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Happy Birthday Maddox Jolie-Pitt!

Happy Birthday Maddox Jolie-Pitt!
  • Happy Birthday, Maddox!!! (He turned 7 on Tuesday.)
  • Looks like Lindsay Lohan could be a little drunk here
  • Paris Hilton loves Danish people
  • Brad Pitt inspired Pineapple Express by playing a pothead
  • Miley Cyrus wants to babysit Ashlee Simpson‘s new child
  • Tyra Banks is a Michelle Obama wanna-be
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown share some puppy love
  • Go pillow crazy and have a pillow fight!
  • The Dark Knight smashed yet another Hollywood record as it cleared the $400 million domestic box office mark in 18 days, less than half the time it took Shrek 2 to reach that milestone.
  • Laurence Fishburne is in talks to replace William Petersen as the star of CBS’ veteran crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Actor Kelsey Grammer has been released from a New York hospital, his spokesman said on Tuesday, after checking in about a week ago when he was feeling faint following a recent heart attack.
  • The Jacksons will receive a lifetime achievement award during performing rights group BMI’s eighth annual Urban Awards on September 4.
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  • LuckyL

    Happy b-day to lil Maddox, MiHoley= Lame and can barely be a role model to herself let alone take care of babies, love Brad, love Laurence Fishburne, Good for Kelsey and Good for the Jackson clan!

  • Day

    Happy-b-day to the madd man :)

    The big bro of the jolie-pitt clan

  • zoe

    happy bday maddox! (my favourite kid out of the bunch)
    you’re one lucky guy. =)

  • Sylvia

    Happy birthday Madoxx

    heyy, post something about Enrique Iglesias!

  • ebmo

    Happy Birthday to the Little Guy!!!!!
    What a cuie!!!!

  • terissa

    Yes Happy Birthday Maddox, wonder what they did for his big day.

  • botoxjenho nippleston

    Happy B-day Maddy !

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …his hair – ridiculous. `no kid should have a ~ receding hairline.

  • tabitha

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  • zen

    Very cute kid happy birth day maddox

  • Angies hanging tats

    please like they even got that poor kid a cake, he is soooo old news. good thing he wil be dating soon and have his g/f living with them … he wont even care that they dont care about him.

    brad inspiring a pothead … go figure

  • tabitha

    I bet Maddox had a great fun filled day with his family. I’m sure the extended family was there as well.

  • Natalie

    # 11 – You sound very miserable, full of hatred ?

    WHY ????

    Happy Brithday Maddox !

  • me

    With his bros, sisters, cousins, friends like bono’s kids I am sure he had a blast time.

  • brangelina fan

    Angies hanging tats @ 08/06/2008 at 10:49 am

    Still very hateful …

  • ///

    Sheesh, poster #11, go take your miserable self somewhere else. Brad and Angie are adults, but to take your hatred and misery on a 7-year-old is just despicable!!!!

  • selma

    happy birthday mad, i wish you all the best.
    God bless you and your family.

  • African Girl

    Yipeee! Jared has a new thread for Maddox’s birthday. Whew! Now we know his parents love him. Lol, I’m sorry…I couldn’t resist.

    Bringing this over from the last thread for Littleun

    African Girl @ 08/06/2008 at 10:21 am

    Hi, it’s been awhile…I hope everything is good with you. While I honestly applaud your efforts to educate others on adoption and family integration, I think you getting overly dramatic on this particular issue. AJ has said so many times she does not feel any differently for her adopted kids, BP has been quoted saying they are as much his blood as Shiloh (and now the twins). They…BP and AJ are the ones who count and again, they have never made it a secret that these kids are loved so I think is very, very unfair of you to blame them for People Magazine’s strategy to sell magazines. I think it’s short sighted of you to blame them for Jared not putting a thread up for Maddox’s birthday. Judging from their past actions, I am willing to bet my bottom dollar on the fact that Maddox had a lovely time on his birthday, the fact that you don’t see it or some stranger man blogger didn’t put a thread up does not mean it didn’t happen.

