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Carrie Underwood - "Just a Dream" Music Video

Carrie Underwood -

Peep the new music video for Carrie Underwood‘s new single, “Just A Dream.”

It’s the forth single from her second studio album album, Carnival Ride. The vid was directed by Roman White.

Just A Dream” chronicles a young woman who is about to get married, only to discover that her husband-to-be soldier has been killed in combat. Upon realizing that he is dead, she wishes that it were “just a dream” that her husband had been killed.

Watch the video below!

Carrie Underwood – “Just a Dream” Music Video
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  • Rayando el Sol

    The song is genius, but the video is just blah.

  • christina

    love it!

  • andré

    this song is tacky.
    so is the video.

  • Inês

    I’m not a fan but I must say the song is touching.

  • kelly

    awwwww! thats such a sweet and sad video/song! i <3 it!


  • Shannon

    Carrie is such a pretty girl, with such a beautiful voice. The video was good but brought tears to my eyes.

  • Kamila

    This is, probably, the most beautiful video Carrie has ever did! She looks amazing and her acting is flawless!

  • Jennifer W

    great song and video love it. carrie is great

  • alyssa b

    wow! that was beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes! Great job! And carrie looks awesome in it!

  • just_cool

    ojhhh its very dramatic i luv it
    and whos the actor he is soooo hot

  • http://bla tina

    i love the song it s very touching and beautifully sang i like part when her dress goes from wedding dress to black funeral dress she s so pretty and she looks hot with that guy she should date him yeah i love song it s tribute to all wives that lost husbands and friends and to all people who die in war i like carrie even i m rock fan but she knows how to rock

  • mike

    the song is beautiful…

  • KrissyKitty

    O.K. so I will admit it, it made me cry. I am sure with everything going on in the world today, alot of people will identify with the song. Good job Carrie!

  • tia

    i cried a little…..don’t tell anyone…lol

  • anonymous

    yeah i cried

  • dh…

    great song and video love it..

  • annaversary

    You’d be CRAZY if you didn’t like Carrie, the song or the video.

    This is another one of Carrie’s amazing work. American Idol needs this ever since Kelly Clarkson died out.

  • -

    I NEVER comment here, and i’m not a fan of carrie..but i have to say, this song was touching..great job!

  • kdog

    i love this song and # 17 kelly didnt die out she coming back in the fall and her fourth album is supposed to be her best one so far!!!! and if it wasnt for kelly clarkson doing well after american idol the show wouldn’t still be around!

  • lisa veronica

    omg great song and video good job carrie!!!! thanks for making a military song and video!!

  • Lauren

    Usually music videos have little effect on me, but this one was captivating and made me shed a few tears. Wonderful!

  • Gretch

    LOVE Carrie, LOVE the song, LOVE the video!

    Except… she IS married to the guy because they give HER the flag and his things, not his family. Also, it says “MRS. Roberts” on the letter, soooo yeah they ARE married.

  • iluvmiley

    awwww, i love that song! it’s so sad.
    but it’s “fourth” single, not “forth”

  • anna

    brilliant video, i love that they didnt over due it and made it tacky. its very tasteful, simple, and lets carrie show off her acting skills.
    carrie was getting scripts before, but now she will be drowning in them.

    love it

  • katie

    this reall hits home. my dad went to war. luckily he didn’t die, but a lot of his friends did.

    thanks carrie for doin such an amazing song.

  • Rachel freeman

    carrie underwood is a really good country singer i like her songs before he cheats, jesus take the wheel and dont forget to remember to me. she is really pretty but Britney spears is ten times better. carrie is not even big overseas

  • Rachel freeman

    carrie underwood is a really good country singer i like her songs before he cheats, jesus take the wheel and dont forget to remember to me. she is really pretty but Britney spears is ten times better. carrie is not even big overseas

  • lovely

    Wow! Tony what were you thinking, going from beauty, talent and class to a used up tranny stripper that can’t even hold a note. I bet he dreams of Carrie.

  • Ginger

    Damn! I hate this song and video!!! It made me cry like a little witch with a B!!

  • Anonymous

    Love this song and the video is absolutely amazing!

