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Selena Gomez Goes Caravan Crazy

Selena Gomez Goes Caravan Crazy

Selena Gomez takes time out of her busy schedule for some retail therapy as she shops at the Caravan Stylist Studio in New York City on Tuesday.

Selena Gomez, 16, spent time with Miley Cyrus at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards and recently spoke about her green ambitions! “If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” said Selena. Her best friend Demi Lovato chimed in on saving the planet by saying, “Turn off the lights, turn off the lights!”

10+ pictures of Selena Gomez going caravan crazy…

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selena gomez caravan crazy 02
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selena gomez caravan crazy 04
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  • chelsea

    desperate for attentiona and even she is not dating nick of course she likes to hang on nicks fame

  • Martha

    selena is okkkk……
    shes just too skinny!
    lol jk.

  • Kaitee

    STOP COMPARING HER TO MILEY! Selena is SELENA and no one else!

  • Kaitee

    ps– who cares if selena’s Skinny, she can’t help it.. at least she isn’t over weight

  • girl

    She is completely adorable. She’s going to be gorgeous in about 5 years.

    Oh please, stop with this Miley bullsh*t. Miley doesn’t even compare with how pretty Selena is.

  • the voice of reason.

    oh come on.
    i realise that everyone has a different perseption of what beauty is but you’ve GOT to be lying when you say that selena looks ugly here..
    i’m not not a fan of hers, but she’s so naturally beautiful!

    also stop with the constant comparison to miley.
    they’re two different people.

    and shut up about “oh my gosh i wish nick and selena would admit to going out”
    it’s their choice whether they want to publizise their relationship or not.
    i’m 100% positive that non of you guys are in the spotlight & having to deal with that pressure. but come on, you know as well as everyone that tabloids are looking to screw these peoples realtionships up just for the extra cash, so if they’re keeping it quite, good for them. it just means that they care about their realtionship & want to to acctually last. (that is if they are going out or not)

    just have some sense people.

    (& to whoever dissed demi for saying “turn lights off” shut up. yes they’re are more ways to help the enviroment but do you really think that she’s going to sit down & give them an hour long speech or the different ways to. NO.)

  • mandy

    #48 K.
    Ahahaha omg well i don’t have to think anything twice ’cause I say what i want!
    But u know what? im sorry U’re right! I dont know if u’re ugly or not!
    but selena gomez? That’s an ugly girl!
    u have u’re opinion and i have mine! Sorry if u dont like what i have to say but u can’t do anything about that!

  • idiot

    Oh yes, pose for the paps you pompous b*itch. I loath this fake virgin princess. Someone should run over conceited her a*ss.

    Who cares if she’s dating nick, it won’t last and he already stuck it in cyrus, this isn’t the end of his wh orish ways.

  • jen (hates miley)




    and i think that all u miley haters and selena lovers just hate selena becuase you think miley hates her and YOU KNOW THAT COMPARED TO SELENA MILEY IS NO COMPETION

  • Silvia

    As someone who has same profile as selena, (thin,dark wavy hair, similar features) I like her as a role model. I´m tired of teen celebrities who look alot older than they are. Selena looks a bit younger, like me and i think thats really cool. Im sure there are tons of other girls who get criticized for not looking like a 21 year old at 15 and its great there is finally a role model for us. I also don´t understand why you guys waste your time going on here to post these absolutley horrible things about a girl that you don´t even know. I dislike Miley, but do you know what i do when i see a miley post? I skip it and move on. So Miley fans(or anyone else), instead of coming on here to type a bunch of shadoo bee about how much you dislike this girl, go post positive things about Miley on Miley posts, or just skip Selena posts.


  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    she is very pretty really.
    naturally pretty.

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    yall have to listen to 357.
    she-he really is “the voice of reason”.

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    yall have to listen to #57.
    she-he really is “the voice of reason”.

  • iluvmiley

    okay it’s funny no one else noticed this…they were all so busy with the hate comments and everything. it’s funny that selena wants to sing an eco-anthem, because they said she bought miley’s new cd, and miley’s song wake up america is about the environment. that sounds just a little wannabe to me, just saying.

  • CC


  • amy

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee way better than slutty miley

  • Born Manahattanite

    She’s has a nice featured face. Cute little body. And an average taste in clothes, i mean i’ve seen better. But anyhoo she is still quite charming in her own way. :P

  • Gina

    I wonder how Nick feels every time Selena has said lately that she really likes Shia Leboeuf (sp)???? How can she explain that one away? Miley rocks – Selena wishes she did :o)

  • hgfb

    mandy #15 maybe you should look in the mirror!!!

  • selena&demi fan foreva

    ok guys why everytime a selena or miley post appears you begin comparing them?? they’re different people! and both of them have talent! why do people compare them?? a selena post appers and in the first three comments there is already one sayinf she’s ugly or that miley is better
    everyone has their own oppinions and if they are not nice keep them to yourself people!

    selena rocks! love her outfit =)

  • hgfb

    no ones perfect!
    you have an opinion say it.
    but someone also has an opinion too!
    so stop talking trash!
    hate miley
    hate demi
    hate selena
    who cares!???
    shes ugly. shes ugly!
    make a point!
    no one needs hate.

  • hgfb

    mandy #15
    miley’s #1 on the billboards. soooo??
    selena just started.
    cut her some slack.
    i don’t like miley.
    now ur gonna say miley started earlier
    lil kids buy her cd.
    she made a name for herself … no not Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana!
    little kids are buying it like 5-12
    Not Miley Cyrus

  • momo

    yeah nick totally almost said that SELENA AND HE are going out NELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • mandy

    hey # 70
    “maybe you should look in the mirror?” You’re 6 right?

