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Robert Pattinson is Plain Gravy

Robert Pattinson is Plain Gravy

Harry Potter star Robert Pattinson, aka Cedric Diggory, rocks out a Plain Gravy t-shirt at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX ‘Tony Hawk’ edition launch party held at 6121 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Friday night.

The 22-year-old rising British actor will soon portray Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, a novel by Stephenie Meyer. Here’s a plot synopsis via IMDB: Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is a girl just trying to survive Forks, Washington- the town with the worst weather in the United States- because her mother’s just married a baseball player. Edward Cullen (Pattinson) is one of five teenagers adopted by the amazingly intelligent and handsome Dr. Cullen, and all he wants is to guard his eerily beautiful family’s secret- that they’re all vampires who’ve given up hunting humans. Can Edward keep up the “vegetarian” lifestyle when he falls for Bella, whose blood has a scent sweeter than anyone on the planet’s? Or, more importantly, can he protect her from others who don’t have the same amount of self-control?

Twilight is set to open nationwide on Friday, December 12.

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Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Michaela

    first, and YUM…

  • Jennifer

    AHHHH first to comment.

    I love him I love him I love him…I could go on all day.

  • Michaela rilez

    he’s so sexy

  • Michaela rilez


  • Jennifer

    AHHH first to comment.

    I love him I love him I love him….I could go on all day.

  • Eli

    i love him so much (:

  • lisa

    Cannot understand, why half of the world is adoring him…

  • Crystal.

    I love him. SO MUCH.

  • the_boyfriend

    I’ve liked him for a long time.
    But these clothes he has on here..eek.


    hottie with a body

  • k

    oh my goodness….so cute. and i can’t wait for Twilight! December is so far away, though.


    im really curious to see what his face wud look like, with Chuck Bass, on morph it-or whatever that website is called. they both have interesting faces

  • Noelle

    EDWARD CULLEN!! Gorgeous.

  • Humor me

    Is he dating Camilla Belle or is that a rumor?

  • erica


  • Nani

    YES! YES! YES!


  • k

    i forgot to add something.
    he needs to shave!!!! i think they did a good job of casting Edward and Bella. i think Robert is good for “Edward” and Kristen is good for “Bella”. good thing he looked nice and clean while they filmed “Twilight”…

  • Melisa

    He’s cute.. poor guy he is not used to so much attention!

  • Brenda

    “Cannot understand, why half of the world is adoring him…”

    Because he’s Edward Cullen!! xD and Edward Cullen is perfect .. haha
    oomg!! I love him.. is so cutee(L)

  • ABBY

    God, he is sooo hot.

    I <3 Edward, I can’t wait for the movie

  • @#$%

    HOW HOT <3

  • Ivonne

    I am so GLAD to see you posting some info on Twilight Jared! YAY! I am not going to lie when I say that I’ve been waiting around for a bit since I check this site like twice a day! Hahaha. Please keep it up! Thanks!!!

    Robert is cute, though I HATE how he doesn’t clean himself up for parties. Thank GOODNESS that he did for the role of Edward Cullen. LOL.

  • helen

    I adore Rob. he’s so refreshingly different from the boring hollywood stars. Excellent actor too. Tremendous charisma.

  • Caz

    Finally you wake up to the hottest actor in Hollywood. Where have you been. Rob is sex on legs but I agree he coudl occasionally dress up. Come on Rob doll up for us occasionally.

    He’s a brilliant actor. Make sure you see him play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes which is due out in Jan 09.

  • Abbyyy


  • kate

    He’s gorgeous and sexy and more importantly mega talented. He doesnt have a clue how gorgeous he is so never dresses up. His PR team need to take him in hand and sort him out so that when he attends events he’s more groomed.

    I really think he has the talent to be at the very top in Hollywood. he’s marvelous in the Haunted Airman.

  • Ariel

    I LOVE HIM :’]
    nuff said.

  • Ruth

    Pattinson is going to make it big in Hollywood. He ha a unique quirky personality. A one off. Maybe a future career like Depp. He started out appealing to teens before branching out. I can see Pattinson going the same way. I’ve seen all of Rob’s work and he’s fantastic and very different in every rol.

    Really looking forward to seeing Pattinson as Salvador Dali. The synopsis looks very sexy. Check out some clips on the you tube channel

  • Leah

    I was there last night at the party. He was nice. Kinda shy. Kinda drunk, like everyone else. I don’t think he likes the spot light very much.

  • Linda

    Robert can do me now plz.

    We need more posts with the peeps from Twilight ASAP.

  • Wendy

    I prefer him clean shaven and dressed up but he is a fantastic actor and the hottest actor in Hollywood. You are a bit late focusing on him JJ. He’s well worth the attention. I think he’ll be the first british actor to get to the very top in Hollywood for year and years. He’s very versatile.

  • Daniela♥

    He’s really attractive!, but not so much in these candid pics :S

  • Lisa

    Pretty sure this is amazing that he’s on here. :D

  • shel

    Variety said he could break as big as Leonardo Di Caprio did after Titanic when Twilight comes out. I hope so as he deserves to get lots of good roles. He’s very talented. He scrubs up well too but hates tidying up for night outs. He doesnt play the PR game at all which is another reason I adore him. He’s modest and sweet.

    I want to see him play Salvador Dali more than i want to see Twilight. Rob as Dali getting it on with another man in the water is going to be so HOT.

  • Jigsaw

    Leah, what did you talk to him about?

  • Sarah

    Yeah tell us more Leah. Rob is my passion. He’s such a fine actor and radiates SEX,

  • Frequently Dazzled


  • jane

    Rob is going t be as big as Pitt, Depp, Damon. He’s different, refreshing, funny, intense too, willing to take risks with roles and not cash in on his gorgeous looks. If anything he hides them under that scruff to be less noticeable. Rob it isnt working we love you and can spot you a mile off.

    I would do without Twilight just to see him play Dali. That looks an awesome film. Such an erotic role.

    I really want him to get the role of Perseus in the reboot of the Clash of the Titans.

  • leep

    He is so d*amn ugly. Hideous. Repulsive. Repugnant…out of words He looked alright when he first came out a few years ago but now he is just not attractive. In these pictures the facial hair isn’t helping either. Just ugh.

  • Emily

    He does just radiate sex. Hottest actor in years in Hollywood. All the others are plastic and fake. He is the real deal. A real man who is a brilliant actor . About time Hollywood had one.

  • depp

    He’ not going have anything after Twilight. He may be sweet but he can’t act.

  • Jenny

    Gorgeous and gifted actor. Next James Bond please

  • Agus!!

    I love him!!!!!1

  • Alana

    Brilliant actor. Just wait for How to Be and Little Ashes.

    Variety not only said he could be as big as Leonardo but also made him Number 1 Hunk at Comic Con. Beating huige stars.

    Variety have great taste

  • Kalilah

    I’m not too fond of him. I’m a huge Twilight fan but I felt he just doesn’t make a good Edward Cullen. :(

    He’s cute in that sexy nerd kind of way, but I don’t really see the attraction/excitement in him.

  • elle


  • Sarah

    RPattz all the way!

  • elle

    SEXY ARSE!!!

  • natasha

    Dear God,
    Thank you for sending us Robert Pattinson.
    Can you please send another one for me?


  • Ruth

    He’s the first actor in a long time that I really fancy and also admire as an actor. Usually its one or the other. I’ve seen his british work and its excellent. Every character very different. I love his geek in The Bad Mother’s Handbook.

    I read yesterday that the producers of Little Ashes where he plays Dali have got a top PR team on board so sounds promising.