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Christina Applegate Is Fighting Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate Is Fighting Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer, a rep for the actress confirms.

The 36-year-old Samantha Who? actress released a statement via her spokesperson: “Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor ordered MRI, the cancer is not life threatening. Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery. No further statement will be issued at this time.”

This is just one month after her photographer ex-boyfriend Lee Grivas was found dead in his Hollywood apartment — the victim of drug overdose.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Christina!

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  • kiki

    Get well soon Christina. We’ll all pray for you. :)

  • Heather xx

    I think?

  • Heather xx

    I think?

  • LuckyL

    That’s terrible. By the grace of God may she get through this.

  • Abbyyy

    get well soon!

  • Julia

    Just read this on another site. How sad. :(
    Hope you get better soon!

  • Jasmine

    aw, this is so sad :( i hope the treatment goes well and she gets well soon! my best wishes are with her! be strong christina! :)

  • kebo

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  • kebo

    beautiful people have a lovely body and sexy dancing can always lead the fashion drink attract people’s attention!I like this girl.I have met my girl on a site agelessmatch.C O M we fall in love soon!!She not takes many funing things,but when i have somethings bad she always helps me!!!That’s so good !!!

  • gina

    Praying for her too

  • Hailie

    so sad! the scary thing is she is only 36, and it is recommended to begin getting mamograms at 40. What if this would have gone 4 years untreated! Clearly God is on her side, and she will be fine. I think this should be a wakeup call thats its NEVER to early to examine for things like this…

  • eddie jones

    hopefully all will go well with Christina. As for the ex boyfriend being a ‘victim of a drug overdose’ that’s a laugh. Seems to me that the only people that die of drug overdoses are those that are drug users. Of course you have your accidential overdoses that were a result of a mistake of someone in the medical profession, but from the sounds of this writing, he was a victim of himself.

    I don’t know anyone that has died from a drug overdose that wasn’t a drug user.

  • cheninator

    @ #2 – 3 yeah very nice huh? someones been diagnosed with breast cancer and all you care about is being first, for god sake.

    anyway hope christina gets well, she is a great actress. get well soon christina :-)


  • Vogue
  • chilly_powder

    I hope she will overcome this. It’s good that they caught it early, that means she can get treatment faster and get better sooner.
    Hope she get well! :)

  • yeah.

    i agree #13.

    probably some 12 year old waiting for the next hannah montana post…

    but good luck christina.

  • Ali

    I am sorry for the fear this must be causing her and her family. Seems like it will have a positive outcome.

  • Shrink

    I wish her all the best. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

  • lounge

    Do get well soon, glad to see doctors have caught it early on.

  • vas11890

    i cant say that im a big fan of hers but i was sad when i heard, im glad that the doctors caught the cancer early and i hope she gets well soon

    good luck christina, alot of people will be praying for you

  • lovesimpsonsis

    oh no! i really hope she is gonna be ok!

  • Nando


    You’ll get through this!

  • hello

    she seems so nice i hope she gets better, my prayers are with her.

  • kady

    that’s awful.

    god bless you christina.

  • Julie

    Get well, Christina! We love you and we’re with you!

  • onmyown

    Our technology is state of the art – that and God’s love and guidance will bring her to safe harbor.

    No need to be afraid of the dark. God Bless !

    ‘am on A710 toward Thiers/Saint Etienne/Lyon, France

  • lyb

    So sad to hear this, be strong Christina, may God be with you

  • Frida

    Seems like it’s been diagnosed pretty early on so that’s good!
    Obviously all forms of cancer are severe but breast cancer discovered early can be cured with chemo.

    Prayers to Christina!

  • casey

    my prayers are with her and her family at this time.

  • Mary

    Good luck Christina.

  • Lisa

    I met her a couple years ago after a Sweet CHarity performance and she waited until everyone had everything signed and was very chatty and sweet. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Helena

    Oh no! Get well better, Christina! This hasn’t been her year, has it? Poor woman!

  • Regina

    13 – Couldn’t agree with you more. Quite frankly, I’m sick of these ‘first’ posts and especially on a topic like this, all they seem to care about is being first.

  • existo solvo

    my thoughts are with you Christina,hopefully you will conquer this.

  • real world

    I really like and hope that she able to beat this prayers go out to you.Good luck.

  • piper, with a low

    I remember watching an E THS about Married With Children and I’m pretty sure that they mentioned that Christina’s mom battled breast cancer during the run of the show. So there is no doubt that the possibility never left Christina’s mind.

    Good for her for staying on top of her health and I wish her the best throughout this crisis.

  • real world

    i really like her .hope that every thing turns out all for prayers and love goes out to at this time. good luck.

  • American

    Get well soon!

  • null

    Get well soon, Christina.

    Christina’s situation shows how important it is to get tested regularly. Early detection is the key. And actually, breast exams are part of my yearly ob/gyn visits, and I’m younger than Christina. So doctors are looking out for signs of breast cancer even prior to 40. But I guess mammograms for ALL women (not just those 40+) are too cost-prohibitive. But we can all do self-exams and be pro-active.

    PS: How silly can you be Heather xx?

  • dan’s mom

    Christina, stay strong & get well soon!

  • Samara

    poor thing, God be with christina

  • me

    Thank God she had a mammogram. She probably did because her mom had breast cancer. Just to be on the safe side, I started having them at 32.

    God Bless you Christina. It sounds like you will be just fine but we’ll pray for you because the word “cancer” is enough to scare anyone. You must be scared even though the doctor’s say this is not life-threatening.

  • leighton.

    thoughts are with Christina and her family. hope she gets well soon and manages to overcome this completely.

  • Jill

    Hailie @ 08/03/2008 at 1:57 am
    the scary thing is she is only 36, and it is recommended to begin getting mamograms at 40.

    I don’t know of any doctor who still recommends that you begin getting mammograms that late. Most doctors will advise you to start getting mammograms in your 30′s, and even earlier if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.

    Wishing Christina a swift and complete recovery.

  • justme

    We’ll pray for you Christina!. Get well! . We love you!.

  • lola

    Oh my goodness, this is so sad. I love her. Thank goodness she caught it early. I believe her mom had breast cancer as well. This just goes to show that women really should get breast exams done regularly.

  • Shorty

    My prayers are with her.

  • victoria

    48th!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just shows you that breast cancer does not know age or people. I love Christina and pray for her. She has been a favorite of mine since ” MARRIED WITH CHILDREN” was on the air. I don’t think there is an episode I have missed, plus all her other sitcom’s. She is such a funny actress. But, never the funniest, as Kelly Bundy. I wish her all the best, and know she will follow the Dr.’s orders and get well quick. May God bless you Christina and all the others going through this horrible ordeal.

  • nikkita

    hope all goes well.

  • Kamila

    Christina is a lovely person! My prayers are with her and I wish her a speedy and full recovery!