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Ryan Reynolds: Vote Barack Obama!

Ryan Reynolds: Vote Barack Obama!

Ryan Reynolds shows his support for Barack Obama, by showing off his bumper stickers on his hybrid car while in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

The 31-year-old actor attended an important business meeting at the exclusive Raffles L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

After shaking hands with his lunch partner, the bearded heart breaker took off in his eco-friendly hybrid with two bumper stickers, one supporting Barack Obama and one against John McCain, displaying his political and environmental views for all to see.

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  • agi

    awww …handsome man!!love him

  • Grace

    So many people are being duped by Obama. These “stars” live in la-la land. Pamela Anderson is endorsing Obama, nuff said.

  • sarah

    love him so much <3

  • ???

    can he even vote? as far as i know he’s canadian!

  • madonna


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ……`if you don’t vote for obama…. you’re racist!

  • Jerrica

    I’m not interested in politics at all. I know this man cos he has a profile on a celeb/rich dating site ☆☆☆ AffluentMeet.Com ☆☆☆☆ and so popular here….

  • Luke

    I met this guy with Scarlett some weeks ago in LA. All I can say they are arrogant people.

  • samantha

    i love it that he expresses his opinions to the public.
    Keep it up.

  • Seriously

    STFU Ryan and go regurgitate lines with your fug girlfriend.

  • star84

    lame actor and loser

  • Caroline

    Does he have American citizenship? If not he can’t vote, but it’s great that he’s getting politically active anyway.

  • Rachel

    I’m glad that almost all the celebs are backing Obama. Clever people. OBAMA 08!!

  • melisa

    shouldnt you censor out the license plate number?!?!

    just sayin.

  • You/Me

    I wonder why HW hasn’t figured out that celebs tend to hurt a campaign more than help it!?
    I mean, look what happened with John Kerry, all those celebs talking out their a*sholes about him and how great he was and it was a total turnoff to the American public.
    It’s insane to think that just because your face is in a movie and the tabs every week that means you have good judgement….I think it’s the other way around.

  • Shell

    Lol All celebrities always vote democrat it hilary won Dem nominee then he would have a Clinton sticker….it’s typical that a actor votes democrat. They are just like clueless college students who by into the give everyone everything bullshit and then when they get to tax time they wonder where the fuck all their money went.

  • alice

    I could care less about any political endorsement made by a celebrity. Why would I give two shitts about a person who makes millions of dollars a year and which candidate they favor. They are by no means a representative of the average demographic in this country, and their wallets will certainly not be affected by the huge tax increases and double digit interest rates that will surely come if Obama is elected.

    The pop culture and the media are positioning Obama in such a way that he is the “cool” candidate. If you vote for McCain, you are an old, naive, traditionalist in the eyes of pop culture. Vote for the man with the best political reason; not the one that the celebrity endorses. Everyone who votes based on this crap should be forced to take a simple poll test that they would most likely fail. Bunch of idiots in this culture.

  • Dach

    He should never shave that beard. I like him scruffy….He is too hot.

  • James

    This literally makes me LOL. Isn’t this guy a Canadian? If so, why doesn’t someone ask him if he uses Canadian National Healthcare, or the dreaded American privatized system. I would bet any amount of money that it is the latter.

    Despite this, the fool goes around endorsing a candidate that wants to nationalize our health care at the expense of American tax payers. Answer me this Obama supporters, would you really want the same government that runs the DMV to be in charge of your healthcare? I THINK NOT.

  • Kate

    I really don’t care who he supports for the US Presidency, but isn’t he Canadian?

  • anon

    Isn’t he Canadian? Regardless, I don’t care who he or any other celeb endorses for the US Presidency.

    I can just see some US celebrity going to Canada or elsewhere and telling them how to vote, sure they would appreciate that. It would go over like a ton of bricks.

