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Dwayne Johnson Rocks New Romance

Dwayne Johnson Rocks New Romance

Dwayne Johnson, formerly known by his wrestling name, “The Rock”, vacations in Hawaii with his new girlfriend Lauren Hashian on Sunday.

Dwayne‘s divorce to ex-wife Dany Johnson was recently finalized and despite the split, he described their relationship as “amicable and that they would spend the rest of their lives together as best friends.”

The 36-year-old actor has a new film, Race to Witch Mountain, which is due to open on March 13th next year. Carla Gugino and Cheech Marin co-star in the film. Via IMDB: A UFO expert enlists the help of a cabbie to protect two siblings with paranormal powers from the clutches of an organization that wants to use the kids for their nefarious plans.

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418 Responses to “Dwayne Johnson Rocks New Romance”

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  1. 151
    Mayflower Says:

    ktfd – You’re pulling me back into this mess?? Yes, I’m glad you didn’t have to wax. What a horrible vision you gave me.

    As for Dwayne, I’m still waiting for his explanation for all the lies and cheating while he was still a married man. He’s not off the hook for that. Now that he’s single, however, he can have all the women he wants. But why does he have to annoy me more with his crappy behavior? I’d really like to slap him. I may have to choke-slam him yet. Being a few hours late on set and having a bad attitude? Yes, I guess he’s getting very little sleep… This better be a phase he’s going through. Everything I hear about him now makes him look like a complete jerk.

  2. 152
    Tumbletots Says:

    Is he really seeing all these women?? The only woman I have seen him pictured with, in his car, going to the gym, on VACATION, is this Lauren Hashian. This has been over two years!! If he is seeing other women where are the pictures. I think he is in a relationship with this Lauren. Thats what it looks like to me.

    Shame. He could do so much better but he obviously doesn’t want to be overshadowed!!

  3. 153
    no-zee Says:

    HEEEY NO-ZEE in da HOUSE!!! Wow, I never saw this blog. I think I like this one better. There are actually some mentally sound people on here…I think…I saw this article on I have been saying the entire time that DJ is a pimp on WWE daily and the hollywood gossip. I KNOW for a fact that he isn’t in a “a relationship” with this woman. Dont ask me how i know, i just know…and I also know that Lauren is crazy and she set this entire thing up. Yea, dj has been hitting this, for a while, but not for the entire two years. they have only met each other for two years. im tired of these blogs so you probably wont be hearing from me anymore. i think its hilarious that u guys are claiming to be dwayne’s future wife. do ya know that dj isn’t thinking about getting married again anytime soon? lol..not even to any of his hoes…

  4. 154
    no-zee Says:

    actually, when i say the term “relationship”, i mean it as in committment, like an exclusive thing, where two people only see each other…maybe that is where im getting the wires crossed. yea, he has been associated with her, because i saw the SUV pics. if u call an association a “relationship” then be my guest. but the way i see it, there was just an association, sexual i gather. i saw some people on another blog say that lauren tipped of some people to take pics and had the pics put on blogs in order to raise her fame. i think that is kinda crazy if she did do that, dont you think?

  5. 155
    Mayflower Says:

    I think there will probably be many women who try to hook up with him for fame and publicity. If he doesn’t realize that, then he gets what he deserves. I don’t know Lauren except for the fact that she got involved with a married man. I have nothing nice to say about that….

    But WHOEVER he’s with is having a very negative effect on him. Unprofessional behavior on the set? Holding up production to talk on his cell phone?? What on earth is going on with this man?!

  6. 156
    Beantown Boston Says:

    i happen to have met this girl a couple of times. it just so happens she was doing every drug under the sun when i was with her. forget about the guys she was with. cmon people with what she did to the rocks ex was not right. they were still married when she weasled her way in. it was a halloween party when her and her friends were the fanta girls. boy o boy did they hit it off. shes only doing this for her singing career- which by the way she cannot sing! if its one thing in hollywood if you don’t have a great voice they can fix that with voice overs but you would def need good looks in its place. – have you seen what she looks like?! take a look at her dad, put long brown hair on him- the rock will eventually find out. from one guy to another OPEN YOUR EYES MAN.

