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Bar Refaeli is a Blue Buxom Beauty

Bar Refaeli is a Blue Buxom Beauty

Bar Refaeli hangs out at the VIP Room in St. Tropez, France on Tuesday.

The 23-year-old beauty has been burning up the Internets after being spotted on the beach in a hot pink bikini on Wednesday. Check them out if you missed them!

Girlfriend to actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the pair haven’t been seen much together for a few months.

For those Bar fans out there, check out a video of the Israeli beauty in Brazil posing for Hurley.

10+ pictures of Bar Refaeli, the blue buxom beauty…

Just Jared on Facebook
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 01
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 02
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 03
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 04
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 05
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 06
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 07
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 08
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 09
bar refaeli blue buxom beauty 10

Credit: ANG; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Tiffany

    Ugly boobs, great body.

  • 1234

    damn, shes hot.

  • Vogue
  • julia

    So jared, how do you know she’s still with LEONARDO DICAPRIO?

  • so pretty

    What an upgrade from manface!

  • Abbyyy

    i like her dress!!

  • anyone

    for the record im not jealous instead im just asking….does anyone find her attractive??

  • irene

    she needs oufits with more support in the chest area, specially on her right boob, it is normal to happen, but it is noticeable.

  • yuk

    Not pretty

  • Lindsay

    ahhhh leo and bar were recently at a coldpaly concert and villa nightclub together!!!

  • Jacqueline

    More Bar! Shalom Jared.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … gorgeous.

  • sarah

    she’s cute i love her dress

  • minime

    She looks a teeny bit rough for such a young girl. Her friends look street tough with rubberduck lips not exactly elegant and classy. Youd think her posse would be as cool as her.

  • liran

    Bar she is so amazing!! israeli model’s rulz!!!

  • ihb

    Jared, do you have a contract with her or her mother to post so many uninteresting things about her?
    Bar`s boobs look weird and a little shaggy for a model and for dresses like this.
    #7, you are not alone + let`s hope for the best ( = breakup )!!!

  • 4 sure

    not AS ugly as gizelle

  • 4 sure

    not AS ugly as gizelle

  • lilly

    Another lucky `coincidence` that there was someone at the club to take a picture of Bar.
    I checked out the Hurley site ( I wish I hadn`t ) she sounds stupid as she talks, totally uninteresting and boring.

  • Megan

    She pays Jared to talks about her…

  • mike

    Great figure! We love to see new pictures of Bar!

    Eonline reported that Bar and Leo went to see Coldplay last week and WENN pictures have photos of the two leaving Villa nightclub on July 17.

  • eddie jones

    lol look at the lips on the one in the dark blue, they’re like balloons.

  • ihb

    Let`s hope for the best ( = breakup ).

  • sincerely

    ugly and saggy

  • WingNut13

    FTR, I saw the pictures from the concert & it’s very unclear who the girl with him is; the only ones who are clearly seen are Tobey McGuire and his wife, and DiCaprio. There are no pictures of them together at Villa, only separately.

    I can’t believe people think Gisele Bundchen is a “manface”. WTF do you smoke?!? She runs circles around this poser; she is far more exotically beautiful. Bar couldn’t hold a candle to Gisele, and will certainly never be a supermodel in the way Gisele is.

  • Kelly

    A total upgade from Gisele.

    I think Gisele is one of the ugliest models and has something very masculine to her- not just her manface, but also the lack of waistline or curves.

    I know Bar is a total gold-digger, but so was Gisele.
    They both look for big stars to maintain their career and the media attention.

  • anti-bar

    ihb; I don’t know if Jared has a contract with Bar’s mother but anything is possible with that publicity hungry family. The worst Israeli stage mother, that’s what the Israeli press has called her, is known to call up the papparazzi and tell them where Bar is and is known to plant rumours about Bar and Leo. Remember all those rumours last year about Bar being pregnant and getting engaged to Leo? Reports in Israel were that Bar’s mother herself spread those false stories in the foreign media. In disguise of course.

    Another disturbing thing about Bar’s mother is that she goes on message boards under different names and defends Bar against her detractors. If you ever read the “Bellazon” Bar messageboard you can tell that some of those “Bar fans” are really her mother. You can tell by the fawning and worshipping comments that “they” write. It’s really over-the-top even for Bar fans. The “Lye2003″ is definately Bar’s mother. An Israeli reporter actually proved that Bar’s mother has been doing this for several years in Israel and especially after Bar’s anti-Israel comments caused an uproar in Israel. The bimbo apple doesn’t fall far from the bimbo tree.

