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Daniel Craig is Saks Sexy

Daniel Craig is Saks Sexy

Bond actor Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell fish around their wallets to pay the valet after a shopping at Saks Fifth Avene in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday afternoon.

Later in the day, Craig, 40, and Mitchell, attended the L.A. premiere of Paramount Pictures’ Pineapple Express.

Actress Michelle Yeoh, who co-starred with Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies, recently expressed her love for Daniel Craig. She said, “I love, love, love Craig. I’m the biggest fan of the Bond series and they’ve taken it to a new level with Daniel. It’s more gritty, more down and dirty.”

10+ pictures inside of Saks sexy Daniel Craig

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daniel craig saks fith avenue 01
daniel craig saks fith avenue 02
daniel craig saks fith avenue 03
daniel craig saks fith avenue 04
daniel craig saks fith avenue 05
daniel craig saks fith avenue 06
daniel craig saks fith avenue 07
daniel craig saks fith avenue 08
daniel craig saks fith avenue 09
daniel craig saks fith avenue 10

Credit: RR; Photos: JFXOnline
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  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool


    I love Daniel!! He is so f***ing sexy!!!! Can’t wait for Quantum of Solace!

  • Katya

    I love her!!

  • Kelly

    Daniel is sexy :)

  • youwillmissme

    She’s lucky!

  • BElla

    Really didn’t care for the bond films before him :)
    He is HOT!!!!

  • Helena

    There’s something about him that is SOOO SEXY!

  • Gina

    Totally love him and how he looks here.

  • nikomilinko
  • so?

    Some of you in here were complaining about Christian Bale’s wife being plain and boring…

    What about THAT plain thing! She so not interesting.

  • flamin’ hot

    daniel craig likes the attention he doesn’t look like he minds being papped from these pics – that girl has bad spotty wrinkly skin

  • hot

    I love this man. Thank you Jared!!!

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    #9, I have no problem with Satsuki being plain and normal looking. It gives me hope that one day Daniel may love me too. LOL!! I honestly don’t know why so many people see the need to insult the women that these gorgeous guys are with. When people do that, it seems to be like they hating because they are jealous.

  • gaga

    I think Satsuki is fabulous and people say Daniel is crazy about her.

  • library lady

    Daniel looks so hot in his t shirt and jeans and looks very happy and relaxed. I quess he has given up shaving for awhile like people do on holidays. Have a nice holiday honey.

  • Please Help!

    please help me and my mom!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ……`holy hōmo` headline.

  • JK

    she has no job that money is his

  • Vogue
  • Vogue

    he is an amazing bond

  • http://zIMBIO ROS

    So pleased to see Daniel and Satsuki having a great holiday together after all his hard work on Q of S, which I can’t wait to see.. Hope they do get married soon! Wow can you imagine him as Hadrian!!

  • real world

    Glad to see daniel craig visiting here.He sure looks good and sexy. his girlfriend should be happy to get to go home with him every night .can’t wait to see his new movie in novermber.

  • Halli

    He was the perfect choice for Bond. I can;t believe people doubted him as the new Bound. Casino Royale was the best Bond in years.

  • squeezy feelpants

    “There’s something about him that is SOOO SEXY!”

    (his wallet)

  • ice cream

    Is that a ring hanging from his left bracelet?? She looks nice and natural, not covered in make up. I like her. He looks hot!!!!

  • csxyz

    Is that an engagement ring I see?

  • ice cream

    yes it is, she has been wearing it for some time since early 2007..she had it at the oscars. they never confirmed it though, none of our beeswax.

  • lou Lover

    Come on Craig, you didnt have enough cash for the valet? I see lots of credit cards in there Ms Mitchell.:)

  • alina

    she looks like a classy woman, class always trumps sleaze.

  • zoe

    didnt like her before but now i think she’s actually good with him. she looks nice here- casual yet classy. cant wait for the next bond film.

  • onmyown

    uhmmmmmmmmm yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Bond ever !!!!!!!

    Good afternoon – drove from Paris enroute to Marseille. It’s a little bit after 2:00 PM.