  7. 157
    Reign Says:

    Hey Beantown, funny that you mention the Halloween party. I’ve seen a pic of that party on Tanoai Reed’s site. Out of all the girls there to connect with, Dwayne connected with her. A kid compared to him. She must have really been jocking big time, or he simply can’t see. His involvement with her just threw me, when I first saw the pics and as of recent when and where they hooked up. I know looks aren’t important. But GEEZ you’re the freakin ROCK. I just don’t get him at all. But am not surprised that he has other chicks. He doesn’t want or probably need a full-time relationship. He’s not that kind of man. Wonder will he ever be?

  8. 158
    Stephanie Says:

    Picture, what picture? I want to see it. Is it on Tanoai’s regular site or his myspace page?

  9. 159
    Reign Says:

    On, look under movies, then The Game Plan. Looks like they kicked it, they’re all dressed up, and in the background is tons of alcohol. So looks like he was drunk, when he passed out that number. Ha…

  10. 160
    petulauk Says:

    Hi No-zee – I see you have finally caught up then!! Welcome Aboard!!!

  11. 161
    no-zee Says:

    Hey petulauk! OMG so Lauren does drugs huh Beantown! That explains it, ***** is crazy. Lauren probably walked right up to DJ and told him she will swallow. That is “probably” what grabbed his attention. And many men know that the ugliest ***** in the crowd is the easiest hoe. DJ knows what he’s doing. TRUST ME. He is a PIMP!!! I gotta keep reminding everyone of that. I think DJ should be praised for his pimposity. I mean damn, hoes are passing out when they see him. There is no telling why DJ is messing with so many hoes, it is probably because he is lonely. I heard through the grapevine that Dany had wanted a divorce for a while and DJ didn’t know what to do. Man is hurt, let him heal.

  12. 162
    blkLAcreole Says:

    The ROCK has always been HOT. He needs someone that is not cute so that they don’t steal HIS shine. He knows what he is doing. Look at his wife also a plain jane but better looking then this pasty, new shape ole olive oyl popeye character look a like. Rock needs a black woman to bring him since he is half black with a Mandigo stick . OOPS. I mean black/mandigo stick in this country. He needs to get real with his fine self. I would show how its done. As for steroids , I think he takes hit now and then but not like he did when he wrestled. Still, he is my boo. Just need to find better taste in women. She probably a freak and does what ever HE Wants

  13. 163
    blkLAcreole Says:

    The ROCK has always been HOT. He needs someone that is not cute so that they don’t steal HIS shine. He knows what he is doing. Look at his wife also a plain jane but better looking then this pasty, new shape ole olive oyl popeye character look a like. Rock needs a black woman to bring him since he is half black with a Mandigo stick . OOPS. I mean black/mandigo stick in this country. He needs to get real with his fine self. I would show how its done. As for steroids , I think he takes hit now and then but not like he did when he wrestled. Still, he is my boo. Just need to find better taste in women. She is probably a freak and does what ever HE Wants

  14. 164
    Mayflower Says:

    no-zee – Funny you should say that about the divorce… I’ve been wondering if his wild behavior was maybe because the divorce hit him harder than he’s let on. Of course, I also believe he was not the most faithful husband!!

    I still can’t wrap my head around the Lauren thing. I do hope it’s true that he’s moved on from her.

    And I have a stupid question. Why do you keep calling him a “pimp,” no-zee? Is that supposed to be a compliment? I must be very naive….I’ve never heard that word used in a good way….

    Hey, ktfd! Where are you? Don’t you want to put in your two cents, or are you sick of us?

