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Megan Fox Channels Marilyn Monroe

Megan Fox Channels Marilyn Monroe

Megan Fox and Kassius Green (son of Brian Austin Green) walk around Ventura Blvd in Van Nuys, Calif. on Thursday.

Kassius Green, 6 1/2 is Brian Austin Green‘s child with ex-fiancée and ex-90210 co-star, Vanessa Marcil.

While walking with Kassius, Megan was carrying a book titled “Goddess: The Secret Of Marilyn Monroe.”

The 22-year-old actress is currently filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

10+ more pics inside of Megan Fox channeling Marilyn Monroe

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  • amazin

    cute kid but..she is soo plastic looking

  • hmm

    I wonder if she dyes his hair to match hers?

  • Elina

    her face is beautiful but isnt she too short legged

  • Elina

    and did she put something in her lips ???? She shouldn’t have

  • Dee

    she is beautiful but there is still smt very bitchy about her

  • Megan???

    OMG……Everytime I see a picture of her these days, she looks more and more like a big plastic barbie doll. At least she’s not dressed all slutty in these pics. And everyone knows that if she wasn’t famous for her role in Transformers, people wouldn’t even give her a second look.

    If there is one good thing I have to say about her, its that she’s actually covered up for once and isn’t letting her fake boobs hang around all over the place.

    But what the hell is she doing to herself??? She used to be so naturally pretty but now she’s so FAKE that it makes really hard to enjoy her beauty. If you take a look at her close-ups you’ll see what I’m talking about. Her entire face looks fake.

  • yessiree

    lol, it looks like the kid is already trying avoid looking at the papparazzi—he’s hardly looking up. (probably doesn’t know the pap(s) are there, but it just looks funny to me).

  • Laura

    Her lips look ENORMOUS!!! How many surgeries has she gotten just on her lips??? She used to have somewhat thin lips on “Hope and Faith” but they used to suit her. But now her lips looks really weird.

  • sarah

    dont love her but shes beautiful .

  • hali

    she is gorgeous

  • null

    Kassius looks so much like Vanessa Marcil. Lucky kid. Very cute.

  • TiaBia

    She looks like his babysitter, LOL

  • cm

    ooo no why did she get her lips done? she was soo prettty before it wasn’t needed….she REALLY wants to be angelina jolie

    they don’t suit her

  • ash

    Her lips look ENORMOUS!!! How many surgeries has she gotten just on her lips??? She used to have somewhat thin lips on “Hope and Faith” but they used to suit her. But now her lips looks really weird.


    YEAH I KNOW!!! you compare pictures from then and now, she looks SO DIFFERENT!!! now: she had her lips done, nose slimmed, eyebrows thicker, and dyed her hair a much darker color. Im not saying she shouldnt do what makes her feel best; because she should and everyone should (not including plastic surgery) im just saying she looks alot different now

  • Anna

    Is it just me or do her lips look twice the size they were in Transformers?? She is pretty but I don’t like all fake stuff.

  • debra77

    Why is she always compared to Angelina? She is a beautiful girl, but she has along way to go. I’m not happy with her choice of roles, nor or choice of men. She is quit beautiful, but there is a smutty quality about her. I don’t know…She is not Angelina

  • abby

    I adore her. So pretty :D

    She and BAG needs to go out together. I want pics :)

  • jessed

    with those thicker lips she really looks more like Angelina Jolie but she is as softly spoken as Marilyn Monroe. the contrast is great and makes her more attractive. Gorgeous!

    She is going to shine with a lot of her movies coming out soon.

  • BlahXyuck

    It’s girls like her, who have to get surgeries and implants to seem even remotely attractive to the opposite sex, that make the naturally pretty girls feel like they’re aren’t good enough, when in fact they’re better because they don’t need those things to be beautiful.

    I think it’s degrading to women to give the appearance of a cheap slut. I just don’t understand why some women feel like they have to look nasty all the time. They should be happy with what they have because by the time they are forty, they are going to look absolutely ridiculous with all of their “surgeries”.

    She would look so much better if she had a natural face, not the dark tan or the huge lips. I bet she has a pretty face without all of that but now she’s kind of overdoing it. And to the people above me, you’re right she looks like a wanna be Barbie and it’s really sad.

  • Suzy q

    She looks great now that she has had a sandwich! I’m glad someone finally told her to eat.

