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Gwyneth Paltrow: Vote From Abroad, Vote Obama

Gwyneth Paltrow: Vote From Abroad, Vote Obama

In a new two-minute advertisement, Gwyneth Paltrow and several others urge the millions of Democratic voters living outside the country’s borders to vote in the ’08 election.

The spot, titled “Where In The World Will YOU Vote?”, hopes to grab the attention of the more than 6 million estimated Democrats abroad… and hopefully get them to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“I heard people say that they didn’t have a right to vote, from abroad,” says the ad that the London-based Gwyneth helps narrate. “A vote is a vote, regardless of where you are. For anyone who says they don’t have a right to vote, you do.”

The spot concludes with: “Vote Democrat. Vote Obama. Vote From Abroad.”

For more information on this cause, visit

Gwyneth Paltrow: Vote From Abroad, Vote Obama
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  • Gracie

    At least she is getting involved, I suppose.

  • mediterranean

    All I was saying to myself that someone is missing to support Obama! Yes it was Gwyneth!!!!

    This woman is really annoying…..

  • parry


  • tim

    yeah. nice advert! obama 08!

  • singapore

    i hate mccain’s ad. paris hilton ???? why was she included in that ad? weird.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….vote obama.

  • Porsche


  • Taylor

    OBAMA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • hmm..

    why would you want to vote for the president of a country you wont even live in? As far as a I am concerned if your home is in england you shouldnt have a say in what happens here no matter what your nationality is.

  • Stefanie

    somehow I still wonder why stars advertise for politicians.. like do they just want their fans to vote for them because the fans have no opinion?? hmm.. well just weird I guess..

  • Rachel

    Yeah this woman speaks sense. Obama is THE man!!

  • Moe

    This woman is such an attention whore.

  • heh!

    Read my lips:


  • OBama Rocks

    I’m voting for Obama, but I really don’t care who buttaface Paltrow is voting for.

  • Lost

    Love Obama. Gwyneth sucks!

  • Nicole

    This women is desperately seeking attentions.
    She is plain and … BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING !

  • Vogue
  • Kali

    I’m voting Democrat but I think it’s cheesy when stars tell people how to vote.

  • Jon

    Paltrow is so fugly.

  • Halli

    Americans should realize why your most educated citizens are voting for Obama, rather than McCain. Its because they’re not stupid. You guys vote in McCain and you will continue to dig yourselves into a bigger hole and the world will continue to laugh at you.

  • curious

    I’m too lazy to watch the vid. Who else is in it?

  • Fliss

    They should have chosen Johnny Depp instead of this man-faced chick.
    Depp is cool.

  • pink

    i love Obama but i’m disappointed he has Gwynnie Pig Paltrow shilling for him.

  • pink

    ^ maybe he had no say in it…i dunno…still love you Bams!

  • Michael K

    I knew I smelled Fishsticks!

  • sillyme

    I’m tired of these Hollywood celebrities trying to tell people how to vote. People like them will change their minds when President Obama decides to put a limit on how much money they can make. Because, really, does anyone NEED to be paid $10M to be in a 120 minute movie…or $20M a year just to play basketball? Uncle Barack can put that money to much better use.

  • Seriously

    I love how these celebs tell us who to vote for but can’t get off their lazy @sses to actually vote. Ben Affleck is one of them who didn’t vote in 2000 but was trumping for Gore. He went 8 years without voting. Matt Damon said last election that he never voted in his life. I’m a college graduate whose been voting since I was 18. I don’t need someone who regurgitates lines for a living to tell me how to think. Most of them can’t even do simple math.

  • April

    I would have more respect for her if she had simply told Americans living abroad to vote rather than whom to vote for.

  • hope

    You Americans…
    No matter who wins you are still… Americans.

  • hope

    You Americans…
    No matter who wins you are still… Americans.

  • madonna


  • rien

    I would say, it did not really matter who ads for whom, I would listen and analyze carefully their planning for my future, before I gave my vote.

    General Elections is the only time in which I can influence the decisions of some politicians, even though it gives very small (if there is any) influence.
    And not voting is simply waste of my voice. Because it means I agree with the status quo.

