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Vanessa Hudgens: Don't Mess Me Up Mentally!

Vanessa Hudgens: Don't Mess Me Up Mentally!

Vanessa Hudgens is the September 2008 cover girl for Teen Vogue. Here are some choice quotes from her interview:

On graduating from the High School Musical franchise: “It’s sad. This is our last time doing a movie together, and we love each other so much. We really grew up together. We can be free when we’re around one another, and the amount of fun we have is ridiculous.”

On her personal love life with Zac Efron: “I keep my relationship quiet. I think that works.”

On her style matching the ease of her California upbringing: “I like putting things together that you would not expect. It’s always me.”

On proceeding with extreme caution in choosing her next project: “I don’t want to do something that messes me up mentally. I think people just don’t realize that sometimes actors can really take it in and become that person.”

On being extremely proud of her HSM character: “I love that Gabriella is Hispanic. It’s nice to be able to stand up for people who don’t have someone to look up to very often.”

The September 2008 issue of Teen Vogue is on sale nationwide Tuesday, August 5.

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  • jessica


  • Paul
  • oprah

    I like that she likes being proud of playing a Hispanic character. That’s hot

  • chris

    I bet she’s talking about Heath Ledger with the whole mental thing

  • kat


  • Nikki

    Umm…did she just say that Hispanics have no-one to look up to? That’s so stupid…they have a lot of people to look up to!!

  • Kay tee

    Cool, she’s awesome, I like that the hsm cast is so close. It makes the movies and the bloopers and stuff even better, because you see them hanging out and laughing and stuff. Its good that her and zac are so close and they probably love each other a whole lot because they dont want to talk about their relationship and then wind up hurting it. Her style also rocks and she’s so so so so so so so pretty its like mind blowing, and zac is awesome to, I mean dude is sexayyy, They make a great couple, Live in Love Zanessa <3


    Kaitlynn Marie

  • jo

    is this out now? I LOVE HER

  • Amy

    Bad method actors let it mess them up, yeah.

  • jo

    she probably meant there aren’t a lot of hispanic teen actors in the biz

  • oh snap!



  • Cindy

    Vanessa looks gorgeous as usual on the cover. I think she is right when she says not talking about her relationship with Zac , works. So far so good for them in that dept. Stars who gush about their relationships to everyone have nothing to call their own as far as privacy is concerned. Everyone knows everything and that can some time cause problems.

    She should be heading out soon for her tour if she hasn’t already. I wish she was coming somewhere near Virginia or even Washington DC. Oh , well maybe next time. Hopefully someone who goes to one of her concerts can fill us in. I’m anxious to hear what songs she decides to sing.

  • Jamie Insider

    I guess she takes acting seriously. That must be why she thinks taking upon a role can potentially make her embrace the characteristics of the role permanently.

  • katy

    She is really pretty

  • http://fdgfdgfd Claire

    Like her (:

  • 4EVER zanessa’S FAN

    Her new album is amazing..I love it..BUY IDENTIFIED!!!

  • justabystander

    Here’s a young woman with her head on straight! She’s an inspiration.

  • justabystander

    Here’s a young woman with her head on straight! She’s an inspiration.

  • ewashley

    woow she is very intelligent! jaja i like her and her sense of style and i hope she keeps in the movie industry and in the music too.. she ahs a big fan on me:)

  • emma

    She looks gorgeous!! Love her

  • zv

    love her she looks gorgeous as usual!!
    shes the perfect role model!!!!!

  • miss zanessa

    ÂwWw shE löOks sOoOOo cUtE^^
    hEr smilE iS jUsT aDOrablE :)

    iT sEems lIkE alL thE hSM CAsT iS
    a bIg hAppY fAmilY
    hOw mUcH fUn woUld bE tO wOrk wiTh thEM???
    ridicUlOuslY fUn XD

    aww nicE Of hEr tO bE pROud aboUt hiSpaniCs ^^
    i lOvE hEr cHaraCtEr cUz i cAn pErfeCtlY rElate tO gAbriElla

  • Newport Beach, 92660

    She’s on the cover of my favourite magazine. I don’t really like that fgirl. But I’ll buy it anyways because i love Teen Vouge

  • amy

    awww…such a gorgee cover! :D deff getting this issue!
    lovee zanessa!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • lillilou187

    I think Vanessa is in right.
    Because she’s on the right way to become a very professional actress and singer.
    And I also think she is very intelligent and pretty.

  • lilian

    why people hate that girl so much? she is normal, nothing special but nothing horrible that make you comment something rude about her.

  • Malia

    This beautiful young woman has her head on straight. Good for her.

    She started her tour last night with a concert in Pasa Robles, California.

    And I see some of you are already jumping to conclusions without fully read/understanding her comment. She said:
    “It’s nice to be able to stand up for people who don’t have someone to look up to very often.

    That VERY OFTEN is a big part of the comment. It means there are SOME people they can look up to but NOT MANY.

    That is your reading comprehension lesson for the day.

  • leighton.

    she looks gorgeous as per and her answers to the questions are v smart.

  • april

    Love her…she looks beautiful and is trying hard to make her way carefully through the crazy fishbowl life that actors live in !

  • briana

    I CAN’T CAST MY VOTE ON TEEN CHOICE AWARDS, IT KEEPS ON TELLING ME Sorry, you do not qualify to vote according to the rules of voting. BUT I GAVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS AND I AM ABOVE THE AGE 13 SO CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE???????????

