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Coldplay - "Viva La Vida" Music Video

Coldplay -

Chris Martin and his band Coldplay released not one, but two (!!) music videos for their new single, “Viva la Vida“, off their latest album of the same name.

One is a video directed by Hype Williams, whose work you may recognize from Dr. Dre‘s “California Love”. The other is a video cover version that the band themselves “made out of love for Depeche Mode and the genius of Anton Corbija.”

Whether you like one music vid over the other–one thing’s for sure–”Viva la Vida” is one strongest tracks the band has ever produced. Check out both music videos below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Coldplay’s latest music videos for “Viva La Vida” — YAY or NAY?

Coldplay – “Viva La Vida” Music Video (Directed by: Hype Williams)

Coldplay – “Viva La Vida” Music Video
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  • Mike

    I am not a big fan of Coldplay but I happen to LOVE that song…

  • Kirsty

    sweet :)

  • noor



    I listen to it whenever I am having a crappy day, it manages to cheer me up.

  • gotit

    Sappy, self-absorbed, overproduced schlock, here today, forgotten tomorrow. For comfortable yups who think Dave Mathews is too edgy…

  • flutters

    Thanks Jared! I love this song so much, the lyrics are amazing. This album’s made me a fan again even though there are other bands that have released better albums.

    I like the band’s version of the video better. I like that it’s more literal to the lyrics.

  • pauuuuuu

    I like the second one

    FROM SPAIN!!!!

  • erin

    like this song…

    where are the pics of madonna looking decent at the traverse city film festival.
    seems everyone wants to run bad pics these days………

  • Grc

    Coldplay = overrated!

  • mariam

    hmm pretty good.. and it’s not Anton Corbija.. it’s Anton Corbijn by the way, and his work is brilliant.. =)

  • linda

    funny, I live in Belgium, but the radio already plays this song since a couple of weeks:) but really I LOVE, ADORE this song! I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay but now this song is one of their greatest! together with clocks , it’s my fave song of them! way to go!!!!

  • casey

    what gwyneth paltrow sees in him i will never understand

  • Staci

    I like the hype williams one much better… it is visually stunning. Though the second one is more in line with the lyrics. I wish they could have merged the two ideas for one really great music video.

  • Mika

    I find Coldplay to have a very bland Brit-pop sound, but I LOVE LOVE their trubute video to Depeche Mode. (It’s the second video down) If anyone wants to hear what REAL kings of British music of the last 20 years sound like, go on Youtube & type in Depeche Mode. Martin Gore as lyricist & Dave Gahan as his vocalist produce a powerful sound.

    PS. If you want to see the what Coldplay based their trubute on, look for “Enjoy the Silence” original video. Anton Corbijn based the theme on The Little Prince book. Check it out, it’s really cute with a bit of that DM edge ;)

  • Solène

    She doesn’t have to see anything in him, maybe love is enough, why don’t you understand that? And I find him really handsome. His kids look a lot like him.

  • Fany917

    Love this song and love those clips!
    The first clip is so good and Chris Martin is so sexy!!

    The second clip is good but I Really love the first one

  • Vivian


  • rolling eyes

    The second one rocks

    The first one was all awkward and weird, in all sorts of place. I know the first one was suppose to evoke emotion of some sort but it just leaves u feeling uneasy watching it…nothing about it was artistic

    The second one comes across more as them then the first one.

  • maggie

    depeche mode rules !

  • Goosie

    I was never a fan, until I heard their latest album.
    I love them now.
    This is a great song
    and I like both videos.

  • Goosie

    I was never a fan, until I heard their latest album.
    I love them now.
    This is a great song
    and I like both videos.

  • nana

    Chris looks like the burger king :P Love Coldplay! Awesome videos! :D

  • Lillianne

    The song is good but he’s beginning to repeat himself. Especially the first video.

  • LuckyL

    Isn’t this f****** old?

  • jughed

    Great song.

