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Jessica Simpson: Football Frenzy!

Jessica Simpson: Football Frenzy!

Jessica Simpson visits her quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo at Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif., on Wednesday.

After practice, Tony rushed back from practice, picked up Jess at the hotel and went out to dinner. The Irresistible singer had problems walking though! Her dress, however, was a bit too long and she had to carry it along with her to the restaurant.

Regarding her recent move from pop to country, Jessica recently said, “I think my biggest fear was failure. I realized what makes this record successful is that I actually made it because I was so afraid of failure and I was so afraid to sing again and I was so afraid to be judged, and I’ve been broken so many times, but I do know my calling in life and I do know that God gave me a voice to use it and that it would be a shame if I let fear get the best of me.”

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson‘s football frenzy…

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • victoria

    1st!!! ? Anyway, that dress is silly. Try hemming next time. If Romo has a bad season she to blame again?

  • Halli

    She and Miley Cyrus are complete trash. Always opening their wide gaping mouths like apes. I’m sure they have the IQ to match.

  • nysro

    I wish her lifes calling was to leave the spotlight way behind, and realise she is neither a likeable singer or a good actress… just go AWAY!

    and take your fucking familiy with you!!

  • wowowow

    for the love of god can she wear flats just once.
    i mean it’s summer throw on some flip flops.
    she has the worst taste in footwear.
    he shoes always look like their for trannies.

  • flutters

    God didn’t give you much of a voice considering the MANY country singers who sing WAY better than you, Jessica. I don’t know who keeps telling her she’s talented but she’s really average and the only reason she keeps getting chances is she dates famous guys and keeps her name in the tabloids.

  • Laura

    Does anyone know what bag she’s carrying?

  • Rayando El sol

    They are a fantastic couple.

  • MyEyeisonyou

    They seem to make a good couple but I think the photo-ops are a bit too much

  • nourhan


  • nourhan

    oops 9

  • nysro

    The cowboys should really get Tony focused for camp the coming season.. she only serves as a total distraction..

  • alina

    they’re both getting chunky, good for them. they must be in love ;-)

    i hope she trips on that ridiculous maxi dress.

  • Lillianne

    Again with the toes hanging over the end of her shoes. At least this time they are high enough that they aren’t dragging on the dirty pavement. Although the pavement in Dallas isn’t nearly as filthy as the sidewalks of New York.

  • Shakira

    Jessica is a good singer and the move to country was a smart move. I think it is great when a person overcomes their ‘fears’ and just does it. Good for Jessica.

  • pretty

    They seem to make a good couple but can this relati onship last a long time? Who knows? I seem to see his pro file on a cel ebri ty s ite called ‘Ri ch ki ss . c om’. And it’s very attractive with many hot pics. OMG.

  • Vshizzle

    blah blah bLAHHHHH

  • Kelly

    All these comments are a joke. Why don’t you all mind your own business & leave these two alone. Now I know why this world is in the state it’s in, people like you, constantly finding fault in everyone & everything. Take a good look in the mirror before you criticize others.

  • oh snap

    i agree with #2 jessica just needs to sit her big boobs down somewhere

  • me

    Gucci Babouska Boston Shoulder Bag, Large : $2595.00

  • Good for them

    I begin to think maybe Jessica finally found the right man for her. Tony seems to be attentive and caring for Jess. They make a good couple.

  • kathy

    LOL @ #18.

  • pinkrose

    I wish them the best because everyone deserves a chance at love. Nice to see a guy treating his girl like a lady. and Tony always does that with Jessica.

  • pinkrose

    I wish them the best because everyone deserves a chance at love. Nice to see a guy treating his girl like a lady. and Tony always does that with Jessica.

  • tim

    I think Jessica has found her man. They look good together. Good luck Jessica & Tony. Be good to each other.

  • runawaytony

    She looks awful as usual. She is one needy skank isn’t she???

  • Vogue
  • prim

    she has the worst taste in clothes and fashion…what the hell was Tony thinking ?? I hope Papa Joe is paying him to date this idiot

  • yuk

    Only Jessica would use a football team to try to gain attention for herself. the team is doomed and Tony’s reputation will never recover being associated with this tranny clown.

  • Lily

    ^ Thats true. Tony was never well known, but before Jessica he was thought of as a boy next door type and now that hes with Jessica, his reputation is down the gutter. People think hes an idiot to be associated with trash. Its his own fault, he could easily get rid of her but he chooses to be with trash so maybe he was trash to begin with.

  • JOE

    Jess wearing a bedsheet again;she can’t seem to shake those STD’S

  • Kim

    jessica does have a GOOD VOICE….i have seen her sing the right way n she sounded fantastic! I think with the right guidance from producers, she can have a successful album…..she only sings horribly when she uses that breathy baby voice especially when she sings “With You” and “Angels”…yeck…

  • bejeebus

    christ allmighty! pleeeeaaaase stay away from the cowboys, jessica. there are sooooo many other men you could be dating…..well, i think there might be anyway…not sure…..okay maybe not….but there’s always your daddy. why did you have to pick our quarterback????? ugh.


    What is with the dress? Does she even look in the mirror before going out. She looks like she just rolled out of the trailer. Here is a question if her shoe/bag line is so great why does she never wear them? Jessica get the right size shoes your toes belong in the shoe not over!

  • m

    The only things I can say about them are they make a cute couple (Jess deserves to be happy again) and she definitely needs a fashion makeover, she’s way too over the top with her color choices and shoe choices. The “tube top” top of her dress is not flattering to her body shape. Come on Jess, you can do better.


    Check out her lumberjack look on Elle. I am confused to be country you have to wear a rodeo belt and flannel shirt? Get a fashion direction girl. The look is out of control and makes Elle look like a joke and not a fashion mag!

  • ashley2008

    Come on jessica can’t you find someone else besides Tony Romo, one of this days he is going to find out he made a huge mistake dating you. You are going to ruin his football career and the Dallas Cowboys season. I hope we don’t see you at any dallas cowboys game. ROMO deserves better Tony go back to Carrie Underwood!!!!!!

  • kae

    The best man for Jessica was Nick lachey. Tony might make her smile, but if you look back at the picks of her and Nick you ,will see how much happier she was when they were together. Nick did treat her like a gem. Tony will never give her the attention Nick did. Her biggest mistake was giving her husband up and listening to her dad. Jessica gave Nick up without a fight. No one she dates will ever replace NICK LACHEY.

  • me

    Nick was the abuser I doubt he’s the best man for Jess. I always thought that he was abusive. I could not see what was so funny about a sneaky cheater, who went around the country crying for his wife while he had his lover in toll. He even put her in the video and said that he wanted his wife back. In a recent interview he said that he did not regret marring Jess, maybe he still has to bring her up because his HS musical reality show had the worst ratings in the history of ABC. At least Jess is trying to make a country album on her own merrits. Love her single if the rest of the CD is like this she will have the last laugh. So far her single is #20 in the Billboards #17 in the mediabase. This week is # 3 on CMT.
    Tony and Jess make a cute couple. Tony ask Jess to come to camp. She just didn’t decide to show up there. The rest of the player all bring their families, so they can be together on their off time. She was welcome and greated by fans when she got to camp. That is something they are not telling you here. That was on TMZ. Wonder if what OK is reporting is true. No telling with that rag. The last time they reported that they had seperated in Jan. and here they are going strong. But perhaps this time it true and they are really getting married.