  • Cutiemcfreckles

    oh puhlease-liberal slobs with their trendy “go green” mantra, mccain has a pledge to funnel money into alternative energy andt build nuclear power plants. hippie liberals are too scared of that shit and too simple minded to know what a nuclear reactor is

  • on the right side

    Ryan is hypocrit like everyone else in HOLLYWIERD. Go around and drive your prius’ and smart cars and fly your private jets. I would never vote for anyone because they had a celebrity endorsement. I always thought he was Canadian too. Why does he have an opinion?

  • LuckyL

    This behavior is turning off the voters, but this is the third non-black celeb wearing this and I’m wondering where all the complainers are now

  • LuckyL

    kind of endorsement*

  • kebo

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    agelessmatch.C O M when I meet those sexy and charming woman
    when we have a good time there! I feel I become more and more
    hanppy!!you will like this!

  • sam

    I’m Canadian and if American actors ( everyone knows actors are not the brightest people that’s why in Canada they don’t have any effect in our elections ) came over here and told us who to vote for they would get ridiculed out of the country, tell this loser and his fiancee who is Obama’s pal according to her that since both of them barely have a high school diploma their uneducated opinion is just that an opinion out of 300, 000 million American and even some foreigners who all seem to want Obama ( wonder why )

  • Tulip

    Those like Mr. Canada Ryan Reynolds and their ilk are the last people on earth who should be telling others who to vote for. Most actors — including Ryan here — have little or no higher education, know nothing about the issues, and have no idea how 99.9% of the rest of the world lives — without nannies, personal assistants, stylists, chefs, etc. They are overpaid and adulated for their ability to parrot words someone else wrote, and that’s it. It’s disgraceful. And it’s because they are surrounded by bootlickers all the time that they become convinced that EVERYONE is interested in their political beliefs.

    I wonder how Canadians would like it if a bunch of Hollyweird’s elite came across the border and started spouting off on who they should vote for for PM? Something tells me that it wouldn’t be pretty. Ryan, your job is to stand there, look pretty, and recite lines. That’s it. I don’t want your opinion on anything. At all.

    Also, the American people deserve a better choice than the one we have now. I’m no McCain fan, but I’d rather contract polio than vote for that lying, egotistical sack of dung Obama. McCain ’08, I guess.

  • Vogue
  • Dark knight fan

    Ryan Reynolds is nobody. Only pretty gay face and muscles without any talent!

  • Kerry

    To Dark Knight Fan – Ryan Reynolds is actually a really good/excellent actor. Yes, he is abosolutely gorgeous, but he has talent.

    Obviously he is not gay….he is engaged to a very pretty actress and has been engaged to a very telented musician(Alanisse Morisette I probably butchered her name). The guy could get any woman he wants.

    Whatever his political views are I will always be a huge fan. I am not a liberal/democrat but I respect others political views. I also am not a big republican as well. I kinda wished someone like Ross Perot would come along to shake this stuff up a bit. :)

    Back to Ryan….He is awesome and if I could find someone like him I would be happier than…my pittbull Booger after a good backscratch and butt rub. (Pittbulls like the butt’s not a bad thing).

    Sooooo…yes…I love Ryan and all of his movies! He is the most beautiful human speciman on this planet. Ker Bear :)

  • Jake

    @ Tulip, u obviously have no idea what u are talking about. If u know anything about Ryan you know he is a very educated man. He is incredibly smart and charming. His interviews leave you saying WOW because his comments are all unexpected and educated. Before you go around bashing people and saying that they are not very smart, do some research. Ryan is without a doubt one of the smartest people I have seen

    @DarkKnight Fan. Ryan is without a doubt one of the best actors ever. He has great timing on his lines and really connect with the audience. From you name I can tell that u are an action movie kind of person and that is cool but don’t go bashing Ryan. This guys has been praised for his performance in all his movies, stealing the spotlight from many well known actors. That is how great he is. His transition form comedy, to romance, to action, to drama, etc is flawless. And he is Smoking hot to boot, voted as the 3rd Hottest Man by People.

  • elizabeth

    Um okay people, it’s called freedom of speech. Read the Constitution. They aren’t swaying my opinon, but that doesn’t mean Ryan Reynolds can’t express his.

    …though he is Canadian, no doubt. Unless he had U.S. citizenship, so power to him.