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Rachel Bilson Loves Martin Margiela

Rachel Bilson Loves Martin Margiela

Rachel Bilson rocks out her favorite open toe ankle boots by Martin Margiela while visiting a production office in Culver City, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon. (She paired the same boots back in May with a dress.)

The 26-year-old former O.C. starlet then met female friend on 3rd Street in West Hollywood to shop at the Milk boutique.

Her friend left carrying several bags but Rachel left empty-handed!

10+ picutres inside of Martin Margiela lover Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson martin margiela 02
rachel bilson martin margiela 03
rachel bilson martin margiela 04
rachel bilson martin margiela 05
rachel bilson martin margiela 06
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Credit: Louise Barnsley/James Breeden; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • manny


  • hill

    those are the uglies things ever

  • hill

    my bad

  • tom c

    Those open toed boots are the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. She looks ridiculous in them.

  • Amy

    Those boots are hids.

  • angela

    they look like brown paper bags for feet.

  • minime

    Okay, those shoes are disgusting. They belong on a martian.

  • josie

    wow trop moche jamais vu de telle horreur
    yes i’m french

  • Mari

    I saw her at the Rogan event at Barneys when she was wearing those boots w/ a dress & she looked really cute. I think she can pull them off. The way she is wearing her jeans is the new trend. I don’t know what I think about it but the Current-Elliot jeans like that are selling out everywhere.

  • Gir

    ok the search for the ugliest pair of shoes is over. wearing them with cuffed jeans isn’t helping either. her limbs look tubular.

  • vicks

    ugly shoes!

  • drewlard

    Ooop and there’s the MEDIA SICKO all over again!

    Paging HATERS – lol!

  • Mari

    I wanted to add that I love the martian comment from #7.

  • Chel

    What was she thinking!?

    Those are EWW!

  • trueish

    @ #12

    I think she’s NO different from Mischa Barton (sans only the DUI). Both of them have these all-hype fashion line, no acting career to speak of and does lives & breaths for the media every now & then just to keep them relevant. S U C K S !

  • erica

    shopping shopping shopping as usual. is that Josh Schwartz’s girlfriend and Rachel’s close friend with her?

    i wonder if that connection made it easier for Rachel to get time off from the OC to shoot Jumper. Josh rewrote the last season of the OC to allow Rachel to do Jumper for Doug Liman. It’s nice to have friends like that.

  • oldman


    I think she’s NO different from Mischa Barton (sans only the DUI).


  • tourist

    Usually, she has better taste.

  • whizbang

    Oh Gawd, some wannabee actresses these days who aren’t that pretty and very talentless, solely here in Hollywood coz of connections & paychecks!

  • linpin

    Wow! If thats all you have to do to make tousands of dollars on a pair of shoes, I’m in. I have a whole closet full of shoes I can cut the toe off of.

  • Sure

    @ 19

    Of Course. Why else would anyone want to live there? The place sucks as a community. It artificial and is only useful for doing business. Connections and paychecks is what Hollywood is all about. So what’s your point? Would you turn down the kind of paychecks she gets?

    Oh, and OMG! She’s wearing the same shoes she wore last May? What was she thinking?!!!!!

  • sidony

    @ # 15

    If you think about the OC. Most people would think of Mischa Barton or simply put MB WAS The O.C.! She got famous worldwide because of her role on that show (right before she went downward spiral). If you ask people who they think of first when you mention The O.C., they’ll say “Mischa Barton”, her other co-stars are just “sidekicks”. The End.

  • linpin


    Mischa who? When was the last time we actually saw her do something except slump around town in her butt ugly outfits, and cellulite?

  • e

    yep its josh schwartz’s fiance, jill.

  • HAHA

    Did she just kill someone & made the shoes out of skin?

    *Just kidding :D

  • whizbang

    @ #21

    Actually MOST of her “immediate family members” are well-connected in the biz. She is where she is solely due to some damn “luck”; and her high-places friends (those OC people in particular) had just added more like just to put some spice on her supposed-to-be acting career. So NO real sweats coming from her. And about paycheks, its not that far-fetched to think that she actually “issues” them every once in while. Dont be that “naive”!

  • whizbang

    I mean “Paychecks”.

  • Shannon

    ok on the micha front yeh she was the most know but i hated marrisa and IMO summer who rachel played was much more likeable character ,now to the shoes i wonder about these celebs who live in cali it’s hot dammit! why would u u wear anytype of boots where it’s always hot that being said of the times i’ve seen her bost she usually has impecable style i’ll let it slide ;)

  • brigitte

    I love the outfit!

  • Jase

    haha. Same sad few everytime…

    I like what she is wearing. Works well. Lets watch how other celebs start following the trend.

    Sweetie, you should smile more. We miss it.

  • justice

    sometimes i wonder about hollywood trends and the wannabes who are suppose to be designers if they one wore just a brown paper bag over their heads but if it was a designer bag i believe they would wear it.

  • unreechy

    The vapid entitlement that rots her core does more damage than her so called “martian shoes” ever will!

  • Vogue

    Wow! If thats all you have to do to make tousands of dollars on a pair of shoes, I’m in. I have a whole closet full of shoes I can cut the toe off of.



  • Fat x

    She has cute toes.

  • tessa

    # 15 trueish
    without DUI, Exactly, I love it of Rachel, she’s good girl
    She has worked every year and soon more covers of fashionable magazines and women, NY I love you, Jumper 2, her line of clothes and more things

    # 16 erica

    Rachel present her friend jill to Josh
    from the beginning of the fourth season know that not continue OC, the actors not want to continue and Johs was going to make other 2 series and Rachel can do Jumper without problems

    # 22 sidony

    Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson they are equal or more important that Mischa, Rachel always won the Teen Choice Awards

  • laury

    I love this girl :)

  • v

    i think she looks nice. Not fancy but., pretty and relaxed.

  • anna

    Love her shoes!!!!!

  • question pleaseanswer everyonE



    ***********************THERE HAS BEEN RUMORS FROM RELIABLE SOURCES THAT HE & RACHEL CALLED IT QUITS*********************

  • s

    i thought they are only bff?

  • .

    @ 41

    no RAVEN they are dating! and they are not only bff they are in a relationship as boyfriend & girlfriend. RAVEN why wont you use one name instead of millions of names. you need help!

  • selphine

    @ # 36: Rachel always won the Teen Choice Awards etc. etc. etc.

    Really?! Well lets see now…

    Christensen’s non-acting certainly doesn’t help, but he looks positively charismatic next to the TRULY TERRIBLE RACHEL BILSON (The O.C.), playing David’s girlfriend/damsel in distress, Millie Harris.

    It’s “just” the TCA not the Emmys nor even the Golden Globe. TCA is just about anything (infamously) popular by now when current media darlings reach their sell-by-date just as soon as newer, fresher faces arrive to fickle the fickled teens & tweens fancy. But in terms of acting prowess & longevity in the biz, its absolutely lacking in legit credibility.
    Just watch her out in the upcoming “Razzies” then…

  • nikomilinko
  • emma

    Those boots are so ugly!!

  • .



  • truthful

    i just saw an episode of OC on you tube, OMG Rachel is awful
    she really can not act, ruined Jumper i bet too judging by reviews

  • Dip

    GET A JOB RACHEL !!!!! And try to avoid acting cause you suck at acting

  • http://? Maggie

    I lov HER

  • truthful

    awful Rachel in every way, short, dumb, can not act