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Daniel Craig Rides The Pineapple Express

Daniel Craig Rides The Pineapple Express

007 actor Daniel Craig (in Tom Ford) and longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell heat up the red carpet at the premiere of Columbia Pictures’ Pineapple Express on Thursday at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif.

The 40-year-old British actor returns as Bond in the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace, which opens in Britain on Halloween. Alicia Keys and Jack White from The White Stripes will record the theme song, titled “Another Way to Die”. The song will be the first duet in Bond soundtrack history.

10+ pictures inside of Pineapple Express-riding Daniel Craig

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daniel craig pineapple express 01
daniel craig pineapple express 02
daniel craig pineapple express 03
daniel craig pineapple express 04
daniel craig pineapple express 05
daniel craig pineapple express 06
daniel craig pineapple express 07
daniel craig pineapple express 08
daniel craig pineapple express 09
daniel craig pineapple express 10

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • 1st one

    WOOT! first one. first post EVER.

    Daniel’s lookin SMOKIN’ HOT and at his age, WOWZA!

  • irrashai


  • irrashai

    He should have shaved. Some grey hair are visible.

  • tigerlily

    Gorgeous… absolutely gorgeous!!

  • clive

    Looks tooooooo old

  • william

    OMG, he looks so handsome. Just saw his profile on m’illionaire d’ating s’ite “”"”"M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m”"” ” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site. Is he single now? Just curious!

  • nikomilinko
  • nikomilinko
  • nikomilinko
  • jo

    suit doesn’t work, its the fit makes his legs look short, his gf got huge feet but really small tits

  • Daniel craig lover

    He is pure sex, sex and more sex.

  • cartier owner

    Ive noticed tht his left hand and her left hand are hidden…are they wearing wedding rings you think?

  • icecream

    He looks hot!!! She looks nice, very slim isnt she? They arent tanned so it looks as if they havent been anywhere really hot…

  • lollypop

    yes I think so that is hidding is left hand, and in the pictures we cant see her left hand too…..
    And I think so that she is pregnant…… I see a little belly under her white dress….
    And for the first time I have to say that she is wearing a nice fashion dress.

  • Lou Lover

    Not much of a honeymoon is you ask me…if that is what they’re on, why has he surfaced for this premiere? Where’s the connection? and I guess JJ hasnt a ban on her, I suppose they CAN print pics of her. Thought so. He looks supercool with the shades although he looks worn out. The gf looks nice, not a lot of makeup on her which I like on girls. Her dress is very clingy isnt it? I see im not the only person whose noticed that his left hand is stuffed in his pocket…although Im sure if he was wearing wedding ring someone would have noticed. I wonder who made his suit???Looks a little big for him.

  • icecream
  • lollypop

    You are right Lou Lover, if they have wedding rings I think that someone have noticed, specially when he take the hand of his pocket for giving autographs….
    Not a lot of makeup on her, but the hair looks always the same, I personally dont like, but she looks nice!
    And him, he seems old and tired….. :/

  • Lou Lover

    No I dnt think she preggers, I mean..that dress is so tight. she probably just ate a bagel or something. Ill guess we’ll see soon enough. As for him, well, the glasses are there for a reason, he looks like he’s been partying or or the other…lol

  • tigerlily

    Oh come on he doesn’t look old, as for tired maybe still feeling the effects of filming Bond. Must have pushed him both physically and mentally.

  • Lou Lover

    Hey Tlilly…maybe he’s just tired from travelling or whatever according to pple thy were in Portland with her family/his family/wedding. maybe he’s had too much cake/ale and how’s your father.. (wink)
    wasnt she a little curvier a few years ago? anyway, id be proud to have her as my gf.

  • tigerlily

    I tell you what Lou Lover i wish i was tired from having too much how’s your father with Daniel!!! LOL!!! Satsuki looks beautiful, very natural. They make a beautiful looking couple.

  • TO 20 and 21

    You both clearly know Daniel and Satsuki…..

    Does anyone know if Babs was at the wedding?

  • Gossip girl

    yes, they seem ok in this premiere!
    They are balanced in terms of clothes and appearance, she seems like this time she dress something fashionable comparing to what he always dress!
    Because come on he is considered one the most best dressed celebrities in the world and she has to be ok next to him, not like that time when she dress that horrible dress in premiere of Golden Compass!

  • Lou Lover

    i#22 dnt know him at all..srry to disappoint. I admire him as an actor and like looking a pics of him and obviously have nothing better to do than post here. :)

  • Gossip girl

    what wedding? they got married or not? really I just dont understand anything……..

