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Jennifer Garner House Hunts With A Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner House Hunts With A Baby Bump

A visibly pregnant Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck continue to do some house-hunting on Wednesday in Brentwood, Calif.

Gotta make room for baby #2!

Earlier in the day, Jen, 36, was seen leaving a doctor’s office carrying a piece of paper with the date March 2nd circled on it. Rumor is that’s her due date but tabloids are reporting she’s 4-5 months pregnant. That means Jen is due December/January and not March. But anything’s possible without official confirmation from Ben or Jen!

This Garner-Afflecks already have a 2-year-old daughter named Violet.

10+ pictures inside of baby bumpin’ Jennifer Garner house hunting…

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jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 01
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 02
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 03
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 04
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 05
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 06
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 07
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 08
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 09
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 10
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 11
jennifer garner house hunting baby bump 12

Credit: Kevin Perkins/Max Butterworth, Clint Brewer; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Kristen

    cute but I don’t think she would be showing so much if she was due March 2nd. She’d only be like 2 mths or so.

  • shannnnon

    love her

  • shaneeka

    without violet, pictures of them are NOTHING! violet’s the cutest kid in celebsville for sure.

  • Lillianne

    When the doctor tells you your due date it does not need to be written down. It’s one of those things you just remember.

  • Adoring Fan

    OMG! My favorite celeb couple. Hey you two. Congratulations on your much expected new addition. Hope you find the perfect house and good luck and best wishes to you. I adore you both and of course Miss Violet.

  • liz


  • awww

    congrats to this happy fam! All the best wishes for baby #2!

  • Vogue
  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …. poor ben, the look on his face says it all.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen looks so cute. I wonder what shoes she wore with the dress. I have to go to other sites to see. There is sure to be more pics from this day. Where is Vi? I miss her. Btw that March 2 date is to throw the media off. I bet that is not her due date.

  • Pinkberry

    If March 2nd is her due date, are you trying to say she’s less than a month preggers? Would she be that big? Or do people’s tummies get big these days in anticipation of their being preggers? Math JJ, simple math!

  • Pinkberry

    animallover you’re an idiot and because you’re such I’ll kill 3 dogs in my neighborhood this weekend. How do you expect to endear people to your cause by being obnoxious! Common sense!

  • paul finely

    jen looks so cute.

  • Kat

    Is she prego with twins?????

  • raquel

    If shes 5 months along, it means March is when the baby was conceived.

  • dal

    March 2nd is probably the conception date. That would make her about 5 months pregnant.

  • hiho

    maybe march 2 was predicted conception date???

  • gosh!

    Ben looks very overyjoyed (???), extremely happy, over the cloud number 9 by the second pregnancy of his ugly wife!!!!

    He has never looked so miserable before Jen the ugly.

    He has to pay for his sins for cheating on Jen the beautiful by being married to Jen the ugly.


    Maybe March 2 is when the house will be finished… Wouldn’t Violet
    love being there at this house…They are really surprising …That
    this is the only place that Ben will show up.. Never do you see him
    at the art class with Vi..Or the Park… Wonder if they will go to the
    fundraiser in Miami this weekend with Matt Damon…Probably as usual
    Ben will be a lone again… Since he didn’t want to be photographed sitting next to Matt at the Poker tournament..

    Surprise again they are attending a multi million dollar fundraiser
    in South Carolina… Only there are 15 chefs …. a lot of food will
    be interesting how the separate themselves again like the last

  • BEcka

    Won’t that be when the baby was concived.
    If it is that would mean the baby is due around December.
    I think I’m right there


  • Spiff

    OK…the due date for my second child is March 2nd…I am 9 weeks pregnant and don’t show at all. There is no way that is her due date–not even with twins!

  • mika19=86

    Yuck he looks like a homeless…Certainly he doesn´t look like a happy father for the child who will come,he looks miserable and damaged. I don´t recognize the handsome man who was..Poor jennifer

  • Adoring Fan

    Betsy Smith #20 they were at the park July 10 all three othem. Violet was even seen walking. She was playing on the swings and the slide. They had a good time before the paps showed up and ruined everything. I love how Jen is able to show Violet what it is like to live a normal life in spite of the paps’ intrusion. Some people consider this exploiting. Not so. Selling your child’s pics to the tabloids for money, now that is exploiting them. Taking them for everyday activities and spending quality time with them is not expoliting. There is a difference.

  • nikomilinko
  • angeline

    He’s cute.

    She’s pretty.

    Violet’s adorable.

    And she’s definitely pregnant :D
    And it can’t be March 2.
    Definitely not.

  • Adoring Fan

    Mika 19=86 You think Ben looks homeless? This couple don’t feel the need to dress up like pompous a$$es to show their love and happiness. They both look fine, trying to go about the business of seeing to their housing needs. Is that what you meant about him looking homeless?

  • shammy

    Benny boy is breaking my heart. Please smile as he is way too handsome for this somewhat somber face. I’m here for you Benny. Jen looks like she may be due around New Year’s Day or early Jan. Wishing her a healthy preggers and much happiness for the familia.

    Benny boy needs to make another film, perhaps with his BF Matty. After the bambino/a’s are born they can get things buzzing.


