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Leonardo DiCaprio's Mystery Blonde

Leonardo DiCaprio's Mystery Blonde

Leonardo DiCaprio finishes up vacationing on his yacht in Ibiza, Spain on Sunday.

Leo‘s on-and-off-again girlfriend Bar Refaeli was missing again, as she’s been vacationing in France without him.

The Titanic star, in turn, decided to catch up on some reading and relax with a mystery blonde.

Leo was also aboard his yacht with his actor pal Lukas Haas over the weekend, where they went shirtless to soak up the sun.

UPDATE: The aforementioned mystery blonde is the yacht owner’s girlfriend, a rep for Leo exclusively tells All you Leo-Bar fans can breathe a big sigh of relief!

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  • sarah

    He looks cute
    love him <3

  • Helena

    I’m liking these new pictures. Thank you!

  • dina

    Who is the mystery girl?!

  • Mike

    What makes you think he and Bar are On and Off..?? Because she is not on that boat with him? The girl is woking right now.

    Besides, Leo looks quite unhappy for someone who is supposed to be on vacation? No?

  • Rebecca (formerly becca)

    It’s always good to see Leo. He’s a good guy abd talented as well.

  • lauren

    he does look cute, i’ve always loved leo :-)

  • Anna

    omg i wonder if that is his new “friend” lol

  • raye

    I think that looks like Bar Rafaelli his GF.

  • cristine

    i’m a longtime fan! seen most of his movies. i have to admit though that i’ve seen him the happiest when he was with giselle b. she was the longest w/ him. they dated total of almost 4yrs.[they split and reconciled]. leo”s mom really like her. but leo is not the marrying type not yet. giselle was devastated but moved on after a year. i still love you leo!

  • anti-bar

    Unfortunately Mike is right. Leo is still in a relationship with Bar. She’s working in Marbella, Spain which is not too far from Ibiza. Leo went to meet up with her. I would like to see them break-up but they haven’t. Another disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    why does this guy always look so miserable…he’s rich talented and dates only models and here he is vacationing on a yacht in France..WTF s up with rich people don’t they enjoy their money and status anymore?

  • Anonymous

    vacationing in Spain I meant to say..still why is he a sourpuss?

  • Regina

    Why would you like to see them break up? What is wrong with you? Worry about your life and relationships (that’s if you have any) and no one else’s!

  • ivon

    ant-bar, how do you know this?

  • french

    he looks happy sans bar


    luv true crush hoho

    God bless him ‘n who he luvs

  • french
  • french

    but it is prettier than bar and she more tries unsuccessfully body than her

  • Geri

    It’s not Bar, but who ever it is, it’s a model, because Leo doesn’t date women. He prefers airhead girls … all looks, no brains.

    This is one of the things I don’t like about him. It’s as if he can’t tolerate a woman who might be his equal. Oh well… it’s just another lesson on how immature so many actors really are, even if they’re in their 30′s.

  • minime

    I can see why rich people are miserable. Think of how bored you would be if everything was handed to you on a silver platter. People willing to bend over backwards for you. Handlers telling you everything you want to hear. Having enough money to buy anything you wanted. People instinctively want what they don’t have so if Leo can pretty much have anything he wants, he’s pretty much bored out of his mind.

  • Karena

    So cute. I love the one of him reading. And, I’m not going to get into his personal life, but I do hope him and Bar are still together.

  • Say

    No more Bar and Leo!!!


    of course…he stay in spain!in ibiza!…jeje..xD….the best hollidays! : )……..


  • Ana

    Glad Leo dump Bar. That girl had zero personality!

  • Anna

    He’s Hot.

    Not further comments from me.

  • french

    #24 i am agree with you

  • Mike


    UPDATE: The aforementioned mystery blonde is the yacht owner’s girlfriend, a rep for Leo exclusively tells All you Leo-Bar fans can breathe a big sigh of relief!

    Thanks to Leo’s rep! The poor guy must have had so many comments on another Leo/Bar break-up! He must be fed up! LOL, LOL!

  • french

    he should also say if he is still with bar

  • toni

    He looks like a douche.

  • anti-bar

    If they did break-up why would they both be in Spain? That shows that Leo and Bar are still boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a feeling that they’re still a couple.

    Leo’s rep only said that the woman was the yacht’s owner’s girlfriend but didn’t say that Leo was still going out with Bar. But that doesn’t matter because Leo’s rep would never confirm anything because he’s very private. Maybe next time the “break-up” will be real.

