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Halle Berry: Barack The Vote!

Halle Berry: Barack The Vote!

Once again, Halle Berry wears her support for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama while at a shopping center in Century City, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon.

This time, she proclaimed her love via a t-shirt that read “Barack The Vote.”

Back in May, the 41-year-old actress wore an “Obama-rama” t-shirt.

Obama must be more than happy considering there isn’t any advertising space better than Berry‘s beautiful body!

Alas, surely Jon Voight disapproves.

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118 Responses to “Halle Berry: Barack The Vote!”

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  1. 26
    RedBeard Says:

    I believe that celebs are cutting their financial throats by pushing agendas, view points or pinko-leftist candidates. You’re hired to act, you get paid far too much money to do so, otherwise…shut-up.

  2. 27
    antiobama Says:

    its all bs cause if obama was white and mccain was black i would still vote for mccain as i said i dont care about color just how the job is done and all barack does is talk. & the reason i potsed that is because pdiddy ludacris & several other ppl have said its time for a blk president so thier voting for him & that is why i made my comment. just because its time for one doesnt mean it should be him, and if we want to talk about being racist Barack Obama is a horrible racist, calling us white devils & going to racist churches & im sure youve all heard, but i dont care i just dont like his views and think he will be horrible for our country.

  3. 28
    Adoring Fan Says:

    Hallie is an academy award winning actress (a celebrity) but she is also a citizen of these United States of America and as such is free to support whatever candidate she chooses. If you have a problem with that you are a very short sighted and narrow minded individual.

  4. 29
    Anonymous Says:

    Jon Voight is so awesome! Once again he’s made me proud. Love him.

  5. 30
    Kelly Says:

    jade, please don’t tell people to go to hell… seriously, u fit right into the black ghetto thing. i remember u… u tell people who don’t like obama to go to hell. well, YOU are one of the reasons i hate black people. why don’t you express your view instead telling people to go to hell? Whenever I got into a fight with black gals, they just slap their fingers into my face and start cussing…..use your brain.
    please stop being ghetto. oh yea, stop wearing those ugly wigs or whatever u guys put on ur heads. one more thing, stop sleeping around…to many single baby mamas on the streets.

  6. 31
    E.M. Says:

    I’m black and there is no way I’ll vote for him. I was a Clinton supporter and I still think she would be the best candidate. She got screwed by the Democrats. Which is why I’m voting for McCain this time. It makes me sick to do it, but I don’t want four years of Obama.

  7. 32
    BEn Says:

    Black women are GOOD in arguing. lol and they will beat the crap out of you.

  8. 33
    E.M. Says:

    P.S. I’m disappointed in Halle Berry, but she’s not known for her brains. Take your top off, honey. That’s what your good for.

  9. 34
    TONY Says:

    I am not sure if i will vote for Obama. I’m 1/4 black and all my black relatives are gonna vote for him and this is really sad cause they don’t even know what he stands for and his polices. I can’t even discuss how I feel in front of my black relatives cause if I tell them I may vote for McCain, it will get ugly. My family is always accused for being too white by them, so by voting McCain will make them think I don’t want a black man in the office. The truth is I won’t vote for Obama even if he’s white. I’m all against illegal immigrants and obama’s policies toward this problem are just weakkkkkkkkk, like really really weak. those basically are some illegal immigrants friendly policies.

  10. 35
    nikomilinko Says:


  11. 36
    sheryl Says:

    I’m not voting for Obama because of what MLK King said; that we should judge someone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

    Obama’s character has been in question since we found out that he spent 20 years in a church with Rev. Wright who spouts a lot of hateful white racist remarks.

    And that his political career began in the home of William Ayers a far left radical Marxist who tried to bomb the Pentagon and kill a NY judge and would like to do it all over again.

    And that he won’t visit our troops in the hospital in Germany unless he can bring in a camera because he’s really all about photo ops.

  12. 37
    manta Says:

    So basically when black celebrities support Obama, they only do it because he’s black( by the way he is BI RACIAL).You know they’re too stupid to make choices based on ideas.
    Why is it that when De Niro,Ed Norton,Caroline Kennedy campaign for Obama,nobody points the finger at them screaming:”They support him because he has a white mother”?

    I remember that Magic Johnson was very active campaigning for HRC.Wow ,a Black man supporting a white woman???You mean a black whose choice not motivated by race.No, of course it can’t be , according to you folks.

