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Sophia Bush is Tao Titillating

Sophia Bush is Tao Titillating

Sophia Bush hosts a party at TAO night club inside the Venetian resort hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday night.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill cutie rocked out a stylish pair of bold blue suede leather shoes by Christian Louboutin.

One Tree Hill will return new episodes starting @ 9PM ET/PT on Monday, September 1 following Gossip Girl. Season six, commence!

10+ pictures inside of Tao titillating Sophia Bush

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sophia bush tao 01
sophia bush tao 02
sophia bush tao 04
sophia bush tao 05
sophia bush tao 06
sophia bush tao 07
sophia bush tao 08
sophia bush tao 09
sophia bush tao 10
sophia bush tao 11
sophia bush tao 12
sophia bush tao 13

Photos: Bruce Gifford/FilmMagic, Judy Eddy/WENN
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  • laura

    awee luv her..shes sooo pretty

  • lovesimpsonsis

    natural beauty!

  • sarah :P

    I love her :D <33333 she is so pretty (: i cant wait for one tree hill to return, its gonna rock xD

  • brooke

    She looks nice but the straps on her dress are just odd. I hate side boob cleavage.

  • anna

    love her
    soo stunning

  • ABBY

    Sophiaaaaaaaaaaa, I Love her.

    she is so so pretty :D Love her lol

  • Evalongoriafan

    Do you know that she sleepin with her co-star James Lafferty?
    that is what i heard over at gossip girls site. There all talkin about it.

  • luvoth

    Wow.. she was in Vegas??? man that is awesome she got to HOST!
    that means she making quite a name for herself!

    Woot.. woot.. Go SOPHIA!
    I wonder if she invited any of the cast or if they where busy filming back
    in NC??

  • stella

    she looks super cute! love the dress! remember to vote for her in teen choice awards! theres only couple of more days left! can’t waitttttttttt

  • tonya

    She doesn’t seem as happy as she used to be :(

  • Demiiiiiii!

    She is such an underrated actress.
    Love her.


    shes soooooo pretty and such a amazing actress:)

  • Arla

    Oh god, she’s so beautiful!

  • Mandy

    Fake boobs.

  • Amelia

    What happened to her chest? She is not wearing a bra and it looks like they are about to eat her. Wrong dress choice if you ask me.

    she is not only screwing james but other guys to. and that is a fact! ;)

  • amie

    Haha! how much does sophia charge these days? james lafferty might know.

  • annie

    if she stuck her chest out there any more in the second last pic there might have even been a nipple slip. don’t fret guys im sure she’ll be offering her services soon for “friendship”

  • Katy

    She looks amazing as usual :)
    can’t wait to see her at the teen choice awards i hope she wins!
    Oh look here comes the haters already, grow the fuck up don’t you have better things to do then comment on people you obviously don’t like, and her boobs aren’t fake morons!

  • stella

    you need to all stop bashing her. probably chad fans doing it to. That bastard cheated on her remember that.

    Plus her and james ARE ONLY FRIENDS!

  • mary

    fake or not, she looks better then all you bitches talking shit. you wish you had her place.

    anywho, she looks lovely :)


    why is it everytime I come here the stupid haters from FF are here bashing **rolls eyes** I feel I shouldnt bother at all or give them the time of day but anyways why do you all continue to post such mean comments if you dont like her GO AWAY and post on topic you do like , and as for the one person up there thats a cker gosh you seriously aint nice girl go find yourself a hobby which doesnt include bashing someone , Its not nice and very imature of you ;)

    anyways what I was going to say is sophia looks so beautiful in those pics and I agree she is a awesome actress :)

  • john

    god she’s a living doll. she looks absolutely yummy in that dress………

  • john

    god she’s a living doll…she looks yummy in that dress……….


    and btw as for your “FACT” for someone who doesnt care or like her you seem to spend a lot of time talking about her **roll eyes* your allowed a opinion of course but serously If I didnt like someone I wouldnt even go near anywhere that was about them ,I think you love negativty or something or love to bash her and if thats true then thats seriously a horrible thing

  • claire



  • victoria

    24th!!!! Sophia is adorable and I admire that dress. What really makes it though is that cute pair of shoes. Love the color!!!

  • jen

    God, this dumb fool again? Jared why do you post stuff about these no name weird looking morons?

  • shialover

    pretty girl :)

  • jen

    oops. wrong comment. i love this girl!

  • Maggie

    She looks incredible as always!
    and seriously all the haters from FF need to get a life!
    stop making up stupid rumors because really no one with half a brain are going to believe them. If you don’t like Sophia then the answer is simple don’t click on articles about her, go somewhere else because no one wants you here!!

  • terese

    I love the blue shoes, but good Lord can those boobs be pushed any higher? Looks weird/fake.

  • angelica houston

    What the hell is FF?

    And, I hate this stupid chick. she does absolutely nothing.

  • nikomilinko
  • jen


    she does absolutely nothing? right.

    and what do you do beside sit back on the comp all day and have nothing nice to say?

  • gg


    yeah she does nothing. her show and her movies are all crap. all she does is attend events to get attention. typical.

    this is a public celebrity blog in case you didnt know.

  • theresa

    Eventually Sophia’s boobs will reach her neck. They’re getting there slowly.


    she does absolutly nothing ?and thats based on what?obviously not the truth as you clearly dont seem to even know what your talking about

  • cl

    She’s usually so gorgeous but I don’t like how her hair is done here, it doesn’t make her look too good.

  • whatever

    her boobs aren’t even up that high, let me guess yours are all saggy or something, don’t hate just cause your jealous seriously.
    and to the people who say she does nothing, she has a freaking tv show and just made a movie so shut the hell up!!

  • Portia

    She is so annoying and her hair is a mess.

  • Sophia Bush fan

    Amazing! I love her.

  • Jessica

    She’s so gorgeous…love her!

    And those of you that don’t…NOBODY CARES.

  • Portia

    not to mention that half of her boobs are exposed, thats classy!

  • chantall

    here high heels look odd with the dress

  • Amelia

    i can post whatever the fuck i want. and i have no freaking clue what FF is? i don’t even watch the show she is on… i know somebody who lives in the town they shoot the series and thats that. i can state my opinion if i want to…none of you freaks who defend somebody they dont know should think of themselves before assuming things about other. fucking morons.

    go watch zac and vanessa hug and squee like crazy.

  • Sara

    What is up with Sophia? For a pretty girl she tries too hard sometimes. The shoes are cute but her legs are kinda pale so it is too bright. The dress is cute but she could have sorted out her boob area (you can see her tan line). Lastly there is no need for the fugly jacket, she is in her 20s not 40s.

    Not being rude but does her people contact this site to inform them of her whereabouts. Because I swear when she is not in NC, its like everywhere she goes they have first scoop or something.

    Acting wise, personally I feel she is overrated but she is a pretty girl. She needs a better stylist though coz there isnt much that I have seen her wear lately that looks great. Sorry if this offends Sophia fans, its just my thoughts.

  • tess

    Does Sophia also sleep with Lee Norris? James is benefitting from his friendship with her but I feel for Lee. He’s also one of her “best friends.” Sophia, be nice. It’s not fair to offer your services to one friend and neglect the other.

  • tara

    who cares about james now? he became damaged goods when he decided to poke the Bush.

  • betty

    Love her!stunning!!
    chad s hardcore fans are so stupid.

  • vogue