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Miley Cyrus Has Sunburned Shoulders

Miley Cyrus Has Sunburned Shoulders

Miley Cyrus rides her bike with her buddy Adam Sevani from the ACDC dance crew in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Tuesday.

While she was riding, skin on Miley‘s shoulders were visibly burned and peeling, although it didn’t seem to bother her. recommends SPF 75!

While there had been rumors Miley and Selena Gomez had been feuding, they put those rumors to rest by posing together at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s skin pigmentation?

10+ more pics inside of Miley Cyrus‘ sunburned shoulders…

Just Jared on Facebook
miley cyrus bike sunburn 01
miley cyrus bike sunburn 02
miley cyrus bike sunburn 03
miley cyrus bike sunburn 04
miley cyrus bike sunburn 05
miley cyrus bike sunburn 06
miley cyrus bike sunburn 07
miley cyrus bike sunburn 08
miley cyrus bike sunburn 09
miley cyrus bike sunburn 10

Photos: JFXOnline
Posted to: Adam Sevani, Miley Cyrus

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  • Alex


  • LuckyL

    So that kid is from ACDC?

  • fan ashley tisdale //

    I really love Miley! she’s the best and the prettiest!

  • Brenda

    Miley’s so cutee ^^
    I love her


  • Brenda

    Miley come to Argentina, pleaseeeee

  • yanina

    she is really nice, i love her music

  • tarly

    she looks anorexic and older than 15!

  • Brenda

    Te amamos en Argentina, hay tantos fans apoyandote, qe no permitimos qe los anti-Miley te insulten!

  • Orange Clockwork

    Damn, she’s ugly.

  • charli

    note to miley:
    honey, it’s called sunscreen, sunblock.. you know the stuff that protects you from the hot sun.. you might wanna try some ;]

    love that scarf tho :]

  • bleh

    Miley is a poser! She’s probably only riding her bike because he JB were talking about bike riding on jay leno the other day. And since when does she wear those scarfs? Selena wears them!! Wow, and they call SELENA a poser? Nelena forever<333

    But, on a positive note, Miley does look pretty here. =)

  • ?

    OMFG everyone is going to think she’s dating Adam now. Wtf? She proably wants that to happen.

  • aud

    Guess she’s too good to wear a helmet? I suppose Hannah Montana is immune to all head injuries after all.

  • ^_^

    love her

  • HAH!

    LMAO. Wouldn’t it be funny is she FELL in front of all the cameras? HAHAHAH. ROFL.

  • HAH!

    LMAO. Wouldn’t it be funny is she FELL in front of all the cameras? HAHAHAH. ROFL.

  • loren

    the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe

  • parisgirl

    Her friend’s name is Adam something, right? He can’t dance but he thinks he can, a mess lol

  • Angie

    GOD, u jb fans are sick! You think everything miley dose is b/c JB did it! Grow da fuck up!

  • renee

    i hate the scarf and it doesnt match either!

  • adsklasj

    adam sevani is a hottie ;)

  • Chelsea

    I love her scarf, its cute,
    i also like her shades & earrings, there cute to. & funky bike.

  • apple

    they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute togetherrrrrr, they def should go out

  • shannon

    ugh i dont understand why ppl where scarfs’s in the summer i mean is thier neck sweting or something! other than that those two would be cute together and miley looks nice

  • amy

    omg they are adorable together !
    thats so cute if they start going out

  • Vay Nay Nay

    Damn, she has got some monkey ears.

  • Ihatepoparatzi!

    Jeez you’d think the poparatzi could just leave her ALONE for ONCE!

  • Dev

    ahh, love her!!!! She is soo pretty! the scarf in the summer is kina weird though..

  • kelly

    #24 not really, i dont sweat when i wear mine, lol.

    and they would be cute together, they should date. :)

  • woogie

    Miss Bucky again. I can see now where she gets that mouth full of teeth that resembles a horse’s mouth- Her mother!

    Dental work can do wonders

  • chantall

    haha love miley she needs some sunblock i can not beileve that they beat ACDC!!!!

  • mela

    can’t stand this child.

    such a BAD role model.

    when she has nasty photos leak, or is a total mean-girl for no reason, she gives the public some insincere half-a$$ apology. We’re NOT buying it honey!

    britney part 2.

  • mela

    ps. i love how horse teeth can’t even shut her mouth. file those suckers down my dear.

  • annnie

    They are ADORABLE !

  • Angeline

    She looks cute and I love her outfit.
    The scarf adds a nice touch.

    Ooohhhhhhhh, here come dating rumors :P

  • lalala

    Cool glasses, Miles:)

  • james

    i dont know why people say shes feuding with selena gomez ITS A FUCKIN RUMOR made up by those stupid POPSTAR magazines

  • lovesit

    #34, Tsk tsk, who picks on a 15 year old for her teeth? I’m sure you don’t have a mouth full of perfect pearly whites. Get over it, just cause she has the money doesn’t mean she has to conform like the rest of Hollyweird. And please, the girl is FIFTEEN for goodness sake, cut her some slack for her mistakes! I’m sure everyone here who is calling her out for those photos was no saint at that age, so get off your high horse, and get over it. She’s entitled to make a few mistakes now and then.

  • kate

    She looks adorable!
    Whoever said she looks older than 15- I mean, she’s dressed down, not wearing much make-up.
    I think naturally she looks a lot older. So do the other DC girls like Demi and Selena.

    Cute pics!

  • kate

    Some of you talk as if she’s the first teen in the world to make a mistake of a sunburn.
    IT HAPPENS. Big freakin’ deal.

  • jen

    lmao okay i saw a video of this guy
    and like there like would u date miley and
    he was like no ! ick no! and then walks away and
    then there like miley or selena and hes like
    er question!


  • siv

    lmao #42 ur such a bullshitter i cant

  • jo

    yeah guys, Miley is riding a bike because the JB brothers do. RIGHT.
    Everyone and thier mother rides a bike. Some of you are so idiotic.

    She looks really pretty.

  • melu

    i agree miley need to come to argentina, we love you here!
    she looks really nice in her bike, love her

  • fra

    miley rules

  • Alex

    i like her outfit but, don’t like the earrings (big) and the sunglasses (looks to small for her)

  • anon

    ok i dont like this shiit. that was a total publicity stunt and he needs to stop hanging out with her or it’ll ruin his, acdc and his brothers groups cred.

  • random

    Miley and Adam should date. lol.

    Shouldnt she be wearing a helmet? She’s a role model to little kids. WTF??

    Lol. But I still love her. :)

  • Andrea

    omgggg she’s soooo pretty lol.. her and Adam would make a cute couple.. cuz he’s hotttt :))

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Those sun glasses dont really fit her
    and she should dress a lil more comfrotable when bike riding i think
    but other than that, she rocked at TCA esepcially dancing against ACDC!