  • mika19=86

    no,no, i´m not talking about his clothes, this is very superficial, he wears a sport jacket and jeans, someting normal, and i´m not talking about her,because she is so nice(and violet too). But look at his face, he looks so damaged, thin,and his expression doesn´t have any hapiness…at least for me,and not only for these photos

  • hmmm

    #19 – First, Jen Garner is gorgeous, you must be blind; and second, get a grip and dont rip on people you don’t even know!

  • woogie

    maybe he is so fed up with all the papz and/or is not having much success with house hunting.

  • minime

    Ben looks like a lost puppy. I think he misses his “single” days when he just started out with Matt Damon when they hit it big with Good Will Hunting. Those days are definately gone. Matt made all the right choices in his career while Ben is continually turning the wrong corner. I wish Matt would sit him down and help this guy out before its too late because Ben looks downright miserable. How many painkillers keep Ben afloat these days? And Jen living her Alice in Wonderland fantasy looks oblivious to the strain in Ben’s face as usual.

  • Heather

    Ditto to those who have said perhaps March 2nd is her approximate conception date. That would be right on track with the amount she’s showing.

    Also…uh, you don’t think it’s creepy that you’re reading her personal papers like that? Taking pics is one thing, but zooming in and reading her personal papers is another…yikes.

  • well

    OMG that is creepy :O they zoom in on every thing Jen needs to look out !

    she looks so cute I love her top so much :)


    Can you tell me what website that was on …Jen was in the park..
    with a lot of mothers.. pushing Violet on the swing.. and she was
    in the park all by herself… NOW that would be a million dollar photo
    to see the three of them together…The only other one I saw was
    when they were walking up a side walk..and Vi was actually walking..

  • Meg

    March 2nd is probably when the baby was conceived.

  • Anon

    I hate it when people talk about how miserable they look together – only fame whores grin and hug and kiss every time they see the paps. When I walk around with my husband, I don’t have a fake smile plastered to my face. Kudos to these two for keeping it real.

  • ally

    Don’t you think it’s weird that she’d flash a paper with personal information on it like that? If I actually wanted privacy, I’d fold the paper over (if not put it in my purse) rather than leave it flapping about in front of paps (you can see them, you know, they aren’t invisible).

    And Adoring Fan, I’m starting to seriously wonder about you. How would you know they were at the park having a good time before the paps showed up? Are you a stalker fan? A paid flack? (It would be pretty pathetic- but not at all surprising- if Jen and Ben actually had PR people attacking others on websites.)

  • minime is a wanker


  • sara

    O.K……….guys ,,,,just wondering……….HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BUY A HOUSE? ……RIGHT NOW WE ARE IN THE BIGGEST BUYERS MARKET!!…It seems to me they have been shioping for a house…..for what going on a year now…..whats up with that? not hatin just wondering…if ithis excuse of house shoping is being used as a photo op.

  • Confused and Deeply Troubled

    Nothing is sacred anymore. Do we need to debate when her due date is? This so freaking sick.

  • terissa

    Didn’t she house hunt last time she was pregnant? Geez how big does a house have to be now days.

  • Paige

    Rockin’ the Juicy top.. nice!

  • Benfan1

    What a weird couple, one week they are pictured holding hands looking at their new house is being built, the next week they aren’t even walking together let alone holding hands. Getting pregnant again didn’t solve what problems they are having.

  • paula t.

    Does anyone know who the father is??? Certainly can’t be this happy-looking dude. Now let’s see….who was her co-star around “that” time?

  • Adoring Fan

    Paps are beaking their necks trying to find out info on this very private couple. They don’t know how to handle it when they are ignored. I doubt seriously if Afflecks house shopping is used as a photo opt. If anything, it would be the exact opposite. All these two want is to be left alone. That is obvious to everyone but the haters. JJ is the one that said they were house hunting. I wonder if the media got that info from their reps.

  • ally

    Thanks for the info, Adoring Fan. I bet their reps DID give out the info that they were house hunting (along with their friend Kevin Smith), because that’s the best way to protect their supposedly sacred privacy (i.e., TALKING TO THE PRESS).

    Your comments are far too silly and contradictory to come from anyone with any type of knowledge, even a PR rep- you must be a fan.

    So I’ll share a saying with you that may help you in life: “If people wonder if you’re a fool, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let them wonder than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    Just a tip.

  • ken

    What you see on Ben Affleck’s face is the look of defeat. He’s stuck with this she-man for at least a few more years.

  • wish

    They seems a good couple. But a couple of days ago I saw his pro file with nice pics on ‘ri ch ki ss . c om’. It’s a profes sional site. He has pics, blog and friend circle there. And more he’s a certi fied mill ionaire. It seems he’s very serious there. What happened to him (them)? Sigh.

  • mikey

    She’s in denial and trapped him again with baby no. 2. I totally believe Eonline when they reported they were splitville and even with another baby it doesn’t make the issues go away. Geez, britney, Denise richards all had 2nd babies only to split soon after. Ben really has lost that spark in his eyes when he’s with her-he only has it when he’s with violet and matt, defintely not with her. I feel really, really sorry for ben.

  • Adoring Fan

    Mikey #49 Ben is happier now than he has ev en been in his adult life. Don’t compare him to Charlie Sheen and Kevin Federline. Totally cut from a different cloth. You are as clueless as Ally when it comes to Ben Affleck. And as for you poor Ken #47 there are no words to describe your take on the matter. Come out of the closet.