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Gerard Butler is Headset Happy

Gerard Butler is Headset Happy

Wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, 300 star Gerard Butler sticks his hands-free headset into his mouth while chatting on his Blackberry around New York City’s West Village on Friday afternoon.

Mmm, t-t-t-t-tasty!

The 38-year-old Scottish stud sported a leather messenger bag while shopping for shirts and chatting on his cell phone. Gerard was later seen disappearing into a subway station.

10+ pictures inside of headset happy Gerard Butler

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gerard butler headset cell phone 01
gerard butler headset cell phone 02
gerard butler headset cell phone 03
gerard butler headset cell phone 04
gerard butler headset cell phone 05
gerard butler headset cell phone 06
gerard butler headset cell phone 07
gerard butler headset cell phone 08
gerard butler headset cell phone 09
gerard butler headset cell phone 10
gerard butler headset cell phone 11
gerard butler headset cell phone 12

Credit: Tom Meinelt-Ahmad Elatab; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mike


  • Nani


  • Rita

    omg he’s the sexiest thing on earth since brad pitt!!!

  • Nora

    I would give up a month’s pay to do him.

  • G Spot

    He’ s not 40 yet! LOL He’s only 38; will be 39 on November 13. Give the the man the year he has left! LOL

    He looks beautiful, as always. Thanks!

  • alina

    he’s only 38???????????? he looks a tired oldster.

  • Seriously

    He’s so hott!!!

  • a

    He is so hot…I would give a year’s worth of wages!!

  • shamrocks

    He’s the hottest man on earth!I would give up a kidney to get him!

  • APGirl

    He looks amazing as always.

  • f.


  • madonna


  • Rachel

    Meaty lol i would give up my freedom to live in his bed…forever!!

  • CeCe

    His messenger bags are looking more and more like purses. What man who isn’t a mesenger has to carry a messenger bag everywhere he goes? He has more messenger bags than many women have purses. He can’t be carrying scripts with him everywhere. So come on Gerry, stop emulating the Queen of England. Ditch the purse.

    Then again it did say he was in The West Village…

  • anon

    There are more photos of him on WENN from the same time. How come this site doesn’t show all the photos – those show him with his girlfriend?

  • noyoudidnt

    Anon, how do you know that’s his girlfriend? Maybe it’s his sister. LOL

    He should stay out of the sun. Dude used to be good looking but he looks really old now.

  • rach
  • ruth

    Gerard is tanned from his recent holiday in Israel where he was photographed several times on the beach with friends + touring the country. Apparently he enjoyed himself so much that he extended his holiday by a few days. It’s nice to see such a gorgeous man who is brainy as well (he is a qualified lawyer).

  • marie

    gorgeous as always

  • noyoudidnt

    He got fired before he qualified as a lawyer because he was a drunk. Besides, being a lawyer doesn’t mean he’s brainy.

    I don’t care where he went on holiday or if he enjoyed himself. No matter where he got the tan, he’s looking like an old banana peel and shouldn’t risk skin cancer. I assume Israel has sunscreen available.

  • noyoudidnt

    I don’t care where he got his tan or if he enjoyed himself. He’s looking like an old banana peel and shouldn’t risk skin cancer. Surely Israel has sunscreen available. If he’s so brainy he would be using it.

    He never qualified as a lawyer. He was fired BEFORE he qualified because he was a drunk who didn’t show up for work.

  • Juju juicy

    Who cares if he uses sunscreen or not, maybe he just doesn’t care about how his skin looks.

    I wanna know who that girl is in the WENN photos! They really don’t look like they are together IMO.

  • Holly

    He is so sexy….love love love this man!!! Thank you for the pictures. The girl if anything is a fling. He is my boyfriend!

  • Biz gal

    That girl is Jasmine Burgess…they ‘date’. I have a friend in the business and Gerry and Jasmine see each other and are really good friend, nothing serious. From what I hear, she wants it to be, but he is just happy seeing her occasionally.

    Gerry is a great guy. Yes, he is a gorgeous man, but he is also a cool person.

  • Biz gal

    Oh by the way, Jasmine is a model and stand in. She actually stood in for Rosario Dawson in a few movies and that is how she and Gerry met.

  • Jolie

    Gerard is so hot!!! The girl standing next to him has big feet.

  • nikomilinko
  • anna

    Yummy! Thanks for the pics.

  • Anon

    You can tell she is having lots of great sex bcz her boobs are bigger! LOL!

