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Jennifer Garner: Team Barack Obama!

Jennifer Garner: Team Barack Obama!

Expectant mommy Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck leave a house inspection on their rumored new home in Brentwood, Los Angeles on Thursday.

Ben and Jen will join pal Matt Damon and his wife Luciana at a Generation Obama Fundraiser this Saturday, Aug. 2 in Miami Beach, Florida. General admission is $250/person while the VIP reception is $1,000/person.

Proceeds will benefit the Obama Victory Fund. To buy tickets, visit

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  • Kelly

    Once again- when Jennifer is with Ben she is pretending to be annoyed by the photogs.

    We saw you pimping your kid, Jen, and ALWAYS enjoying the attention and the photo-ops.

    I hate it when she is pretending when Ben is around.

  • zoe

    they look cute together. congrats about the second baby! i bet violet’s excited. jennifer’s also really showing now.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Matt Damon went to Harvard – so no surprise there who he is voting for. Ivy Leaguers tend to vote Barack. My brother went to Yale! Cool! Yeah for them. Yeah Barack!

  • shelby

    I thought luci would be due around this time.. guess not if they are going to that.

  • cora

    you would think they would buy a house with a private drive. I wouldnt want the paps all up in my face every day. weird choice for a home to me.

  • rise&shine

    good-looking couple.

  • lisalisa

    Wow, she literally popped overnight! I love that they still hold hands.

  • dee

    Republican all the way

  • buckeyegurl

    Love them! I’m happy they are having another baby.

  • Adoring Fan

    I love this beautiful couple. They are awesome even if they don’t want to give the paps the photo they crave they would make their fans happy. The are so cute together.

  • remember da truth

    Kelly — Jen hasn’t shown that she wants the paps in her face! When Violet was first born, she was smiling and laughing with her and the joy overflowed to when she was looking at the paps. She never courted them. For over a year now, Jen has consistently wanted the paps away from her and has been annoyed with their overcrowding.

    They are not in their private drive. I saw video of this and they are on the street trying to get to their car. I guess you people just can’t stand that Ben and Jen are in love and are trying to be negative.

    They are a lovely couple and I’m also very glad they are having a second baby.

  • bea

    I am waiting for see their new baby, I hope he or her looks like to Ben in this time.

  • Love them together

    can’t wait to see new pics of them from the event :)

  • nikomilinko
  • Musicgal

    I like them both but i think its weired the anticipation for there upcoming child. They arent the first or last to have a child on the way no offense. Im more a Ben fan actually Jen is alright. But the paps need to back off on them its getting to be a little to much. I check this site everyday for my Entertainment news and they are ALWAYS on it. Come on i think its getting to be a little much on that part. But Ben and Jen need to stop being put on this pedistal that alot of u have created here. They are humans like us they are made just like us they arent God.

  • shallysally

    yeah team ben+jen and barack!

  • cortney

    she was smiling and laughing with her and the joy overflowed to when she was looking at the paps

    Yeah…just once I would like to see that Joy overflow when ben is around.

  • lia


  • lola

    I’m so happy for them and really can’t wait to see the naw baby.
    I wonder if they won’t sell the baby pics just like with Violet or maybe they would this time around and give it to charity…

  • Original jpf

    I love this family. I’m proud of the guy for growing up, standing up, and using his time and money to shine an extra light on some jacked up things going on outside our comfort zone. Jennifer is also helping those in need by putting her energies into helping the kids of Katrina in the area of education.

    p/s………Hallie wears an Obama tee and it’s decided by some that she’s voting for the man because its a black thang. Ben wear’s one and he and it’s because Damon’s an Ivy League alum! Not criticizing you TLC. I’m making the observation how some who have issue/take issue with “some” Obama supporters the other day played the card and so I guess it’ll be the elitist card today due to the Harvard/Yale connect.


  • yellow rose

    Yeah all these rich Hollywood stars supporting Barrack. Absolutely makes me wanna puke. Absolutely every single solitary thing he wants to do has already been tried and FAILED on government dollars in every single solitary country that has tried it, including the United States. And for goodness sake why in the WORLD do we have to have a BIG BROTHER involved in everything to do with our lives and families? Look how well the government did with Medicare, not to mention so much else it has touched! People need to start being responsible for themselves! And all these Hollywood stars need to just shut up and put their money where there mouths and TShirts are! SICK SICK SICK to death of this!

  • Kelly

    They look great! I love they don’t feel the need to put on airs like some celebs. they just go about their daily lives. As much as i enjoy seeing them, I do thing the paps should back off…

    why are all you haters such unhappy people?

  • madonna

    Say no!

  • Janie

    Love this family! They are adorable!

  • molly

    Well it just goes to show that being an IDIOT is contagious. Barack is an empty suit, – WHY DONT WE FILL UP OUR TIRES BETTER TO GET OVER THIS ENERGY CRISIS? WHAT A FLAPPING IDIOT!!!!

