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Katie Holmes Is Off To See The Wizard

Katie Holmes Is Off To See The Wizard

Katie Holmes channels a bit of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz with her red sparkly Mary Janes on Wednesday morning in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress also won’t give those rolled-up jeans a break! Katie sported the pegged jeans look yet again as she headed into rehearsals for her Broadway play debut in All My Sons.

FOX News generally hates Tom Cruise but they actually think he steals the show in Tropic Thunder as a bald, hairy movie mogul. FOX also rehash the idea that Tom disallowed Katie from playing her role in The Dark Knight, which is making all kinds of box office records now. The movie could have done wonders for her movie career…

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  • blexh


    tom… hmph

    maybe he had a good reason to not let her…?

  • slowjam

    I am digging this new haircut. She looks sexier than ever in my opinion.

  • RITa

    She can roll all she wants; but I just want to know.. has she been wearing the same pair of pants for the last 3-4 days??

  • woogie

    those pants are horrible! Maybe she borrowed them from friend, David Beckham?? What’s with the shiny red shoes? Pretty shoes- but, does not match her top or her whole outfit. Oh well…who cares? I find it interesting to see how celebs dress, etc….

    She looks so gaunt. But- it was HER decision to marry Tommy boy.

  • S***B

    Has anyone noticed that Kate is pigeon toed??Yes she is–her feet turn in as she walks—-that does not seem very lady like and you would think she could try to walk more womanly.

  • Mary

    Those rolled up jeans are NOT cute!!!

    i think Katie should’ve done the dark night. I don’t like maggie gyllenhal.

  • uuum

    She’s definitely trying hard to make the rolled up jeans looks happen. And knowing the way some people are, they’ll do it too just because a celeb does it. The potential for this to become a trend again is not funny.

  • Aquarius

    Wow, look at her sagging cheeks.
    Katie, what’s wrong with you?
    Finally realized what kind of dungeon you drove yourself in?

    Katie wasn’t invited back to the sequel. She doesn’t know how to act.
    Hopefully Patrick Wilson will bring the hope back to the second child.

  • irene

    maybe she thinks that those pants make her ankles look skinnier. She still has disproportioned legs for her frame.

  • jared doesn’t like me

    #5 Has anyone noticed that Kate is pigeon toed??

    Tough to miss!
    She has a really weird shape from the waist down.
    Much bigger on the bottom than on top.
    Now with her short hair, she looks even more dispoportionate.
    Pin head plus big legs. Nothing to write home about.

  • youwillmissme

    What’s wrong with Katie. Has she gone out of her mind?

  • youwillmissme

    Where is my message that I just posted? What’s wrong with Katie. Has she gone mad or something….

  • soju

    Can someone donate some money to buy a new pant

  • betduke

    What a shame that she did not reprise her role in the Dark Night movie. The audience would have been laughing and cheering if she would have been the one to blow up at the end instead of Maggie.

  • renee

    why oh why is she continuing to wear her jeans like that??? does she think its going to catch on AGAIN? we BURIED that style in the 80′s!!!

  • renee


  • renee

    what’s the deal jared??? why arent the comments posting???

  • renee

    nevermind…there they are…

  • Shannon

    I do not understand the folks that post! Wow does no one realize that she has wore the jeans constantly whether they are cute or not the fact is she is wearing them for WORK!!!! I mean no one especially a celebrity like katie holmes just goes out day after day with the same exact pair of jeans on and the shoes that is a sure clue that she needs them for work! she is dressed for work!!!

  • renee

    whether she is wearing that for work or not, it looks like shit!

  • sarah

    How many pairs of those pants does she have. She wears them all the time.

  • Shannon

    I totally agree with you renee it looks awful and I hate them too like nothing ive ever seen thats worse! but i just wish it would make sense to everyone that it would be work related clothes since its like nothing has changed everyday for the past 2 weeks except her shirt and sometimes she has different shoes on. i know most times you dont see the outfit that they would wear in the film but in this case you are and i dont know why but we are. i cant wait to the play comes out so we can all see because i just cant imagine that a celeb like her would do this for fashion or anything of that matter. i mean no one just wakes up and wears the same jeans for weeks straight! when since she met tom i havent seen the girl repeat and outfit twice or sunglasses even hardly for that matter.

