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David Banda Has A Brother From Another Mother

David Banda Has A Brother From Another Mother

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie‘s 2-year-old adopted son, David, became a big brother when his birth father, Yohane, and his now wife, Flora, welcomed a new son on July 20.

In Touch has the exclusive pictures, which can be seen below.

“It’s too early to say if he looks like David,” says Yohane, who wants the two brothers to meet.

“I’m confident they will,” he reveals. “It’s my duty as their father to make sure they know about each other and respect and help each other.”

Yohane hasn’t named his new son yet. But talk about milking it!

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  • Lilly

    awwww! <3


    I’m surprised that he didn’t tell Madonna that he demands that David meet his 1/2 brother… Since David is being raised by his nanny…

    This is just like Michael Lohan… another 1/2 sibling.. who wants to meet his siblings.. Why not ?? Since Madonna is having so much
    to do with the tour , her kids and now this …wow..

  • Betsy

    You couldn’t take care of David now you decide to have another child? Will you be able to take care of this one? If you could afford a child why not get David back?

  • Jill

    Betsy @ 07/30/2008 at 12:51 pm
    If you could afford a child why not get David back?

    Because David’s adoption is final, that’s why not.

  • Eyda

    hope madonna is gonna help them

  • You/Me

    I feel sorry for David, having a father who gave him up then had another child and then having to put up with Madonna as a mother.

  • bethonna

    After all this time, can’t people get the facts straight. Madonna offered to help David’s father raise him. He refused. He refused. Why? Because he had already moved to another village and began a relationship with another women who was pregnant with his child. They have since married and this latest child is his second with his new wife. Madonna did a good thing and the press got involved and now the father wants to be involved with whatever. Blah Blah Blah

  • Lillianne

    WOW! Who didn’t see this coming?

  • ace tomato

    That guy looks like Seal. Feh – don’t call me racist – he really does.

    This should make for interesting tabloid fodder, and hey, it is something to talk about besides what has gone wrong with Madonna’s cheekbones.

  • http://deleted florisene

    What the hell is that comment about ‘milking it’. They are poor people not rich spoilt celebs. Leave them alone and pick on people who get praised for going shopping, eating and tanning. For goodness sake what an upside down world. If, this guy is milking it good luck to him it’s not as if he will go out and buy a designer suit, the money will go towards basic stuff.

  • piper, with a low

    WTF is with In Touch? Do they have an African branch or something?

    First, they searched for Zahara’s alleged biological mother; now, they’re keeping tabs on David’s biological father?

    They have a hard-on for African international adoptions, don’t they?

  • Vogue
  • Skype

    In Touch Weekly is the DEVIL!

  • Gewn

    It was his responsibility as a father to care for his first son. what, he’s better equipped now to care for this one financially? Is he going to sell this one to?


    What better way to get a better life for his new family ..Than to get David
    involved in all this..When Madonna adopted David … Did he know all this time that David would have half a sibling..What a con this is….
    What is he going to do..Does that mean that all adoptions the kids
    that are adopted have to meet their real siblings too..

  • WTF

    so he threw out one child, then had 2 more. disgusting.

  • Dana

    It seems very sleezy to do this. A special trip was made to Malawi to take photos of Madonna’s son’s half brother? Wow….that’s about as low as tabloid trash can go. Madonna and her family don’t have to have anything to do whatsoever with this family. I’ve never heard of anything so grasping and greedy to drum up ratings…hopefully it will fall flat.

  • LuckyL

    I totally agree with #17

  • jeffy

    I’m waiting for Liz Rosenberg to make some sort of stupid statement abut this.

    BTW, I love that Madge had the power to kill that nanny tell-all from last year but, miraculously, her brother easily got something published. VERY fishy that her powers of litigation dried up with something so “juicy”.

    Read: she had a hand in it.

    The empress has new clothes.

  • Paulo

    He’s is a irresponsible man. He gave his son to Madonna and then he is father of another one? If his relationship fails again, will he give to adoption his another child too?