    U shouldnt care about what i say!
    If my opinion is that selena is ugly and miley doesnt is my bussiness not yours so shut up!
    and yes nobody’s perfect including me but like i said before that’s my opinion… if u like selena or demi or miley is fine and guess what???
    I DONT CARE!! So just dont pay attention to my posts ’cause i’ll be still talkin about selena’s uglynesssss

  • mandy

    ahahah #70 i didnt see ure last post#73! Ure crazy i didnt even mention anything about the billboard!
    Now plissss shut up and understand that i dont like miley or selena! I only said miley’s more pretty! Crazyyyu

  • kristan

    god selena needs to go.
    this is exactly what happened to miley, she became famous because the media made her famous. they chose to follow her everywhere and forced her into the spotlight. now the same thing is happening to selena.
    i remember in nov/dec when miley was on every single celeb gossip site as an ‘up and coming star’ and now shes HUGE. give selena six-eight months and she’ll be huge too.

    except i liked miley back then when she wasn’t huge. i don’t like selena now. and i wont like her when she’s huge. i think this little paparazzi ‘encounter’ was planned. she looks way to perfect to be seen out randomly shopping. i mean, she is naturally pretty, but her she looks unnaturally pretty. plus, all of the outfits she’s wearing are so uglyyyy. AND IF DEMI WAS THERE… WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF HER??!?!?! i best disney isn’t ready to have demi lovato as their next ‘breakout’ star yet, so they aren’t having pictures of her taken by the paparazzi yet. once selena becomes huge then demi will have ‘random encounters’ with the paparazzi just like selena is having now.

    but i do like miley and demi (or i’m at least trying to like demi), but selena i’m so over its not even funny. she always looks so awkward, she’s boring, she has no spunk.
    sorry selena fans, i’ll always be a miley fan.
    and hopefully eventually become a demi fan.
    but selena? no. not now. not ever.

  • Vogue
  • yoshi

    Selena is overrated. Miley is better 100%

  • yoshi

    Selena is overrated

  • LMM

    nick like completely admited that hes dating selena in that ryan seacrest interview

  • LMM

    nick like completely admited that hes dating selena in that ryan seacrest interview

  • LMM

    nick like completely admited that hes dating selena in that ryan seacrest interview

  • cute

    selena is beautiful! she looks so awsome!

  • Stephie


  • Damn she is sooo pretty. I’m happy for her dating Nick. But he’s a heartbreaker. Look what he did to Miley! She better watch her back!

  • fra

    sel is ok, but never will be miley, miley is the best

  • http://comingsoon! hollywood1hugefan


  • loren

    shes gorgeous

    eh, i hate miley
    stupid lil slut .

  • la_girl

    “If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” said Selena.

    Interesting comment.

    Doesn’t Miley have a song on her album about global warming and going green called “Wake Up America”? Hmm..

  • Alex

    well, she’s definitely prettier than miley

  • lynn

    i actually really really like those outfits! they are soo cute! and she looks stunning <33

  • lynn

    I’m noticing how some here are calling Selena a “wannabe” cause of Selena’s “If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” and Miley’s global warming “Wake Up America” song… just to a heads up, Selena has always been for the environment! she participated in “Chevy’s Rock the Future” event that delt with global warming, she helped plant trees on Disney Channel’s Earth Day event, she’s worn global warming t-shirts, and she’s mentioned in interviews how she hopes to raise awarness about global warming and explained how young ppl can save the earth by doing little things like recycling and turning off lights not used. does that seem like a wannabe to you??? she’s been pro earth before “Wake Up America” was even written! so don’t even think about calling her a ‘Miley Cyrus wannabe’ cause she’s an environmentalist and Miley so happens to have a global warming song. at least Selena is going out there and doing stuff. give her credit where it’s due and stop trying to start something. cause there’s nothing there.

  • pilar

    preciosa ella como siempre la admiro muchisimo:D
    suerte con todos selena
    bye kiss ojala algun dia llegar a conocerte

  • bailey

    i love miley i love selena.
    i love nick i wish he would just come open about the relationship.
    and selena has good taste in clothes (:

  • bailey

    i love miley i love selena.
    i love nick i wish he would just come open about the relationship.
    and selena has good taste in clothes (:

  • Jess

    god people stop fighting over selena and miley i like both of them there both really talented i personly think mileys a better singer than actress and selenas a better actress than singer but there both really good at everything they do




  • janie

    okay first of all everyone has there own freakin opinions.& MILEY DIDN”T LEAK THOSE PICTURES ON THE INERNET..someone hacked into her iPHONE you should research before you make up some lousy lie.
    & yes i do aggree to anna that they should be proud of there relationship. Not be embarressed or WHATEVER.
    just be happy that you are in your position.
    so to anabell get a life maybe and they are tons on x]
    lmfao…ROFL >:D and anna great statement so DOES ANABEL. :)

  • janie

    nick is rushing into relationships he should just slow down..

  • selena_gomes_HATER

    I HATE SELENA GOMEZ!!!!! SHE SUX EGGS! AND SO DOES DEMI!!!!! miley IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE the best. she proved to us she CAN sing unlikeselena, she made songs and hasnt been live ONCE!!! LIP SYNCER!!!!!!!!!