  • carly

    These two make me sick to the stomach, I can’t stand celebrities like these two who hang around in malibu just to remain in the public eye. They parade around everyday!, you see them at starbucks, restaurants, parks, and house hunting, just what exactly are they trying to tell the public???….Also who are they to endorse a political candidate?, how much schooling do they have?, do they have a college degree in political science?….they probably only finished high school at the most. So why in the world are they trying to tell the public who to vote for?

  • oh snap!

    obama all the way ben+jen

  • Mr. C’s

    Jennifer Garner is the ugliest chick on tv, i’ve seen pics of her w/out make up and oh man she looks scary, so much like an ugly dude.

  • Layne

    I used to think the Afflecks were different than the rest of hollywood, but now i can see they are worse. Not a day goes by without seeing them flaunting their celebrity lifestyle for the world to see.

  • yellow rose

    You’re absolutely right Molly, he is just an EMPTY SUIT! He’s had to denounce half his supporters already because of his affiliations with them….i.e. the Reverend Wright (puhleeze!), Farakam (oh sure, let’s just all go support this bomber), even Oprah had to back out because of all his ridiculous flip-flopping around and his dangerous afiliations. It really is quite LUDICRUS! (Couldn’t resist…sowwy.)

  • P.

    Everyday I see pictures of the afflecks flaunting their celebrity lifestyle. I used to think they were different than the rest of hollywood, but now i can see they are worse.

  • Afflecuent Idiots

    Somehow I am not surprised these two idiots are team Obama, why shouldn’t they?, I think they are trying to fit in with the rest of hollywood.

  • Original jpf

    # 26 molly @ 08/01/2008 at 10:04 am Well it just goes to show that being an IDIOT is contagious. Barack is an empty suit, – WHY DONT WE FILL UP OUR TIRES BETTER TO GET OVER THIS ENERGY CRISIS? WHAT A FLAPPING IDIOT!!!!


    You aren’t aware that a point can be made in lower case just as loudly as it can be in upper. If you need visuals to scream your opinion maybe you need to form a better/clearer/cognizant argument another will be interested in given thought to instead of looking at it, scratching their head and throwing their hands up and moving on to someone who seems to have something to say worth anothers time. That’s all anti Obama crtic’s seem to do. Scream, rant, rave, accuse without info to back it up and make wild, racists, bigoted accusations about anyone who does support him. I have never encountered such bonifed ugliness and willingness to play every card in the deck “from the bottom to the top.” Nor have I ever encounterd the beyond obvious requirement for Barack Obama to be tested in way’s no other nominee in our history has or will ever be required (unless of course they look like him). Even Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t held and would not have been held to the same fire. I truly believe many would if they could…….giving the choice of W and Obama……..would vote a third, fourth, fifth and sixth term for Bush first and that’s a sad stomach turning reality I am learning about this country, and about some people on a personal level and it’s hurt me to my heart. The very same people who rant and yell about merit, and how it should be the standard by which one succeeds or fails in America, are ironically the same people who discount/shine on/minimize the hard work the candidate did to get were he has gotten. It’s sickning and wrong that Barack Obama has to climb mountains, swim oceans, can’t say this without being accused of that, is maligned for not traveling, maligned for being welcomed by those those places he’s traveled to, fused to negative people even after he’s denounced them while the other candidate gets a pass on their’s. It’s sickning.

    and Yellow Rose………….you talk and provide nada. Make your case with data not yada yada yada.


  • Mimy

    I think the Ben & Jen are both stupid and ugly. The only reason why the papz follow them around is because is darn cheap for them to do so, since they always hang around Brentwood, Malibu and Hollyood. They should keep their political views to themselves, noone likes to hear what a high school droppout has to say



  • Ha!

    When did this thread turn into a political thread? And where are they flaunting their political views in these pictures? JARED mentioned that they are going to a fundraiser which, the last time I checked, is allowed.

    Whoever said “flaunting their celebrity lifestyle for the world to see”,
    you are a flipping moron. If, oh, I don’t know, moving to a new home, wearing the LEAST glamorous clothes and going about their business is “flaunting their celebrity lifestyle” then what the f*ck do you consider Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham to be doing? Try again.

  • just sayin…

    Original jpf. You are clearly delusional. Obama is a media darling and, if anything, all the OTHER candidates have had to “climb mountains, swim oceans” blah, blah, blah. Are you kidding? Even the MEDIA is discussing how much of a pass he gets and how they are putting him up on a pedestal.

    There is a reason that Obama hasn’t traveled. It’s because he’s a freaking first-term congressman. Pretty much everyone else has traveled to Iraq; the only reason he’s doing it now is because it’s expected. Why didn’t he go visit the troops he so desperately wants to pull out at any other time since they were sent over there? He SHOULD be getting flack for not traveling. Strangely, international diplomacy is a rather large part of being the most powerful man in the world. He’s getting a teeny tiny bit of practice at it, what, four months before the election?!?