    When I saw the People Magazine cover with Shi holding Viv, the first thing I thought was “Wow, look how grown she is, the baby of the house is now holding a baby sister” I thought it was cute, almost got teary-eyed (Yeah, Yeah Fanistons…I have no life, crying over people I know, I am a loon, blah, blah, blah), Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yeah, I got teary eyed because I remembered Shiloh’s People cover from just two years ago and now here she is all “growed” up. I’d like to think this was the effect People was going for, not the other more sinister, more insulting motive some people are throwing out there. In my opinion, those who chose to see that cover differently did so because in their minds, the adoptive children will never be anything but that and they will always look for something to backup their mindset. People in this mindset will see something wrong if Shi is fed before Zee, Mad or Pax, forgetting that she is younger and it’s only natural to feed her first. Think about it, i mean really…How fair is that to the little girl?

    On a person level and I do apologize in advance for going there, it is my fervent hope that you lavish as much care and thoughtfulness to your biological children (if you have any) as you do to your adopted children. Just because they are related to you by blood does not mean they are immune to insecurities, sibling jealousy and feelings of being left out. I know how difficult having a blended family and trying to make everything as normal as possible but in my opinion, in trying too hard we sometimes end up doing more damage (in my mind, a blended family is like a raw egg, hold it too hard, you break it and hold it carelessly and you…errr….break it). Finding a healthy balance is always the key and it is my opinion that the JPs have done that.

    I was gonna ignore the whole topic adoptive kids vs. biological kids when it was being thrown into the mix empty headed Loosie-Fanistons…I mean come on, these are the same set of people who spent 2007 and the better part of this year, writing dissertation on how Shiloh was the odd one out, how she wasn’t loved because there aren’t many pictures of her, how she’s the token biological kid in AJ’s village of adopted children, how AJ carries her less than BP does, no wait how BP carries her less than AJ does, no wait how BP and AJ carry Zee more than they carry Shi and now I’m supposed to take them seriously when they turn around and say just because Shi is on a magazine cover, she is the beloved? LMAO! Not even, I’m not about to get on their Bipolar Boat, thank you very much. I only responded to this because it’s you and I respect you and what you’ve been through.

    I am in no way, shape form trying to change your opinion, getting you to see things from another angle, even if you don’t agree is good enough for me.

  • k

    Your jenny played a Ho who pretend class from outside once, it is natural for her since that is what she is. Anways, it is better to have a mother that loves you like angie’s. Instead telling you the ugly looking you are like JA mother hehe.

  • tabitha


  • African Girl

    ylian @ 08/06/2008 at 5:03 am

    leetleun @ 08/06/2008 at 4:02 am


    Leetleun, I know you mean well and of course, the issue of an adopted childs identity is a serious one. But your wishing that it was Maddox, Pax or Z on the cover of People and not Shiloh is unfair to Shiloh.

    In an ideal case, all the children would appear in the corner of that magazine cover. But as people mag chose, and chose Shiloh, then I think it is unfair and you are at risk of being a reverse racist to harp on it. Shiloh has as much right to appear on the cover as Maddox, Pax or Z individually.

    If People had made a conscious decision to place Shiloh on the cover with all her biological siblings, because she is the biological sibling, then I agree with you, they deserve to be smacked hard.

    But in my opinion, if People had made a conscious decision to place just Maddox or Pax or Z on the photo because they are adopted and they want to make a point about it, then they deserve to be smacked just as hard. The children should not become political football to people with a political agenda to push.

    But if People made a conscious decision to place Shiloh on the cover in the corner because it was just a beautiful picture – which it was, then Shiloh has a much right to be selected as any other child.

    From what I’ve seen, I think all the photos of the children were very very beautiful. But I can give you ONE good reason why Shiloh’s photo was special:

    It was a photo of a little girl caught in a moment in time, with her expressive eyes showing a combination of amazement, wonder and delight at having a living, breathing, warm, sleeping dolly on her lap (and not these other dollies she had been given that don’t do nothing). This was the amazement and delight that I saw in her face which makes it so special.

    Yes, I saw the love, I saw the happiness on Z’s face and smile, and I saw the tenderness in the photos of Maddox and Pax. But to me, they were older kids and they knew the twins were NOT living dolls. Somehow, it seemed to me that Shiloh thinks at that moment, that her little sis/bro was a living dolls and she was amazed and delighted to be handed a living doll. So perhaps it was this moment of amazement and delight showing so clearly on Shiloh’s face, which moved the People editors to put this photo of Shiloh on the corner.

    I will say this as someone who has experienced discrimination – as a woman and as a chinese for a better part of my life:

    Do not assume the worse intention of others because the only person it harms is yourself. And if you teach your own children to make these sorts of assumptions, you also harm them.

