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Selena Gomez Goes Caravan Crazy

Selena Gomez Goes Caravan Crazy

Selena Gomez takes time out of her busy schedule for some retail therapy as she shops at the Caravan Stylist Studio in New York City on Tuesday.

Selena Gomez, 16, spent time with Miley Cyrus at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards and recently spoke about her green ambitions! “If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” said Selena. Her best friend Demi Lovato chimed in on saving the planet by saying, “Turn off the lights, turn off the lights!”

10+ pictures of Selena Gomez going caravan crazy…

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# 2

yay! and wow that’s nice im so glad her and miley are friends!

# 3

pretty sel!

# 4

OHMYGOSH! hs e looks beautiful.

BUT HER FACE! its just so … small.

# 5

Selena is ok, but personally I don;t like her near as much as Miley.
Miley is an icon, Selena will never be.

no offense, but she is kinda a lame role model too. turn off the lights? there are so many mire important things.

Selena is overrated just FYI. ok, I’m done.


ok bye now! :)

oh one more thing. selena’s outfit was retched at the teen choice.

she wasn’t even nominated for anything. miley was.. and she was the host. there is a big diff.

# 6

no offense, Sel. I think you;d be a cool person to hang out with. and your best friend Demi rocks.

I just wish you and Nick wouldn’t lie about being together.

glad you and miley are “friends” or atleast not mean towards each other.

i hate those lousy rumors.

# 7

i love her; she’s so pretty.

# 8

isnt she dating nick jonas?

# 9

This is to Anna. I honestly think when your in the buisness it depeneds on how long you’ve been there.

Miley Cyrus has been in the buisness for about 5 years now , because shes always loved singing on tour with her father.
But Miley Cyrus is just like very other kid in america and just because she has a number one album doesnt mean shes any better than selena.

Music is music , and Selena HASNT released an album. Frankly i think that Selena is a better role model , because she hasnt leaked any pictures of herself on the interner with half of her shirt up.
Not saying shes a ***** , but thats not something a 4 year old should see with her favorite person in the world.

SO! im sorry ‘ Anna ‘ but next time you put one of those big comments on one of these things . Think about what your going to say .

Because frankly … you made no sence.
Especially with people having their OWN opinions.

so people can hate on Miley , Selena and Demi all they want .
Your a Miley fan ,
Im a Selmi fan.

SOOO PLEEEAASSSEEE! just …. think .



♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥ @ 08/05/2008 at 2:10 pm

Shes so pretty :)

but besides that. PURTY!

Vanessa’s way hotter

ugly fugly !!!
those are legs or what?? omg sooo skinny!
miley has prettier legs fo shoooo
I dont hate selena but she’s NOT beautiful!
and did u guys saw the dress she wore for the tca?? Horrible!

i hate herrr ujjjjjjjjj baloon headddd!!!!!!!! with hairr i hate her she is miley´s wanna beeee!!!!! i love mileyyy cmmon dating nick nelena is the worst couple nileyyy the best



i like her…not as much as miley…but oh well…

Awesome Sel looks pretty!

And im a fan of ALL 3 of them cus there all awesome!

So whatever!

They all rock!


she is adorable and she looks beautiful.

WHY SO SERious @ 08/05/2008 at 2:27 pm

you guys must be slow…. if you think sel and ****** are friends,she said in a interview theyre ok with eachother…

now she’s gettin annoyin!!!!
but looks pretty

now she’s gettin annoyin!!!!
but looks pretty

Ohmy.. ppl cmon. U guys are always like “omg. look her legs- ugly!” “look her dress- ugly!” “look her face – small and chubby” “look her hair – it’s toooo big” blah-blah and sooo oooon.

If u were like 16 and already a rolemodel and famous U wouldn’t make anyyy mistakes .. ’cause u guys are like Perfect, right??!!
U all have perfect face, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect style and u don’t make anyyyyy mistakes. I’m right, right?

Maybe u guys, who dis Selena’s or Miley’s or … looks should put on a picture of yourself next to your comment. Then everyone can see how perfect u are and why u have the right to say something rude towards them.

(btw. Hope u get my point and understand what i mean, english is foreign language for me. I don’t live in US or near there..)

This girl is really desperate for attention, isn’t she?

Selena is truly amazing, a great role model, singer, and actress.

I don’t hate Miley Cyrus I love both girls but I do think Miley is causing conflict between each of them because of the publicity because she knows her fame is falling especially with Hannah Montana viewers dying down but Wizards of Waverly Place viewers are rising.

