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Katie Holmes Gives An "All My Sons" Smile

Katie Holmes Gives An

Katie Holmes pops out of her SUV in a pair of pointed wedges and smiles for paparazzi outside a New York City theater on Friday morning.

The 29-year-old actress is currently in rehearsals and going through run-thoughs for her upcoming Broadway play, All My Sons. In the show, Katie portrays the character of Ann Deever, a woman who visits the family of her former lover, a missing pilot.

If you want to see Katie in action, purchase tickets at

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katie holmes all my sons smile 01
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katie holmes mile high smile 01
katie holmes mile high smile 02
katie holmes mile high smile 03
katie holmes mile high smile 04
katie holmes mile high smile 05
katie holmes mile high smile 06
katie holmes mile high smile 07
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Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lee

    This is tiresome. Let’s see how many consecutive days of boring “here’s Katie going to rehearsal with a cup of coffee” photos we can see.

  • mike

    I actually think she is cute here… :)

  • sarah

    cutie momy , love her so much.


    super cute!
    Thanks for the Katie posts JJ, please keep them coming. She is adorable!

  • :]

    she looks sweet

  • tgif

    Thanks Jared

  • altos

    very lovely lady. hope to see suri soon

  • Yvonne


    G’luck to All My Sons

  • anonymous

    I miss her long hair but she also can pull off the short do.

  • W

    Gotta admit she is cute. I thought Maggie G. wont erase Katie’s Batman Begins performance. I was wrong. She did a better job
    than her.

  • vanessalover


  • Alana

    Oh look! The robobride goes to work AGAIN!

    Are we going to be treated to the same pics everyday now. She’s boring and would it kill her to brush her hair! She looks 50.

  • Julie

    Do we have to watch her every day? What about the real stars of the show tc bought for kh, why don’t you get photos of those amazing
    performers as they come & go to rehearsals.
    No, of course not, because they have CLASS, they wouldn’t even allow it and they don’t NEED the paps.

  • duh

    it is called pr .

  • youwillmissme

    Thanks God, she looks normal here :)

  • McLovin

    I just don’t get why people call her unhappy and sickly when there are tons pf pics like thiss

  • Helena

    Yawn. Well, at least she’s not wearing those fugly 90′s jeans.

  • American

    Echo this!
    Lee @ 08/01/2008 at 11:55 am

    This is tiresome. Let’s see how many consecutive days of boring “here’s Katie going to rehearsal with a cup of coffee” photos we can see.

  • sony


  • athena

    She looks relaxed. I would like to see this play…I think she’ll do well…after all, she’s done plays before. Not on Broadway, but as her step to becoming an actress.

  • Wendy


  • lilly

    Katie will rule Hollywood and some miserable jealous lowlives will eat their own words!

  • Vogue
  • ,

    She looks pretty good. I guess Tom bought her this role to make her happy cause she was lookin miserable before. Probably down in the dumps because she hasn’t made a movie in a long time.

  • band

    My favorite actress,wife and mom inn Hollywood.

  • leggy

    Cant wait to see TC on Tropic Thunder and tho I cant see Katie in Broadway I wish her all the best….

  • abby normal

    Always good to see Katie.

    Thanks a lot Jared.

  • American

    Echo this!

    She looks pretty good. I guess Tom bought her this role to make her happy cause she was lookin miserable before. Probably down in the dumps because she hasn’t made a movie in a long time.

  • mary

    Why aren’t the other amazing performers in this play being photographed? Hey, we’d like to see them too, they shouldn’t feel
    left out.

  • Molly


  • ingrid

    love katie and those blouse I want for myself

  • chessa

    Looking forward to her tv return and All my Sons Play.

  • zoe

    glad she got rid of those awful pants. she looks cute here.

  • gabby

    Suri really looks like Katie. But at times has the Tom look too.
    very very cute

  • jJ


  • props

    Seriously, this is quite disturbing.
    She has lost her identity and looks like a young boy – trying to be a tom look alike.