    What do I mean by this? I mean:

    YOU cannot know why People selected that photo of Shiloh. And I’ve given you one reason why People may have selected Shiloh’s photo which has nothing to do with her being white or biological.

    YOU can choose to ascribe the negative reasons you mentioned – that someone is playing favourites, being racist or whatever negative connotations you want.

    But I suggest that you don’t till you know. Until then, the photo of Shiloh has as much right as Maddox, Pax and Z to appear in that corner. Otherwise, YOU are politicising this photoshoot, way beyond what it should be. And you are inviting negativity into your own life.

    Lylian, you are the best! I wish I had continued reading because I wouldn’t have written my last post. Everything I wanted to say, some i couldn’t quite put into words, you have done…excellently well for me. I especially love the part in bold because this is EXACTLY what i thought was the reason for Shi being on the cover.

    As a child who grew up carrying dolls until I was 11 (went to boarding school and the house mistress told me NO DOLLS…after laughing at me for 10 minutes straight when I asked her which part of my tiny corner I could set my little Annie) moving on, as I someone who carried dolls, I was so happy the the day my mom came home with my younger brother, another doll I thought and this one even cried I moved. According to my older siblings, I kept poking him just so he would cry and when he did, I would love in delight…Okay, is it me or does that sound like a crazy, sick thing to do? Yikes! I wonder why they didn’t send me to a shrink. They must really love me…right?

    Anyhoo, thanks much for this.

  • sharon

    Happy Birthday Maddox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Happy birth <3
    such a cutie boy (L)

  • john

    When we’re saying happy birthday to celebrity’s children, there’s a problem.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!! In Touch is attacking US Weekly for it’s false report on the IVF:

  • Anonymous

    LMAO at Star magazine’s cover of Maniston: It’s My Turn!

  • woogie

    he’s a cutie patootie

  • betduke

    I hope he had a fun filled gun themed party. You can take the kid out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the kid.

  • anon

    Her turn? lol They Drag brad’s name all over again. Keeping the triangle alive.I bet her PR team feed the stories just in time for the baby photos.

    BTW I just got a copy of people. They looks so beautiful. I was about to cry.

  • Mahmuda

    Happy b-day Maddox Jolie

    The Jolie’s now are a huge family now, with the two new twins.

    But don’t this baby look HOT!!

  • an oldie

    Happy 7th Birthday, Maddox.

  • alia

    A little late, but still

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet-heart MADDOX!! :D

  • alia

    hope he had a beautiful birthday :)

  • alia
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  • an oldie

    As predicted, and recently discussed on the previous thread, here comes the timely planted rumor followed by a rumor denial to keep some aging actress relevant. We predicted it the minute the news about the twins pictures came out. So predictable of Jen’s PR team. Poor fanistons have to settle for another dose of fiction. LOL.

  • alia
  • alia
  • from USWeekly

    Huvane: “Jennifer is not getting married.”

  • passing through

    # 41 an oldie @ 08/06/2008 at 12:53 pm

    As predicted, and recently discussed on the previous thread, here comes the timely planted rumor followed by a rumor denial to keep some aging actress relevant. We predicted it the minute the news about the twins pictures came out. So predictable of Jen’s PR team. Poor fanistons have to settle for another dose of fiction. LOL.


    Personally I was glad to see the OK & Star covers. My watch had stopped and I was able to reset the time AND date based on these covers. So really…I consider X & Huvane as having done me a favor. Now I won’t be late leaving for my lunch break.

  • alia
  • alia
  • alia
  • alia
  • Mondo Bongo!

    ~Happy Birthday Maddox~

    African Girl … ITA .. I appreciate your humor and your logic..
    having worked with special need children and children from
    many backgrounds.. it hurts to see people use a child to be
    vicious to their parents, IMO all children are precious and a
    gift…. I also find that small minds think alike, these children
    are happy, healthy and loved… they have a full and promising
    life ahead of them…. and the topic is the cover of a magazine
    Ha! small minds … indeed ( that is not the big picture)

    I have seen parents that loved drugs more than their children,
    women that loved a man more, parents too young, too old, some
    jealous of the love of the child, or incapable of giving or showing
    love or affection.. children in situations that were unbelievable..
    and impossible to forget..

    Soooo all the opinionated folks out there on how the JP’s should
    care for their children… look around, there are many organizations
    and foundation that can use your input….. and who knows.. you
    may just learn something..