You should check out this amazing Selena Gomez fansite, she also has a Miley Cyrus one too.

I like Selena but seriously. She needs to admit about dating Nick. He pretty much admitted it on Kiis with Ryan Seacrest this morning. Lol But they are cute.

JUSTJAREDROCKSMYSOCKS @ 08/05/2008 at 2:45 pm

meh, i agree with anna.
miley is awesome and a great person to hang out with and selena is… not.
btw, unlike anna, i dont like selena and demi even a little, i actually hate them both and yeah, both of their outfits at TCA were so ugly.
and all you delena lovers, dont tell me that you like selena and demi and that im stupid, cause everyones got their own opinions :S

JUSTJAREDROCKSMYSOCKS @ 08/05/2008 at 2:46 pm

yeah, this is to Helena. YES SHE IS DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION. and so is demi. duh, they became famouse just cause they wanted the paparazzi up their ass.
they obviously love it. their conceited minds are blowing up big time

luv her, and I’m glad they’re friends, GO MILEY! xD lol

fan support @ 08/05/2008 at 2:53 pm

The 2008 Disney Channel Games film the Disney stars riding on the bus going to the game field. On the bus, Selena and Nick Jonas were sitting together.

all of you people that are saying that Selena is becoming annoying and she’s a ‘Miley wannabe’ are slow. Miley Cyrus is way more overexposed (in more ways than one) then Selena is, whether is her face on the disney channel every goddamn 5 minutes or her taking those ****** pics over and over again. And what’s with everone saying she’s a Miley wannabe? Because she has a television show and she sings? In that case sooo many other people are Miley wannabes too, right? Miley has been in the buisness way longer than Selena which is the reason for her immense popularity. comparing the success of the two is like like comparing the knowledge of a 4th grader to a 7th grader; obviously the 7th grader is smarter because they have been in school longer! and Selena IS a better role model. I dont even care Miley took those pictures (she’s 15 who cares) but only a true MORON would have her pictures being exposed over and over again. Not even Vanessa Hudgens made that mistake.

Hey #23 im not miss universe! but heyy i look like one compared to that ugly skinny girl! I think u’re the ugly one!
and #24 i agree with u! She looks so desperate! I still dont get why is she posing for pictures whe she’s out shopping? I think she’s just trying to be nice but at the same time she looks so desperate to be like miley!

Selena looking “desperate”? Let the girl have some fun with clothes! I’m sure if you were famous, you would do the same thing!

i think this is a photoshoot

Stupid paparazzi. They get money from those people.

I don’t know why, but I don’t like her.

okay i don’t get you haters, most of you say she has a small head, most of you say she has a head the size of a balloon…such lame and shallow excuses to hate her. Why hate on someone that didn’t do something personally hurtful to you. So sure I’m not fan of Miley’s,but I’ve got nothing against her at all. those “sexy” pictures she confirmed was a mistake and she’s sorry. Besides we all have other things to worry about.

#5, you’re retarded.
first off, okay, you’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t bash selena on a selena post. is your head up you ass?

second off, she’s a better role model than miley! you don’t see her stripping her clothes for a camera, do you? no.

&, selena is new to the scene. people like her cause she’s a fresh new face. she’s a VERY good actress, and she said herself that even though she can sing, she’s still gonna focus on acting.


and stop saying one more thing. ******. you’re just jealous cause you’re not as pretty as her. her outfit was gorgeous.

&…um, we’re not even talking about the teen choice awards, so why did you bring it up?

yu guys are seyin all this ish about selena and demi. do yu KNOW them?! no. how can yu guys sey theyre stupid, conceited, desperate for attention etc…yu guys don’t know them like come on, be serious. personally I’m a demi&selena fan, but yu don’t see me cumin in here all immature talkin about “ohhh she’s much better than miley cyrus!”. if yu guys didn’t realize, this is a SELENA post ok? talk about to topic and bounce…stop comparing them!

but yeahh. selena looks soooo pretty! iluvtheshirtandshorts. wish I wus in manhattan =(

thats right shantel I AGREE


i agree with comment #24

Wow! she is a beauty!

This girl is pure win. She is a doll and always seems to appreciate her fans. It is refreshing to read about her.

She is so pretty it is amazing. Love her sense of style and beautiful hair.

She appears so innocent and yet so cute. It’s about time for this new brunette beauty to be recognized for her talent. she even sounds smart in and interview. Bet she wouldn’t mess up her lines at an awards show.

