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Jennifer Aniston is a Beverly Hills Babe

Jennifer Aniston is a Beverly Hills Babe

Jennifer Aniston slips into a strappy pair of wedges while visiting a friend in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon.

Yesterday, Aniston‘s musician boyfriend, John Mayer sat before the official at Los Angeles City Hall to ask for control measures to protect himself and other celebrities from paparazzi. He posted the entire speech he gave on his blog!

Here’s how it started off: “I am one of the most media-friendly celebrities around, and my being here this morning is not in contrast with that; rather, it’s in keeping with it. There is no doubt that the new frontier of entertainment is taking place informally on the street. Sound bites that used to be given on red carpets and in arranged interviews now take place beside a restaurant’s valet stand, and there’s no changing that. I don’t want to beg the city of Los Angeles to give me 1987 back. I love being a famous musician in 2008. I embrace technology, but I also believe in thoughtfully adapting it to fit within a societal framework. And in the specific areas of both tracking and close-quarter engagement by the paparazzi, there are changes that must be made.”

To read the full speech, check out

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  • f.

    Apparently these Hollywood chicks just don’t believe in bras.

  • mike

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • LuckyL

    LMAO, worse than EVER. Chasing a womanizer’s coattails is pretty exhausting for any woman heading into their 40s.

  • Halli

    Why is she still famous?

  • iamawesome

    He’s like 14, right? I mean, that would warrant his blog’s posts that touch upon such deep and prolific thoughts. Dude. It is JUST a blog.

  • Seriously

    I wish this woman would just go away.

    Leave Mayer alone, Jen! You’re effing up his musical mojo!!!


    Look out, the Nipple Queen is on the loose! Does that woman EVER cover those nipples? (Is that in fact the secret to her ‘suck-cess’?)

    DivaGuru – Where busy chicks come to dish…

  • null

    Nice nips! And shoes.

  • layla

    She looks great!!..

  • turning 40 in 5mths

    means it is time to show them nipples.

    a woman turning 40 in 5 months DOES NOT NEED TO WEAR A BRA.

    Classy(slutty woman)

  • disgust

    Good grief Jennifer, people are tired of you showing your nipples. It is just tacky.

  • Best of hollyweird

    Dude, seriously. Go to college and learn how to speak english before doing this. “thoughtfully adapting it to fit within a societal framework.” Are you intentionally trying to sound like a redundant , pompous idiot, or is it really who you are. How about just “adapting it to fit in an acceptable framework.”

    Jen honey, you could do sooooo much better.

  • Kari

    She is looking more and more her age (40) every new picture of her I see… Perhaps chasing John Mayer is really wiping her out.

    Also, she has nooooooooooooo style. She looks OK in her perfectly fitting jeans but that gets old after a while. Outside of that she has no unique look. Perhaps this is a reflection of the fact that she has no unique personality ???

    Obviously I am not a fan.

  • coza

    I think she looks great for her age !
    Way to go Jen.

  • coza

    I think she looks great for her age !
    Way to go Jen.

  • James

    dayum, she is a smoking hot woman!

    Mayer, do you know how lucky you are? She puts most 20 year olds to shame.

  • Jamie

    What kind of outfit does she have on?

  • Besane

    After all these articles about her nipples sticking out, with Mayer who self-proclaims to read blogs, there is NO WAY Aniston isn’t aware of her nipples being pictured and talked about. She WANTS to show her nipples; she WANTS them photographed. How ‘classy’ is that. But hey, in the eve of the unbeatable mighty Jolie-Pitt twin’s debut, her perky ‘twins’ are waging the last futile war. Let’s all be merciful and give them the applauds. LOL!

  • Trace

    Yes, she does look good for her age. But, what does she have against bras? She’s getting up there in age, and gravity will catch up to her. Like someone else posted, it’s tacky and embarrassing.

    John Mayer tries so hard to be this brilliant intellectual, but if you take the time to listen or read his rants, they are usually long-winded, incoherent, and pointless. He would never pass a high school English exam.

  • lol @ 08/01/2008 at 9:15 pm

    Noone wants to look @ ur webpage. Stop Pimping youself & ur site AS$HOLE

  • D9

    Don’t like the outfit this time, but seriously— no one would guess she is nearly 40. Only because it’s public record can you rag on her for her age. Whatever.. she looks amazing and fit.

  • Jen

    She used to be really pretty. She is starting to look rough in the face.

  • Von

    I think touring with Mayer has taken its toll. Jen is usually flawless and she does look beat.