    David is a luck baby who found someone who really cares about him as Madonna.

  • Sianne

    Wasn’t David in an orphanage because his mother had died of AIDS and the father was currently dying of AIDS? He wanted nothing to do with David because he said he had no money and gave him away for someone else to raise him.
    First of all – if you have full blown AIDS, why do you keep infecting others and having more children that will probably be infected or will grow up without parents? Does he think that if he keeps making children, Madonna is going to adopt the entire family and put them up in her guest house?
    Secondly – now he wants something to do with David because, as he said in an interview that he was soooooooo happy because a very rich lady adopted David and now he could go to England to visit him..
    Sorry, but I’m so sick of people like David’s father: filthy, irresponsible and so hungry for money/fame, they will do anything and everything to get it, even if it means whoring out children for money.
    Madonna obviously cares about David. Hopefully David will have a good life with her and never have to deal with the garbage that is his father.

  • Paulie

    I hope this puts paid to comments from those who’ve continued to insist that Madonna somehow conned this ‘loving father’ out of his child. The man remarried within months of giving David up for adoption and this is the second child he has fathered with his new wife. He has managed to find the money to support a new family, yet claimed time and time again that he placed David in an orphanage because he could not afford to care for him. Heaven only knows what this tabloid is hoping to achieve by continuing to approach this man for stories. Just last month they asked him to comment about Madonna’s alleged marital woes and even asked if, in the event of a divorce, he wanted his son returned. Unfortunately for them, the answer was definitely not!!!

  • Jane

    “BTW, I love that Madge had the power to kill that nanny tell-all from last year but, miraculously, her brother easily got something published. VERY fishy that her powers of litigation dried up with something so “juicy”.

    Read: she had a hand in it.”

    Um, she likely had a confidentiality agreement with the nanny, but didn’t have one with her brother, her own flesh and blood. She likely never expected such a betrayal.

  • Gigohead

    David also has a sister from another mister

    who cares?

    I bet Carlos Leon is impregnating some chick right now for his shot at fame.

  • david

    The story as originally posted was that David’s mother died – the father could not take care of the child and work at the same time – he could not afford child care. David was put in orpanage on a temporary basis – he thought – until such times as his life circumstance improved – job – new wife to take care of child etc. During this time is when Madonna became involved and thought David had been abandoned – but he hadn’t – his father still visited him on occasion though extremely infrequently due to job, job seeking, distance and finances. After Madonna took David his father was initially very confused when he found out it was permanent and to another country – he thought David was being taken to be educated and eventually return to village to help his family and village. If David had still been in orphanage when his father remarried he probably would now be back with his dad. Remember there is a language barrier here and uneducate people who are not sure what is really going on. That’s why the dad still thinks that in someway his family still has a claim of on David – like expecting him to meet his new half siblings etc.

  • a different opinion

    If Madonna adopted David, then why is that child always referred to as “David Banda” and not “David Richie”? Jolie-Pitt’s kids all take their last names.

  • sillyme

    #26, I think the reason why they still refer to David as David Banda is because that’s how they were introduced to him, so that’s how they’ll always refer to him. Madonna should have done what Jolie-Pitt did, which was to rename the baby totally, right away, and, therefore, that’s the only name the press would know.

    I think it’s disgraceful how the media is still “reporting” on this man. He gave his son up for adoption to another family. He’s not a celebrity. I suspect they will follow him, and baby David for the next 18 years, and then try to orchestrate a reunion. I’m surprised the paps haven’t flown him to England by now and planted him on Madonna’s doorstep.

    Another thing Madonna should have done, and not trying to be morbid here, but to make sure the child she adopted was a true orphan (both parents deceased). Because now you’ll have the dad, and his brother, and I’m sure the father will have other kids, coming after David when he’s older and probably making demands for money.

