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Rachel Bilson's House of Pies

Rachel Bilson's House of Pies

Rachel Bilson has lunch with friends at House Of Pies Restaurant and Bakery in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old former O.C. starlet picked up a surfboard for her work in Jumper under the category of Choice Movie Actress Action Adventure.

Rachel‘s latest movie, New York, I Love You, finished filming last month and is due out in February 2009. The star-studded cast includes Hayden Christensen, Orlando Bloom, Shia LaBeouf and Natalie Portman.

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  • mae`

    Rachel <3

  • mae`

    Rachel <3

  • kiki

    I love her..she really knows how to get dressed very well.

  • katelyn

    rachel bilson is a talentless toad, her face has a face of a little toad who lives in my pond

    i do not like that she gets all this attention when she has no talent, but i believe that she has no future, because her fans will grow up and understand that she is a nothing as an actress

    she is not good looking enough either and as to her clothing line, it is not her’s, other people are responsible for it

  • sam

    the guy is hot, she is midget

  • lilly

    i like the dude more than her, he is very good looking, he makes her look bad, like she is not good looking enough for him, he is hot

  • andy

    that outfitt is soo cool!
    because she seems to be relaxed, and thats awesome!

  • koko

    jj please post some new adam brody pics. its been so long. and i am bored. loved rachels dress

  • The incredible edward!

    How on earth can you like that rag you call “dress”?
    The guy must be gay… look at his shirt!

  • http://? Maggie

    I lov her style & I LOV HER CORS :-) shes preetee

  • sarah

    i love rachel.great style.

  • renee

    what in the hell is she wearing?????

  • nina

    the guy must be her wedding planner,,,a big joke only


    awful woman !!!!!

  • s

    they both look kind of funny

  • shelbyloo

    who is the guy???

  • e

    pretty sure its her friend, johnny wujek.. who is gay and a stylist…

  • meagan

    Without a doubt the most abysmal performance by an “actress” to date. That awards show was totally rigged. The only award Bilson should take home is the award for the most overrated, talentless hack in Hollywood.

  • laura

    katelyn i think your a toad…probably we don’t care about your opinion…i think your just gealous :)) and pathetic:))

  • Brad

    Choice Movie Actress Action Adventure :)

    I love Rachel

  • anna

    so beautiful

  • magali

    ok, i dont really like the outfit but she rocks !
    and whos that guy ?

  • party’s over

    The guy is very hot. I hope she doesn’t turn him thin pale exhausted scruffy and depressed by being with her the way she did with Adam and Hayden.

    It looks like she’s wearing an ugly purple slipcover. The purse clashes with the dress (or whatever the heck it is) and the shoes don’t look good on her. THIS PERSON HAS A FASHION LINE???

  • jackiemoon

    I love Rachel Bilson

    it sucks how they didn’t air when she received the award.

    i can’t wait for her clothing line to come out
    i will buy everything in that collection
    she has an awesome sense of style

  • tamara

    she is always cheap looking, over exposed well connected looser with no talent and no taste, just look at what she is wearing a potato sack and her legs are too short for the sandals

  • kim

    Her voting poll was rigged by her publicists. Most teens have no idea who she is. She got THE WORST reviews in Jumper.

    And here is a link explaining how polls can be rigged. With software that can generate 14,000 votes in just a few hours.

  • cb

    i swear, the headlines on these articles are getting dumber and dumer! Please stop trying to be clever…it’s not working!!

  • SR!

    please jj pics for adam brody!!!

  • meh

    i’m sorry but I just have to say that is the ugliest outfit i’ve ever seen.

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    I love this wholesome girl. No myspace sluttiness, just plenty of incessant gossip site coverage.

    I’m waiting with baited breath for the following riveting news stories :

    Rachel Bilson blocks her toilet with a big log
    Rachel Bilson needs a Plumber
    Rachel Bilson buys a plunger
    Rachel Bilson goes to sleep
    Rachel Bilson wakes up
    Rachel Bilson brushes her teeth
    Rachel Bilson has Rice Krispies for Breakfast
    Rachel Bilson locks her door
    Rachel Bilson is sick of hearing about Rachel Bilson
    Rachel Bilson saves the economy
    Rachel Bilson prefers Perez Hilton
    Rachel Bilson loves the healing powers of Kabalah.

  • Thurmen Murmen

    @ 16 & 22
    That’s me, woof, when I’m disguised as human being.

  • kim

    Rachel Bilson is the brunette version of Paris Hilton!

    Famous (get roles) because of family connections and famous for dating her co-workers to further her career. Nuff said.

  • dont you know

    wearing loose fitting clothes should start the phantom pregnancy rumours again by raydenites . how long should we give them ?

  • kim

    Famous for calling the paps on herself while wearing a different outfit everytime. Then her publicists post all the pics to dumb sites like this and lable her a fashion ‘icon’…well, if they say so then it must be true.

