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Katie Holmes: Pegged Jeans Pretty?

Katie Holmes: Pegged Jeans Pretty?

Katie Holmes continues to rock out the rolled-up “pegged jeans” trend (jeans that are are excessively tapered) while out in New York City’s West Village on Friday.

The 29-year-old actress was seen going to rehearsals with costar John Lithgow for their upcoming Broadway play–Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons. (She changed into a red-and-black-striped sweater for her lunch break.)

WOULD YOU WEAR pegged jeans like Katie — YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and John Lithgow on their way to rehearsals…

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katie holmes pegged jeans 01
katie holmes pegged jeans 02
katie holmes pegged jeans 03
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katie holmes pegged jeans 05
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Credit: Ron Asadorian, Jackson Lee, Tom Meinelt; Photos: Doug Meszler/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • julie

    sorry to ask this, but is she a lesbian?

  • mary

    just because she’s in a part her BF bought for her why is she in our face everyday? she’s ugly and lost. she should fix up her messed up life and THEN get a part she earned if she can, otherwise just go back to Ohio.

  • gabby


  • jealous

    Katie looks great in anything…

  • Brooke

    She is a trendsetter and a real fashion icon. Im buying them.

  • amc

    Good luck Katie. A talented lady and so beautiful.

    Thank you JJ.

  • logan

    she shouldn’t have left the Batman franchise.

  • Deneb

    She looks great!

  • pixie

    Love John especially Katie and loving those jeans too. I got one weeks ago and its real comfy.

  • gina


  • http://WHYWEPROTEST.NET anon




  • lovesimpsonsis

    love it! it shows that she doesnt always have to be that sofisticaded. it`s more like the old katie from dawsons creek:)

  • supernova

    i would wear these jeans while cleaning my garage, they look comfortable to wear…

  • Jessicatx

    First of all, “pegleg” jeans are more like tight capris. She’s just looks dumb. My grandmother used to say that these jeans looked like they could keep your poo from falling out in case you pooped in your pants. Katie must have a poop problem. Hahahaha.

  • Daniee

    Yes, I did wear these for four months in 1985. The trend died quickly, thank god.

  • mandeson

    There’s definitely something wrong with Katie… Fortunately this time she is hiding her sad or expressionless eyes behind those huge sunglasses but we have this totally forced smile, which she’s been sporting for a quite a while, and it doesn’t take a psychologist or physiognomist to tell you that this girl’s soul is terribly troubled… Well, being married to Mr. Cruise sure ain’t helping her and anyone who claims that this lady looks happy at his side is either blind or a blind fan(atic)….

  • Catherine

    I lv them with a passion <3

  • American

    How can you tell that her smile is forced in those pix?
    I personally think those are genuine smiles.
    Her master, aka BF or husband, is sued for his involvements with the CO$, hence the control over her maybe loosen and she may be able to see the daylight pretty soon.

    Not that she may become a professional actress. Not even close. But it’s a breakthrough for her anyway.

  • American

    I love it when they try and “dress” Katie like she is all hip and cool and try and make her a “trendsetter”…..more like an “Irish setter”…she still looks like grandma and Jonesing for a metamucil smoothie..y’all know that she is brain dead cos her ride is a hearse wif curtain ‘n shiz….sadness…she has no soul man…..SHE HAS NO SOUL!!!!!!

  • Bella

    I know Scientology bans medical intervention but what about frigging mirrors for xenu’s sake? Do they also forbid cult members from looking into the mirrors?

  • danielle

    i think she is trying way too hard it will be a sad day in fashion if this look comes back – the 80′s and 90′s are one thing but somethings are better left to the grave. she is becoming a wanna-be and slowly but surely a has-been – which for her, this young in her somewhat career, is pretty sad. don’t like her at all, or her creepy hubby – suri is ok.


    The Cruises are only gonna get more bad publicity with this new
    lawsuit against the COS and Cruise. And that will over flow into
    this play, tickets won’t sell like they thought they would. The Cruises
    are poison at the boxoffice.

  • http://WHYWEPROTEST.NET anon

    The C*U*L*T of $cientology = CAREER SUICIDE



    You are absolutely correct.
    Tom Cruise is forever linked to the deeds and actions of an abusive cult. And if it’s not this lawsuit it will be another.
    Tom won’t be able to hide from his complicit involvement with this criminal group.

    Katie might as well just forget trying to be ‘cool’ or be an actress. Pegs on her jeans – who cares??
    She’s going down with him.

    I seriously cannot believe ANYONE in their right mind would see this play. Who wants to give money to a malicious cult via Katie the zombie?

    I just feel sorry for the normal actors who are going suffer when this play has a very short run. Let’s hope entertainment tonight gets past all the ass kissing and does a story on all the protesters who are going to be out front of the theatre.

    Go anonymous !!!!!

  • katieeeeee suxx BIG TIME

    Katieeeee doesn’t look close to being fashionable in any of these pics.

    Why is she on this website so much?

    Is Tom paying for some publicity here?

    I didn’t think anybody cared much about her – so is this a paid placement or what?

    She looks like she has completely de-sexualised herself and is trying to be Tom – what the heck is going on?

  • ShaiBELLA

    OMG, she looks horrible!
    She looks like she’s way too old.
    And i totally hate the jeans.
    It looks like she borrowed tom’s pair of jeans, TOTAL DISASTER!

  • ShaiBELLA

    #75 –>> I totally agree, who give s a damn about her.

    For some reason i think she’s trying too hard to be like Victoria beckham with the haircut she had before,and the fact that she wants to start “new” trend. ew.

  • God bless TomKat

    vote for yay

  • trend?! don’t be silly

    What a joke! It’s so ugly!!!!!

  • I’m no bag lady

    Good Grief! What is Katie thinking of dressing like a poor bag lady? She has choices of what to wear, more so than most people in this country, so why not look as if you’re wearing your own clothes, and clean ones at that! I’d never wear that look unless i was forced to out of financial necessity….

  • McLovin

    Quit playing shrink, #66

  • chessa

    I like her a lot and miss her in Batman. But its ok she leaves because its a wasted role.

  • Saywhat?

    She didn’t even do the roll correctly.

    First you have to grab the hem and fold over excess width, then roll up.

    She is trying to start a trend….Loser.

    This is as bad as Madonna buying out Christian Audigiers inventory… one day Smet, the next day Ed Hardy…ugh!

  • http://justjared Linda

    Katie is a method actor as I have read previously and I think she is just getting into character. I think she is dressing for her role in ‘All My Sons’. She is usually on the latest edge of fashion, usually before anyone else. Does this not make more sense? I do wish she would grow her hair longer after her role is done…more flattering although she is beautiful no matter what….

  • Katie

    Would I wear it? I already did. In grade nine. In 1989. Did the fold-over and roll-up thing.

    Next thing we know women will be safety-pinning their jeans tight to their calves. Hurl.

  • lol

    why she always wear jacket all the time ?????

  • lol

    why she always wears jacket all the time ?????

  • Tracy

    Pegged jeans are indeed back, and it was for women and men, I remember, I was there. Pegged jeans, slouch socks, black and white checkered vans and a member’s only jacket.

    Her jeans, though, are too wrinkled. I think they were faux aged, as well. Makes them look like they came out of the laundry pile.