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Reese Witherspoon Loves Stella McCartney

Reese Witherspoon Loves Stella McCartney

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon shops up a storm at the Stella McCartney boutique (the fashion designer and daughter of Paul McCartney) in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon.

After the 32-year-old girlfriend of Jake Gyllenhaal picked up a few items from the store, she popped into her Mercedes and drove away.

Jake‘s rep recently shot down rumors that he and Reese are engaged but he reportedly has moved into her $5 million L.A. home.

45+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon shopping Stella McCartney

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reese witherspoon stella mccartney 01
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 02
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 03
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 04
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 05
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 06
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 07
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 08
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 09
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 10
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 11
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 12
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 13
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 14
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 15
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 16
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 17
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 18
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 19
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 20
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 21
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 22
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 23
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 24
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 25
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 26
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 27
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 28
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 29
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 30
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 31
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 32
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 33
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 34
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 35
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 36
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 37
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 38
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 39
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 40
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 41
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 42
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 43
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 44
reese witherspoon stella mccartney 45

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  • jj

    She’s cute. Love her & Jake.

  • Angelika in Poland

    she`s great

  • nikki


  • laura

    She is a ugly bitch!!

  • kebo

    She’s is such hottie. BTW,I saw her photo and profile at the celebrity age gap dating club ★★★www.Agelessmatch.C O M★★★ ” – where you can meet your like-minded local younger/older friends or partners.

  • Halli

    First thing that came to my mind here is Victoria Beckham with those sunglasses and hair cut. She looks goos here. In a cute kind of way.

  • mike


  • jenn

    All she does is shop

  • Amanda

    I like the hair! And she’s not ugly ¬¬*

  • denise

    she’s adorable, I LOVE her hair like that.

    She and Jake are a cute couple, I hope they last.

  • jeg446203

    It really is sad to see her stalked like that. Couldn’t they just respectfully take one picture and leave her alone? At least the children were not with her.

  • vidal sasson

    I don’t like the white blonde playboy bunny bleach job. It’s way too over processed.

  • Abbyyy

    she looks really good!!

  • Vogue
  • sandra

    In fact, she seems much more ugly when Jake isn´t near from her! Jake go back hurry!

  • Chelsea

    Is that all she ever does, is shop? She spends way too much time shopping all of the time. She needs to find something much more constructive to do. And by the way, all of the shopping that she does, does NOT make her any better looking either.

  • cHRIS

    cute cute cute cute cute cute…the only word some idiots know. She obviously decided to get out and be photographed to keep up the fan interest. In picture two you get a good look at her shovel shaped chin. It looks sharp and big enough to dig all the way to China. I think I saw the Mercedes being driven by Jake before he linked up to her. They may be sharing not only a dog, and a bed, but…get this…a CAR too. LOL.

  • cHRIS

    When you see pictures of them side by side you see how small she is compared to him. The top of her head hardly comes up to his shoulder. I wonder how they fit together in bed. He may be so large he needs to be careful not to hurt her. If he rolled over on her in his sleep it would be curtains for her. LOL.

  • Vern

    I can see Jake giving her prim and proper ass a nice pounding in bed.

    I wonder is she is a moaner?

    She probably gets real loud in bed, its always those proper lady like ones that get down and dirty in the sack

  • rachel

    Those sunglasses are way too big for her head. But on the other hand, without her glasses on, she looks old. Reese my dear, you are not aging well.

  • Vern

    well, Reese has the life

    She ain’t exactly shlepping around Wal-Mart in sweat pants with two kids

    1. Millions of dollars
    2. Screwing the sexist man alive
    3. Shopping all day, spa, expensive salons
    4. No kids in sight, nanny, housekeepers, assistants

  • Vern

    1. shops all days millions of dollars
    2. No kids, no housework
    3. Maid, nanny, assistants

    what is the hardest thing this women does all day, give Jake head?

  • Vern

    Millions of dollars in shopping sprees, a life of wealth and everything you can imagine. Her brats are somewhere thrown off with a nanny

    The most strain she’ll have is getting on her knees and giving old Jake boy a good blow, then he leaves the country for some shitty movie filming and she is free to shop and strut around like a queen

    ahhhhhhh…… Reese’s life is sweet

  • zoe

    she looks cute here. dont like her hair but i guess its growing on me…let the woman shop! she has the money. im sure she spends time with her children.

  • louise

    I really think the photographer/s went too far here… they’ve clearly gotten right in her way and right in her face. It’s more than simply an invasion of privacy, it’s an invasion of personal space! I think Just Jared is one of the better & classier blogs out there, and should refrain from supporting the careers of paparazzi who don’t know where to draw the line.