  • http:/Gpost Team lara croft

    ooh. not good. another nose pinch coming up?

  • ghost

    Trace. Great post !

  • ghost

    My two sisters are thirteen. One hates Jen,while the other-one loves her. The one that loves her wears the same outfits,cuts her hair the same. Great !! The problem I have is that she starts to live the the same bed-hopping,lying,immoral lifestyle that Jennifer does. Not Great !

  • ghost

    To Jennifer. You can only sleep your way to the top for so long. You are almost 40. Maybe it’s time to grow-up.

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    ghost @ 08/01/2008 at 11:16 pm

    Probably she is learning bed hopping close to home. Have you checked on your mom?? Does she snick out when u guys pass out ?

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    oops Sneak!

  • ghost

    My mom and dad were killed by a drunk driver . I am taking care of them myself. This is why Jen’s lifestyle freeks me out. As you know I have never said she looks bad,or that she has a bad body. To me,and this is just my opinion. She’s cute. I just don’t like her influence on young people.

  • Twins! Twins! Everywhere Twins

    Whoooo Wheeeee! Not to be left out of the Twins craze sweeping Hollywood, JenNIPPer NIPPLEston brings out her twins!

    You go girl!

  • jojo

    Her outfit looks a bit Carrie Bradshaw-ish. Looks great on Carrie, but not a good look on Jen.

  • aggie

    I knew it!!! I told my sister today when I heard about the baby pics ..that we will see a pic very soon of Aniston’s nipples. LOL I won so she has to wash my car tomorrow.

    Thanks Nip, I mean Jen.

  • Sara

    Umm, Angelina Jolie is the one who steals husbands: Billy Bob Thorton and BRad Pitt were both married when she befriended them. What a filthy hooker druggie.

  • lia

    What does she do, put all her tops in the freezer before putting them on? No ones nips are hard all the time. She is pathetic,

  • Sara

    hahah @ ghost- you are aware that angelina jolie used to sniff cocaine, drink etc. right? and that she had to sleep with two married men to change into what she’s become- a baby popping sicko.

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    ghost @ 08/01/2008 at 11:40 pm

    People can’t change people…and everyone is free to live their life the way they want.. if people copy them its their immaturity. Sorry to hear about your parents though.

  • kidi

    Does Aniston do anything but tan, show her nips and make lousy movies?

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    Sara @ 08/02/2008 at 12:12 am

    Sara Great! You really know my cun’talina!

  • ghost

    Jenny. Thank you . You miss my point . Sara said she had to sleep with two married men to change into what she’s become-a baby popping sicko. OK. That’s great. Anyone is free to live their life the way they want. Yes,Yes,Yes. If you tell me that Jen is the best actress in the world then i will agree with you, she is rich, I will never have that kind of money, But 13-year old girls are not free to live their life freely the way you have stated. They need direction,an education,love,and a moral upbringing.

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    ghost @ 08/02/2008 at 12:29 am

    Agree with your point.. But Jennifer is not responsible for ur sisters or anybody else’s daughter… IF anybody needs to give them direction,an education,love,and a moral upbringing.. the onus is on YOU!

  • Solid

    What a pants! What a piece of sh*t! Eww! And her face even in sunglaces, still ugly.

  • ghost

    Yes … Thats why I am on this blog. Jen is accountable when she has so much influence with the public. If this wasn’t true then she wouldn’t have a hair-cut named after herself. The Rachel.

  • lia

    insulting, twisting the truth and spreading lies about Angelina Jolie will not make this woman beautiful, intelligent, unselfish, talented, or interesting.

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    ghost @ 08/02/2008 at 12:53 am

    Probably if you spend more time with them instead of here, that would help! Nobody is accountable for you your sisters or me or XYZ. There are wars , homicide everyday in world how come all people are not swayed by them.. Do their parents come in the blog and rant?? that sounds RIDICULOUS! … Be accountable for your loved ones…they look up to you .. if they look up to some XYZ and change their behaviour and ignore you , there is seriously something wrong with your parenting. They need a Spanking!

  • Jenny Shimizu!

    lia @ 08/02/2008 at 12:59 am

    Closing eyes about my Cun’talina will not wash all her sins either!

  • annie

    Doesnt she look fat? Her outfit doesnt flatter her. She looks short with those wedges, and capri pants.

    And she is looking old lately! I think her hairstyle is making her look older.

  • madonna


  • Rachel

    She looks miserable. As usual..

  • botoxjen Nippleston

    @ ewww : EWWWWWWW you’re so ugly, lifeless and so utterly empty inside! You’re gross!