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Mary-Kate Comments On Heath Ledger's Death

Mary-Kate Comments On Heath Ledger's Death

Mary-Kate Olsen claims she doesn’t know where Heath Ledger got the drugs that killed him, her attorney says in a statement.

MK, 22, believes she has already provided investigators with enough “relevant information” but the New York Post has reported she is refusing to talk to federal investigators about Heath‘s death until she is granted immunity from prosecution.

Her lawyer Michael C. Miller said, “Despite tabloid speculation, Mary-Kate Olsen had nothing whatsoever to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger‘s home or his body, and she does not know where he obtained them. Regarding the Government’s investigation, at Ms. Olsen‘s request, we have provided the Government with relevant information including facts in the chronology of events surrounding Mr. Ledger‘s death and the fact that Ms. Olsen does not know the source of the drugs Mr. Ledger consumed. We don’t know the source of the information being quoted in the media regarding the Government’s inquiry, but these descriptions are incomplete and inaccurate.”

DO YOU THINK Mary-Kate Olsen knows more about Heath Ledger’s death than she’s letting on?

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  • KIra

    FIRST !

  • chelsea


  • Caris Rianne.

    do you think these guys were an item?

    she says she wants immunity that means shes hiding something right?

  • Nickjonasfan4life

    Heath is amazing in Dark Knight. Outstanding performance

  • KIra

    Poor MK !! I love Full House so much…
    Heath :(

  • nini

    Well it all does sound very suspicious.

    I think they should just leave Heath to rest in peace now. And give most of his assets to Matilda!

    RIP Heath! Always missed, never forgotten! :( :( xxx

  • minime

    Yes. She knows more than she’s telling without a doubt. She has many connections to drugs and the fact she doesn’t want to face prosecution says everything. Hard to believe this girl is only 22. She looks so hard for such a young girl. Sad.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    if the story is…. she doesnt know shiit…. then why is it a story?

  • Emelie

    I think that everyone should just leave Heath to rest in peace and to leave MK alone. We dont have anything to do with what happend with them…if something happend.

  • Orange Clockwork


  • lola

    I agree. They really should just let Heath rest in peace. However, I do think that it is bizarre that she called her body guards when his body was found and not the paramedics. Maybe she knew Heath was a hard partier like she is and thought it best not to get the authorities involved until the drugs etc were removed from his room. I just don’t understand why you would not call 911 first. The police should have questioned her about that ages ago. Not seven months after the fact.

  • troy

    I hate to say it but if she has nothing to hide or fear then why would she ask for immunity? Apparently the investigators aren’t satisfied with the information her lawyer says she has volunteered.

    I’m not accusing her of anything but there is something fishy here.

  • Helena

    No, she doesn’t, IMO.

  • BSGPaul

    People who have nothing to hide don’t demand immunity from prosecution.

  • to orange clockwork

    “murderer”?? hello!! the girl wasn’t even there when heath took the drugs. he took the drugs all by himself; nobody put a a gun to his head. he made the decision all on his own. ultimately, the only one responsible for his death is heath himself.

  • Gina

    Honestly they do need to let the man rest in peace. Let his family and friends heal. However, if she can shed light on what happened, that might help his family do that.

  • jaku

    coke wh*re killer! MK burn in hell!

    sorry, I thought i’d add that for effect since we’re all jumping to conclusions.

  • EvilLynn

    I think it;s a side-winding way to “Plead the Fifth” meaning, she doesn’t want to say anything on the grounds that her statement might incriminate her. The 5th amendment to the US Constitution allows a person to “plead the fifth” or “take the fifth” in order not to implicate him/herself in a crime.

    The “crime” she is seeking not to implicate herself in: Probably drug possession. I mean, I don’t know her or anything, but given the fact that Ledgers death was from a drug overdose, they’re probably questioning the people in his circle about….drugs (simple, huh?) and MK Olsen doesn’t want to implicate herself, or connect herself in any way with the drug-culture in that circle of friends/acquaintances.

    I can’t really blame her, but this is all a fancy way to say she washes her hands of the whole thing, nothing more.

  • Ivana

    I will repeat what nini said…….
    RIP Heath! Always missed, newer forgotten …. :-(

    So sad, that his smile and voice are gone forever…..

  • CC

    Ugh. There’s something off about all of this. I don’t believe her.

  • ohmy

    He can’t rest in peace until all of the details of what happened come out. Sorry about that.

    It’s important to remember that MK is innocent until the feds formally charge her with something. It’s also up to them to provide the proof that she had any wrongdoing in this case. Her reluctance to talk doesn’t mean anything in and of itself.

    Personally, I think she knows more than she’s letting on. But legally, due process needs to run its course.

  • anthony

    WHO CARES, damn this is what’s wrong with hollywood, even after a tragic death you continue to talk about the person…let him rest in peace.

  • Caroline

    If she’s refusing to speak, she’s obviously got something to hide. Everyone else (Michelle, the masseuse, friends, family) have all spoken to the police with no problems.

    But I do with this could all be over with, for his family’s sake.

    Way to go MK for dragging things out.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    yeah! murdererer!

    the mary-kate-killer lmaooooooooooooooo

  • Kelly

    She could havesaved him bu calling an ambulance ASAP, but she chose to let him die.

    She was more concerned about negative publicity for herself than for saving his life.

    She sent someone to clean the apartment fromdrugs she provided, rather than getting Heath the help he needed.

    She should be held accountable for her decisions:
    Her lousy decision have cost Heath his life.