    And hmh (@ 11), as long as Gwyneth has American Citizenship, she is an American, and she has the right to vote. If she agrees or not with the present administration, it is another matter!

  • Yes

    Obama will win but they should have chosen someone with more substance for this message than Paltrow who copies whatever her celebrity friends are doing.

  • victoria

    36th!!!! It does not matter what Gwynth does or where she does it from, the problem is telling everyone who to vote for. That is a personal matter. If you want to start a good fight, that is a way to do it. NOW, if you want to tell people on your own, that is your right and choice. ME? OBAMA all the way!!!!!!

  • ansley

    no way! mccain will win! america will never ever vote a black president. and i am not a racist. a lot of america is though. and i can bet 1,000 dollars that mccain will win!

  • ansley

    no way! mccain will win! america will never ever vote a black president. and i am not a racist. a lot of america is though. and i can bet 1,000 dollars that mccain will win!


    Don’t know why so many celebs like to make themselves associated with politics. I ever saw such kind of discuss on a celeb/rich gathering site “” It’s really interesting.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I have a college education. Guess who I will vote for? Obama. 08! Vote Democrat!!!

  • Kathy

    I bet Gwyneth secretly votes for McCain.

    If in doubt of how to vote, ignore the famewhore celeb and read up on the actual issues and visit each candidate’s website.

  • Don’t listen to celebrities!!

    I’m always amazed at how celebrities actually think we care about what they have to say. They are so out of touch with reality and the American middle class. They don’t have to worry about money or college or finding a home you can afford. Celebrities don’t have the same worries other Americans have. They think because they have all this money and they are famous, they know what is best for our country. These stupid ads treat us like we don’t have the brains to choose our own president. Besides, her husband is the very one who thinks all foreigners should be allowed to vote in OUR elections. Ridiculous.

  • stefanie

    With all this celebrity support of Obama, he’s sure to lose in November. When will people realize that people don’t look to celebrities for political insight.

    I couldn’t care less about her opinion or the opinions of the other actors.

    They should stick to acting. Maybe we could get some better movies out there if they did.

  • hmm…

    at #34 my issue is not with her right to vote. I just think that if she cares so much she should actually live in the country.

  • Jane Doe

    Americans should realize why your most educated citizens are voting for Obama, rather than McCain. Its because they’re not stupid. You guys vote in McCain and you will continue to dig yourselves into a bigger hole and the world will continue to laugh at you.
    Exactly! Most thoughtful post of the day. Instead of thinking about the country, we have people who simply want to say “I’m going to do what I want”. It’s great until the economy goes further downhill & they’re the ones out on the street. Sometimes I think people have more pride in “their right” than in the country they claim to love. These celebrities don’t really help though, IMO.

  • stefanie

    I hate when foreigners post their opinions on American politics. You never read any Americans saying $*&($ about European politics (which sucks too). If you can vote in the United States, you can comment. If you can’t vote here, keep your opinions to yourself and fix the problems in your own country.

  • michele

    I’m proud that she’s active in her support for Obama. This is far more entertaining and news worthy than a 19-page spread of the Pitts and Jolies… *rolling my eyes*

    VOTE OBAMA!!!!!

  • pj

    i hate that people who are too good to live in the US still want to make money here and have the right to vote here

  • sheryl

    I think Obama is going to lose and lose by a fairly large margin. He limped across the finish line in the primaries, his poll numbers continue to shrink even with most of the press in the tank for him, Hillary diehards are not going to vote for him, he has pissed off working class whites and then having rich, elitists in Hollywood supporting you is a recipe for failure. Hollywood is too anti-American and most Americans want a POTUS to love this country and speak well of it. BHO and Hollywood constantly bash America.

  • Redneckssuck

    #48, don’t be so assuming. Just because people who have the right to vote here decide not to live here does not mean that they think they are “too good.” For all you know, they could be volunteering in another country, traveling, helping refugees, or living there for reasons you can’t imagine. And if they don’t want to live here, so what? That’s their decision and I’m pretty sure that they don’t have to check with people like you. So open your eyes and your ignorant little mind and realize that this is a free country and if they’ve retained their US citizenship, this country means something to them and they have as much the right to vote as morons like you.