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Katie Holmes Keeps Coffee Close

Katie Holmes Keeps Coffee Close

After rehearsals for her new Broadway play, Katie Holmes carries her trusty coffee container while bringing back the “pegged jeans” look in New York City on Thursday.

The 29-year-old Dawson’s Creek actress’ husband Tom Cruise has been named in a $250 million Scientology lawsuit filed by a former member. The lawsuit accuses the leaders of the faith of harassment. Mr. Cruise is reportedly second in line to the Scientology head David Miscavage.

10+ pictures of Katie Holmes keeping coffee close…

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katie holmes keeps coffee close 01
katie holmes keeps coffee close 02
katie holmes keeps coffee close 03
katie holmes keeps coffee close 04
katie holmes keeps coffee close 05
katie holmes keeps coffee close 06
katie holmes keeps coffee close 07
katie holmes keeps coffee close 08
katie holmes keeps coffee close 09
katie holmes keeps coffee close 10

Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lillianne

    Hey Jared – what’s going on with Gwen Stefani? She’s been outta sight lately.

  • ang


  • Halli

    I guess Aladdin pants are back? Lol. Katie’s stylist clearly hates her.

  • julie

    So the New York hearse doesn’t have curtains? Wouldn’t tc be more paranoid now especially with the lawsuit?

  • Janie

    I love this woman! She’s such a talented actress, but she’s so down to earth! I love Katie! Can’t wait until this play comes out! :)

  • brainwashed

    we all know Kate has no mind of her own anymore..the aliens own her…I find it weird how she’s so obviously copying Posh’s style. First the hair, now the baggy husband jeans…and they’re not even remotely cute.

  • gypsy Marie

    Are her jeans pinch folded?

  • amanda


  • kdawg

    Dude whats up with her pegging her pants?? That is so 15 years ago

  • balehead

    WTF is up with the acid wash oversize jeans that are pinch rolled that i wore in frickin jr high school??? nice and classy.

  • minime

    She is modeling Tom’s mother and sister. Not a lovely look for a girl who hasn’t even hit 30 yet.

  • jp

    japanese fashion models ( who’s always fashion forward) does the same with their jeans, it isn’t painful to look at . but i f i were katie i’ll give up the jacket .

  • Adoring FAn

    They should include fatiina(jlo) in the lawsuit as well, isn’t she scientology’s #3?, as for katie she looks like a miserable and bitter 50 yr. old woman.

  • s

    Omg…. they’re just DENIM people… get over it. Who cares……there are far worse dressers in hollywood.

  • Cheetah

    She looks more plain every time i see her, and by saying that im even nice. She isn’t special anymore. She looks worried, unhappy, dull, and her eyes are empty. Tom really broke a beautiful girl in her twenties down to an old woman. She really needs to get out of that idiots grip.

  • Vogue
  • McLovin

    Do NOT tell me she looks unhappy and sickly now

  • Mark

    Because I have no life, I love websites like these. I wish I was smart and read books and stuff. But I really love The View and People Magazine and US Magazine and stuff that talks about celebrities. I wish my life weren’t so boring, so I had to occupy my time caring about where celebrities get their pedicures. In my world, that is really interesting stuff. I can’t imagine obsessing over anything more interesting.

    Seriously, if I don’t know where Vanessa Hudgens went to dinner last night, I’ll totally die. Having no llfe and being an idiot is fun. I get to worry about things that are totally meaningless!


  • tia

    lol mark…..u sound like my dad, but what u say is so true….
    my excuse for being here is…oh well…obama.

    yea people, obama is the new Paris hilton.

  • sonnet

    pretty lady

  • liz

    i dig her outfit

  • chessa

    beautiful mama

  • amc

    I miss her,Tom and Suri!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cupcakes

    love her…thanks JJ

  • tanya

    hello Jackie O

    Cant wait for Eli Stone

  • *****

    This makes my day
    and coming weekend.

  • kitkat

    Katie is so talented and gorgeous. She should have done Batman.

  • crew

    Suri is precious because of her mom and dad.

