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Katie Holmes' Rolled-Up Jeans -- YAY or NAY?

Katie Holmes' Rolled-Up Jeans -- YAY or NAY?

Katie Holmes may have skipped one day but she’s back to sporting the rolled-up jeans fashion trend!

The 29-year-old actress, who sported a cute polka dot scarf, was seen arriving for rehearsals in New York City on Tuesday morning for her Broadway play debut in All My Sons.

According to OK!, Katie was back in L.A. as recently as Monday (yesterday). She, her daughter Suri and husband Tom Cruise were seen boarding Tom‘s private jet Monday afternoon at the Burbank Airport.

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katie holmes rolled up jeans 01
katie holmes rolled up jeans 02
katie holmes rolled up jeans 03
katie holmes rolled up jeans 04
katie holmes rolled up jeans 05
katie holmes rolled up jeans 06
katie holmes rolled up jeans 07
katie holmes rolled up jeans 08

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  • Kelly K.

    she is looking so masculine this days….and her hair is terrible! Change it girl!

  • Joseph

    I don’t like that way she is using her jeans! But her face is gorgeous!

  • minime

    Poor thing. She tries too hard to look fashionable yet comes off as awkward. She reminds me of Tom’s mother. Way to go Tom, age the poor girl by 20 years so you’ll feel comfortable. Sad.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • sarah

    katie looks so silly walking that way!her feet are so strange! Altough i like her outfiit this time, much more younger…

  • Dani

    she looks kind of ridiculous with her rolled up jeans..she tries so hard to be a fashion icon, that in certain wayt i feel sorry for her!



  • cng

    yay on the jeans!

  • Jake

    This has nothing to do with style. Because of the pant leg and shoes, she had no choice but to roll it up. I doubt she was thinking I am going to make a fashion statement.

  • Zen

    Poor girl, no way…

  • spin sycle

    29? are you sure? she looks like she’s sportin 49 if you ask me…..she dresses waaaay too old and looks more like a boy now


    LOVE IT!!
    She is gorgeous! Reese Witherspoon is wearing those jeans, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna.
    Its great and comfortable for everyday wear.

  • Dani

    Jake, this has everything to do with fashion!She has been using this way her jeans again and again!!!!in last pics you can see it!

  • Lora

    rolled up jeans are cool but only skinnies, not baggy washed out ones like hers. she needs to get a grip and dress her age, she looks 50!

  • iminlovewithjoejonas


    I LOVE JOE JONAS°°°°°°°°

  • ANON


    Something really stinks here
    How much is this site being paid to feature this c*u*l*t member???
    How much is Tom forking out for promo posts?
    How many tickets do they need to sell?


  • dancer

    #9 Jake–
    You are right, this has nothing to do with style, because the woman has absolutely no fashion sense. If we were talking today’s style, the woman wouldn’t be wearing jeans that don’t fit her (and have a button close) with a belt that went out of style in the 60′s or 70′s not to mention an outdated twin set. She is also wearing a short scarf when long scarves are now in fashion.
    Poor Katie – she tries hard, but if she would just remain true to herself and her body type, she would come off much more successful as a style icon…which currently she is not.

  • Jossie

    Again this jeans????my God i’m tired of seeing her like this old, masculine style! she has a great beauty, she should learn how yo use it, if Tom allows her of course!

  • brittanyblogs

    nay, in the manner she has worn them. yay ,when they are skinny jeans with a wider cuff and cute heels…..very summery looking when it is stifling outside.

  • Ivana

    When she is alone, she looks nice, but with Tom ( totally different story )…

  • renee

    i cant believe she is wearing her jeans like that….we did that in the 80′s!!! and we all know how bad 80′s fashion was!!!

  • Marta


  • f.

    Hollywood – 1988 called, it wants it’s jeans back.

  • regina

    I like the jeans, i don´t like her… i think sheís better off withot Tom, she is only hangind on to him because he is nice $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Ha!

    Who is dressing this girl? She needs to go back to being herself instead of trying to play dress up. She always looks like she’s trying too hard – probably because she is.

  • Shannon

    Why do people keep acting like this is her new trend?? I mean havent everyone seen her wear these SAME jeans and belt almost every day for like the last 2 weeks all of which it says she is on her way into rehearsals! those are guys jeans anyway! that is NOT her new style that is what she HAS to wear to play her character in the play!!! I dont mean to come off rude but ive been watching what just jared is saying everytime they post new pictures of her and then what most comments say. I dont see how seeing that she is on her way into practice for the play in almost the same look everyday hasnt made people think that it is what she is wearing as the character she is portraying!

