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Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman: Kissing Couple!

Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman: Kissing Couple!

Check out this new steamy still of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman kissing in bed in Baz Luhrmann‘s WWII-era epic Australia (out Nov. 14).

Nicole portrays English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, who falls in love with a cattle driver, played by Hugh.

“It’s romantic, adventurous, and huge in scale,” Hugh tells EW. ”That’s what I love about Baz. His movies really are all about breaking society’s rules and love conquering all. Working with Nicole was beyond anything I could have imagined.”

To watch the Australia trailer in HD, visit Pictures of Hugh and Nicole filming the movie here, here and here.

15+ pictures inside of kissing couple Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman

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nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 01
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 02
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 03
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 04
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 05
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 06
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 07
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 08
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 09
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 10
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 11
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 12
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 13
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 14
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 15
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 16
nicole kidman hugh jackman kissing 17

Photos: James Fisher
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  • Karissa

    NOW what the fuck has she done to her face?! Holy cow, she’s fugly!

  • Haley

    oh geeeezus, that’s hot. Can’t wait to see “Australia”

  • dido

    botox queen

  • Hugh jackwoman


  • flower

    OMG!!! this is so hot!!! :PPPP, and again hugh jackman with his pants on :( jajaj, he is hot hot hot!! cant wait to see australia

  • mia

    Nicole is beautiful but I think she would look better with her natural lips.

  • dida


  • nicolekidmanfan

    what the f**k is she doi’n ? i bet if keith kisses anyone she will file for divorce ! and why is her face like that ! nicole pleaaaaaaase return like befour pleaaaaas ! im beging

  • jgp

    her face doesn’t move at all
    shows absolutely no emotion
    hugh looks great

  • pis

    oh please loosers…nicole is stunning in these pics…

  • cate blanchett fan # 1

    jgp, what f*****g are you saying???
    Look at pic number 9 or pic number 13…

    I can’t stand kidman haters anymore..they’re pathetic…

  • Truthfully

    OMG that pic is sooo hot!! I simply love it! they are perfect together!
    and she is anything but ugly,she 41 and looks extremely good.

    I can’t wait for this movie to be released!



    Nicole is stunning here..ok maybe her lips are a little scared specially in pic number two (fortunaly there’s not in the movie) but it’s not a tragedy.
    but we can move on.

    The pic is hot…I want to be pregnant with Hugh’s child

  • anonymouse

    Anyone here would kill to look like Nicole so stop pretending.

  • John



  • paul

    Always the same people criticizing.

    My God, don’t you have anything to do?

    Fans of Keith or Tom?

    Nic is wonderful!!!!!!!!!
    Stupid, she doesn’t know who you are.

  • Jennifer

    oooh I can’t wait to see this!

  • kate


    HOT HUGH!!


  • nikomilinko
  • elizabeth

    I think I just died. That is seriously the HOTTEST thing I’ve ever seen. Hugh Jackman is the best thing since sliced bread.

  • elizabeth

    I think I just died. That is seriously the HOTTEST thing I’ve ever seen. Hugh Jackman is the best thing since sliced bread.

  • mary

    HOT hugh is soooo sexy…whi is he married with that super ugly woman!!??
    he deserves something bettere…a woman like nicole for example..they could be the perfect couple..
    look at that pic…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    hugh’s a `good actor… but that kidman – blows!

  • janeway

    Thanks for posting Jared. These photos are the hottest!! It looks like Baz has read my wish list. Lots of kissing, half naked Hugh Jackman. Lots of action and angst. Lots more kissing. Love Hugh. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • khy

    super hot pic.

    nicole is a great actress and hugh is perfect for the role, plus baz is a genius..

    i want to see australia NOW!! God, I can’t wait anymore…

  • angel hair

    isn’t that like cold mountain?

  • prince

    Oh gee that looks sooo great!!!!!
    I love Nicole,Hugh and Baz for giving us pics like that,thank you!!

    Australia has to be out now!!!

  • pili

    gosh…that’s hot…really hot..
    did you se where’s hugh’s right hand??!!!


    So HOT!!!!!!!!


  • colin lover

    nicole looks stunning…and hugh is sooo sexy..
    i love them both

  • HEY


  • irene

    he is sooo gorgeous and she has the longest legs.
    I’ll see the picture, besides the steamy parts, it’ll be good to see and learn (maybe) a bit more about Australia

  • ines

    the both look stunning!!! weel done baz!!!

    hugh is better than crowe…he’s perfect for the role…
    nicole is perfect too…

  • ina

    i like nicole kidmann, she’s a great actress, but she should stop using botox! she looks so strange!!