  15. 165
    ktfd Says:

    What?! What?..What did I miss?…one second let me read and catch up…..wife wanted divorce, lauren’s plain and ugly, people still pissed, confused, he’s acting like a diva,is a pimp(not quite sure what that means…I’ll take a stab and guess it means he has lots of women)…
    That diva comment came from laineygossip site.. She is just about the bitchiest woman alive. As my mother would say “Jesus would want to slap the smirk off her face”.
    He could have been late because of raging diarrhea…stuck on a toilet and would prefer not to discuss it with the CREW. The calls could have been one call or 10. it could have been his mother, an EMERGENCY…who knows(maybe he has a standing policy to take his daughter’s call no matter what. I had a boss like that. We’d be in the middle of a meeting and the phone rings, “Hi, sweetie…yes, you can watch TV…your brother won’t let you?…put him on…Timmy give your sister the remote…okay love you too!” Twenty minutes later, same thing, “No you can’t have any Ice Cream…Yes, I told the Nanny not to give you anymore until you clean your room…okay Daddy loves you too”. I have no clue what the truth is but Lainey LOVES is stretch the truth/lie.
    IMHO, he would/should date women like the ones mentioned(hoes I believe), for the simple reason…he ain’t looking for a wife!!
    I give him another 18 months of whoring around before he starts looking at women, who he might actually introduce to his Mother and daughter. Until then THE BUFFET IS OPEN.

  16. 166
    ktfd Says:

    Apparently his wiki has changed to say “he is now dating Lauren”. Who’s her PR?

  17. 167
    Reign Says:

    Hey ktfd, I noticed that too on his wikipedia page. Fans update those things. He never confirmed it of course. Somebody quick fast and in a hurry updated that. I saw it a while ago. I just think it’s funny. And I feel yah on the whoring around. That gets old! He’s exploring now, he’ll eventually want something concrete. And especially want somebody that he doesn’t have to fear or worry about karma shadowing his every move, when searching for that future wife. We’ll eventually see who he ends up with.

  18. 168
    Teresa Says:

    No-zee whay are you so obsessed with all the sex talk? Every single blog it’s “Let him pimp!”. Do you even know the meaning of the word PIMP? Because I don’t think you do. A pimp is someone who sends his own women out to F for money. Then brings the money back to the pimp. Dwayne is NOT a pimp. Dwayne is a *****. Plain and simple. He’s a male ****. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why you are more impressed with a 36 year old man who is supposed to be a daddy to a 7 year old little girl ‘who he never sees by the way unless he’s on a film set’ getting laid to a bunch of trashy nasty groupies than to be the decent family man he once was but turned his back on. It’s endearing that there are fans who’d rather see him back with his wife and keeping a respectable profile than out ******** endless legions of young girls disgracing his own family even more. He turned his back on his wife and child. And you’re happy about that? Like he’s better off being a swinging bachelar. Like his child and the wife he ditched his child with are better off. Danny doesn’t have a husband anymore because of his sleazy ways. His little girl doesn’t get parented by her daddy anymore. She gets occasional visits. You cannot ‘parent’ a child from a movie set during twice a month visits. Has it ever occured to you that Dwayne is being selfish and insensitive with his recent behavior. He should’ve been trying to repair the relationship with his wife that he ruined. Not making it even harder on his little girl. But all you can say is Pimp this and Pimp that. Grow up PLEASE!

  19. 169
    ktfd Says:

    What is with the mellow drama? From what I’m hearing Dany filed for divorce…there was no ‘ditching’ just a decision to end the marriage. They got married and got divorced. in between that they say they have maintained a deep friendship. They are business partners, have joint custody(which is a big deal)and still donate money TOGETHER. I think it’s safe to say “they’ve worked it out”.
    Dany was never at home waiting for Dwayne…why would she start now that they’re divorced? She’s dating he’s whoring what is the drama?
    As for being a father, it’s their family and they can “parent” as they wish. He may be gone for months at a time, but then he’s off…for months at a time. Plus there are these things called planes, which take his daughter to him.

  20. 170
    no-ee Says:

    blk LA creole i know what ya mean gurl! I would throw it on dj. Teresa, shut your dumb ass up *****! DJ is smooth as a baby’s bottom. And homie ktfd, i so agree with ya. DJ is a grown ass man, he can do what he pleases. Teresa is a loser, shut the **** up! You are sooo wrong about DJ and dany’s relationship.

