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Bar Refaeli is a Babylon Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Babylon Babe

Bar Refaeli attends the anniversary party of the jewelry firm Choppard at Babylon restaurant in Marbella, Spain on Sunday.

Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio was seen earlier in the week sailing in Ibiza, Spain. Pictures surfaced with a mysterious blonde, only to learn that it was only the yacht owner’s girlfriend.

The 23-year-old Israeli model has been enjoying herself at night, going out with her girlfriends and partying it up.

10+ pictures of Bar Refaeli, the Babylon babe…

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bar refaeli babylon babe 01
bar refaeli babylon babe 02
bar refaeli babylon babe 03
bar refaeli babylon babe 04
bar refaeli babylon babe 05
bar refaeli babylon babe 06
bar refaeli babylon babe 07
bar refaeli babylon babe 08
bar refaeli babylon babe 09
bar refaeli babylon babe 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • oh snap

    damn she is not cute whats up with her skin???she’s UGLIER than gisele

  • gshock

    she’s hot.. but the skin is not nice

  • http://none judy

    I hate this cat women
    leo baby I love you

  • gwen

    she looks sad, no ?

  • x6

    nice ass tits ;)

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    She is beyond beautiful isn’t she? If a woman is going to take Leo away from me – I guess she has to look like this. Fair enough. Their kids would be freaky beautiful. I think she is stunning.

  • clive

    She is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooo good for Leo

  • french

    she is ugly and i hate her

  • remember da truth

    Oh please — she wouldn’t be a top model if she were ugly. Sorry, but do you really think if she weren’t in the picture you would get Leo??

    She is absolutely stunning here. Love the jewelry.

  • Raichill

    She could do better than Leo who is looking old and pudgy.

  • LuckyL

    I think Leo and Bar’s “relationship” is purely sexual and open. This cougar is constantly off on her own, just like Leo.

  • french

    it’s normal that Léo looking old because he is 33 years old while bar has 23 there (she’s ugly and she’s a bad model, I hope Léo soon goes break up with her because she is a bitch)

  • french

    ***** = bitc*

  • lilly

    Her skin is horrible, she looks way older than she really is. And her boobs look weird as usual. Can`t stand her, Leo could do so much better.

  • anti-Bar

    lilly; I agree with you that Bar looks terrible. She looks a decade older than her age and her silicone boobs have never looked so phony. Bar is also looks miserable. A supermodel? Not even close!

  • anti-Bar

    I still believe that Leo and Bar are a couple but there are several blogs that are reporting that they broke-up. One British blog reported that Bar partied on St. Tropez on Friday night while Leo was at a club in Monaco. Hmm, makes me wonder if they’re going through a rough patch in their relationship.

    Leo’s rep said that the blonde chick was the owner’s girlfriend but doesn’t Leo’s own the yacht? That was what I had read. I guess not but that would be funny if that were the case.

  • ihb

    Leo was at a huge party on Ibiza over the weekend, too. Leo has time to visit her but all you can see/hear is that they party separately and Bar is literary throwing herself in front of the paparazzi. I wonder why she needs all this attention so much???
    Her skin is freaky, not to mention her boobs. You are all right, she looks at least 30.

  • french

    I made an assemblage of several pictures of bar :

    you think that she made do again her chest?

    me I think that yes because there is a big difference between these photographs

  • nathie

    she has no class at all, her tan is disastrous and she still looks like a spoiled and superficial girl
    nobody’s perfect, but i wonder if her look can compensate for such a bird brain

  • Larisa

    Oh whatever her skine is fine haterz, she looks stunning.

  • evans

    She no doubt has great,very fit body. But she looks much older than 23 and exept blue eyes i don’t find her face pretty. But you don’t need to be pretty to be super model…high with long legs and some protection can be enough…..

  • agi

    she is beautiful..she has perfect hair lovely eyes and nice jewlery…
    but i thinks she is bad person..

  • french

    I made an assemblage of several pictures of bar :

    you think that she made do again her chest?

    me I think that yes because there is a big difference between these photographs

  • Dolly

    Her body’s amazing, but her face is so-so. That’s why she’s a swimsuit model and not a print fashion model. Her eyes are too small for her face. Actually, all her features are kind of small – her face is mostly face.

  • bar

    you are jealous
    she’s perfect and sure thet she better then you !
    I’m sorry from my English

  • ivon

    Yuk!! Watch out guys she is trying to break into acting. She is trying to leverage the relationship with Leo to become an actress. PLease NOOOOO!!

