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Ali Lohan is 14, Right? Right?

Ali Lohan is 14, Right?  Right?
  • Ali Lohan is a mere 14-years-old
  • Brit Brit is done with Osama
  • Amanda Bynes is tight
  • Ex-couple Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams spotted together after debuting his deejaying skills
  • Hairspray hottie Aubrey O’Day denies dating Broadway costar Ashley Parker Angel
  • Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer isn’t golfing
  • Elizabeth Taylor has been put on a life support machine
  • Pieces of Shia LaBeouf‘s car crash are up on eBay
  • Tom Cruise is named in a $250 million federal lawsuit that is using the RICO statute against the Church of Scientology. Ex-scientologist Peter Letterese filed suit in Florida on July 15 alleging that members of the church harassed him after he left.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears will marry fiancé Casey Aldridge before the end of the year, according to OK! magazine.
  • Miley Cyrus’ “Breakout” becomes her first No. 1 Billboard album on her own after selling 371,000 copies.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. is joining Vince McMahon‘s World Wrestling Entertainment where he is expected to write and help produce some of the wrestling broadcaster’s comic-bookish stories.
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  • biatch.

    dude she is like 40.
    gross. uglyness in the air.

  • massieee;

    yay for miley

  • Natalie

    go MILEY!!

    i’m excited for her! the album is amazing! :)

  • fra

    miley rules

  • Shakala anderson

    That’s how white people look at that age they age really bad very early I almost feel bad for her but, at the same time I don’t.

  • takeemforallthey’reworth!

    I am so happy someone is suing COS…I hope he wins and it all finally comes out what a cult they are. They should be allowed to exist (all hail the first amendment!) but they have no right to kill people or harass reporters, or ex-members who wish to write or discuss the church.

  • S.

    OK, WTF moment with the Freddie Prinze mention. The career is going THAT bad? Well, I haven’t heard his name in about two years so I guess so. But, wrestling? That story just can’t be true, can it? Eek.

  • violinbug1410

    i bought the album and its really good. i luv the song “goodbye”. i cant wait for more albums from miley!

  • violinbug1410

    i bought the album and its really good. i luv the song “goodbye”. i cant wait for more albums from miley!

  • gabriela

    miley rocks! i love her, and her album is amazing!

  • Linda

    That lawsuit against the COS and Tom Cruise (big shock the guy included him in the suit) is ridiculous and as they say, “only in America.”

  • mike

    I’m not a fan of the COS but I agree with Linda…it is sort of ridiculous…oh well…lol

  • Jessica

    Ew to Ali Lohan.

    She looks like she’s had botox and she’s only 14!

  • Shannon

    good for miley i like her album and a agree witht the other poster goodbye is a great song! and ali lohan just NO

  • alli

    Ali is so ugly

    and i don’t really like miley but i have to admit that CD isn’t that bad

  • Lilly

    I think I would like Ali better is she tried to be herself a little more instead of being like her sister….oh well… :)

  • gina

    I had no idea Elizabeth Taylor was sick. Sad.

  • mike

    Dina, please don’t wh*re your daughter out. She’ll be burned out by 18, look like 45 and will have checked into rehab twice

  • lindz

    im 14 and my mom would not let me out of the house with clothes like that and that much make up.

  • rufus

    CO$ is a pyramid scheme where you move up by paying in more and more money, RICO just may prove criminal acts against past and present victims. I think they’ll have good evidence from some vics like Jason Beghne, they may even look closer to deaths that have been connected in the past to CO$

  • Amanda

    Ali is prettier than Lindsay! Don’t think she’s ugly but doesn’t look 14 at all!