  • Justin

    She’s the hottest girl right now and she’s crazy about Marilyn first tattoo on her arm and now her books what’s up

  • amy

    gosh i hate her! … she’s hot yeah, but she seems so full of herself….shows off sooooo much….there’s something i really don’t like about her

  • kim

    “cute kid but..she is soo plastic looking”

    OMG! What happened to her LIPS???????!!!!!!!

    They were just fine in Transformers, now they look HUGE! She looks really odd now, like she’s had Botox, facial fillers and lip injections – that really ages her too.

  • J

    She has a really cool tattoo of Marilyn on her forearm. So obviously she is a fan of MM. I love her dark hair and gorgeous brite eyes, I think she is pretty.

  • kim

    She used to look pretty and unique, now she just looks like an average Mexican woman with big lips… :(

  • kim

    All she needs are jumbo implants and she can be the next Pamela Anderson. Good grief!

  • Jughed

    Mmm Megan Fox. No complaints here. Very pretty :)

  • prim

    #19..stop being a hater..getting tans, and botux and things like that is something alot of people do even guys

  • gabriella


  • D

    She doesn’t even look the same anymore

  • andrea

    she sooo got lip injections! they look so much fuller than before

  • minime

    The woman is gorgeous, flawless with amazing eyes, shiny healthy hair, pouty lips and is probably the No. 1 “it” girl in Hollywood at this moment and there are lots of girls in Hollywood envious of her beauty and allure and can’t wait to attack her. She is not trashy. Trashy is the bleached out fried blondes, the huge fish lips you see on some celebs, etc. You don’t see this girl behaving like a drunk or a druggie either in Hollywood at least not that I know of. I say give her a break. She kicks Bar to the curb. I’d love to see her paired up with Leo. Now that would be hot!

  • banana

    although she looks beautiful to me…she doesnt look nearly as thin as i thought she was. but maybe its cuz her jeans are to tight and her top isnt skanky looking. btu its so not fair that she is a year younger and dating brian!! i will forever love david silver!!!!i mean come on she is to young ti be playing step mommy to a 6 year old. but i feel better that she isnt as tiny as i thought she was. she looks almost 120.

  • Tealeaf

    Her skin looks bad..overrated!

  • banana

    ohh and are her boobs real???and i meant she is a younger than me if you didnt understand what i meant…

  • Jay

    ^^^No her boobs are FAKEEEEEEE.

  • LD

    She’s pretty, but in a p orn star way.

    What are people’s obsession with Leo D. girlfriend? #32 , Bar is so much more natural looking than MF. I highly doubt Leo would kick her to the curb for someone who looks like they belong on the pole.

  • karinesatine

    I didn’t know vanessa marcil and brian austin had a child together… Mmm, let me think…. He’s gonna be gorgeous !

  • Vogue
  • maria

    yuk…..this woman is SOOOO self-absorbed; do you think she might just once LOOK at that poor little boy??? She just exudes the “Look at me, look at me” attitude. I CAN’T STAND HER.

  • minime

    Bar *cough* looks like she belongs on the pole. Give me a break. Bar has a tiger look to her as if she’ll bite your head off yuck and it will only get worse with age. Bar doesn’t exude an elegant graceful look. Megan is gorgeous and does not belong on any darn pole. I don’t even know her but I think Megan has a very bright future ahead of her.

  • Alice

    Marilyn absolutely unreachable…..

  • bee

    obviously, trying too hard to look like Angelina Jolie!!! she should have Angelina’s portrait tattooed on her arm instead of Marilyn’s.

  • theoriginalbiotch

    well mr green definitely has a type doesn’t he? Vanessa will always be hotter though.

  • tanya

    WAT DA HELL HAPPEN 2 HER LIPS??!!! Y isnt she holding dat boy’s hands or keepin him closer. Wonder how Vanessa feels?? I still like Megan but hope she doesnt continue 2 change her image. Glad she isnt boney skinny anymore. Da boy looks just like Vanessa!!!


    She has the face of a Bratz doll…Eh. But…she’s hot!

  • Jalen McCollum

    Dear everyone who wants to look at photos of Megan Fox on the cover of a Maxim Magazine July 2007 Photos, go to for hot Mega fox photos!!!

  • mimi

    agree, she’s had tons of plastic surgery, looks fake and ugly. i saw another pic somewhere up close and her skin is horrible, huge pores etc. can’t believe she’s even a star.

  • megan

    OMG honestly she is SO hott PEOPLE only because she has full lips with THANK GOD A normal size body she IS GORgeous u know what most of the women weigh at least 100 pounds she is perfect every way AND NAME ME ONE CELEBRITY WHO HASN’T DONE BOTOX!!! geeez peeoplee!