She’s taken time out of her busy schedule? Are you kidding? All we ever see on this bloody site is pictures of this girl having her picture taken. I was about to ask: “Does she even work?”.

hm,Mandy.. U have noooo right to say that I’m the ugly one. You have never seen me and u probably won’t either.
And she isn’t ugly skinny girl. Seriously, she looks totally fine. She doesn’t look like i’m-on-a-diet skinny. She looks just normal.

Oh and Mandy, u should totally think twice before u call a total stranger ugly.

What’s with the endless Selena pimping around here, Jared? Have you got a certain crush on this balloon-faced cutie?? She’s okay, but I still don’t see anything special about this gal…I’m not even a Miley fan persay, but at least Miley has a certain sparkle and charisma that even the cutest of Disney darlings haven’t yet surpassed. It’s just interesting to see how fickle both the Disney channel and its viewers truly are…one year you’re hot, and one year you’re a has-been!

wasn’t demi referring to nelly furtado’s song “turn off the lights”?

why is everyone getting so worked up about it…

Im not a Selena fan.
But i still clicked on her picture so read
hate comments and laugh my butt of.
Selena is annoying.
Dont bash me and say ‘ Shes a good rolemodel’
and crapp!
what did she do that she’s a good rolemodel?
She didn’t do ANYTHING except act.
I didn’t see her go to charitys and stuff!
She’s still new to the disney world.
WATCH OUT SELENA FANS, she’s going to
turn out to become a huge slutttttt to!
Miley was perfectly a great rolemodel when she started
disney, now she’s taking those pictures!!
Selena, after 2 years she’ll do the same.
Because she wants attention.
Selena thinks shes the queen.
Selena thinks shes pretty.
She thinks she owns disney.
Shes horrible at singing, have u heard her new song
‘tell me something i dont know?’ its all computerized.
and i went nearly deaf when i heard it.
nick deserves better than ‘selena.
i’ll rather see nick with demi or ANYONE else, expect her.
Hate comment me, i dont give.
i just poured my heart out.
selena just wants to be miley, and she never will be.
cause selena cant sing. :)

desperate for attentiona and even she is not dating nick of course she likes to hang on nicks fame

selena is okkkk……
shes just too skinny!
lol jk.

STOP COMPARING HER TO MILEY! Selena is SELENA and no one else!

ps– who cares if selena’s Skinny, she can’t help it.. at least she isn’t over weight

She is completely adorable. She’s going to be gorgeous in about 5 years.

Oh please, stop with this Miley bullsh*t. Miley doesn’t even compare with how pretty Selena is.

the voice of reason. @ 08/05/2008 at 5:12 pm

oh come on.
i realise that everyone has a different perseption of what beauty is but you’ve GOT to be lying when you say that selena looks ugly here..
i’m not not a fan of hers, but she’s so naturally beautiful!

also stop with the constant comparison to miley.
they’re two different people.

and shut up about “oh my gosh i wish nick and selena would admit to going out”
it’s their choice whether they want to publizise their relationship or not.
i’m 100% positive that non of you guys are in the spotlight & having to deal with that pressure. but come on, you know as well as everyone that tabloids are looking to screw these peoples realtionships up just for the extra cash, so if they’re keeping it quite, good for them. it just means that they care about their realtionship & want to to acctually last. (that is if they are going out or not)

just have some sense people.

(& to whoever dissed demi for saying “turn lights off” shut up. yes they’re are more ways to help the enviroment but do you really think that she’s going to sit down & give them an hour long speech or the different ways to. NO.)

#48 K.
Ahahaha omg well i don’t have to think anything twice ’cause I say what i want!
But u know what? im sorry U’re right! I dont know if u’re ugly or not!
but selena gomez? That’s an ugly girl!
u have u’re opinion and i have mine! Sorry if u dont like what i have to say but u can’t do anything about that!

Oh yes, pose for the paps you pompous b*itch. I loath this fake virgin princess. Someone should run over conceited her a*ss.

Who cares if she’s dating nick, it won’t last and he already stuck it in cyrus, this isn’t the end of his wh orish ways.