  • Eyda

    OMg how can you all say she looks beautiful, the cover is sooo ugly and really shes nothing special actually i would rather say shes ugly than beautiful, look at people like hayden shes beautiful

  • !

    Ok that’s great that she’s proud of playing a hispanic character-really it is- but…

    “It’s nice to be able to stand up for people who don’t have someone to look up to very often.”

    Very often? What is trying to say with that? The hispanic comunity doesn’t have enough role models to look up to that she considers herself as a role model to us?

    I don’t care how her fans twist that statement to make her look good. It was very ignorant on her part to say!

  • Ma

    she’s really awesome
    i luv her n Zac too :D

  • Zanessa-love4life

    V looks amazing on the cover. Love her <3
    And I like the fact that she keeps her relationship with Zac quiet, because couples who talk about their love life non-stop wind up breaking up because meda gets out and they end up fighting and that equals no more reltionship! Zanessa has been strong for almost 3 years now and they’re very good role models and I hope Vanessa continues with that!
    Baby-V ROX!

  • katia

    she is beautiful, it’s nice to see an ethnic girl on the cover of these magazines

  • fidel

    “Actors can really take it in?” Since when has she known how to act?
    Christ what a moron.

  • Ruth

    She’s also part hispanic. The truth is that hispanics and other minorities are always stereotyped and rarely portrayed as intelligent or brainy. Monique said the same thing about her character on the Tyra Banks show.
    You can read it anyhow you wish, she’s still proud of the fact that Gabby, the brainy student, is hispanic and she still takes pride in playing a hispanic character.

    Back to the topic, she’s so lovely in the shoot and I love her answers to the interview. She’s growing up to be a lovely, sensible young woman carving her own path and I couldn’t love her more.

  • So-what-monkeysrock

    *oh snap!* I dont see why you’re still dwelling in the past whats done is done. why comment if you have nothing positive to say anyway? you really need 2 get over it in september it’ll be a year since it happend so zip it. and do me a favour and tell your family I’m sorry. you know y.

  • kristina

    hate her, and that comment made me hate her even more.

  • meemaw

    PEOPLE! PEOPLE!! Let go of the pictures already, it’s old new already apologies done FORGET IT!!! It’s sad that you cannot look @ the accomplishments of the person instead of the gossip. How much more does a person have to prove a mistake was done and over with and carry on with their lives. People are pea brains to have to hang on to foolishness like that…GROW UP AND GET A LIFE FOR RATHER FIND A LIFE. Expressions are done in all different fasits of life styles don’t condone someone for their expressions. HOW RUDE… LET IT GO. If you don’t like her go elsewhere and trash talk.

  • UK

    Zanessa for ever and ever!

  • You stupid kids

    Uh, are you guys stupid? Seriously. You are effin’ reading into things WAY too much. She’s saying that she’s proud that her character is a minority as minorities as a whole don’t have MANY role models in Hollywood. She’s 1/2 Filipina and 1/2 white so I’m sure she’s extremely proud to represent for the minorities. So, when talking about ignorant – I think you’re talking about yourselves. Grow up.

  • V-fan-forever

    She looks gorgeous!
    I’d love to buy it…but I don’t live in the US :[[

  • Zaccarra

    ! #32 I’m Hispanic and your response is just plain IGNORANT OR YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH. In her age bracket-the Zac, Corbin, Chase, Ashley etc market–where are the hispanic teen role models-there aren’t any.

    If Gabriella hadn’t been hispanic HSM3 would been yet another movie marketed to America’s teens excluding the existence of Hispanics.

    I know exactly what she meant and it makes sense. Save you PC outrage for something also important the lack of leading Hispanics on TV in general. I’m glad she was proud to play a Hispanic there was a time in Hollywood that wqouldn’t have been the case.

  • !

    Uh Ruth…

    no she’s not she’s half white and half philipino (i probably misspelled tha, so sorry). in her background she has sapnish, but she also has chinese, so now she’s that too?

    Yes, they are stereotyped (horribly might i add) which is why i said it’s great that she’s proud of playing a smart hispanic student, it’s just she shot herself in the foot with the last part of that statement.

  • !


    Great I’m Hispanic too! Damn proud of it! How is what i said ignorant and what she said isn’t?

    What does she know about our culture for her to say that we don’t have that many role models to look up to often. Why? Becasue Hollywood portrays us as drug dealers that only come to the US to have babies and use up tax payers money. And because she portrayed something different she’s automatically a role model.

    I’m upset at the fact that what experience does she have to say that Hispanics don’t have have that many role models to look up to?

    Please enlighten me…

  • katia

    she does have a little latin in her blood, but overall she looks hispanic, so she could play the role. anyway… i think she looks gorgeous

  • :)

    omg love her<3

    i’m hispanic too :) & people should stop twisting her words!!!
    leave her alone.

  • Pit

    Where is Pasa Robles, CA – isn’t that up near Zac’s hometown? Wonder what is up with that particular location for her concert dress rehearsal?

    I was concerned about them being in LA during the earthquake but they may have been “upcoast” instead preparing for this?

    I hope some of the fans in the St. Louis area will be on the look out for Vanessa’s arrival there and give us updates!! I don’t know if she will go there today or tomorrow to start her tour.

  • elliott

    i think she did wonderful in this. She answered strong and wasn’t afraid to not talk about certain issues. Very mature and confident. I liked that.