  • bitterspoon

    She lets the paps know where she’s gonna be all the time. She shops and goes out with the kids to get press, She dates Jake so she can get magazine covers. She’s got no movies coming out and she’s just bitter over Ryan moving on with Abby who makes him happy and who the kids like.

  • Ronja

    With her hairstyle she looks ugly. She looks good with brown hair. But blond andshort is really ugly. I don’t like reese.

  • cHRIS

    Zoe, give “cute” a rest, ok. Find another word for a change.

    Now it would be a terrible tragedy if he rolled over on her in his sleep during the night.

    I can see the headlines in Variety now:

    Hollyweird Tragedy. Enormous boytoy lover smothers petite beauty in sleep. Rolls over on top of her (as he did Ledger in Brokeback) and crushes her before she can let out the tiniest peep.; Discovers body to his horror upon awkening. Boytoy in shock. Says “Why didn’t I get one of those roll over alarms in time?”

  • cHRIS
  • K

    She must desapear of Hollywood film industry. Hollywood must update and find another actress with better level to act.
    It is terrible to see a ugly women whose the Hollywood leathers sleep and her horrible boytoy without character and son of director Sephen Gyllenhaal like the criminal Robert Downey Jr…
    There are lot of nepotism!
    It would be wonderful if Hollywood would make films for Homo Sapiens not for Mental Retarded like at present.
    Personnal of Hollywood….try to make a film with another prostitutes…or perhaps with real profissional actresses.!!!

  • B

    Does this woman know how to do anything else but shop! She goes to wonderful cities with culture like London and Paris and all she does is shop. when Jake first hurt his ankle she has him following her around holding her shopping bags while she hurries ahead of him. Jake should have been resting and off that ankle but no, he had to follow that blonde devil bitch around like a puppy dog.

    Grow some balls Jake, dump the bitch.

  • cHRIS

    Well she’s got the money; he’s moved into her house; so he is Mr. Step ‘n Fetchit. If he doesn’t like it he can always go back and live in his hovel in the Hills. LOL. If he ever gets paid more than she does then he can make her scrub the floors. That I’d like to see. LOL.

  • Blackworm

    I think Reese looks great. If I had her money, I’d shop all day too. And so would all of you.

  • rachel

    Sorry Blackworm, but I hate to break it to ya, but I’m alot smarter than Reese and could definitely find more constructive things to do with my time than shop til I drop. There are more important things in life than materialistic things. And that’s all Reese knows about, is materialistic things.

  • What a b!tch!

    Reese Witherspoon is a BAD MOTHER.

    She’s either shopping or doing photo ops with her gay “boyfriend” while nanny and Ryan take care of the kids.

    What a b!tch!

  • Ivana

    # 35
    How do you know, that she is bad mother……
    Did you spy her from bush…..:-)))))
    Ryan take care of kids, while he is free, same thing is with Reese.

  • cHRIS

    I don’t think anyone can say whether or not she is a bad mother without knowing all the particulars re her children. What I do notice is that they never smile, whether they are with their father or their mother. My sense is that the divorce in itself has damanged their psyches. Divorces often do that to children. So it is the divorce that is the “bad parent” not Reese or Ryan. They may try hard to support and love the children, but that doesn’t make up for the fact of the divorce.

  • cHRIS

    I would wager that Jake is the best thing in the children’s lives. He is full of jokes and fun, and likes to entertain people with funny voices and horsing around. He also is not involved in the divorce and doesn’t remind them of family arguments and unplesantness. I would bet that he is like a “loving uncle” and may be the adult best able to help the kids through their childhood. Indeed that may be his main value to Reese.

  • Vern

    that is a very nice comment cHRIS

  • Ivana

    Vern is right…
    Very nice cHRIS :-)

  • Emma

    Judging by all these nasty comments, not even all the money in the world can buy you respect!

  • cHRIS

    I like to make fun of celebrities for…well…the fun of it, but I do honestly think La Witherspoon is probably one of the best around: doesn’t drink (much if any), doesn’t do drugs, works hard, has a good professional reputation, etc. She also is very pretty for her age, in spite of her rather unfortunate chin. And she’s a pretty good actress. Her best performance for me was in Election, a movie that hasn’t been praised all that much, but in which she was terribly funny. And I think she linked up with Jake because he is pretty much like her. Probably two of the most grounded and sensible people in Hollyweird, where it is very very difficult to be grounded and sensible.

  • Emma

    Get on da floor u hoe bitch n give jakey boy a good ‘ole blow where u belong