(: HAVE YOU SEEN HER *******


and i think that all u miley haters and selena lovers just hate selena becuase you think miley hates her and YOU KNOW THAT COMPARED TO SELENA MILEY IS NO COMPETION

As someone who has same profile as selena, (thin,dark wavy hair, similar features) I like her as a role model. I´m tired of teen celebrities who look alot older than they are. Selena looks a bit younger, like me and i think thats really cool. Im sure there are tons of other girls who get criticized for not looking like a 21 year old at 15 and its great there is finally a role model for us. I also don´t understand why you guys waste your time going on here to post these absolutley horrible things about a girl that you don´t even know. I dislike Miley, but do you know what i do when i see a miley post? I skip it and move on. So Miley fans(or anyone else), instead of coming on here to type a bunch of shadoo bee about how much you dislike this girl, go post positive things about Miley on Miley posts, or just skip Selena posts.


ifyoucouldbeanytree @ 08/05/2008 at 6:48 pm

she is very pretty really.
naturally pretty.

ifyoucouldbeanytree @ 08/05/2008 at 7:01 pm

yall have to listen to 357.
she-he really is “the voice of reason”.

ifyoucouldbeanytree @ 08/05/2008 at 7:01 pm

yall have to listen to #57.
she-he really is “the voice of reason”.

iluvmiley @ 08/05/2008 at 7:16 pm

okay it’s funny no one else noticed this…they were all so busy with the hate comments and everything. it’s funny that selena wants to sing an eco-anthem, because they said she bought miley’s new cd, and miley’s song wake up america is about the environment. that sounds just a little wannabe to me, just saying.

cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee way better than ****** miley

Born Manahattanite @ 08/05/2008 at 7:38 pm

She’s has a nice featured face. Cute little body. And an average taste in clothes, i mean i’ve seen better. But anyhoo she is still quite charming in her own way. :P

I wonder how Nick feels every time Selena has said lately that she really likes Shia Leboeuf (sp)???? How can she explain that one away? Miley rocks – Selena wishes she did :o)

mandy #15 maybe you should look in the mirror!!!

selena&demi fan foreva @ 08/05/2008 at 8:01 pm

ok guys why everytime a selena or miley post appears you begin comparing them?? they’re different people! and both of them have talent! why do people compare them?? a selena post appers and in the first three comments there is already one sayinf she’s ugly or that miley is better
everyone has their own oppinions and if they are not nice keep them to yourself people!

selena rocks! love her outfit =)

no ones perfect!
you have an opinion say it.
but someone also has an opinion too!
so stop talking trash!
hate miley
hate demi
hate selena
who cares!???
shes ugly. shes ugly!
make a point!
no one needs hate.

mandy #15
miley’s #1 on the billboards. soooo??
selena just started.
cut her some slack.
i don’t like miley.
now ur gonna say miley started earlier
lil kids buy her cd.
she made a name for herself … no not Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana!
little kids are buying it like 5-12
Not Miley Cyrus

yeah nick totally almost said that SELENA AND HE are going out NELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hey # 70
“maybe you should look in the mirror?” You’re 6 right?

U shouldnt care about what i say!
If my opinion is that selena is ugly and miley doesnt is my bussiness not yours so shut up!
and yes nobody’s perfect including me but like i said before that’s my opinion… if u like selena or demi or miley is fine and guess what???
I DONT CARE!! So just dont pay attention to my posts ’cause i’ll be still talkin about selena’s uglynesssss

ahahah #70 i didnt see ure last post#73! Ure crazy i didnt even mention anything about the billboard!
Now plissss shut up and understand that i dont like miley or selena! I only said miley’s more pretty! Crazyyyu

god selena needs to go.
this is exactly what happened to miley, she became famous because the media made her famous. they chose to follow her everywhere and forced her into the spotlight. now the same thing is happening to selena.
i remember in nov/dec when miley was on every single celeb gossip site as an ‘up and coming star’ and now shes HUGE. give selena six-eight months and she’ll be huge too.

except i liked miley back then when she wasn’t huge. i don’t like selena now. and i wont like her when she’s huge. i think this little paparazzi ‘encounter’ was planned. she looks way to perfect to be seen out randomly shopping. i mean, she is naturally pretty, but her she looks unnaturally pretty. plus, all of the outfits she’s wearing are so uglyyyy. AND IF DEMI WAS THERE… WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF HER??!?!?! i best disney isn’t ready to have demi lovato as their next ‘breakout’ star yet, so they aren’t having pictures of her taken by the paparazzi yet. once selena becomes huge then demi will have ‘random encounters’ with the paparazzi just like selena is having now.

but i do like miley and demi (or i’m at least trying to like demi), but selena i’m so over its not even funny. she always looks so awkward, she’s boring, she has no spunk.
sorry selena fans, i’ll always be a miley fan.
and hopefully eventually become a demi fan.
but selena? no. not now. not ever.