    The man is a huge, empty bag of gas. Sit and read the transcript of any of his speeches and you will find, while eloquent and articulate, he says absolutely nothing of substance. It scares me to death that so many people have jumped on this man’s bandwagon, simply because it’s the cool thing to do. He has no track record, not enough experience. What exactly is it that he believes in? Change? Could that be any more vague? Give me something concrete about him and what he is actually going to do and maybe I’ll stop being terrified that he might actually get elected to run our entire country and be the most powerful man in the free world.

  • Original jpf

    Just sayin, I don’t respond to people who choose to lead off with “you’re clearly delousional.” If you’ll notice not just in this thread, but in any other one regardless of the subject matter, I don’t disrespect fellow posters under any circumstances. I don’t name call, and I don’t assign mental status based on what I don’t agree with. When/if you decide to come with a different approach then we can talk.


  • Karena

    They’re such a lovely couple. Great pics! I hope they find a great house for their family. :)

  • Chris X

    If there are pictures of them, they are on this site – that is why I come here : to see them. Keep up the good work jared – we love to see these people.
    Also consider the fact that if one of them is with Violet, they are smiling because if little children see a grouchy face, they think it is their fault.

  • mikey

    isn’t it ironic that after all the blogs talk about how they never are together and ben’s super unhappy with her suddenly they are shot holding hands?their pr folks must be really worth their pay. Jen g- fake, doesn’t have an opinion of her own. Ben’s still cool.

  • just sayin…

    Original Jmf – then just ignore the first two sentences – although my opinion on that stands. I’d like to see an Obama supporter actually have something concrete to back up their support of this candidate. So far, I have yet to see it. ANYWHERE. You refusing under the principal that you don’t like that I called you delusional (check your spelling) to address what I said just bolsters that perspective.

    Don’t condescend to other posters as you did in the comment you left that I was responding to if you can’t handle the same treatment.

  • just sayin…

    And before you say it, I am not John McCain supporter either. Registered independent, have NO clue who I’m going to vote for. But I’m sure as h*ll not jumping on the Obama bandwagon because he’s young or cool or black. He needs to show something real soon.

  • Original jpf

    I said something not entirely true. I did refer to someone in the negative where their mental state was concerned, and did so rather strongly not more than 2wks ago, and so on that one I was wrong in saying I don’t address other posters in a manner I criticized Just Sayin about. I won’t try and justify it, but I meant it and it was based on a long online history with that poster, and I have no intentions of taking one word back,

    re: Ha! #37

    These threads turn political if you notice because it’s 100% of the time someone putting down a celeb for showing their support for Barack Obama, and as a supporter of the man, I’m going to give my POV on it. Others may not feel the need, and I don’t always feel the need, but this last month has allowed for some jacked up things to take over and I’m voicing my opposition to them. Don’t start none? won’t be none simple as that. I don’t go bring up McCain, or the lack of him being discussed until someone tosses out his name as being more this, more that up and above. that. I actually voted for McCain in 2000, and considered doing so again during the primaries but made another choice, and then made the final one after much thought and study, and based on a variety of things with not one being ethnicity.


  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    its good to see them together

  • STFU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love them! keep posting their pics they are perfect for each other :)

  • yellow rose

    JPF for your information I am NOT a racist just because I am not an Obama supporter. But I just about guarantee you that is what will be said about everyone that is not a supporter of Obama. As a matter of fact I would love to see Condoleezza Rice as a running mate on the Republican ticket though I don’t think she has ever wanted that office or that of the presidency.

  • Mel

    WOW – so sick of anyone who wears a campaign teeshirt getting ridiculed for one reason or another (it could be either canididate) And so sick of everyone saying that celebs like these are “pimping” themselves and their children, when all they are doing is what you and i do on a regular basis. Go out, go to the store, run errands, take our kids to school, ballet, art class, etc…. since when did doing these things make you a “pimp”? Wow, the entire world must be “pimping” themselves and their children when they go to the store, or work, or school, or anywhere. And on the comments that she is happy when Violet is around so that makes her “pimping” to the paps… um, maybe it is so her child doesnt see a grumpy mommy, you have responsiblity as a parent to keep your child safe and happy – what do you want her to do, cuss them out make angry faces in front of her kid (then she would get slack for that too). “yellow Rose” i would like to see Condoleeza rice run as well!!! think that would be great. i just think that everyone needs to stop with the “pimping” comments when clearly we all go outside – you want them to live in a dungeon??? and so sick of the race card!! really i am!!! cant we all just get along and stop treating EVERY SINGLE incident as a shot against someone!!! it isnt all about race!!! those times have passed, and it is sad that we cant all live in the year and time that we are in now the world has come along way — there are new generations!

  • kathy

    mikey #42- you’re sharp to notice those details; the Afflecks have excellent PR. And all these people on the board talking about how they are a “perfect family” are proof of how great their PR is, given that they have probably never actually met either one or been to their home. They could be much more private if they wanted to be, like Julia Roberts, but they are doing their best to rehab their image. It’s working but not for enough people to buy tickets to see their movies.