    There is obviously some deep seated ‘issues’ here.
    And if she wasn’t a $cientologists she could actually get some help with her problems.

    But because $cientologists believe that ‘psychs’ are trying to destroy the world and were even behind the german nazis – this is unlikely.

    Fake smiles just don’t hide what’s going on. And btw where are her handlers, Jared likes to crop them out for some reason.

  • Miapocca

    ahhaha Pathetic..she probably called the paparazzi herself..ahahha

    The other actors in the play are renowned and dont need this kind of paltry publicity to get folks to flock to the cinema..with all teh actresses otu there who can already dance or better trained to work on broadway , and the quality of the OTHER cast, its too obvious that the ROLE WAS BOUGHT

    Dont waste your money on shitologists…support the lawsuit against them!!

    I wonder if they have these hearse because they are afraid one of the psychos in thier cult will go of his meds and snatch suri in some attempt to have a discussion with hubbard..especially since Hubbard was such as con man and some scientologist will be looking to muurder him …

  • SONY


  • me

    #37 – U R right!

    She’s put on some weight in the tush. She could be pregnant w/ PW’s baby? She better hurry up and have another spawn of L.Ron because by her looks, she’s almost 50.

    Look at her elbows. They look 50 as well. Xenu years must be like dog years. For every year that u r a lunaticologist, that’s 10 years in Xenu years.

  • victoria

    40th!!!! I just love Katie, and cannot wait for her to succeed in ” All My Sons”. Some of you need to quit hating her so much. I don’t understand why some of you hate her so much. Maybe Tom and Suri and she will keep some hatred away with success of their careers and family life. Go get Broadway Katie, and don’t listen to the harsh crictics and the hater’s.

  • 2 miapocca

    Of course she called the paparazzi. Who in the h*e*l*l would be following her? This is the kind of behavior that makes everyone disrespect her so much. She and Tom want their faces plastered everywhere…..they don’t have a real relationship because if they did, they wouldn’t care so much about the publicity.

    I’ll bet her family is really disappointed in her. Her mom and dad seem like people with good character, integrity, values, ……. something their daughter threw out with her Catholic faith. Hope she asks God for forgiveness when she snaps out of this (if she does).

    Hope she doesn’t “commit suicide” like the other insecure cult followers before her.

  • victoria

    42nd!!!! MIAPOCCA..!!!!!!! What do you think of that lawsuit??? Any merit to it??? Can’t believe that Katie threw out her Catholic faith for THAT. I heard that the man sueing the Church of the Robotics and Stepfords, was ACTUALLY mad because he was promoted up the chain of command fast enough, so he decided to blackmail some of the ” insiders ” ( like Tom Cruise ). They told him to work his way up like everyone else, or to take a hike. Well, now he has decided to really add in everything and everyone. Whether or not there is any truth to this, who knows. I read it online on one of these blogging sites. I do love Katie though, and Suri, and wish she would leave with her mom, who has appeared on site every day. Which is odd. I think Tom is doing this, to help Katie with depression and to keep her from maybe leaving. ( ???? ) I don’t know. Look at all the past pictures of them. She looks like she wishes a hole would open and swallow her. Even shopping, she rarely emerges with packages, and the shop keepers, say she does not buy, just picks up stuff and lays it down. Very Stoic. It is odd and sad. Write back MIAPOCCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali

    Actors don’t need to call the paps. Employees of restaurants, airports whatever get paid to call them. If I was working at a place and could make 100.00 for a phone call I’d do it too. Katie has Tom’s multi millions now. She doesn’t need anything for press he could buy her billboards.

  • 2 aLI (43)

    You are naive if you believe that. The paps wouldn’t be waiting for her to get of the vehicle or come out of the building if someone had called them.

    Press won’t help her. That’s something that she and her master can’t seem to figure out. He is a “has been”. She is a “never was, never gonna be”.

    They are both terribly immature. You don’t see other couples acting like them. They are so bored with each other they seek attention from others.

    Plain and simple as that!

  • Saywhat?

    Dummy should have not declined Batman….