  • jennzz

    yuck! Ditch the jeans !

    She was beautiful at the time he married her. All of the pictures from the time of the wedding were great of Katie. She should go for the older look she use to carry well.

  • Lee

    I dont see how seeing that she is on her way into practice for the play in almost the same look everyday hasnt made people think that it is what she is wearing as the character she is portraying!

    Are you for real? Katie’s playing a character from the ’40′s. Giant, baggy men’s jeans do no translate to that timeframe.

    Not to mention it’s not dress rehearsals.

  • Shannon

    well i seen on her fansite as well that this is what she is wearing for the play. I dont know how it fits in or what have you but this is not Katie and her choice of attire. Look at every single thing before these last 2 weeks and you will never see her in JEANS for one, she is almost ALWAYS dressed up and wearing some sort of heels not baggy means jeans and a mans belt that are almost falling off of her along with her wearing flats daily, that is just not her. I would be willing to bet that once this play rehearsal stuff is wrapped up, we will no longer see this sort of dress attire on her.

  • veronicas

    nayyyy, i dun like her outfit, she looks old.. but i guess she tried too much to match up wif tom style, which is nerdy and old fashioned.

  • gina


  • Lee

    well i seen on her fansite as well that this is what she is wearing for the play. I dont know how it fits in or what have you but this is not Katie and her choice of attire.


    Sorry to disappoint you, but it is her choice. She was wearing them in LA, too.

    Really, try reading something other than her kissy-kissy, dopey site run by fangirls. They don’t know anything.

  • F

    katie has a young dollface

  • 90210


  • :)

    She is so cute.

    Good luck Katie

  • alice

    cuteness….when is the play?

  • tawi-tawi

    #17 dancer -
    Has it ever occurred to you that true fashion icons (which Katie is trying to be now) never wear what is in fashion TODAY, but rather declare FUTURE fashion??? it’s simple common logic! that is why all FASHION ICONS look weird sometimes for a simple consumer. Have you ever noticed some celebrities “pioneering” some styles long before those styles become public – like high rise jeans two years ago on Kate Moss – you couldn’t even buy them anywhere…
    so, as a resume – we should expect this jeans’ style in a couple of years or a year in stores everywhere…maybe

  • spooky

    bought the jeans and its so comfortable. But I must say it looks better than Katie than on me.

  • twins

    The closeups of Katie are so beautiful. Thanks JJ.

  • anon

    very cute lady. Suri really looks like her.

  • mary

    if these are outfits for her broadway debut…..yikes, all the more reason to NOT buy a ticket.

  • lauren

    what broadway performer wears their outfit for the show in public?
    that’s stupid and crazy, it’s supposed to be for stage only.
    so I think these are her own hideous outfits.

  • Vogue
  • Xisca

    JNot a fan of it….not a fan of her eaither… what the hell is she doing on Broadway?????

  • anna


  • frances

    Does she ever change her clothes???she is wearing those jeans almost two weeks on!!!!

  • nicoja

    Did I miss something? When did she cut her hair into this pixie-cut. Last time I saw it it was a wavy 80ties version.

  • emma

    katie looks so silly she tries so hard to be a fashion icon but This has nothing to do with style.

  • me

    I am sorry 71 “dancer” I do not agree with you and i can talk since I am a Fashion disigner (sorry 4 my spelling) anyway she does dresses fashionable, ok youy migght be right in fashionable meaning, she does dress stylish, fishion is also improve and be diferent it is a trangression and be able to combine with style different things to improve and not to fall in what nowadays is fashion but to go beyond, I hope you understand me, at least I am trying. She does dress different and tryies the only problem is that it does not look natural on her but it looks like she is trying to call attention. Baggy jeans will always be fashiion if you know how to wear them like Victoria does.She was not long ago wearing baggy jeans and looked wonderfull on her, why? because it came from herself because she was feeling like it and not copying anybody weareas with katie she said “oh ok victoria wears it this way i’ll try but another way and let’s see if I make a new trend” then she mixes everything! This scarf she is wearing will always be fashionable as many other things if you are stylish she is not and it seem s she is thirsty to call attention that is why nobody likes it because she is trying too hard like Rummer Willis

  • tom c

    She’s pigeon-toed. How so unattractive!!!
    she’s an airhead with no personality.