  • ihb

    Anti-Bar, how do you know that Leo went to meet with Bar and that she is in Spain?

  • ihb

    Jared, this is not relief, it is another big disappointment!!!

  • flor

    ihb: i speak spanish and all the spanish press shows bar working in marsella for chopard….

  • flor

    no one says if they are or not together!!!! i hope they reunite soon!!!! please jared try to found out if they are still a couple!!! to me the are the hotest holliwood couple!!!

  • ihb

    Now I found articles about Bar being in Spain but I still don`t know how Anti-Bar knows that Leo visited her. I do hope they are not together anymore!!! Even if she works in Spain ( an evening event ) they should have been seen together by now, don`t you think?

  • flor

    it take a litte time to get the pictures… i really hope this couple works…sorry ihb but i love bar and i like to see her with leo…

  • Mike

    Why would he decide to spend his vacation specifically in Spain? He could go anywhere on the planet if he wanted…LOL! Guys, you need to face it, Bar and Leo have plans to spend some time together in Europe. Probably once she finishes her work in France and Spain. Capice?

  • flor

    i hope so mike!!!!!! can’t wait to see my favorite couple….

  • ihb

    mike, you are killing me here with your comment. I can`t face it yet… They are so not right for each other, the girl makes me irk every single time I see her especially with Leo. It is sooooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • playahaterz

    leo screw who you want. have fun. its your life

  • Gaby

    People can’t see Leo talking with another girl, already say he is cheating, that he is not dating anymore. God, Please!

    anyway, great pics, he looks amazing like always!

  • tammy

    I agree that they’re still together. Both being in Spain is too much of a coincidence. I was really hoping they were done, but I guess not … It’s irritating because clearly Bar’s people are going on message boards and posting about her and Leo. …She is using him, imo.

  • anti-Bar

    I didn’t say that I knew for a fact that Leo was visiting Bar in Spain. There was speculation from somebody on another blog that maybe Leo was going to visit Bar because she was in Marbella and he was in Ibiza which is only like a 30 minute flight distance. That makes sense to me.

    I’m hoping just like you that they broke-up but I don’t think that’s the case. There’s new video on TMZ showing Bar walking in the stree t (Spain?) with two friends. She is so stuck-up! Bar is not even all that. Oh, TMZ is reporting that the broke-up so there’s another conflicting story.

    She looks horrible in the pictures from Marbella, Spain. Bar’s silicone boobs look so phony, her face looks like it aged, and for the most part she looks miserable. That’s why I have some hope that they broke-up but I don’t think so.

    Bar is a horrible person who trashed her country, religion and is a spoiled, snobby, biotch. Everyone in Israel hates her so it’s pathetic that you would actually like a despicable person like Bar. Whatever!

    You can’t say for certian Leo and Bar will spend some time in Europe unless you have inside information. I believe like you that Leo and Bar are still a couple but you never know.

  • Ana

    I guess we will wait and see if they broke up. Its weird how they’re in the same country and havent been seen together but they have manage to be in pictures with friends on both sides. lol Wierd.

    Just because that mystery woman isnt with Leo doesnt mean they havent broken up. Ant-Bar you’re right . If Leo did break up with bar his reps woudlnt say either way.

  • Ana

    Anti Bar you definately know for sure her breast are fake??? lol How do you know that??

  • mike

    ihb and the others… if it’s killing you so badly to read stuff or look at pictures about Leo and Bar being together, why bother to keep on writing on them. Life is short… spend it on the things you like!

  • tammy

    Did anyone else watch the video of Bar on TMZ? LOVING the pap attention….. even stopping twice so they could get shots of her.

  • ihb

    I totally agree about the TMZ video. The thing is that Bar is definitely showing off these days, last week in France and now in Spain. She gave a totally new meaning to `soaking up the media attention` that I don`t think is usual of her ( at least not on this level ).
    I`m not sure that Bar`s boobs are fake but they are kind of weird looking on some pictures. The fact is that she should give them more support and I think that`s the problem. And she definitely looks older than 23 on her close-ups.
    mike, I was just joking with my comment, I didn`t mean to offend you or anything. :)
    Let`s hope for the best.

  • kebo

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    ~!! but everthing i s not I want to have ! but one day when I go to
    agelessmatch.C O M !~!I can not refuse a person stay here to listen
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  • me

    I am sure he and Bar are still together – last time they broke up, his rep released a statement saying so. Same when he and Giselle broke up….who really cares?