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Vanessa Hudgens: Sweet Home Alabama!

Vanessa Hudgens: Sweet Home Alabama!

Vanessa Hudgens drives the crowd wild as she performs live on the second date of her solo tour at the Alabama Adventure Theme Park in Bessemer, Alabama on Friday.

The 19-year-old High School Musical starlet wowed the crowd with songs from her new album, Identified (in stores now). And of course she performed her lead single, “Sneakernight”!

Tonight, Vanessa will be in Louisiana rocking out and performing more songs from her sophomore effort.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens rocking out in Alabama…

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vanesa hudgens alabama 01
vanesa hudgens alabama 02
vanesa hudgens alabama 03
vanesa hudgens alabama 04
vanesa hudgens alabama 05
vanesa hudgens alabama 06
vanesa hudgens alabama 07
vanesa hudgens alabama 08
vanesa hudgens alabama 09
vanesa hudgens alabama 10
vanesa hudgens alabama 11
vanesa hudgens alabama 12
vanesa hudgens alabama 13
vanesa hudgens alabama 14
vanesa hudgens alabama 15
vanesa hudgens alabama 16
vanesa hudgens alabama 17
vanesa hudgens alabama 18
vanesa hudgens alabama 19
vanesa hudgens alabama 20
vanesa hudgens alabama 21
vanesa hudgens alabama 22

Credit: Nate Jones, Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • bee

    can’t wait for the 22nd..

    comin back to Cali for her tour *yay!!!

    thanks Jared

  • madonna


  • Boji

    My prediction is realised. And so She can Sing and Dance and dance while singing live. I will say this Vanessa has proven herself many times over.

    Malia, good job! Keep ‘em quotes coming. So profound.

    Julia,julia what ever hate you’re feeling, Sorry dearie, it is not going to make an ounce of difference to the rest of us who love/like Vanessa. Perhaps, if you hit your head on your keyboards or against your screen you’d feel a whole lot better or better still just avoid her threads.

    I checked with the music shop nearby and the guy told me that Emi was responsible for the distribution and he has yet to receive Vanessa’s albums. Miley’s is already in. I’m so mad as I thought Vanessa’s Album came out earlier. A poster in South America did say Vanessa’s Album is still not available. What’s Up, Hollywood Records.?

  • Vfan

    I usually love Vanessa and her outfits but I have to say and don’t hate me for this people but her outfit here was DISGUSTING REVEALING And a little shameful. She’s a great singer though. Hope she wears better outfits next time.

  • Ma

    i live in Brazil n her album is due to come out on August 5th here (Tuesday) *————-*

  • nathalia do brasil

    i love vanessa
    i love zanessa

  • nathalia do brasil

    vanessa is beautiful

  • nathalia do brasil

    vanessa is perfect

  • Karen


    I really get to you, don’t I? And as Malia said, I didn’t type one stupid profanity or suggestive remark to get my point across. You cannot do anything in which you are not trying to put the screws to somebody or to cause some trouble—basically you want attention. I don’t like several celebrities but I know no celebrity is going to appeal to all people. But what’s the point of trying to ruin someone’s enjoyment of that person? And why do would I have to come across as a cretin if I did voice my dislike of any certain celebrity? You with your tones and words tell the whole world who lacks talent, beauty, and intelligence. You can’t tell me that you spend so much time on a Vanessa thread because you simply hate her. What’s the point other than to make yourself feel important by manipulating people who have positive attitudes or if they don’t like her can express it in without sounding like they have a 6th grade education? You wouldn’t go to a site like Perez Hilton because you wouldn’t stand out there—you would be like everyone else–and that is not what you want. Too bad but truth hurts and that’s why I and people like me get to you so much. You can be filthy all you want but it doesn’t rack up any credibility points for you.