  13. 38
    tia Says:

    u kno what? Obama is running for himself. there is no freaking way like what he’s saying he’s running for america. by the way, he is a racist, not us white people. He hates us, so i don’t trust him

  14. 39
    Lauren Says:

    I’m voting for McCain, I’ve never voted for a republican before but this election, I feel I have no other choice, in one hand you have McCain who fought for this country and loves this country, and on the other hand there’s Obama who wont even put his hand over his heart during the national anthem let alone he doesn’t know anything about the UN or foreign policy. If Obama wins we’re screwed, we’ll forget how badly Bush messed things up.

  15. 40
    laila Says:

    @ Kelly @ 07/30/2008 at 2:38 am

    I whole heartedly agree that these black girls should NOT be arguing with you………

    …….because you have deep seated issues or are completely off your trolley. The girls you mentioned are wasting there time. They should just ignore you and walk away.

  16. 41
    laila Says:

    I meant to say “their time”

  17. 42
    LuckyL Says:

    Lol, at this thread taking a typical turn.

  18. 43
    xoz Says:

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  19. 44
    LuckyL Says:

    Anyway, many women were going to vote for Hillary because they were glad to see a woman, or veterans will vote for McCain because he is a veteran, or some people voted for Bush because he was from Texas like them or spoke for them. What’s the big deal if what goes into someone’s voting decision is influenced by someone being from the same background as them in some way? This is precedent, nothing like this has been seen before, so I don’t know why so many of you have your panties in a bunch.

    Whatever, I’ll vote based on the issues and whatever else I want, just as many voted for Bush on the flimsy reason that they could see themselves drinking a beer with him. Get over it and admit that you’re just many the tiniest little bit racist or threatened by change.

    Please tell me why all the white people are voting for him as well, and no one is pressuring them to “not seem racist” because no one is holding a gun to their heads to vote for Obama in November.

    And like #39 manta said, De Niero, Edward Norton, Caroline Kennedy, Gwenyth Paltrow, George Clooney, and countless other Caucasians are campaigning, and even speaking at his conventions (De Neiro) or constantly going off at the mouth (Clooney). People are just so typical here and I’ll just post this again: Lol at this thread taking a typical turn.

  20. 45
    LuckyL Says:

    Some of you will just jump at the chance to somehow assert some imaginary superiority. Please #1, go back to school and learn the beauty of capitalization and punctuation. Obviously you’re not even smart enough to handle that and too blind to see that there’s many layers to a political decision or why any African-American at this time feels the way they do.

    A Caucasian girl from my uni was interviewed in my city and they asked her why she was supporting Obama and she said quote, “I just see my black friends so excited and so happy, I just feel like voting for Obama too.” Now what do you say to that?

  21. 46
    LuckyL Says:

    Anyway, let me not waste my breath on children and dummies any longer who will continue to imagine their own realities.

  22. 47
    Cheetah Says:

    I hate when celebrities mingle in politics. They are heating up there fans to get what they want. Not only hall, also Gwyneth and Chris an Madonna are brainwashing there fans to vote for obama.

    Its an abuse of there power!

    Hate it!

    Everybody should take some time to do research and create there own opinion on who they want to be president. Nobody should vote because the stars tell them to!

    Did i say i hate it!? :P

  23. 48
    sheryl Says:

    Obama is going to raise taxes like the capital gain tax and social security. He’s going to need to raise taxes for his socialized healthcare that includes covering illegal aliens. The only spending cuts he wants is for the defense of this country.

    If Obama wins in November, he, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are going to tax America that will, as history has proven, turn our economy into a depression similar to the 1930′s.

  24. 49
    Helen Says:

    lucky, um…u r really funny. hahaa u tell #1 he’s dumb, yet there are so many errors in ur post. damn, can’t believe u r a college student. my 6yro son won’t even make a mistake like…. “there’s many layers…..”
    btw, what the hell is “why any African-American at this time feels the way they do” do u see a problem in this sentence? I doubt it.
    Yeah, smart people vote for Obama. sweet.

  25. 50
    LuckyL Says:

    Helen @ 07/30/2008 at 6:01 am

    lucky, um…u r really funny. hahaa u tell #1 he’s dumb, yet there are so many errors in ur post. damn, can’t believe u r a college student. my 6yro son won’t even make a mistake like…. “there’s many layers…..”
    btw, what the hell is “why any African-American at this time feels the way they do” do u see a problem in this sentence? I doubt it.
    Yeah, smart people vote for Obama. sweet.

    My response: I don’t know who I’m voting for atm, so stop with the assumptions and—-

    “lucky, um…u r really funny. hahaa u tell #1 he’s dumb, yet there are so many errors in ur post. damn, can’t believe u r ”

    Is that your son typing?

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