  • Best of hollyweird

    Despite all the scientology wackiness, Katie is the classiest woman in Hollywood today, bar none. She’s gorgeous and has great style. I loved that folded look in the 80s and it looks better now. At least she’s not emo’d out in skinny jeans, ewwww.

    I agree, she should have done batman instead of that bat Gyllanboobie.

  • wickedmish

    I bet thats scientology “milk” in that coffee cup, the same crap they feed the spawn.It’s probably mind control juice…

  • aj

    surprise surprise she outshine Maggie in TDK.

  • Kelly

    She has no fashion sense.
    That is plain ugly.

    She took the ugliest- dorkiest look from the 80s and added a boring- dorky top.

    She looks like a 70 years old woman who has no money and is outdated.

    Maggie was miscast at Batman but Katie was too tall and showed no acting ability- so they both were the weakest link in the cast.

  • zoe

    dont like the pants but at least katie is smiling! she looks pretty. she shouldve done batman…that wouldve upgraded her status. and i agree with kelly that maggie and katie both have faults. i prefer katie overall though.

  • a

    Ha ha-I used to wear my pants like that when I was 9!! LOL So 90′s!!

  • dee

    Adorable and I love her shoes…..

  • Anon

    miss her,Tom and Suri!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How the hell can you miss her. She won’t go away!

    She looks like a robot and those pegged jeans are ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that she can’t act to save her pathetic little life.

    I hope this lawsuit against Crazy Cruise and Scientology finally brings the whole thing to a halt and both Cruise and his robobride go far away.

  • Linda

    I don’t how you can keep posting about that lawsuit? “Ludicrous” springs to mind. And you know the fact that aren’t covering the story shows it’s crap.

  • The incredible edward!

    Seriously the outfit is dreadful!

    And surprise, surprise

    she was NOT in costume! LMAO!

  • :]

    katie really has a lovely face

  • agi

    get your hair longer ,please katie

  • anon


    Don’t support those who support the CULT.
    The FBI and the SEC are now actively investigating the cult.
    Even Katie won’t come out of this unscathed.
    Pleading ignorance is not an excuse any more.


  • anon


  • anon bite me


    Please go away and die. Thank you. WE don’t need you telling us what to boycott or support. See, with your posts, you actually make me want to become a scientologist, so please stop :)

  • tiff

    I bet that she thinks she’s such a fashion icon, and that everyone is gonna start wearing this. Dumbass.

  • tiff

    to #34

    She has no fashion sense.
    That is plain ugly.

    She took the ugliest- dorkiest look from the 80s and added a boring- dorky top.

    She looks like a 70 years old woman who has no money and is outdated.

    Maggie was miscast at Batman but Katie was too tall and showed no acting ability- so they both were the weakest link in the cast.
    You’ve got the words out of my mouth right there!

  • Sososonia

    This Peter Letterese better consider the Witness Protection Program, otherwise he’ll be found in a ditch somewhere with a Colombian Necktie.
    But the best part is that he cites RICO against the CO$!
    What a brilliant move!
    Tom Cruise is a glib!

  • American

    About time someone gives the cult a dose of their own medicine.
    Hubbard’s writings encourage Scientologists to pursue litigation purely for harassment without regard to the merits of a claim to cause enemies to fold. Hubbard’s writings state:
    “The purpose of the suit is to harass and
    discourage rather than to win…The law can be used very easily to harass, and…will generally be sufficient to cause [the enemy's] professional decease. If possible, of course ruin him utterly.” Hubbard, “Magazine articles on Level O Checksheet” American Saint Hill Organization 1968.

  • American

    Hello to all the SEa Org child labors:

    Do you know the ex-Scientology Executive Robert Vaughn Young in a 1993 Issue of Quill Magazine Scientology from the Inside Out,

    “I trained Scientology Public Relations [staff] …. how to [ make scientology] appear to be a religion.”

    Who’s overseeing your stupid “praise Katie” operation now?


    can someone please tell me where those jeans are from!
    and her purse! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Sososonia

    Smile, Katie – your master, aka husband is getting sued!
    Oh, I just hope so much that this lawsuit will finally make the beast bleed.