  • Mainer

    If anything, the feds should be forcing the bodyguards to talk. What did MKO say when she called them? What did they do in Heath’s apt. when they got there? Why wasn’t 911 called immediately? I’d love to let the guy rest in peace, but what kind of peace will he have if there’s a guilty party that should be brought to justice and hasn’t been? The fact that she’s seeking immunity is a big red flag in my book. Innocent people with nothing to hide to not seek immunity.

  • tara

    Let Heath be and MK. I mean first of all the media is full of rumors. Now days nothing is correct in the media. I mean for something to be a story in todays world all it takes is person A to tell person B something then person B report it and use person A as a source and then the rumors run crazy. Seriously, sources don’t mean crap in todays world. Anyone can be one. Bet if I emailed Perez a story that was ridiculous right now he would report it and I’d be his source. It could be MK has no information that would solve nor help the investigation but merely knows he did do drugs and she doesn’t want to hurt the legacy he has left by telling that. I mean if she does know something it could be very innocent and for Heaths best interest not told. I know I wouldn’t want to tarnish or changed peoples minds of someone I cared about if it can’t help out. People just need to stop thinking the media is FACTS. I mean last week it was Lindsay Lohan that got hit in front of a club by a bike. I was there that night and saw Lindsay step into a waiting SUV. There wasn’t even a motorcycle out there when she left….just another wild story for a bored journalist with his job on the line.

  • Myanmar

    she soo does know something, i mean why else would she seek immunity from prosecution? unless she’s in on it too.

    it’s unbelievable someone could “accidentally” overdose on several pills. hollywood… never changes.

  • Lock up the bitch

    If she’s innocent why seek immunity?? Hmm?

    Bitch needs to be shown a magic trick involving a pencil

  • angel hair

    i didn’t think much of it until these reports keep making things seem more suspicious. isn’t it the more you try to explain the more guilty you make yourself seem?
    i think the denial part of me wants to forget that mk was ever associated with heath ledger.

  • cHRIS

    One doesn’t usually ask for immunity unless one thinks one will be prosecuted for what one tells. So what does she think she will tell that might result in her being prosecuted?

  • giuliana
  • kebo

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  • Anon

    The facts point to MKO. Why ask for immunity from prosecution if you have nothing to hide.. She has been hospitalized for O’D- ing and she has been to rehab for Drugs. Those are facts. Heath was suffering from anxiety, from flu and/or pneumonia, from severe back pain, from insomnia. He was depressed because he hadn’t seen his kid in almost two months. He took prescription meds and he took over the counter cold meds. He also took Oxycontin which he had no prescription for. The official reports said she was on the phone with that masseuse four different times before 911 was called. They testified in their report that he was still warm. There was even a quote from one of the EMT workers. I feel sorry for his family. His poor parents who want him to rest now. She is keeping it alive as an issue. If she does end up talking ,you better believe she got a deal out of it. Why is she afraid? She is a Billionaire. She has money enough for one hundred lifetimes! I cannot stand her. I think she is a horrible, useless person. Someone as gifted and sweet as Heath is gone. It is an enormous, terrible loss. He wasn’t dating her. She is entirely too young and stupid for him. He didn’t date trolls.

  • Maria

    My theory: MK doesn’t know how Heath got the drugs – which is plausible, but if she starts talking she will incriminate herself and others , thus why she wants immunity.

  • Vshizzle

    Umm, me thinks she is covering her ass.

  • Bess

    Weren’t they prescription drugs?

  • Vogue
  • oh snap

    mary ape obviously have something to do with it with her drugged up ass. they should just locke her up for taking immumity

  • whatever

    Mary Kate should definitely be locked up. Who will she give dangerous drugs to and kill next?

  • kath

    like plenty have said and will continue to say, why does she need immunity if she has nothing to hide and/or nothing to do with heaths death???

  • eddie jones


  • jade

    The real question is why are the feds involved?

    Probably investigating a completely different case. (interstate transportation of drugs?)

    He died in NYC, it should be an NYPD or NY state dept investigation (and even that is a stretch).

    Mary Kate might be the smart one here b/c his cause of death has already been determined and whether people want to admit it or not HE (solely) is responsible for TAKING the medication; he was a grown man.

    This is really a non-story and reading some of the comments is one of the MAIN reason why people should always call a lawyer first.

  • to kelly

    could MK have saved heath by calling the ambulance right away? i don’t know. the only person who does is the pathologist; the one who did the autopsy. MK may have made some bad decisions
    but you know; as someone said before no one forced heath to take the drugs. he did that himself.


  • lee

    they only want to ask her some questions. Everyone else involved has already given a statement. but MK. Someone who has nothing to hide and says has no involvement has no reason to seek immunity. If she did have something to do with his death, then the truth needs to come out.

  • MiHay

    I definitely think she knows more than she is letting on. Why in the hell is she asking to be granted immunity if she had nothing to hide??

    This little twit most definitely had a hand in his death. Bitch. And now she won’t even face the music.

    RIP Heath.

  • Kathy

    Heath killed himself, he used the drugs, doenst matter who got it for him or bought it. We should take care of our children, friends, family and even the ones we don’t know, for this never happen again.
    He was not the first and not gonna be the last. He is dead and nothing can bring him back, he just left us a message, like many others! Nobody is good, nobody is perfect!

  • regina

    Of course she knows…she is just acting silly, it is sooooooooo easy to say “i don´t know…”
    so easy……….

  • julie

    I think the Feds have every right to find out what MK knows. Obviously, they have something or they would not be questioning. She is known to be quite the druggy, so they should press.

    As far as Heath, he is resting in peace, however, his family is not at peace as they don’t know what really happened.

  • Gloria

    R.I.P Heat :(