  • nathalia do brasil

    vanessa você é minha diva

  • nathalia do brasil

    vanessa aqui no brasil você tem muitos fãs fies
    que te adoram
    i love vanessa

  • MovieWatchingfamily

    I actually like the Sneakernights song

  • Boji

    Karen#160, so true, attention seeking is what it is albout. I gotta say this what little I saw of those video links of her live concert, Vanessa can certainly belt out her songs.

    To say her outfits are tacky and revealing, I disagree. They are appropriate for her energetic performance. She’s not 15 you know and Britney had more revealing outfits at her age. She is 19 going on 20 for heaven’s sake. I like her bikini top. Bright colours suit her and she needs to at least wear leggings/tights if she’s sliding all over the floor. In fact I would have preferred her black over dress to have been shorter to show off her body movements. Her outfits are definitely tame compared to other celebrity performers.

  • nett

    I agree with you Boji. Love her unique style. It’s all Vanessa ! She’s awesome !!!

  • justjaredfan

    she rocks,her album is actually great..stop being jealous and stfu

  • gabriella



  • Boji

    Go Sox, hope you read this. Sorry , I keep missing ya. It is nice to go back in time and talk about actors and movies past.

    Our Angels must be having a raving time. Can’t wait to hear their account of Vanessa’s concert.

    nett, glad you agree.

  • kelly

    Yes, she’s pretty.. but she has no talent! She obviously sucks d’s for tracks & tours.

  • i love you Vanessa


  • kebo

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    I like this new kind of love !!!

  • zanessa


    YOU ROCK V!!!
    I SUPPORT HER 110%

  • julie

    vanessa so cute

  • Pit

    Vanessa looks great in this concert did any of you see the video where she is rehearsing behind stage – kids are yelling out to her — she waves sweetly at them — she was at a sound check I think – I felt bad for her though – you could tell the bugs were really bothering her – she kept wiping her water bottle on them – I kept thinking — get her some bug spray — she even looked like she was going to fall walking away because she was messing with her legs — I hope she did not get a lot of bites — we want those legs to look good tomorrow night at the TCAs — I am hoping she wears a shorter dress to show off her beautiful legs —

    Has anyone heard how the concert in Louisiana went today? I hope we get some input from that one and I also wonder if she is jetting back to LA right now or if she will go early tomorrow AM. I did not see a direct flight from Baton Rouge so I do think she will fly out of New Orleans to return to LA – just not sure if it is tonight or tomorrow.

  • miss zanessa

    aWwW lOvE hER !!!
    shE lOOks gReaT
    i lIkE hEr fUnkY stYlE
    anD shE prOves uS AGAIN
    thaT shE sinGS livE rEAllY gOod
    yoU rOckEd V!!! :D
    i wIsh i cOUld bE in onE of hEr cOncErtS
    i´ll bE sO cOol ^^

  • Malia

    #174 Pit @ 08/03/2008 at 12:06 am
    That was cute where Vanessa was doing the sound check and the kid yelled, “Vanessa, you rock.” She was so excited when Vanessa waved to here.

    I didn’t realize it was bugs bothering her. I thought her legs were hot and she was rubbing the cold water bottle against them. Because I head it was something like 105 degrees there. Hope it’s not mosquitoes.

  • http://justjared leandri

    u guys she is great if u dont like her dont comment

  • Malia

    #160 Karen @ 08/02/2008 at 9:01 pm
    Well said, Karen. You go girl!!!

  • Malia

    Well, I was in a store today looking at magazines, and everything is Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. They’re on the covers of J-14, M, Popstar and every other teen magazine. There are even special issues of each magazine devoted to Miley and to the Jonas Brothers. It’s like a nightmare coming at you.

    Zac and Vanessa are no longer on any of these magazines except Zac had a tiny head shot down in the right corner. And you really have to look to see if it’s him. Some advice he’s giving on kissing or something. OLD stuff. So, they have already moved WAY beyond the teen fan base. Yea, we older folks love that.

