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The Jonas Brothers are Brooke Boys

The Jonas Brothers are Brooke Boys

The Jonas Brothers meet with student and fan Brooke Odom in Charlotte, North Carolina last week.

Brooke, 18, won the national Breakfast BREAKS Video Contest and had the time of her life last week when she met Kevin, Joe and Nick.

She received a special guided tour backstage at their concert, went on board their tour bus and even picked up one of their guitars on stage before the show. The once-in-a-lifetime experience was filmed by the Jonas Brothers‘ official videographer and will be online soon where you can watch Brooke take the guided tour, meet the JoBros and see all the interesting places Breakfast BREAKS were backstage.

The Breakfast BREAKS Video Contest was launched earlier this year and asked kids to create a video communicating why eating a nutritious breakfast everyday is important. Brooke beat out more than 1,000 entries from kids across the country with a video that was a mini-musical complete with an original song and choreography. You can watch her video at

Check out the EXCLUSIVE photos below from Brooke‘s backstage tour!

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  • Jane

    The guy on the left is FUG. The guy in the middle in blue has simian features. The one on the right looks like a dork.

    Why are they famous?

  • mike

    dnt be a bitch….

  • Amy

    She’s one seriously lucky chica. Nick looks hot!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    wish i could meet them!!!!!!!!!
    joe looks HoT=)

  • Amy

    and at #1 – not only are you spewing crap according to a vast number of people, they are famous because they’re talented and millions listen to and watch their songs, movies and tv shows…

  • manny

    damn, that lady looks like she’s 50!! HAHA
    i really dont like them, not hot, not even cute. I dont see what the big deal w/ these boys are!

  • Jane

    Talented? Ha! Some said the Monkees were talented too! Google them. I wonder which “band” is more manufactured?

    In a few years you girls will realize that you’ve been suckered in by Disney’s marketing and you’ll wonder WTF you ever saw in these creatures, or their “music.”

  • leaxoxo


  • monica erfe
  • tiny

    Joe looks older usually does.

  • Daniela

    i absolutely love them. they’re great role models! =D

  • Angeline

    Joe’s muscles = <3333333

    That girl looks OLD!

  • G


  • ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥

    Shes so LUCKY :)

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    i love uuu joe ur greattt ur so sexyyyyyyyy




  • MMM :]

    my joooooooooooooe :D
    lovee him soo much ,and of course the othres guys too ,, nick and kevin are awesome too buuut jooe is the beest ♥

  • michelle

    joe jonassssss<333333
    dayumm hes beyond fkn sexyyy :D

    that ladys lucky i wanna meet them sooo bad..
    especially joe<3

  • Matthew

    Cough, cough…

    What a boring trio of boys..

  • .dangmichelle.

    joe jonasssssss<333333
    dayum beyond fkn sexyyy :D

  • hdisgfhjwidfwe

    omggg so hot!! lucky girl

  • marie

    that girl is stranger !

  • http://Justjared Emma_luvs_nickj

    wow i wish i was her but my age cuz shes 18 ewwwwwwww

  • marie

    girl or woman ?, :~

  • karina

    shes so lucky

  • KIra

    This girl is probably the happiest girl in the entire world !!
    Greetings from Germany!

  • kira

    ugh…Joe!!! shave your armpit hair !!!
    Love you though xD

  • Yum!

    That “girl” looks about 38!!!! And the middle one is so gay looking. Older one is definitely beat and the younger one, well, who really cares?!

  • Jane

    “ugh…Joe!!! shave your armpit hair !!!

    But then how will people be able to tell he’s not a girl?

  • jackie loves joe jonas

    they’re so cute love them

  • melisa

    what is that chick wearing?!?!

  • mari

    ily nick jonas..!!!
    ily nick jonas..!!

  • trip


  • anthony

    joe is letting himself go, he gets uglier by the day.

  • Davidcookandarchuletafan

    love them

  • anthony

    and of course some of you make fun of the girl…coz your jealous.