  • coyote

    she seems nice now, maybe because shes pregnant……….
    but really I dont see what he sees in her, I mean she looks not such a interesting person, and im not talking phisically…. i think shes boring, possessive with him and want to controle him….. Because of that I only think that she put a spell on him, really, its the only explanation!…….or his to desperate for someone………..

  • jenny

    she could be pregnant, but I have the same phisically structure than her, im very slim liker her and when I was pregnant my breasts grow up in the very first weeks…….. so maybe she could not be pregnant or she has really small breasts even for a pregnant woman…………

  • willow

    I wonder what she bought???Just nosey..

  • to JK

    first of all, how do you know that satsuki has no job? do you know that for sure!. Second of all, who cares if it’s his money. she’s probably his wife now. my husband gives me money as well, and yes i do work outside the home.

  • ice cream

    i read somwhere on one of these threads, that she is his assistant organizing his diary and takes care of stuff like that…?so im sure she gets paid a salary, keep it business like. must be tough doing that.

  • TO 33

    I think she purchased the white dress she wore on the red carpet later that day.

  • willow

    wow, that makes me like her even more. she sounds as if she is really laid back about these premieres, there was i thinking that pple spent all day getting ready. he must have some input into what she wears, thats cute, he goes dress shopping with her.

  • coyote

    im shore she works very ok for him………in bed………..
    oh please!!! open your eyes, she doesnt have any job because she follows him for every place he goes!

  • to coyote

    yes satsuki is daniel’s girlfriend and she lives with him. yes she goes everywhere he goes. but if she also functions as his personal assistant; taking care of his appointment schedule etc then there is a real good chance that she’s on the payroll. along with his agent and the publicity people he works with. satsuki would not be the first girlfriend who works for her partner’s firm. think about it!!!

  • to #34

    of course work inside and outside the home by the way hows your huspimpband

  • victoria

    41st!!!! She looks terrible is those pictures. Her complexion is rough and pale, and the hair is dirty. Normally Satsuki is prettier than this, so maybe we all can have a rough day. Daniel is so cute, but do not like the extra facial hair he has been seen in. Unless it is for a movie, of course, it needs to be shaved off.

  • bleck

    She must suck a mean wood, otherwise WTF does he see in her?

  • to 40

    a “huspimpband”?? oh please grow up and act like an adult; assuming you are one. now let’s see if you can understand this concept; i’ll make it so simple a 10 year old can follow it. we pool our money. now sometimes if i need some money because i don’t have enough on me my husband will give me some. the same holds true for my husband. if he doesn’t have enough money on him i give him some.

  • kebo

    I think I become more and more strange now for some people! I fall
    in love with a woman who is 16 younger than me !! some people
    think it is very ~~~ but I think it is a new kind of love !! I love him !
    and he love me!! and the most for othes is we meet on
    agelessmatch.C O M !! do you believe on line dating!! good I think !!

  • Lola

    Once he wraps up the movie,they are getting married.He popt the question in December and will get married before the end of this year.
    She is the perfect woman for him and i like that she is not just another Trophy wife.She is beautiful,smart and talented and they compliment each other in a very good way.
    To both of them,i only wish them the best.

  • op

    She seems really plain to me and very flat chested. What talent?? She seemed utterly stupid in the various vid clips I’ve seen. Look at her taste in clothes. on the red carpet, and her hair is even worse

  • http://JustJared Ros

    Why can’t people keep their insulting comments to themselves!! Satsuki and Daniel make a great pair, and they obviously care deeply for eachother. She is a great support for him. Having been a producer she definitly has got brains. I wish them all the best for a happy future together.

  • cartier owner

    to lola,

    btw the movie has been wrapped since end of june…that ring was on her finger since 2006, surely he popped the question then?
    reports said he popped the question on set of qos, so you see, conflicting stories. media also said a spring wedding, but he was filming then.

  • confused male here

    Didnt he propose in Italy last year when he was filming the Siena race? If I put a huge bit of ice on my lady’s finger I would propose. CAN a man do that and not propose?
    Question for the ladies I guess.

  • TO 49

    It depends…….

    If it was a romantic proposal he was looking forward to doing or was she asking for the ring? Also things could have changed since he gave her the ring……it either got better, worse or maybe its just comfortable…..but there is no heat between this couple not like his ex….they were totally into each other.