  21. 171
    Carmelita Says:

    I think it’s funny how we’ve morphed the original post into an ongoing saga. I bet this site has never seen so many hits. LOL!!

  22. 172
    no-zee Says:

    I feel like this…DJ doesn’t have to tell NONE of his fans about his love life! Man keeps saying he’s single, that means HE IS!!! But who is gonna mention “oh, im single but i have alot of hoes?” Who is gonna say that crap? HUH? WHO???? Tell me? His ***** mongering is his business! We are not supposed to judge him! All I know is, Dany was NICE about the divorce, and I READ the divorce papers on SHE IS THE PETITIONER! Maybe she knew she wouldn’t fit into his new lifestyle, he seemed to have changed since he became famous in hollywood! They probably just merely grew apart and became too different! LEAVE DJ ALONE AND LET HIM BE HUMAN!!! He’s smooth, and he’s fine, and he’s talented! That’s all I care about. I don’t wanna criticize his personal life. Hell, I wanna meet the man and marry his fine ass!

  23. 173
    no-ee Says:

    LOL, I am not God, therefore I aint judging DJ! I still am a big fan of his. I have my own sins to worry about. Do your thing DJ! These people talking crap against you and LYING on you are crazy. you know you are the man! YOU KNOW IT! LOL…

  24. 174
    Mayflower Says:

    (ktfd – “Raging diarrhea?….Stuck on a toilet?” LOL! I knew you’d make me laugh!)

    I didn’t realize how Dwayne was being CRUCIFIED all over the internet. I saw some sites I had not viewed before. I have never been on these message boards for celebrities before, which tells you how angry I was about all this stuff with Dwayne! He’s one of the few celebrities I care about. And I have voiced my own anger and disappointment with him, but I also want to be fair.

    As for his cheating, lying to the public, what his true relationship with Lauren was/is – I do hope he clarifies all this at some point just to end all the speculation and rumor. Honesty will go far with many people, whether it’s good or bad.

    As for all the…uh…*****?…he is allegedly bedding now that he’s single, oh well, he IS single, after all. I just hope he doesn’t catch any diseases or get anyone pregnant. And I also hope he doesn’t lose his head to the point where it continues to affect his professionalism (if that’s really what’s happening).

    But some other things I just can’t agree with. For example, I know some people here and on other boards believe Dwayne is a bad father. I see no proof of that. I know I’ve read that he does go to Simone’s soccer games. I’ve also heard him talk about times he’s spent with her, and not just special occasions, but every day stuff like watching Animal Planet together, having dinner together, playing games, etc. Does anyone really know how much time he does or doesn’t spend with Simone? I don’t. Unless people have proof that he’s an absentee father, I feel horrible that he’s getting labeled as a bad parent.

    Also, I have no problem with his choice to be an actor. Yes, it took him away from home a lot. But I don’t know the details of his marriage or how much time he actually spent at home or away, or even how Dany really felt about it. What I do know is that you don’t get many chances in life to follow your dreams and you have to let people go and do what makes them happy. Dany could have forced him to stay home, but he probably would have been miserable. On the other hand, Dwayne could have forced Dany to leave her business to move the family to LA. And SHE probably would have been miserable. This was his shot at a successful acting career and who knows if the chance would ever come again. I don’t believe it would have saved his marriage if he did anything differently with his career. Maybe I’m in the minority about that.

    I don’t know if I’m mellowing or if I just had a crappy day and I’m feeling sorry for him. I’d like to know the truth about him as much as anyone. I just want to keep a little perspective.

  25. 175
    petulauk Says:

    Mayflower – I hear what you’re saying about Dwayne and certain people saying he’s a bad parent. No-one but DJ and Dany know exactly how much time he spends with Simone. I believe that dispite everything that has happened in his marraige he is a good father and does the best that he can for Simone given the profession that he’s in.

    No-zee – Can you tell us how you know all this information as fact about Dwayne and Dany? Why cant you say how you know?

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