  • matt

    great pic!!! sooo hot..

    i’m dying ti see australia this november…

  • cate blanchett fan #1

    ina how can you say she’s using botox? are you a doctor? these are just some movie stills. It’s impossible to see if someone did some botox.

    please stop to talk about botox…it’s boring.

  • cope

    i think this pic is artistically perfect. the pose, the light…baz is doing a great job, again…perfect…

  • boopydoop

    Hugh is handsom.

    gee, what happened to the red kinky curls and freckles? I’d say botox, skin bleaching, nose job, lip implants, hair dye……is there anything on this woman that is natural? some see beautiful, I see fake!

  • hostas

    Hugh looks hot in the main pic, but Kidman looks like she is pain from having a man touching her! I don’t see passion from her at all.

  • hostas

    Hey cate blanchett – 03 picture is proof she uses Botox, and I forgot to mention that 11 was painful to look at!

  • scary

    you NK fans are blindly insane. And I don’t give a crap about Tom (actually he’s a bad actor and plain crazy for believing in COS) or Keith (nothing against him, just don’t care either). Some people just don’t like Nicole, just like some people don’t like brussel sprouts—get out in the world. Grown ups don’t base opinions on “jealousy.”

    She is looking awful, and those closeups reveal how much makeup she usually wears to maintain her “perfect” skin. and the botox and horrible lips. Sad sad sad.

    Used to think she had acting potential way back in To Die For Days, but she can’t act and now she’s ruined any talent w/botox. Between that and her insane obsession with her body and exercising she’ a horrible role model…too bad she had a daughter. I was hoping for a boy that Keith could inspire.
    I wish her sane friends like Naomi and Cate could convince her to calm down before she looks like Meg Ryan!

  • Gina

    Holy hotness. I have been excited for this movie for a long time. Can’t wait!

  • nic

    Tom Cruise or Less talented Ugly kat fans Enough Talking about botox its Boring she is beautiful .she is veryyyyy talented actress .
    hooooooooot pix Anyone here would kill to look like Nicole so stop pretending.

  • ,

    nicole used to be a great actress but it’s too bad about the frozen face.

  • VAL


  • sarahj

    Hugh looks hot. Nicole…not so much. Too bad she’s unwilling to age naturally. I’ll wait for the reviews on this one and pray that Nicole talks above a breathy whisper for once.

  • elle

    Love here, she seems so much classier then the other Hollywood girls/ladies. And I don’t think it’s botox, I think she just takes very good care of her skin. She’s never had any sun damage, that’s for sure. She’s like a doll!

  • elle

    *her* duh on typo’s!

  • cate blanchett fan # 1

    Hey, I’m not a Kidman lover so listen me and shut up. I don’t give a f**k if you don’t like her or not, just don’t invent this crap. Pic number 1 what? Yeah that proove something but not she’s using botox (have I to remember that pic was taken last year? So why are you talking to the present?) but that you’re insane and morbid, stupid and without nothing to do in your stupid lives, because if people had care more about their business I would never loose my time reading this crap.
    How many of you, “doctors” did see Margot At The Wedding? No one of course.
    What about you Scary? And boopydoop (what name is it?)? No, of course not.
    Her face is NORMAL, not frozen or botoxed, and she’s perfectly able to show emotions.
    She’s done some lips job, so? What’s the probem? No botox ,no nose job (boopydoop you make laugh! really!!), so, please, call you all your friends Scary and I hope they convince you to calm down with this crap and finally get a life.
    Do you know what is the truth? The truth is that a woman in Hollywood after the the 40 it’s two things: a b***h or a botox obsessive-compulsive. Why will we never read any plastic surgery’s story about Clooney, or Pitt or Baredm or Brody? Because they’re men. We’e full of story about Kidman, Ryan, Aniston instead…
    Plus, if a woman is beautiful like Nicole, the game is perfect: attacking her for something she didn’t do is terribly funny, isn’t it?
    Well, first was funny, now is BORING.

    Get a life loosers, Nicole Kidman doesn’t care about you.

    Scary, Blanchett and Kidman are not friends. Make some love, it’s better…

  • cory

    Very well said!!

    Now she’s done some nose job! Really? .lol.

    Oh please now the story is pathetic…