  • Paige

    Why would these two have another child? They gave the first one up because they couldn’t afford him. Now they’re having another kid? *rolls eyes*
    Someone get them some birth control ASAP.
    I also like how the guy made sure to add “help” to the list of things he hopes the siblings will do for one another. I’m sure by help he meant uuuum… money.

  • david

    Paige did you even bother to read the previous posts — take a look at #25

  • charities

    Whats all this tight fistedness with other people’s money. madonna corrupted millions of children over the course of her career and made millions of them — so now she has an adopted son who comes from and extremely poverty stricken background. In the large scheme of things who knows whether or not these two families came to gether for such a time as this – so Madonna with her ill gotten gains can help out another family and entire village – now that would wash that money a little – and do a lot of good while only being a drop in the bucket to her.

  • bobbi

    I’m not even bothering to read the comment before me–I don’t want to lose this livid feeling I have. I am disgusted that this man would continue to procreate. He hopes these brothers help each other out? Oh boy, I bet he does. OK, I should shut up now.

  • cutie pie

    first of all madonna can stay her butt out of africa, she should have given them money if she so called wanted to help out instead of taking this boy away from his heritage… obviously it is hard for them over there but aint nothing like your own heritage ,, what can this bit*h teach him about his heritage!


    Probably what happened was that he just wanted the world to know
    DAVID has a sibling.. And because he can’t speak english that
    Intouch got the idea to do this…

  • ?

    I wonder will he sell this one two?

  • Tracey

    Ok no matter what or who was conned into anything, I do have to say that this child has a way better life now then he would in that 3rd world country.

    I just wan this child to be taken care of. Isnt always in the best interest of the child?

  • irene

    bobbi, it does not speak well of you to talk (that harsh!) about something you do not have information about.

  • sniff

    Oh, yeah, poor David. He has to be raised in mansions instead of in poverty. Someone call CPS.

  • Amy


  • a realist

    Sianne @ 07/30/2008 at 2:42 pm

    David’s mother did not have aids, and neither does his father. David’s mother died of complications of child birth.

  • victoria

    What was the purpose of this story? Let’s have another poor little ghetto child born. ( as the Elvis song goes ) So when HIV hits, and other horrible diaseses that they cannot afford to medicate, who is going to take this child and the other children. The parents act so proud that they accomplished this and have maybe in the process have become celebrities in their own right where they live. Were they paid for this story and the privelege of having their picture taking? How sad that this continues. I’m glad that Madonna snatched David form this terrible plight even though Guy had his doubts.

  • rationalteutonic

    having a child in a thirld world country is different than having one in the western world. to them, children simply are their pension plan.
    and interesting thing, the birth rate is highest in countries where there is war. you would think oh how stupid would that be to make babies in such inhuman conditions, but as harsh as it sounds, as there are people dying on the battle field, they just need human supplies.
    you can`t compare their lives with ours

  • summer

    Milking it? Wow!!! Maybe he can now feed his family, or buy clean water for them, or put a proper roof over their heads. It’s an utter shame that he probably will never even see the article written about him. I’m sure that he MUST spend ALL of his free time (when he isn’t just trying to survive starvation and diseases) contemplating his next move with the paparazzi. Wow!! Maybe the author of the “milking it” comment would rather trade places with Yohane for about a month since he (Yohane) is being so enriched by all of this attention…

  • Karen

    I’m with Betsy

    ” Betsy @ 07/30/2008 at 12:51 pm

    You couldn’t take care of David now you decide to have another child? Will you be able to take care of this one? If you could afford a child why not get David back?”


  • cutie pie

    floresene … you are so right, this world is so upside down and they always want to talk bad about black folks and dont talk bad about these useless, worthless, so called hollywood stars…that do nothing but shop and tan to be brown and show they fake boobs and fake lips and spend money while the economy is effed up!

  • Laura

    Well, if anyone’s gonna milk the fcat that they had a child, let it be this guy who is far from rich, and not the “celebrities” who are already swimming in money, I’d say.