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Orlando Bloom Takes a Bite Outta Tracey Emin

Orlando Bloom Takes a Bite Outta Tracey Emin

Orlando Bloom shows off his new haircut at Tracey Emin’s 20 Years Retrospective Art Exhibition, in Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday.

Miranda Kerr, Orlando‘s model girlfriend, missed the event. The Aussie model is back in her homeland, where she will make her catwalk debut for department store David Jones on Tuesday.

They have been away from each other recently because, “He’s working on a movie, but hopefully we will be able to co-ordinate our schedules so we can spend some time together,” Kerr recently said.

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  • sarah

    he’s such a sweet men
    love him <3

  • victoria

    1st!!!! Orlando is so handsome, but that Miranda looks manish. I think he can do better. In every picture she is just masculine looking. I’m sure she is nice and all, but not what I expected he would have. I guess looks are not everything.

  • thetruththetruth

    love when he has short hair..

  • Orange Clockwork

    Get a job, Bloom!

  • three

    He does do better…..that is Tracey Emin in the pics….

  • mars

    man……………….haha. ew. it’s very hard for me to believe that she’s a model. she looks awful.

  • Michelle


  • wow

    Amazing how much happier he looks around anyone who is NOT his supposed “gf”. Nice to see him genuinely smile.

  • madonna


  • http://ooooooo Angel Claw


  • sophie

    Gawd he’s smokin hot….love the hair & illuminati ring.

  • please

    Get back to work Orlando!

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    i love him he looks sooooooooooooooo good and yeah i hope he does a movie soon

  • wondering

    Glad to see Orlando looking carefree and happy again. But why oh why does Miranda’s name have to pop up in everything? What does this event have to do with her DJ gig???

  • I’mwatching you

    He’s so damn hot!!!!!!!!!! Love the look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • red robin

    illuminati ring? what’s that?

  • NinA

    Orlando starts filming the Red Circle (check IMDB) in September or sooner. He actually looks genuinely happy without that Dingo in the picture. BREAK UP WITH HER ALREADY. I think he is sooo adorable and sweet. LOVE U ORLANDO!

  • @wondering

    MK must pay Jared to post on her with as much as he p!mps her. It’s kind of ironic, Orlando is not at her DJ gig because he’s supposedly working, but here he is hanging out with friends and family, looking happier than he has in a long time.


    He looks hot – and so happy “Barbie” is no where around.

    JJ – where are the pictures of the Chase Crawford – Zaquista looks showdown? In the one I saw, Chase smoked Zaq – anyhow, the buzz is all over the net.

  • hannah

    Very handsom. Looks 5 years younger and happy.

  • Regina

    I love Tracey Emin!

  • jaku

    what SH*T life they have.

    they must ‘co-ordinate their schedules’ to just see each other. What a fcuking joke!

    Thank God I’m not famous

  • butterfly

    # 18 yes it’s odd that JJ can’t stop mentioning her even if she’s not there I won’t be surprised if she’s paying him . Anyway Orlando look better when he’s not with that panty model, even when he’s not with her she keep talking about him and obviously he’s not working on a movie now she’s lying AGAIN to cover up his absence ,stay away from her Orlando you look better she’s sick person and scary .

  • jerry

    Wow, that chick has got some huge bombs. I bet Orlando can’t wait to get her home so he can nestle his face in those fun bags.

  • alice

    Wow, her face looks…interesting. Check out that fourth picture. I hope it is just a bad shot, bc the only thing memorable about this woman is her boobage.

  • Looking good

    Orlando looks fantastic! He was also out there to support his sister in a play. Great to see him out and about with friends and family.

  • !!

    He looks amazing!!!! and so kerr-less! yay!

  • anon

    I heard he’s a big druggie, he looks awful in that stupid bowl haircut. He’s gross.

  • LOLa

    Shock-horror, he’s looking sexy again!

    Tracey needs to find a dress that fits her (properly). And a bra.

  • Wow

    OK, the hair is starting to grow on me. I miss the curls, but he sure does look good.

  • O.M.G.


  • justice

    he is so good looking long or short hair and a good actor to boot!!!

  • Vogue
  • smuthound

    She’s the one who should be hawking bras for VS! Dingo’s tittays look like wet teabags.

  • LuckyL

    EW, who’s disgusting a** is that?

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    i don’t know the woman that is with him but she is so ugly she shouldn’t able to leave the house so ugly

  • nice smile

    So nice to see him around someone that makes him happy!

  • illuminati

    oh goodness here we go again.
    So. An illuminati ring, huh?
    What symbols does he sport then? On the stone. Or wrists. Or wherever. Please do tell.

  • illuminati

    oh. Forgot to ask. Perchance its not one of the missing “five” yea? You know w/ Tolkien and everthing….lol. His connections seem so many.

  • question

    how can you tell it is an illuminati ring? what is the significance of the ring?

    yes he does look genuinely happy. his smile is showing in his eyes. wonder if something exciting is about to happen in his life.

  • @36

    You shallow cow. Fat jellus h8ter!!

    Orlando seems to enjoy flirting with her, he doesnt even flirt with his own “apparelty gorgeous panty model girlf like that- shows when hes being genuine eh?

  • Looking good

    Looking good OB. Good to see out with friends.

  • Maty
  • cutehair

    his hair is amazing now. i love it so much more than when he had the curls.

    also i find it hilarious the way you so called orlando ‘fans’ can’t stop giving out about miranda kerr. it’s clear that none of you will ever stop criticizing any girlfriend he has because you’re so damn jealous. just face it miranda is gorgeous, and she seems like a lovely girl. it’s stupid the way you’re slamming her so much when you don’t even know her, or orlando for that matter. if you’d just stop living in that fantasy world of yours and realize that orlando is happy with her and that your dreams /aren’t/ real and orlando isn’t made for you

  • abbie

    No I don’ t like her because of the way she acts. She’s fake and she uses people t. It has nothing to do with jealously the fact that she’s dating Orlando. Anyways I like others liked Kate B just fine.

  • Jennifer

    Wow! an aussie girlfrend. i would like to see an australian model. he also looks awful in short hair. i only really really liked him when he was in pirates of the caribbean. his little bit of beard he had. and his hair was amazing. his hair was also good in troy.

  • red robin

    #38 and #40

    It’s a Bvlgari ring, guess who purchased it for him?

  • red robin

    #38 and #40

    It’s a Bvlgari ring, guess who purchased it for him?

  • who

    @47& 48

    OK, who purchased the ring?

  • @48

    Aww no, really? She bought it for him?
    Gee, and to think, it used to be just the men who were caught cheating on their SOs who bought the big ugly tacky*ss guilt jewelry.
    How feminist of her.
    And nice to know Bloom’s head’s so easily turned.
    So r.r., when’s the next showing? Maybe a hint-see, we have a pool going, and I have a couple of bets on when and where. Please?