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Jamie Lynn Spears' Wedding Plans

Jamie Lynn Spears' Wedding Plans

Jamie Lynn Spears has already started planning her wedding, and she and Casey Alridge will walk down the aisle together before the end of the year.

The couple will not be married very far nor at some celebrity resort, opting instead for something closer to home. “She loves everything about the area where she lives. She’s not going to get married at some luxury resort in the Caribbean or a hotel in Beverly Hills,” a friend of the bride-to-be tells OK!. “Her own backyard with just the people who matter most is more Jamie Lynn‘s style.”

Britney Spears will be Jamie Lynn‘s maid of honor, and Casey‘s sister Ashlee will be one of her bridesmaids. Maddie will possibly be in a basket decorated with flowers and carried into the ceremony by the bride and groom’s mothers.

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  • nini


  • nini


  • sweet girl

    Oh, so hot lady! It was said she just enjoyed hot dating with a black guy on///=================m ix e d l o v i n g . c o m== ==\\\ so many fans show interesting to her hot photos and videos there. Nice to enjoy more details about it…

  • peaches.

    this is *bipping* (:P) crazy.

  • Womb Raider

    I give it 3 months.

  • laila

    Hello, she is 17 just had a BABY and now wanna get MARRIED!
    How crazy can you be.

  • laila

    Hello, she is 17 just had a BABY and now wanna get MARRIED!
    How crazy can you be.

  • Anna

    I wanna see how the baby looks like!

  • dancer

    Does anyone really care about these no talent idiots?

  • dee

    i don’t know why everyone is so surprised.i mean, britney’s crazy, her mom’s crazy so why not jamie lynn? i give it a year tops.and then divorce and then another spears fiasco-circus!

  • tutti

    chaaazyy c nos casaa la jamiee !

  • tutti

    acaaa saludoooss desd caancun pa mi comadreee chaaazii qe estaaaa en plaaayaaaa !
    graaciaas jareeeeed

  • tutti

    tambieen saludooooss a mi viejoo juaaan !
    c nos casa la weritaaa !!

    aaai qe chulaaa ia sabees … t acuerdas d nuestro bodorrioo ?

  • Jamie Insider

    Good stuff. lol Jared beaten me to posting this…

  • justjaredneedsavacation

    You can take the girl out of white trash but not take the white trash out of the girl. Her and Britney have been and will always be just that “white trash.”

  • naty

    Laila I agree with you, it can not get crazier than that, she is only 17 and with a kid, I don’t think is going to last.

  • marie

    A-LIST wedding? omg f**** god… when the h*** did she begome a-list???? hahaha

  • nikomilinko
  • Andrea

    Next big wedding of the year…. I hope she won’t keep making the same mistakes her sister did and rush into things.. but casey and her seem happy about the bby and if it’s true love congrats 2 them… cant wait for wedding pics.. :)

  • Skype

    Jennifer, Jessica and Jamie Lynn.

    So sad, how Aniston is now categorized with the teeny boopers, she is slowly losing her A list status. :lol:

  • bv

    who cares

  • bv

    you should worry about yourselves.
    aleast she’s going to get married and have a life with her husband to be.
    unlike some teens these days,that have a baby, and not know who the father is. in the spears case it’s love.

  • woogie

    way to young to make a smart decison regarding marriage….with or without a baby.

  • tia

    i respect her but i hate the way OK! is always pimping her out, like getting pregnant and 16 and married at 17 is a good thing.

  • Vogue
  • mslewis

    OK paid her a million dollars!!! They will pimp her and that baby out as long as the contract says they can.

    Jamie Lynn is trailer trash like her sis. Of course she will marry her baby daddy. That’s what these people do.

  • eddie jones

    well you know that’s how god intended things to be, getting knocked up at what 15/16 by an adult, then getting married. Oh wait, that’s not the way, but heck we’re rich and famous, we do whatever we want.

    Go K-Fed #2

  • athena

    Well, she still has millions…she doesn’t need to flaunt her celebrity…and I hope she has values and will stay married and remember when she gets married that the vows state ’til death do ye part’….She’s known her fiance for some time now…let’s just hope they can and will grow together and not apart, and be happily married forevermore.

  • courtney

    Jamie Lynn, Jennifer and Jessica are all desperate who res. One because she is sickeningly too young. Jennifer Aniston because she is getting old and desperate for a young man. Jessica is just a pathetic fool driven by her old man.

  • Shannon

    i agree with courtney!

  • smile!

    why would you be stupid enough to do that?

  • Rach

    I also agree that these women are desperate. They should call this “The desperate women of Hollywood”
    Jamie-16 and pregnant-now trying to get married at 17, There already people who have seen him out with another girl.
    Jen-40 trying to date a immature 30 year old
    Jessica is just a sad no talent chick.
    That marriage of Jamie Lynn isn’t going to work. Jen, I can’t do nothing but laugh at her. Jessica seems like Joe’s retarded daughter.

  • Lea

    I have to jump on the wagon with all of that and agree with the desperate thing. Some how a marriage at the age of 17 is not going to work. This is just going to make matters worst. Jennifer Aniston seems so desperate why else would she be bothered with a douche bag guy that mistreat women. Jessica Simpson is a big nothing. Some how Jennifer Aniston reminds me of Jessica no brains Simpson.

  • Jill

    The span of a Hollywood marriage is short. So if these not smart women get married they will go on the divorce watch.

  • victoria

    Yes, she so young to be getting married. I think they should wait awile and see how things go, but she seems determined to walk up the aisle. Maybe she is doing it to outdo her sister Britney, to show her how BIG and MATURE SHE can be. But, if wants her backyardigan wedding, with all of the trimmings, then more power to her. I don’t see it lasting any longer than Lance and Kates Turnstile bedroom door relationship.

  • Paige

    I don’t see her marriage lasting at all. I think he is going to K-fed her. His chances will be better if they are married. He has been instructed. Spears women are not smart women.
    I’m surprised that Jennifer Aniston would try to race to the alter with John Mayer. I think he is as bad as Casey. Those men are to young. I’ll bet you John will cheat on Jennifer. It will be funny if Jessica come out better than Jen.

  • NObama

    she’s a skank