  • Anon

    You have Gerry’s age wrong!!! He is still 38 and will be 39 in November!!!!

  • Good grief

    3 things.

    1) He’s looking really good in these photos. Better than the comic con photos. YIKES! Maybe it’s the photo from a distance thing.
    2) Why take a picture of his dirty shoe? Yes, JJ. Even Celebs can walk around in dirty sneakers.
    3) She’s beautiful. Love to see him with the sista’s. I can understand why JJ didn’t publish their photo. They would have had to send men with straight jackets to the homes of some of his crazy fangirls. ;-)

  • me

    He is HOT! I love seeing him out and about. I am also happy to see him with a girl! I was starting to wonder about him.

  • Roby


  • noyoudidnt

    A stand-in? As in body double or stunt double?

  • Saywhat?

    Gerry’s looks are wholesome, but there is something about him that is off kilter and I can’t put my finger on it.

    Also, the fact that he falls for Indian Gurus like the Oneness University makes him seem more cheezy….like Madonna and Kabbalah.

    I bet the Scientologists will go after him.

    I don’t think he is straight anymore, I used to, but I am starting to believe he is gay.

  • Suse

    thank you Jared……enjoyed looking at the pix.
    Gerry seems to be getting more gorgeous!

  • Jackdaw

    #18, Gerard is not a qualified lawyer. He quit before he qualified butrhe has a law degree from Glasgow University, one of the most prestigious uni’s in UK.

  • weetiger

    Hottest man on the face of this or any planet. (I’d give up a limb for a genuine smile in my direction, let alone anything else.) Anyone who thinks he’s not getting it every chance he gets is delusional. If you looked like that, wouldn’t you? He’s single, successful and gorgeous. I’m sure the girl in the other pics is a wonderful person. I’m also sure he has lots of friends who happen to be female (with or without benefits.)

  • sarahj

    Is he still single? Love him!

  • Cindy

    They are friends with benefits. She also dates Chace Kervins a fellow model. So GB and this chick both get it around. Oh Yeah!

    Gerry, you are hella hot!

  • noyb

    he looks hot in a rough sort of way. judging from the comments above, everyone is playing fast and loose with the word “date”, huh? LOL

  • scottdavis0676

    I’m not hating, but am I looking at the same photos as everybody else?I don’t think this guy is “gorgeous ” by any stretch of the imagination. If I had to pattern my looks after somebody, I’d much rather look like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Huge Jackson, etc. This guy isn’t remotely chisled with his bulbous face. He looks a bit fleshy for my taste. Wearing shirts that are obviously too small makes ANYBODY look more muscular than they really are. However, he does seem like a nice person who doesn’t take himself too seriously! I don’t mean to sound snarky, but when I hear people talk about this guy’s appearance, then see photos of him, i can’t help but chuckle to myself.

  • Shygirl

    Nice pic of GB and Jasmine but the look on his face is priceless! LOL!!!!

    Question to GB,
    Why is hiding a girl “friend” or a “date” a big secret? You should be happy to have that in your life and feel comfortable to show it to the world.

    Looking vera nice Mr. Butler and NYC suits you. :)

  • Lonewolf

    Hey Biz-Where can I see GB abd Jasmine on WENN? He looks so hot with short hair. Not to long-not to short and definitely tight T-shirts…..

  • LADY

    He’s gorgeous :) And you please correct his age Jared! He’s only 38!!

  • layla

    Two words, Gerry.

    Blue Tooth

  • Aggie

    Thanks for the pics JustJared. FYI: His age is 38.

  • captainjaneway

    He’s 38 not 40. Do people just round up when you get this old?

  • clark kent

    He’s hiding girlfriends because there are none to display – because he’s gay. If he were indeed a player and having casual sexual flings over all these years, there would surely be info/details leaked about it on a blog or two, perhaps even a claim of paternity but there is none – because he’s gay. He can’t even conjure chemistry with a woman in a film – because he’s gay. He’s not affectionate with the few women that he’s seen with because they’re ‘beards’ aka false fronts hired to deflect the truth – because he’s gay. He doens’t talk about his personal life – because he’s gay. He frequents neighborhoods such as Chelsea and West Hollywood – because he’s gay.
    The man is gay. Plain and simple. Sure he’s sexy and handsome but he’s not into women. Never has been and never will be.

  • Grace

    Kiss me Gerard!

    Hey Clark Kent, if Gerard had flings with gay guys then surely there would be info or details about it, right?