    So, other than the upcoming HSM3 stuff about them, I’m sure they’re done with teen magazines. They’ll both be moving on to the adult magazines. Zac has already graced the cover of Detail. Soon he’ll be on the cover of GQ and Esquire, even Time. Vanessa will be on the cover of Elle, Vogue and In Style.

    Yes, they are moving up in the world.

  • yets

    really a talented girl!!!
    God Bless Vanessa hope that she win TCA08.

  • mhay

    vanessa is more to offer to her fans so haters watch out.

  • yets

    Malia,Karen.Boje, among others.
    thanks you Guys for defending our girl
    i dont know why i love this girl.
    God Bless Vanessa.

  • Ali

    I think she is really pretty and stop being so critical. What have any of you haters accomplished.

  • Sarahjuana

    I thought her album bombed???

    Whats the point of the tour?

    I know right. Her first album sold more then her first
    and that’s a bad thing.

    so wtf!?
    she is such a slut. look at what she is wearing!!!!!!!

  • troy

    #184 For the last time the tour was scheduled BEFORE the release of “Identitifed.” I saw tour dates posted on VABN as early as May.

    Secondly I’ve looked at he pictures *more then once LOL* And I see ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with what she is wearing. And I don’t believe for ONE minute that any of you haters do either.

  • ME



  • Ali

    The cover of GQ is huge! Congats to them.

  • Saley

    #91 ashfan0013 : you hate her , OK , don ‘t care !!! But don’t go here and abuse !!! Get out of here !!!

    P/S : Baby V is so amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg , luv her so much . ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Boji

    Sarahjuana, please get your facts right and don’t be such a parrot. Her record has not bombed, how could it when we can’t even get our hands on the elusive album whereas Miley’s has flooded the market. It is about Supply, my dear, don’t doubt that the Demand is there. Am still waiting where I’m at.

    A point off topic, the silly Nikki fans are lashing out at Vanessa on the Nikki thread. It is ridiculous. Well, fans and the celebrity have one thing in common, they need anger management. They have their come uppance.

  • shannon

    i love vanessa so much…………. good luck to you…………..

  • suzy

    I hope Hollywood records gives Vanessa good promo for her 2nd single. Her Album is good and more people need to find out about it. She has done well with the lack of help her label has been giving her in terms of promo.

  • Vanessa_h_FAN !!!

    love her lol buy her album and she is so winning female hottie

  • evelyn

    i heard vanessa did a shoot for lucky as well

  • go sox

    suzy, I agree. I think it’s really good, and it deserves more play time. Her label should be ashamed.

    Malia, I’m also glad they’re not gracing the covers of all those teen magazines. Just one look at the Elle pictures tells you they’re not in teenland anymore!! Brilliant PR move. Bye-bye, Disney.

    Some of Zanessa’s Angels were at the LA concert last night. Waiting to hear from them!!

    Boji, hello to you!! It’s hard to catch up when on opposite sides of the world!! Hope all is well with you. That record store of yours needs to step it up!!

    Just heard from the Angels………..Concert was AWESOME, Vanessa is more gorgeous in person (how is that possible?), and said her voice was awesome live!!

  • go sox

    Hi, evelyn! Hope all is well with you! Did you enjoy the Elle pics?

  • 8v

    Gorgeous as always! Looks like our girl is really enjoying singing and performing in front of the crowd. :-)

  • maila

    her new album is awsome! dont hate on her people!

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    She look so bubbly and vibrant in all these pics, I can feel how happy she is performing again with a big crowd. I wish and pray that one day i can see her do a concert in my country, her mom’s hometown.

    Yup as go sox said concert at LA are amazing as our fellow ZA’s were there to witness it. Good job V!

  • Pit

    Gossip Girls has pics up of her concert in Baton Rouge last night !!

  • dadad


  • hollisterxgirlx

    I liked her outfits from the HSM tour better!!! But, she’s still pretty.