    What does she do, wear something once and then throw it away? That is what Paris Hilton does! Idiot girls. Then they have the NERVE to do charity promos to give cloths to poor kids. Maybe if they did not consume so much themselvs poor kids would have more.

    Any charity she does she does to publicize her on set romances (totally unprofessional) with the co-stars she exploits for jobs and to promote her worthless self.

  • katelyn

    lol # 30

  • ok

    ok, she looks like a midget because the belt is waaay too low making her legs look shorter….

    like a midget in a dress.

    the guy she is with is gay…cant you tell?? geez

  • real world

    who’s the guy ?he looks hot .hope he’s the one.(just kidding) about hayden why memtion him when you know that she date other guys .this have been going on for months now nothing.stop trying to put her so high just normal like me and you.just with more money.she knows who she want to be seen with.IT’s not hayden.he do not like the public eye like she do.(only to promote his movie and go home). Don’t like either.She wants somebody she go out and off sometimes.If that makes her so be it.(rich guys) about what she wearing need to lay off that,if her personal taste.let’s talk about the the movies she made.she have two movies coming out in feb. new york i love you,and ghosts of girlfriends past.she did new york, il love in may.and the other movie last.why didn’t mention that before?nor did she.she begin to lie about things that she do.including her relationships with other guys.why keep on hanging on to hayden when she’s not being seen with him.also let what she wearing go. and let her do her own thing.let her live her life. we do!

  • Vogue
  • Irishdreams

    Funny how one group of teens see her as this actress and she has the hyped up fashion line but, she was not elected in the fashion ICON list in TCA..Most teens don’t know her and the voting is by internet anyone of her few fans and push the button zillions of time to get her to win..

    The GUY is hot looking she seems to be seeing a ton of different men lately..THANK GOD..

  • @#30

    LMAO, too funny and true!

  • justice

    I wasnt a bit surprised that she got the award , hayden and samuel jackson has done more movies expecially samuel and he like hayden only got nominated , she was really horible in jumper and that other movie so thats two movies but at least it wasnt the oscars goes to show that only teenagers liked the movies because it was tca and those shoes with her short legs nono AND PLEASE GET YOU HAIR DONE !!!!!!


    The headline should read HOUSE OF LIES!!!!

  • victoria

    LOL Number # 30….. I also agree number # 12. What is with those odd shoes? It would have taken me weeks to get those things on. Can’t they ever be simple? And not odd?

  • SOS! I’m Murman Thurman!

    @ ok,
    The guy is not gay! Oh please! The guy is hot looking. You sound like an idoit. Rach looks like she is ready or headed to the beach. That could be her surfing instructor now that she’s won a surfboard by rigged votes! LOL!! mean her Bikini is under her baggy sundress.

    @ #33,
    Please…Don’t give the Raydenknight’s any more fuel to add to the fire. She has a belt around her waist and Bilson loves to wear the ugliest looking hippy dippy $hit. Why just look at her sandal’s! Icky Poo! She think’s she is so vintage ya know? BARF!

  • voice of reason

    Raven(or pick your name) you are a cancer that just won’t go away–are you 14? because you post like one.

  • Blah…Blah….Blah!!!!

    No bitch! (Stalker) that is your name and have every right to be here as you! What are you?? An obsessed stalker bitch of only 12?!

    Face the fact’s control freak. You don’t rule the boards. So back off lady!
    Former stalker of Lola Skye. Gee! Spider shit don’t have room to talk. Anne, Jen or whatever your pathetic wanker prick of a $hit name is? If you bothered to actually read a lot of people don’t like her! So take that and go f-k your bong. It seems that will be the only thing banging your pathetic self rightious inflated ego. It is obvious you have no b/f or significant other that you are on stalking the boards 24/7. Well. Excuse me. You like Rachel so much you want to eat her out! EEWWWWW!!!
    As much as I don’t care for Rachy. I almost feel for her she has a psychotic nut case fan like Spider. Oh! I mean VOR. More like NO REASON going on in her insignificant brain!

  • cool breeze

    is this rachel new guy?it seen she have one every happen to hayden?guess he wasn’t what she wanted. after she got what she out of him.(like the clothing line name rose) why didn’t she put it in her would have been better.and what she wearig .well it look like she’s older.guess she change for every guy she was one of dates she wanted to bring out..about time she did that. cause seen so happy when she do.but still hayden should won the was his movie,not hers.she should at least thank him.that shows she is very self.and she suppose to bea role model .that’s dumb,then turn around and got a new movie,alot of people not going to be understanding like hayden is.he have a good heart and kind .no need to deal with her anymore.

  • roe

    @ # 37 : ghosts of girlfriends past….???!!!

    Oh please wake up and get your facts STRAIGHT…

    Its Rachel Boston and soo NOT Rachel BilHO!

  • observer

    I’m glad anytime a talentless & worthless wannabe that’s pathetically pushed on the public’s throats “repeatedly” hits the wall!

  • V

    Im a big fan of Rachels but omg, that is the worst outfit ever. Doesnt do her any good. She looks awful.