  • Lou Lover

    maybe babs was the flower girl? …yes, what wedding?

  • Gossip girl

    we dont know if they got married, we just see a left hand hide in a pocket!…..

  • tigerlily

    I #21 don’t know him either sorry to disappoint as well. I think he is one of the most talented actors to come out of England in a long time. I also think he’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  • jules

    Daniel Craig…great actor…Can’t wait to see the new Bond…
    And to all the people posting links to your websites just to promote them, GET A LIFE!! no one cares…

  • athena

    Y’know….they do look a bit tired. I must say Satsuki looks pretty and in white…how bold…she has a little tummy and I bet she’s at least three months pregnant. Women tend to look tired in the earlier months and more energized in the later months. I can’t wait to see the new Bond movie…I really like him as Bond…he brings a freshness to the role as well as aloofness that Bond has. Can’t wait to see the movie…I wonder when an announcement will be said of his marriage and baby on the way…oh, to fantasize…but then again….viewers aren’t fooled by anymeans. These pics speak for themselves.

  • Lou Lover

    i agree #29…
    tlilly..I though you WERE Satsuki? no? lol.
    i agree she looks better natural like that, woman dont need all that slap on their faces and the red lipstick, not nice. she’s that naturally thin you think? No offence to her.

  • ice cream

    to #30

    dont hold ur breath for any announcement, personally I dont think she is pregnant, that dress is tight. if they did marry then did they marry for the baby sake then? How traditional.

  • ice cream

    taken barely three weeks ago..she has a tiny tummy there.

  • Gossip girl

    well im not the only one thinking that she seems pregnant!
    But I think that if they got married and he is hiding is wedding ring, why she brings such a tight dress who let seems her belly and dont hide her belly too??? You understand what I wonna say?? Dont make any sense….. They confused me….. lol

  • Gossip girl

    Ice cream can you please tell me where do you see that picture? I never see that before. thanks

  • ice cream

    he’s not i saw some pics of him signing autographs in the Getty link sight, no ring. I doubt he would wear it in public anyways, bit obvious. maybe she is wearing a ring next to her diamond? cant see though.
    i wonder if they love all this speculation?

  • ice cream

    to #35..

    here all pics, that pic was of them arriving at LAX on July 9th/10th.

  • Gossip girl

    I dont see anything in the getty pictures too…… they are hiding very well, wich I think its stupid, why doing such a secret, a mistery of that???
    Maybe they are liking of that speculation ice cream….

  • alan

    Ooo, look at the girlfriend. Certainly not much to look at with really tiny tits. cheap

  • ice cream

    some reporter would have noticed a ring on his finger, there were many cameras about. i dont think he would wear one anyway,,why should he if he is? why keep it quiet then wear a ring?
    maybe he had a cut on his hand or just wanted to look cool with it in his pocket? he should have taken his glasses off, we cant see his blue eyes…tease.

  • Gossip girl

    thank you ice cream :) im seing the pictures, he looks great in the pictures on the aeroport!

  • ice cream

    your welcome gossip. he does look very smart, he’s a great dresser isnt he?

  • Gossip girl

    Thank you ice cream :) im seing the pictures of him in the aeroport and he looks great with that clothes!

  • Gossip girl

    sorry for answer twice, my internet was not very ok….
    Yes, I think so he should take the sunglasses for seing his amazing eyes!!!
    Maybe was just for being cool with the hand on his pocket, he is very hansome and stylish and he probably think that position was sexy ;)

  • PR person

    he wasnt wearing ring. there. happy?

  • Gossip girl

    Well I just think if he was wearing a wedding ring that he shouldnt hide from everyone! Why making such a secret of a wedding?? Isn’t normal that two persons who like each other wedd someday if was the thing that they want to do??

  • ice cream

    to #46 they seem like private people so i gather, so they want to keep it quiet. if i was her though i would want to wear a wedding ring. the important people know i’m sure, their family and close friends. thats all that matters. i prefere that to celebrities splashing their lives all over.

  • will

    The woman/gf is so superunattractive. The hair and huge mouth look like crap as per usual. Everytime I see her I think is this the best he can do.?? The feet look like snowskis.Actually, her face reminds me of a big mouth bass.

  • Monica

    I think he’s craggy.

  • minime

    Wow what happened to him? He aged 10 years super fast. I thought he was hot when he made his arrival a couple of years ago. For a man, now he looks spent not sexy. Sad.