  • Vic

    Shoes are hot – but not with that top! If you check into the current fashion trends you will find this style of jean selling like hotcakes by the maker Current/Elliott – stores can’t even keep them in stock! Katie actually had on a pair of Levi Boyfriends one day – so we shouldn’t just assume everything she puts on is designer. And, yes – perhaps they are for the play – but I doubt they’re having dress rehearsals yet.

    As for the movie – can’t act – what would have been the point?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … half of the bishes on this site have already started wearing their jeans like that because of katie. haha bunch of followers.

  • Lee

    Wow does no one realize that she has wore the jeans constantly whether they are cute or not the fact is she is wearing them for WORK!!!

    Oh, sweetie, give it up. You are wrong. If Katie was, as you say, wearing them for work, why is she seen wearing them when she’s not working? Not to mention pegged, baggy jeans were not the style of the ’40′s, when the play is set.


    regarding the shoes..maybe she’s trying to click her heels 3 times to get out of her “marriage” We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto..

  • bet betty

    Old. Face. New. Shoes.

    Bitter. Expression. Bright. Red.

    Dosn’t. Go. Along.


    THEY are promoting it now… and there is no sign of him.. If he is another Heath Ledger.. Steals the show.. gets nominated for an oscar… So where is he they have been showing the scenes from this
    movie every show and no Tom… So guess he isn’t such a scene stealer after all.. As for Katie.. Those pants are probably the ones she
    where’s in the play…So she got her wish after all that she is without
    Tom and Suri..

  • cheers

    cute lady

  • S

    Eww…. shes been wearing the same pair of jeans for 4 days. Hope she washed them in between. I think shes turn into tom. And her dress sense flew out the window. Think she’s trying to be more newyork but its not working for her.

  • Mona

    Fox news hates Hollywood unless they are Republicans.

    TDK is for Ledger and Eckhart. Why will Katie care to do it if she is just killed off and the writing on Dawes has no improvement.
    Even Bale was outshined by Two Face and the Joker.

  • giselle

    Getting those jeans too! Katie is so pretty and relaxed!

  • lilly

    Arthur Miller will soar Katie’s career not the damsel in distress lameness in Batman.

  • anonymous


  • melisa

    she needs to stop wearing her jeans like that asap.
    it looks awful.

  • Helena

    Mary Janes? I wore these in the 90′s. I also wore those jeans in the 90′s! Is this woman stuck in the 90′s, by any chance?

  • sad

    Love her new look and shoes. Too bad I cannot watch this play of hers.

  • :)))))))))

    I witness other stars are copying Katie’s style also young women in general.

  • Ivory

    OMG, how many times is she gonna wear those pants. There are like 3 files of her wearing them kind of pants.

  • chef


  • lurker

    Katie was a stronger actress than Maggie in the Dark Knight. More beautiful too and hits it off with Bale. Maggie had zero sparkage.

  • d

    why she can’t roll up her jeans? give her a break
    she can do what she want, no need to mention all the time ” she rolled-up her jeans again!”
    it just some kind of style

  • duranduran

    She is pretty and the style is catching on.

  • Dancer

    Chill! Jared will get to your posts.

  • pinks

    Wise of Katie to move on and I understand if Cruise is a bit worried having his young beautiful wife away too long surrounded by Bale,Ledger and Eckhart.

    Batman may be breaking records but the curses on the stars are slowly making its way one by one on those that did The Dark Knight.
    Freeman was the latest victim.

  • manette

    Love this lady!!!!!!!

  • Dancer

    #22 Shannon
    She is NOT wearing these for the play. The prop person would not allow her to take things home. Furthermore, I believe the play is set in a time period where these jeans would not be worn. She is wearing them most likely because she thinks she can set a trend. They look like they need washed. Hope they have been.

  • LuckyL

    She looks 40, no joke. Look at Diane Lane.

  • Vic

    Come on people – give the girl a break! So what if it doesn’t look good. Maybe she has poison ivy on her ankles, she’s hiding something, etc. – it’s just not a big deal!!!!!! As for the SAME pair of jeans – not at all true. She has worn several different brands.

    As for Arthur Miller making her career soar………..probably not…… have to be a very good actress to do that.

  • the dq

    Yes, TDK could have done wonders for her career, but who cares. The midget won’t allow her to do anything that could upstage him.

    As for those jeans, if you’re going to do rolled jeans, do them right or don’t do them at all. BLECHHHHHH!

    Oh, and did ya all see the pic from yesterday of the robot child w/her baa-baa. Good thing her daddy’s rich, because she’ll need extensive dental work.