  • soldier

    Rumors are swirling that Nick Jonas is ‘spending time with’ Fort Worth stunner Victoria Minton. Minton, a talent in her own rite, has taken the Dallas-Fort Worth area by storm over the last two years performing at major venues and doing the Anthem at major sporting events. The rep for the teen with waist length red hair declined to comment. Jonas would do well to hang on to this cutie-beauty. Why she is not on the disney roster is a mystery but with her high aspirations of attending Juliard and singing opera at the Met, perhaps the bubble gum channel was not her cup o’ tea. Nick and the Fort Worth native were spotted at a cast party for Narnia the Musical in which she plays Lucy Pevensie, and then at a bar-be-que the following day. Could she be the inspiration for the purity rings the boys wear? I hear tell she wears one herself and that she and Nick met a couple of years ago when she was introduced to him backstage when the JoBros played the Texas State Fair. Is it possible she is the reason for the mysterious move to Fort Worth?

  • Thats a me!!

    that girl is a lucky whore!

  • kebo

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  • Pidgeontweens

    The guy on the left is FUG. The guy in the middle in blue has simian features. The one on the right looks like a dork.

    Why are they famous?

    You’re right. And besides that, could these guys have more mole-covered skin? Girls, running your hand over them is like touching a wart-hog.

  • Whatevs

    Shhh, you clueless, superficial hater morons.

    These guys are amazing performers (and as writers and musicians, they get better every day). Fortunately enough people know it that we don’t need to care what jerks with too much time on their hands have to say about it.

    Everyone in the stadium where I saw them perform last week (all 30,000 of us) were perfectly happy and blown away. As were the 15-20,000 people they played for in each of the next several shows in the following days. And the hundreds of thousands they have entertained over their last FOUR years of nearly non-stop touring. And I am sure the same goes for their three sold out Madison Square Gardens shows this weekend. So there’s that.

    So keep it up with your blah blah blah, hope that works out for ya.

  • mee

    yeah, she looks older, and wtf is she wearing?! and why?
    but, she is lucky !
    im happy for her :D

    nick looks so hot :)

  • vulgarity

    why did a 45 year old woman win?

  • Vogue
  • Cutiepie

    Does anyone else not really know their music or care anything about them? Beside me of course.


    The Jonas Brothers = 21st Century Monkeys.

    They are so manufactured it’s scary. They’re nothing more than a marketing device for prebuscent girls to feed Disney more billions. Their music is totally shallow, uninspired and unoriginal, and frankly, they aren’t even that good looking. The only people who buy their albums are young (13-17 year old females) who are afraid to be challenged by what they listen to and like their music to be as condensed and as harmless as humanly possible. It scares me that we live an age where John Lennon would never make it because the current audience of mainstream listeners.

    Oh, and I really don’t care if they’re good live or not. I bet most girls there don’t even pay attention to their music and just scream because of Joe’s bulging muscles. If you want a great live show, you should’ve been me two and a half weeks ago at Shae Stadium for Billy Joel.


    Also, that girl looks like she’s closing in on 40.

  • Madonna


  • rose

    it was a contest for kids? Kind of silly they chose an 18 year old to win.

  • kayy

    Jane @ 08/04/2008 at 4:41 pm The guy on the left is FUG. The guy in the middle in blue has simian features. The one on the right looks like a dork.

    Why are they famous?

    - yYou know what, not everything is about looks. The Jonas Brothers happen to be talented singers and song writers. Also, you seem like one of the few out of thousands that they look “FUG” or like a “dork”. To anyone who read that comment and actually agreed with it, I suggest you to stop being so shallow and pay more attention to their music and personality.

  • Jane

    “I suggest you to stop being so shallow and pay more attention to their music and personality.”

    Yes, because Disney is marketing them based on their music and personality. Uh huh. Yep, I’m sure that’s the selling point. Some girls think they’re cute and that’s who Disney is selling them to. End of story. As for the rest of us, we know they’re going to grow up fug, lose their teen fanbase and then lose their record contract. Don’t believe me? Just look at the career trajectory of countless boy bands over the years. The teen fanbase grows up, finds real music and wonders what they ever saw in the boy band. I just hope these Jonas boys are saving their money up so they won’t have to reduce themselves to starring in some crappy Z-list reality show 5 years from now when their albums are no longer selling.