    I like the second video. It could almost be a Spike Jonze video!

  • Carolyn

    Love this song, like the second vid best.

  • stephanie

    the first video is my favorite.

  • Andrea

    OMGGGGG!!!! I love the 1st videooooo……ahhhhh!!!! It’s sooo cool how it was made.. love them and loveeee the songggggg :)))

  • jschartrand

    Coldplay’s clip are too centered on chris martin to be good..

  • good for them

    I love the song. The first video is a little better. It is more hip. Christ Martin is a good and talented guy. Gwyneth and Christ make a good couple. They are peaceful people and not crazed for media frenziness.

  • ellen

    LOVE the second video

  • Vogue
  • [marie]

    I may be in the minority here, but as far as this album goes… I liked the Violet Hill video better… but the vids are still pretty good…

  • Holly

    the second one was more interesting. they should have invested more time in that one rather than making two.

  • Shorty


  • lime

    what on earth??!!
    the second one is recorded in my hometown of The Hague!!!
    so, of course i’m gonna say the second one. and i like the plotline better as opposed to the ‘just pretty clouds filmed in front of a green screen’ of the first one.
    i was kinda over coldplay with their last not so impressive couple of albums, but this make my chauvanistic heart really love ‘em again. kudo’s to anton corbijn, ‘talk’ was also one of my fave video’s of them.
    they must have filmed in miniaturetown ‘madurodam’ with the tiny houses and it was even during the european football cup with all the orange flags around town! so fun to see. they even made the dunes (my fave place to be around here) a filminglocation..le sigh!
    how i wish i knew they would film here and i would have taken a look.

  • Louise

    Love the song but hate the videos. I think the Itunes commercial is the best video. I’m surprised that wasn’t an official video. Also Vida La Viva has been out for several months.

  • caro

    gotit: “here today, forgotten tomorrow”
    umm, ‘parachutes’ was released in 2000 so that’s 8 years they’ve been massive. 4 #1 albums. I think they’ll stick around…

    also I’ve gotto say – LOVE the new album. I honestly thought the last one was a little… bland. but ‘viva la vida’ is amazing, from the first track to the last.

  • Lynn

    Loved both videos…one things for sure these guys sure have talent…. absolutely love them!

  • rebecca

    Loved both =) Though the second one brings out the message clearer than the first.

  • karinesatine

    I’m not a big fan of COLDPLAY but I love this song, it’s beautiful.
    It’s kinda nostalgic (I don’t know if “nostalgic” exists or not in english language, I’m french.) Anyway, it moves me. It does.

    The first vid is the better one. The second vid is boring.

  • Mavis

    The second clip was shot in my hometown in Holland. I actually liked the fact that they made a tribute to Depeche Mode as I like their music. And seeing these familiar shots of my city with the beach, that just makes me smile.

  • Ariel

    I always like their singles, never one of their songs have I disliked. I love this song of theirs, though. By far it beats the rest :]

    I like the second one better :)

  • Dorothy

    I like both videos, Coldplay is so freakin’ awesome.

    And yes, Chris Martin is very hot…=D

  • Hmmmm

    I love this song, I am gonna buy that CD 4 sure…..awesome!!!

  • notoriginal

    coldplay is not an original band or sound…this last album was produced by U2′s producers, and chris himself has admitted to ripping off songs.

    overrated. and this song is old already and overplayed.

  • sexy

    i’m not a coldplay fan at all, but Chris Martin is my type.

  • steven


  • Sunsette

    I loved both! Can’t belive I’m going to se them september 18 :D

  • Modegirl


    Good on Coldplay for making an ode to DM……which by the way, Depeche Mode is one of the greatest bands of the last 30 years!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Like them both but love the 2nd one. Great song – amazing played live. Saw them recently and they are so brilliant live. Would recommend their show to anyone – even if you’re not a massive fan. You’d have to be a totally miserable sod not to enjoy yourself.