  • ivon

    Oh my i just watched a video of her on TMZ she is such a famewhore it is pure comedy.

  • stela

    how can i see the video with from tmz? someone tell me

  • tammy

    stela -
    Just go to – right now it is on page 2.

  • tammy
  • Vogue
  • french

    I succeed not in seeing the video, its step not

  • nathie

    strange to base a life on something as precarious as a body (ok, a GREAT body )
    i wonder where bar will be in 10 or 20 years
    at last, vanity has a price and it can be bitter

  • who am i?

    ivon, i saw that same video – wow, you are not kidding, total stuck up b*tch and complete fame wh*re! I was literally laughing out loud at her ridiculous attempts to play off the whole “look at me, I am so important” game! What a joke she is. The fact that Leo stays with her makes me lose a lot of respect for him.

  • minime

    She’ll be quite the cougar when she hits 40 if she keeps it up especially if she gets her hands on Leo’s fortune. She’ll have it made. High mileage for such a pretty young thing. Look in her eyes. They look so empty and cold.

  • http:/Gpost Team lara croft

    I cannot comprehend how anyone can say this woman is ugly. wtf? she is perfection! stunning. period.

  • eddie jones

    looks like she has a new set of boobs, this boob isn’t interested in girls that rely on operations to stay in the magazines. Wait until all these plastic girls get old, alot of operations are necessary, or you could just be the 60 year old with the double d’s down to your ankles.

    Then I guess on the flip-side how many of these celebs will make it that far? Most are depressed by 30, on a number of prescription and other drugs and usually won’t even make it to 40.

  • You/Me

    I think Bar is probably one of the most beautiful women on earth…her bone structure is incredible and her face has such character. And those eyes! I like Gisele too ….but she has moved on and I think Leo Dicaprio is one lucky son of a b*tch to have women who look like this want him,lol. :-)
    As a female I totally appreciate Bar’s beauty!

  • french

    #39 You/Me : “Bar is probably one of the most beautiful women on earth” , you do not go too far a little? I find that this girl is not seedy but it is not either pretty and of to consider it as one model I find his strange .She really has nothing as a model ,many girls are much nicer than she and they at least they do not use anybody to arrive there

  • ashley

    I think she is very average looking. Her skin is horrible; too much sun exposure? And did she just get her breasts done? They look too round.

  • scottdavis0676

    No she is NOT perfect by any means, but the people most critical of her should submit photos of themsleves and we can juxtapose them with any photos of Bar that exist. Besides, Leo is effing ugly! He was attractive about a decade ago, since then senescence has not been kind to him. IF Leo wasn’t an actor with beaucoup bucks, he wouldn’t get any tail whatsoever! His pudgy body and bloated countenance aren’t remakable features IMO. All the models he has dated over the years wouldn’t fart in his direction, let alone be intimate with him if he wasn’t a superstar. You can take that to the bank!

  • victoria

    Bar is so beautiful!!!!!!! Even though ole Leo has added on a few pounds here and there he is still cute. I have never seen a bad picture of her. Her clothes are awesome, but it takes her figure to pull them off.

  • Benny

    Bar is a fame whore.

  • whatever

    Scott maybe we can juxtapose a picture of you and Leo and see who is a loser and who is effing ugly? I’m sure you’re uglier than Leo’s a.s…s

    Bar is beautiful. Yes. But she is a superficial bitc h and I hope she and Leo broke up already!


    She’s 23 years of age?
    She looks like 43!! OLD!!

  • Larissa

    First of all, she looks stunning!
    Her boobs look fine and if anything alters them that’s the dress.

    Second, all those who call her fame whore or superficial, I’m asking you, How would you know? Have you met her? Most Celebrities who actually met her say that she’s really sweet.
    proof – check this video:

    Third, all those people such as “French” and “Whatever” etc who spend so much time to post so many hate comments gotta be really jalous!
    And isn’t it superficial to critisize a model you never met over the internet? Looks who’s superficial now….

  • jennifer

    I agree with you Larissa, anyone here know her personally to say she’s good person or not. I have sure Leo must should know Bar well to want continue with her almost three years. People are so envious and jealousy, she’s stunning as ever, her skin looks better without tan, it’s true, but she continues beautiful. I hope Leo and Bar still together, I think they are. this is just another one rumor between a lot of others, that press like to invent.

  • WingNut13

    You sure seem adamant about their still being together, Jennifer – posting on every item related to them.

    Sure you’re not Bar herself?

  • Alexandra

    Jennifer i haver seen you all over the web! On youtube and everything! I know its the same person because of your writing style.