Selena is overrated. Miley is better 100%

Selena is overrated

nick like completely admited that hes dating selena in that ryan seacrest interview

nick like completely admited that hes dating selena in that ryan seacrest interview

nick like completely admited that hes dating selena in that ryan seacrest interview

selena is beautiful! she looks so awsome!


Damn she is sooo pretty. I’m happy for her dating Nick. But he’s a heartbreaker. Look what he did to Miley! She better watch her back!

sel is ok, but never will be miley, miley is the best


shes gorgeous

eh, i hate miley
stupid lil **** .

“If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” said Selena.

Interesting comment.

Doesn’t Miley have a song on her album about global warming and going green called “Wake Up America”? Hmm..

well, she’s definitely prettier than miley

i actually really really like those outfits! they are soo cute! and she looks stunning <33

I’m noticing how some here are calling Selena a “wannabe” cause of Selena’s “If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” and Miley’s global warming “Wake Up America” song… just to a heads up, Selena has always been for the environment! she participated in “Chevy’s Rock the Future” event that delt with global warming, she helped plant trees on Disney Channel’s Earth Day event, she’s worn global warming t-shirts, and she’s mentioned in interviews how she hopes to raise awarness about global warming and explained how young ppl can save the earth by doing little things like recycling and turning off lights not used. does that seem like a wannabe to you??? she’s been pro earth before “Wake Up America” was even written! so don’t even think about calling her a ‘Miley Cyrus wannabe’ cause she’s an environmentalist and Miley so happens to have a global warming song. at least Selena is going out there and doing stuff. give her credit where it’s due and stop trying to start something. cause there’s nothing there.

preciosa ella como siempre la admiro muchisimo:D
suerte con todos selena
bye kiss ojala algun dia llegar a conocerte

i love miley i love selena.
i love nick i wish he would just come open about the relationship.
and selena has good taste in clothes (:

i love miley i love selena.
i love nick i wish he would just come open about the relationship.
and selena has good taste in clothes (:

god people stop fighting over selena and miley i like both of them there both really talented i personly think mileys a better singer than actress and selenas a better actress than singer but there both really good at everything they do

FUUCKKK SEELEENAA! @ 08/07/2008 at 2:50 pm



okay first of all everyone has there own freakin opinions.& MILEY DIDN”T LEAK THOSE PICTURES ON THE INERNET..someone hacked into her iPHONE you should research before you make up some lousy lie.
& yes i do aggree to anna that they should be proud of there relationship. Not be embarressed or WHATEVER.
just be happy that you are in your position.
so to anabell get a life maybe and they are tons on x]
lmfao…ROFL >:D and anna great statement so DOES ANABEL. :)

nick is rushing into relationships he should just slow down..

selena_gomes_HATER @ 08/10/2008 at 5:19 pm

I HATE SELENA GOMEZ!!!!! SHE SUX EGGS! AND SO DOES DEMI!!!!! miley IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE the best. she proved to us she CAN sing unlikeselena, she made songs and hasnt been live ONCE!!! LIP SYNCER!!!!!!!!!


selena_gomes_HATER @ 08/10/2008 at 5:21 pm

she is a miley wanna-be!!!!!!!!!!!!! u suck selena!!! u look like a toad wen u smile! and ur head is like a baloon! ew!!

selena_gomes_HATER @ 08/10/2008 at 5:22 pm

her dress and shoes she wore at tca was HORRIBLE!!!!! miley’s was SOOO SOOO BEAUTIFUL!! and her shoes ACTUALLY FIT HER! selena and demi are attention hoggers! they love paparazzi up their a**

i personally like miley cyrus beta den selena gomez i think ppl who like selena are just gay like her!!!

selena is pretty and nice

ilovejonasbrothers @ 08/12/2008 at 4:07 pm

i dont selena one bit

i hate her. MILEY ROCKS!

ajajajajaajajaj yesss right on ppl keeep on saying bad stuff about her woooo lol i rely dont like her she is like trying to steal mileys spotlight and if you noticed she is dong evrythng miley did..she is suck a byter!!! MILEY IS WAY AWESOME SHE ROCKS!!!! SELENA SUCKKSSSS EGGS!!! ;] HEHE

Selena is better looking and a better actor. Singing is really improving but she says it’s not what she wants to do.

As for those Miley pictures. It’s a look a like. Look at how she is always hiding her left arm. If you look carefully, you will see a tatoo. There is also a tatoo in one photo that in on the left lower abdomen. Those shower and “scandalous” pics are all fakes.

#109. She is hot hot hot!! No lie mane.

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