    Bar skin looks horrible here. She needs to put some foundation on. I can’t believe that Bar goes out in public looking like that. You don’t look so hot girl. Bar is so stuck-up but she ain’t all that. Especially after Leo dumps her. Some website reported that maybe Bar dumped Leo or Leo dumped her. I don’t know if they broke-up but Bar would never dump Leo! He’s her cash cow and without him Bar wouldn’t get so much attention from the press. I personally think that they’re still together because if they weren’t Bar would be devastated and in a closet somewhere. Not so much because she loves Leo but because her knows her career would be down the drain.

    If you’re around Benny I left you a nice little message on the other Bar thread. I hope you enjoy it!

  • mike

    I’m sorry but she doesn’t do it at all for me. She is georgeous in a very cheap way, also the dresses she wears always look slutty on her. May be because she is over emphazising her boobs. Cheap trash.
    I am not sure why so many people keep comparing her to Giselle. It’s not even worth it. Giselle is 2nd to none.

  • Dana

    Bar dear, I saw your Hurley ad, and I just wanted to tell you that you are trying too hard.
    Please don’t try to be so american, with all these silly smiles and phony cheerfulness. it doesn’t look or sound right, it’s phony!! And you come out a bit stupid, which you are not.
    I saw your interviews in Hebrew, you sound real, a bit cynical, very Israeli – don’t try to change it. Just be yourself, natural and calm.

  • french

    sa robe est jolie mais sa ne lui va pas du tout

  • french

    elle est jolie mais je ne comprend pas qu’elle soit mannequin

  • oogie

    she looks cheap

  • bridget

    Her body is beautiful!! Her face..nothing special…boring actually.

  • maria

    she is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivon

    the “anti-nar” comment is true I have an Israeli friend that told me the same thing about BAr’s Mom, she said that she is really bad.
    I am a fan of Leo’s acting I do not really think he is hot or anything so I do not have a crush on him, but I do not understand why he is with somebody like this, I guess it must be in part a biz transaction.

  • french

    je préfère Giselle que Bar parce que je trouve que même si elles sont toutes les 2 assez moche Giselle au moins est tres grande et puis comparer à d’autes mannequins je trouve qu’elle a quelques chose de spéciale ( nez , forme du visage) et puis elle est très photogénique par rapport à Bar

  • who?

    Anti-Bar, I also have an Israeli friend who told me the same thing about her mom!

    Is it just me or does she look like a total bitch in these photos? She reminds me of the “mean girls” in high school who were totally rich, spoiled and stuck up with the looks she has on her face!

    Also, she has some substantial ta-tas, she needs to wear something with some support!!!!

  • ihb

    She definitely looks like the `queen-bee` on these pics.

  • mike

    Interesting, I didn’t know that Bar’s mother is haunting blogs to support her daughter. Sad thing if she has to. She should have supported her in not wh*ring her out too much. I wish I knew Hebrew besides this being a wonderful language, I would be able to understand Bar and may be she isn’t at all the idiot she is in English interviews. It is totally true that you are a different person in another language or cultural context. When I talk Russian I am different and when I am talking English too. May be it is the same for Bar as well. Anyway, this girl needs some style. And I as a gay man must know:-)

  • french

    je trouve que ses derniers jours on dirait que bar a pris un peu la grosse tête mais je me demande pourquoi parce que on la prend seulement quand on est une star ce qui n’est pas son cas et puis faudrait qu’elle arrête de mettre des décolletés car sa poitrine (je pense qui est refaite ) est vraiment moche

  • french
  • who?

    I also find it interesting that she totally enjoys all the paps attention when she isn’t with Leo. But when he is around, she totally plays the part and hides her face, etc. Ridiculous – she is a fame-wh*re.

  • french
  • ihb

    french, can you see Bar on the x17 pictures because I can`t.

  • mike

    one sees what one is inclined to see

  • french

    non je ne vois pas bar

  • nono

    leo has dumped her:)

  • ihb

    well, nono, if you are right, you`ve just made my upcoming vacation a whole lot nicer :))

  • french

    ils sont plus ensemble?

  • Naima

    Forget Bar, lets talk about what an idiot Leo is and what he sees in this little girl. She is such a huge downgrade from Gisele who is actually very inteligent and down to earth. This girl sounds like a moron everytime she speaks. Damn Leo who knew you were this dumb and pathetic…