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Robert Downey Jr. is a Rolling Stone

Robert Downey Jr. is a Rolling Stone

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. shows how he defeated his demons to become Hollywood’s badass superhero in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

On his current identity: “I’m between two phases right now, pre-Iron Man and post-Iron Man, and the transition can be tricky. It used to be, I’d drive onto a studio lot, and the guard was like, ‘Less Than Zero dude, I loved Chaplin!’ Now it’s, ‘Iron Man!’”

On his crazy schedule since Iron Man: “Right now, my BlackBerry is literally overloading and crashing, and the phone is never not ringing. It’s crazy. Like a Super Bowl. Like a landslide. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

On moving forward in his life: “I’m such a work in progress at the moment, it’s crazy, and life wants me on edge, I swear to you. But as long as I don’t forget the past, I’m cool. One must always be mindful, just like you might forget that old girlfriend who tried to slit your throat, but she’s really still hot. If you remember the stitches more than you remember the pussy, you’re going to be just fine.”

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  • renee

    why so expressionless on the cover photo???

  • nini

    He looks like a criminal/convict on the cover. The orange hoody don’t help his cause!

  • Aleksandra

    love him!

  • nikki

    He is so freakin hot. I love the orange hoodie.

  • casey

    omfg he’s so hot, it’s insane

  • Helena

    Finally, someone who deserves to be on the cover!

  • gina

    He looks great here. Have always been a huge fan of his.

  • RDJ

    downey is the best I loveee him

  • Marieme

    You know what? This is just absolutely stupid and meaningless mind chatter that really no one would be interested in listening to if it were not Robert Downey. I really get amazed at how banal and ignorant so many people sound when interviewed in RS. Not all: Some. Why is that? I remember an interview with Dave Grohl where he was throwing so many f-bombs he sounded like some moronic guido from the darkest parts of Jersey. I mean – c’mon! Just because people are celebs does not make them interesting or worth pages of interview. What a total twit.

  • Regina

    MUCH, MUCH better than the Jonas Brothers and The Hills girls, who previously were on the cover (which is a disgrace).

  • Justin

    Horrible cover

  • Justin

    Horrible cover and the orange hoodie is awful sorry

  • e.

    I’m so glad he got it together. He’s fabulous. I hope he continues to find success. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man. He just keeps getting better.

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    I love Robert and I’m glad that he is finally getting the fame he deserves!

  • croquette

    i wish i could comment, but i’m not allowed…

  • croquette

    oh, yesterday i was “blocked” (because i dared to criticize that sweet selena…)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    gotta like this dude… he’s a little on the nut side.

  • parisgirl

    “One must always be mindful, just like you might forget that old girlfriend who tried to slit your throat, but sheâ��s really still hot. If you remember the stitches more than you remember the pussy, youâ��re going to be just fine.â��
    Lmaoo, you gotta love him, a mess

  • Vogue
  • Deb

    love him and his honesty!

  • sharon

    dont like the cover but one amazing actor and person than Bale in Batman. Stay clean RDJ.

  • ellie

    I’m so glad your doing well and have a wonderful wife to support you..your such a great actor, gorgeous wish you happiness

  • siobhan

    Downey’s amazing talent and charisma are undeniable, but he really disappointed me with that final quote. I get his point, but it’s violent, it’s vulgar and it does nothing to encourage me that he’s evolved much out of ex-junkie/jailbird mode.

    So, Robert, please stay clean, because the longer you do, you will rise out of your lower chakras.

    I guess people in LA /Hollywood think those kinda remarks are amusing. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t.

  • Perm

    i heart him.

  • riopa

    “remember the stitches more than you remember the pussy?” That should be every guy’s motto. I love him and want to have his babies.

  • remy

    Robert rocks!

  • Jiji






  • Vfan


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  • uuum

    The cover is lame. They get Robert Downey and that’s all they do?? Yawn.

    The p*ssy comment doesn’t really suit your audience on here Jared. I believe most are pretty young and that wasn’t necessary.

  • uuum

    #16 I just read your comment.. lol, I got blocked once for dissing MR. and MRS. St. Brangelina *rolls eyes* censorship is awesome.

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    I wish he would stop telling people I tried slitting his’s lies. It was just a minor accident with throwing a meat cleaver, nothing life threatening. He likes exaggerating things.

  • ainslie

    i lurrrrrve robert downey jr, but i seriously cannot stand rolling stone magazine.

  • Becca

    he’s hot and i love him.

    he looks better than a lot of guys half his age.

  • padackles

    #10 – I agree with you about The Hills girls but The Jonas Brothers did deserve to be on the cover. I’ll admit i’m not much of a fan of their music itself but those boys sure can play their instruments, they are great musicians.

    anyway, RDJ looks great here. I know this was about 16 years ago but why he didn’t win that oscar for Chaplin is beyond me.

  • Lindsay

    i will def be purchasing that mag :)

  • Dach

    Robert is just speaking his mind just everyone on this site. Nothing wrong with his comment at all. As for this comment not suiting this site. Their is alot of nonsense that should never even be on this site but that is why you can click and move on.

  • suzieq

    RDJ endlessly fascinating, back hope not for a flash, behavin’ bipolarized but not, keep it together, keep it together, keep it together, genius looks so hard on the genius, stop smoking but don’t stop smokin’, can’t take my eyes off his talk, walk, mock, jock.

    Love forever to RDJ. Keep safe and happy.

  • Brittnay

    such an amazing actor!

  • paul

    where is that orange hoodie from?