  • Vogue
  • chantall

    Ali lohan does not look like that she is way prettier on living lohan thats a horibble pic

  • bitch

    Ali will be in JB’s Lovebug music video fhjdghfjdkhgdfg

  • victoria

    25th!!! Does anyone else think Ali looks like Demi Moore in that picture? Where is Dina in all of this? Out spending more of their money I’m sure. AND promoting more of their daughters escapades. And on poor Elizabeth Taylor. I have always loved her. Did not know she was so sick. My heart goes out to her. She has never exploited her children in any way. And can you believe someone selling parts of Shia’s destroyed car? I can. Probably already hanging on someone’s wall, or out in a front yard somewhere with flowers growing out of it. How tacky!! And he is a drunkard. AND, it just proves, what everyone has been saying ALL ALONG. ONCE you get in the Church OF the Robotics And StepFords, you Cannot leave under Penalty Of Law. I guess the rumors that Katie was not allowed to ask ” and tell” policy is true when Tommy Boy would leave and go ” down Under” in the deep creavices of the COS. I think someone is about to be bought off or disappear. MIAPOCCA are you out there?????What do you think of all of this????? And last but not least, Jamie Spears. She is very young, but let her have a backyardigan wedding. It will not last. They need to wait a couple of years. Until she is legal at least!!!

  • bob dobbs

    I’m not a big fan of Anonymous but it looks like they’ve given one more person the courage to speak out against the Co$, not to mention that they look like fine outstanding people who know about tasty caek.

  • cutie pie

    14… that girl looks at least 35, and those fake lips are not for her, why do these women do that. their faces are the not the right features for full lips, they look so phoney and she couldnt wait to get them, man i have had them all my life so i should be proud!

  • frappbloat

    so basically Ali Lohan is the same age as Dakota Fanning. Wow, what a difference in those two girls. Parenting influences obviously makes a huge difference!

  • sarah

    Ali is a cutie girl
    she look like 40 yes !
    but she’s cute

  • Nel

    When I first heard she was fourteen, I couldn’t believe it! She looks like she’s nineteen or twenty. Yikess…!

  • Nel


  • proudmuslim

    islam is the path to peace, honesty, and true relagian.

  • LuckyL

    Lilly @ 07/31/2008 at 2:52 pm

    I think I would like Ali better is she tried to be herself a little more instead of being like her sister….oh well… :)
    I agree, and put on less make-up in the morning. I can see the tweens and below came out full-force for MiHoley *rolls eyes* and it’s a shame about Elizabeth Taylor. She’s been sick for some time now though, between the cancer and all that.

    Loool@ Tom Cruise being named, and the guy’s lawsuit sounds perfectly plausible.

  • LuckyL

    proudmuslim @ 07/31/2008 at 9:25 pm
    We all know you’re not a f****** a**hole. Now stop trying to create a situation in which they can be made fun of with your poor grammar and lack of capitalization for “your” own religion.

  • katie

    okay you guys pushed it. she may seem to look much older than her age, but not as old as a 45 year old. if i didn’t know her i’ll probably say she’s in her early 20′s. infact i’ll assume that it’s all the make-up the is ageing her.

  • LuckyL

    a Muslim*

  • proudmuslim

    yes a muslim… do you have a problem luckyl

  • proudmuslim

    go ahead insult i could careless. you’re the one that will look horrible, and prove that islam is peace, since we don’t insult.

  • proudmuslim

    nice meeting you lucky l. you really did show me how uneducated you are judgeing people by their their religion. oh and if i mispelled the word “religion” wrong, well it was an error….um and if you’er blind,well let me advice you that when people chat they don’t check for corrections in their grammar and capitalization; we are not writing an essay. look at how everyone else comented….. now go get a life white girl, or maybe it’s a boy…

  • proudmuslim

    oh and yeah ali does look old.. bye lucky l.. or should i say shallow l…

  • proudmuslim

    lucky l you are so random, and the way you write just doesn’t make any sense. by the way you have way to many ran-on.

  • archuleta

    That’s how white people look at that age they age really bad very early I almost feel bad for her but, at the same time I don’t.

    wow, thats not racist or anything. she just looks old..some girls mature earlier than other ones.. i certainly did not look like that. my friends and family didnt. stfu you as shole.

    and 29 dakota fanning is like 10. not 14. big difference at that age..

  • katie


  • katie

    omg, did you guys hear her new song all the way around. it was aswome.

  • katie

    omg, did you guys hear her new song all the way around.

  • tee

    Oh boy

  • http://alilohanis14rightright. Ashley

    ali lohan is a pretty girl she is not ugly she certainly take’s after her sister or that’s what i think.