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Chris Brown - "Doublemint" Commercial

Chris Brown -

Chris Brown gives two thumbs way up as he doubles his pleasure at an event in N.Y.C. earlier this week.

His hit song “Forever” is apparently an extended version of a new Doublemint jingle written by Chris that will begin airing this month in 30-second spots for Wrigley’s.

Watch the new Doublemint commercial featuring a dancing Chris Brown below! It’s a pretty hot commercial with a pack of Doublemint gum flying around. Check it out!

Chris Brown – “Doublemint” Commercial
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  • omfg

    Damn, he is just SOO f*ckin sexy!!

  • .

    aww he looks cute when he turns around

  • ……

    Only HE can make bubblegum sexy. LMFAO.


    That does make bubblegum sexy!!! Those two little bubblegum ladies aren’t bad either…

  • yeah

    i really want some gum now..

  • oh snap!

    he make me want to get that gum :P lol

    plus he’s hot!!!

    love the commercial
    i bet they will sell alot more gum now :)

  • yuppers

    Damn he makes gum SEXY

  • Porsche

    I LOVE this commerical! He is such an amazing dancer!!!

  • sisi

    i need gum now..he is too sexy

  • victoria

    10th!!!! Cute.!!!! Not bad for old gum.

  • anon

    omg thats hot!! he looks soooo fine when he turns around at the end!

  • Vogue
  • lolly

    I LOVE HIM, I LOVE THE ADVERT OMG yum he’s perfect

  • ……

    OMFG. Someone needs to tell him that you are NOT suppposed to be THAT sexy when you’re only 19. I need to fan my face.

  • chrisfan

    Chris is a real fine deal! He is very talented, all his album is gold. May God contnue to bless Chris Brown.

  • allaia

    he’s the sexiest and hottest man of the world. No of the uniserve !!!! I love him so much!!!!

  • wow,,,

    sexy ass :]

  • wow,,,

    sexy ass :]

  • mickii

    he is so hott..
    he is amazing at dancing.
    they basically stole the pack to the 5 gum
    like the way that it opens.
    stupid wrigley

  • Em

    #19 wow, no need for a completely ignorant and racist comment like that

  • http://justjared Constance

    Chris Brown is hott! That commercial was sooo cute! He is the best dancer and hottest person alive right now-I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN!

  • A girl like me

    Chris just made that gum seems juicer!

  • chrisfan

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  • cutie pie

    I know its just for a commercial,, that cris is all over these white girls,, but Rihanna will make them a new face any day… she is WAY prettier than them!

  • cutie pie

    i know its for a commercial that cris is all up on these girls.. but Rihanna is way prettier and will make them a new face anyday!

  • Lidia

    19, you’re a moron. I’m white and I find him very attractive. And as a person who typically hates on rap/R&B, I find his music pretty tolerable.

  • cutie pie

    Oh snap… you tell em hun,, these racist people always come out on the post with their racist crap and hide behind the computer.. What the hell does fine cris brown making a gum commercial have to do with black women,, i can come out with some outrageous crap about whites but this forum is about cris brown not a racist forum.. its enough of that on Obama.. i know you whites see how racist you people are .. and i know you see the racism blacks have had to put up with!! but you wont say anything b/c you are white.. i know you see it , i know you see it it happens everyday.. RACISM IS STLL ALIVE FROM 400 YEARS AND ITS STILL ALIVE and wont go until whites stop thinking they ar better than all races, to be better you have to be pure,, no drug addicts, no serial killers, no child molesters, no killing wives for insurance monies,,, pure is not having any corruption in your race1

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  • Brittany

    he is SOOOOOOO ugly

  • Brittany

    He is so ugly!
    Who would EVER think he is sexy?
    I THINK I PUKED IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ice

    im white and i think black men are the sexiest men on the planet as is chris brown

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  • kathryn

    fuckin hot

  • kathryn

    fuckin hot

  • kiya

    He is smiling in the pic but inside he is probably like ewww

  • UK

    #36 and 37, you are the most ugliest person on earth and for you to call Chris Brown ugly, you must be very ugly and unhappy with your self. Sorry, hang in there.

    Chris is very handsome and talented.

  • chris brown lover

    to be honest i am upset that chris brown is dating rihanna becuz im kinda sot of obsessed with him nad im only 11. he knew it would hurt a lot of his fans feelings and he did. i would feel a little bit better if he were dating jordin sparks. and i dont understand why chris and rihanna are lying and saying nothin is goin on between them when everybody know it is. this might also take away a lot of both of their fans but i still love you chris even though i have seen you kissing rihanna……………. alot. you could have at least gone somewhere a little more private than kfc. but it all gravy i love you for life chris brown. and i would love to meet you one day.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um take that back i will met you one day becuz i can sing dance and act and when i get a little older i will do those things and i will develop a wonderful friendship with you <3 <2 love ya chris

  • candelace

    chris you are so fine when you turn around and smile. i almost went crazy on that part. holla at your girl candelace.

  • aliya

    i bought doublemint just because he did that!!

  • emo nerd

    he is soo cute love the song 2

  • emo nerd

    chris is so f***in hot love the comercial and chris brown