for him even though I don’t know him.
    That he doesn’t put himself and others in jeopardy in the future.

  • Magpie

    Well said, Kelly!!

    I agree that he’s just going to have to find a way to change his life – even though it will be hard, since it seems that a career in Hollywood means associating with people who drink & use drugs as a daily way of life.

    Shia seems like a good person until he drinks, and then he’s just like every other 22-year-old guy that grew up in a home where addiction was the norm. Even when he was 12 years old, he was more mature and responsible han his parents, and he grew up taking care of them, which is NOT how it’s supposed to be.

    It sounds as if he knows that he needs help. I just hope that this as far out of control as he lets himself get, and that this is “bottom” for him. He has so much to look forward to, and it’s all experiences that are better sober.

    Shia – I hope you know that you have many, many people who are supporting you and praying for you. You’re a good person. You’re strong enough to deal with all of this and come out the other side of it smarter. This is your crossroads – the point at which you’ll look back 20 years from now and either say, “Thank God I straightened out” or “Damn, that was when I really blew it.”

    Choose wisely.

  • zark

    Oh please. Rehab? I think not. He sounds like any normal college age student. Actually, he sounds better than any college age student that I’ve known.

    I think it is funny how we all seem to think it is 1955 still— such as when we see a picture of Miley Cyrus showing her belly and freak out or call her a slut. Get over it people and move into 2008 already.

  • ann

    ugh he looks like a sleazy rodent!

  • vicks

    i’d still shag him! :)

  • susan

    Yeah the whole 1st to post thing is silly. Guess they just have nothing to say about the subject at hand.

  • Vfan

    u know the only guy who looked good on this cover was Zac Efron. This guy has a weird name and he’s ugly.

  • jaye

    zark @ 07/29/2008 at 3:23 pm

    He sounds like a normal college student? Those college students become alcoholics too. Being a college student who doesn’t know his or her limits is nothing to be proud about. You’ll be singing that song until he injures or kills someone in YOUR family. He obviously knows he has a problem be it his parents fault or not. He also has issues that go beyond just being an alcoholic. It sometimes take people more years than he has to admit that they have a problem. For that he should be commended. He needs to help himself. I’m not talking about rehab du jour.

  • shir

    He is physically gorgeous. One thing that I really like about him is that he can do editorial photo shoots VERY well

  • zark


    apparently the other guy ran the red light and hit shia they are saying. so if it isn’t shia’s fault — yes he was still drinking and driving — but some people actually drive better drunk.

    and what other issues does the kid have? that he smokes? ohhh such a crime.

  • elizabeth

    I don’t want to justify his actions, but this has not wavered how much I am a fan of him. He is so so so talented and I hope everything gets straightened out.
    He looks marvelous in those pictures… he’s not conventionally handsome, but boy he’s attractive. Drown in those eyes.

  • Becca

    Hopefully Shia will learn from his mistake. It was a blessing no one was more seriously injured.

    IN OTHER NEWS – He is soooo hot on this cover!!!!

  • emma

    sounds like a normal 22 yr old. i feel sorry for shia. and i dont see what he said as a cry for help either or admitting that he has a serious problem that needs to be treated. Thats just the usual way people talk about alcohol at that age.. no one sees anything wrong with getting drunk until u get sick of it and its time to move on cos ur too old to be like that. Hes just enjoying himself while hes still young.. nothing wrong with that. Those ppl suggesting rehab are either crazy, have had personal issues with alcoholics in the past, or r young.

  • O.M.G.