  • NYlovescarrie

    Incredible Song– and an amazing video! I cried! I have family in Iraq right now– and this song really touched me!

    Carrie’s vocals are just getting better and better with time– she is incredible! And she is quite the actress too!

    Wow- what a moving, emotional, sad but brilliant video!

    LOVE IT!

  • carrierocks

    Wow— thank you Jared for posting this! It is incredible- and I cannot stop crying or watchng the damn thing- it is addicting! lol Carrie sings like an angel in this video– it is her best vocal performance yet. And she is a Great actress! The person who said Britney spears is better is an idiot because Britney spears cannot even sing– and she is nothing more then an outdated tramp.

  • Kakaface

    Love the song but she’s really ugly

  • noone

    A very sad, heart-breaking song and video. Yet …. want to watch it again and again.

  • bresenolouie

    “Best Actress Award” for Carrie Underwood. The conversations between the military husband and Carrie in the car, the night before being deployed to war made the music video even more powerful. At the beginning of the video the husband asked, “So, you are thinking about tomorrow? We have some rules.” Carrie asked, “What rules?” Husband, “Let us think about this night between me and you only…” Scene 2, she felt nervous that her husband is to be deployed to war. Carrie, “I felt nervous about tomorrow.” Husband, “Tomorrow is just another day.” Scene 3. Husband, “I have our whole life plan for us and it is perfect . Carrie, “Promise?”. Then they showed Carrie crying in the funeral and then she is in front of the coffin of her husband and she held on to that American Flag given to her, that is what is left of him. Man…I shed lots of tears!!! My heart goes to our men and women in uniform and their families fighting for our freedom.

  • You/Me

    Damn. That is some powerful sh*t, especially for anyone who has had or currently has a spouse in the armed forces.

  • nancarly

    ้how sad, love this song, carrie has a great voice

  • britt

    this was tooo depressing for me.

  • GLEN

    Just an awesome video. Carrie’s very best yet. Wow!!! Carrie has become quite the little actress. Love how it’s set in the Vietman 60′s era. Love the Eddie Arnold “Make the World go Away” playing on the 65 Chevy convt. radio.

    Actually IMO, the whole video could be “Just a Dream”. Carrie’s worried about her future husband being in the military, he promises her it’ll be ok, she dreams about the wedding, about getting a letter from the Army, and finally about her husband’s funeral with flag in hand.
    The whole production looks like Just a Dream!!! This song and it’s video will effect people in different ways.

    WTG Carrie!!!

  • Jen

    I love this song and I love this video. It’s so touching and Carrie was great in it. Definitely one of her best yet!

  • flutters

    Thanks Jared! The video’s pretty good. Carrie’s great but the special effects are a little cheesy and the whole thing could’ve been better. Great song and great singer though and I hope it touches lots of people.

  • Megan fox was ROOBBBEEEDDD

    she always does these patriotic songs. but i love her

  • Amy

    I’m not the kinda person who usually cries at songs, but that one made me cry. Amazing.

  • Janey

    Wow, love the song and the video is out of this world. Carrie Underwood did a great job.

  • coolness

    more like “just a nightmare”
    ugh tht sucks
    so freakin sad

  • JANE


  • lozluvsefron

    such a beautiful song.. i rekon carrie is a wikid singer good job

  • Carol

    This is my favorite song off Carnival Ride and I absolutely love the video. Carrie is gorgeous, can sing and act!!! Roman did a wonderful job along with the Revolution crew…I loved the morphing from white to black. This song should make everyone appreciate what is going on in real life and live for today. Thanks Carrie….

  • KanyewestFan

    Ok listen. I usually hate friggin’ country music- but I have to give props to Ms. Carrie Underwood for this incredible song. She sings the shit out of it– and I actually shed a tear or two. You can really feel the pain, man. Nice job, Carrie.

  • Amazing!!!

    Wow– Carrie is the most beautiful woman in music industry- period. She should be a model or actress in addition to singing. Her voice is so angelic though– and she really blows on this song. Best vocal performance she has ever given– especially since you can feel the emotion in every word. She has come a long long way from American Idol. She was great then too- but now she can emote the passion and pain as well as reach the notes. Bravo, Carrie. Support our Troops!